SOLAR album full tracks released~

I’m posting these here because I know ya’ll will listen to them online anyway BUT remember to SUPPORT YB and BUY HIS ALBUM (See our ORDERING SOLAR post)!!!!

^Title Track
My personal opinion…. I’ll need to listen it a couples times for it to grow on me~ Not an instant hit (for me) but definitely a great track~!

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    1. i agree! i love wedding dress. i feel horrible saying this because i love TY and want to love his songs, but i’m kind of not feeling a lot of them. some of them are kind of gimmicky to me 😦

  1. O.M.G
    I love the new composer.
    I Need A Girl is simply beautiful, so elegant and classy.
    I don’t see it following the current K-Pop trend and that makes me love it even more.
    And Superstar is just as amazing.
    Guys, I feel like crying. This album is everything I wanted it to be minus Just A Feelin’ and Breakdown, but that doesn’t matter. I wil SO buy this album. Promise.

    1. Yes, I hope K-fans like this. My personal fav still remains Wedding Dress~….

      I don’t know, personally, “I Need a Girl” would have been those “skip over” tracks for me~

      1. oh gosh me too. this is really weird…. i was hoping for a song that can match up to LOAT. we’ve been hyping to much

        1. okay glad someone agrees with me lol, I’m not the only crazy here who isn’t so impressed…no doubt I like the track but I really think I’ll need the MV and more listens to LOVE it

      2. yeah, i didn’t really like it that much. i wanna hear superstar. and i like the intro most. I’m so scared to watch the MV.

        and Wedding Dress – nothing tops the song and MV i think (=. It was too perfect.

      3. Yeah….I actually felt that Superstar would have been a better title track, just from listening to these songs. But I have a feeling that the music video and live performances is going to make I Need A Girl. I bet after we watch it….we’re going to be like, “Dang, now I know why they made it the title track.”

      4. i agree! WHY did they choose I need a girl as the title track,i like it of course but still wasn’t as good as i expected since YG,Teddy etc were apparently saying it was the best track and all…oh i’m worried! Good luck Taeyang!

      5. OMG…I agree…this is wrong, but I have to say that GD’s rap part adds alot to the track. I luv TY’s voice, but this track is not my taste…I seriously hope Kfans like it!

    2. the title track is definitely on another level than any other K-Pop songs. it does not sound K-Pop anymore! and i’m loving it.

        1. *worrying indeed*
          But hopefully this one might; just might turn out differently. Hoping for the best !!!

        2. his comeback has been highly anticipated. i’m afraid they are expecting too much, and the title track didn’t match what they want..

          however, TY’s fan-base world wide has been growing consistently – so, if it does flop, i think we can make a difference in that.

          but, his live performance might make a difference too (=. and his mv. =P

        3. EXACTLY… i wonder why people kept saying Wedding Dress flopped when it didnt! Its all interesting how the internet warps reality and it continues to spread like a disease.

          These shows ALL factor album sales….no album…no points in that category. It’s hard to win on mobile voting alone.

      1. I think may be his album could go higher in international market more than K-market.

        I don’t know why, just a feeling.

        His music is in a higher level now. It’s more than “k-pop” It’s a “pop” song.

    1. Personally “You’re My” is most definitely my favourite song on the album. It may be shorter than the others & really leaves me wanting more; but YB’s vocals is on another level. The high pitch tones are so on point & its like he’s singing his soul out. This song is pure love & the harmony is beautiful. I cannot wait to see him perform this live on the 1st~

        1. i almost like it but why did he have to high pitched in the middle of the song?
          i cringed. DNW!

        2. i bust out laughig when he went for the high pitch

          and can’t still stop laughing about it lol

        3. I really like it, Until I bust out laughing when he went high pitched for almost 30 secs in the middle.

          May be It have to hear it more , to get used to that high pitched.

      1. I do agree, “I need a girl still needs to grow on me a bit. But I love the part when he says “Ya’ll know what I’m talking about!” Simply hot!!!

      2. At the end of the day, SOLAR definitely fulfiled my expections. No words can describe how proud I’am of YB. GONNA GO SUPPORT HIM & BUY THE ALBUM XD

    1. lol.. me too!!
      im too scared to listen to the song right now.. what with all the comments.. u_u

      oh, YB, gud luck dear..
      praying hard for u… ~~~~

      1. I only lasted 2 hrs and I gave in. It’s really good. Not my fav song but you guys are too much. I said it once and I’ll say it again, WHY SO CRITICAL? It’s a good song and a lot more radio friendly than some the songs on the album – including my fav.

  2. all the tracks were freakin’ awesome.
    i’m hungry for more!
    i badly want the album right now!!!

  3. now i just need to see the video! don’t know if i like GD’s rap especially the ‘i love girls’ part. i like it for the most part. now to listen to the other parts

    1. the line after that, the “girls i do adore” is actually a line from se7en’s US song “girls”. so i love that part. :))

        1. LOL the “girls” line actually came from Biz Markee…this is what I get for being a 90s baby.

    2. Me too! I cringed at the “I love girls” part. Reminds me too much of Se7en’s “I love them girls girls”, lol… I like most of the songs, but the title track has yet to grow on me. This album is definitely different from HOT, but I love that he’s using different kinds of beats, styles, yet still keeping it YB-style.^^

    1. i still can’t get over how godly awesome this song is. teddy’s parts are so … sensual … LOL !!

  4. he went really high for You’re my. 0.0
    bu bu bu bub ubub hahaha
    Lollipop candy…=.=’
    you’re my ended weird IMO.

    I like superstar now i’ve heard the entire song.


    1. exactly! it went so high, i was holding my breath, fearing he’ll crack a note as if this is not a recorded track LOL

      1. i think ty wouldn’t be able to pull it off on his first try. i think he went over and over for a perfect pitch.

  5. I was kind of expecting I Need A Girl to be more uptempo, but it’s a good song nevertheless.
    Right now I’m loving You’re My and Superstar the most. =)

  6. i thought i was like disappointed when at the start of I Need a Girl… i had to pause it… but now i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Although I like it, I Need a Girl is surprisingly chill…GD’s rap is really nice in it though. I wish he’d rap more in r&b songs than in dance tracks 😑

    going to go listen to the rest now!

  8. Still no Take it Slow?
    I’m worried about I Need a Girl guys. I hope Koreans like it because it sounds totally different to all the song being promoted right now.

      1. ok.. i’ve listened to all the song and thnx for not answering my question.. XD

        so, here is what i think.. i know everyone has their own expectation and taste, so, this iS mine.. πŸ™‚

        1) I Need A Girl (the song is awesome!!!!! i am totally in love with it, the first time i listened to it!!!)
        2) Breakdown (i’ve been loving the song since its preview and i still am.. =P )
        3) Move (Teddy rap was just awesome!!)
        4) the rest!!!! kekekkeke.. i just cannot decide which song is better than which.. ^_^
        5) You’re My (i’m sorry.. the middle part is….. IDK how to say it, but im just hoping that it’ll sound better on stage..~ )
        6) oh baby im sorry.. but Take It Slow is just wayyy too slow for me.. TT_TT

        1. OMG!!! ok.. im sorry.. i gonna take back my words.. here is my new ranking..

          1) I Need A Girl and Take It Slow
          2) Breakdown and Move
          3) the rest
          4) You’re My

          ps: WD, WUA and Prayer are not included.. ^^

    The beat is easy to play around with IMO.

    i’m actually liking this the best. I know this is a song that doesn’t have a feel of a title track but i think when performed, it’s gonna be the awesome-st!
    2nd fav is Superstar, 3rd You’re My.

    1. just listened to MOVE! AWESOME TRACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      and just listened to “you’re my”… it was nice but thought the falsettos could be better. lol. no offense. brb. need to listen to all tracks before i rate my fav track. them teasers don’t do justice to Tae’s songs!

    1. Why can’t this be a promo track, Kay?! I swear, summer 2010 should’ve seen a video for this shit!!!

      Thank You’s go out to:

      God, for always having a plan,a pathway and a backup just in case we stray beyond realization just to keep your promise

      Umma and Appa Dong for fornicating and conceiving your beautiful, wonderful, Christian and ever so swagged out baby son Dong Young Bae

      Mr. Yang Hyun Suk for having your company hold the mv auditions where this potential powerhouse could be discovered

      JinuSean for unintentionally pimping him out

      Mr. Yang Hyun Suk again for turning him away only for the both of you to see that 1.) He knows what he wants, and 2.) that YOU NEEDED him there.

      Teddy/Se7en for always being his go-to’s (and GD too >.>), seeing his fire, tapping into his passion and continuously molding on it until you’re absolutely sure he’s ready to take over the world with his music, hence why he is TAEYANG bitches!!! *lol*


      I’d like to thank my college life for all those late nights YouTubing when i should’ve been doing homework, going to class, graduating on time instead of taking summer classes last year due to me being self-absorbed and fueling my semi-obsession with DYB/YGE/KPOP, period.

      And also thanks to all those still having to deal with my more-than-semi-obsession with moments like this one whether it be here, another group’s int’l fansite that’s not YB’s respective group…yeah.

      And yeah…TOP, Dae, and Ri for helping to bring him out to this level. See you next month! And i guess GD too >.>

      …and back to the music!

      1. you’re cute. But yes a Big THANK YOU to the Dong Family and the YG Family for making and believing in YB.

  10. Hands down i’m going to buy both deluxe (if i can) and buy the regular…

    can you get the deluxe from local korean stores? (my friend is trying to grab me one tomorrow when she arrives!)

  11. Move is one hot track indeed. I just love it when Teddy & him collborate. Thank God there won’t be a MV for Move lol.

    1. listening to it, I instantly liked MOVE….unlike “I Need a Girl”….don’t wanna say anything but why’d they choose “I Need a Girl” *cough*GD*cough* I hope that wasn’t the reason…..YG claims this the best title song to ever come out

      1. remember how people were like we should listen to the song first then judge. not by whether or not GD’s in it. well, i’ve judge and hey MOVE right off, I need A Girl.

        1. does anyone understand this? i meant, I need a girl to move LOL

          meaning: i prefer move

    2. Nope I felt the exact same way when I heard Move. Like I said, Teddy Kush=magic. And am I the only one thinking Move was a pretty sexual song? I mean lyrically wise? Especially Teddy’s rap at the end.

      1. LOL nope….MOVE is def sexual…all the more I would have loved to see an MV for it~~~ more Taeyang shirtless moments LOL

      2. MOVE would have gotten him banned. They banned Hyori for dancing in the streets – Teddy mentions sex, cocking it and the whole “move move, baby don’t stop it” isn’t very radio friendly. Agree that its the BEST track though.

        1. Haahaha don’t forget the whole ‘wetter than Niagara Falls’ part….whe I heard that I was like “What! Did Teddy say what I think he just said?”. Teddy definitely doesn’t hold back. This just reminds me of the YGTv where he was cursing and saying he says what he wants to say.

  12. Favorite track? MOVE.
    Uhhuh, Teddy’s intro is really awesome, and the chorus is so catchy!
    You’re My is really sweet. ^^
    Hahaaa, the part where GD says “I love girls” was *woah* for me. It was just surprising to hear that in the lyrics.

  13. “AFTER YOU FALL ASLEEP” – another hot hot hot track!!!
    goodness, I love it!~~~~ SWINGS was such a great choice to rap~ I like his flowwww

    Why do I feel so bad I love every other track on this album except the title track….oh man~

    1. after you fall asleep is also a good choice for the title song, not too upbeat or too slow just right
      you can also hear the emotion in his voice in this song
      i wonder what this song is about

      Swing says victoria secret right?

  14. Meh.. INAG was aight.. Id rather have Move or Superstar as the title track. Im also loving After you fall asleep!

  15. I need a girl – very r&b, perfect for chillin. i don’t understand korean but from the english lyrics it fits right into the tempo. Also GD’s rap is sexay! (what more if it’s TOP who’s rapping!)
    Taeyang definitely brings something fresh to the KPop scene these days.

    AND the MV release is really a test of patience. damnyu yg!

  16. I love “MOVE” so much, why oh why did YG!!! I am quite disapointed in “I need a girl” to be honest. But the album is good, that will be the second time after RAIN that I bought a korean artist’s album. Love You so much TY!!!

    1. listen to ‘i need a girl’ a few more times,i too used to have the same opinion of it like u but it totally grew on me after a while πŸ˜€

      1. just like Breakdown.. the first time i listened to it, i totally fell in love with it!!!

        so now, my official favourites in SOLAR are I Need A Girl, Breakdown and Move.. ^^

  17. i love Move a lot as well
    but I Need A Girl is the most radio friendly of all
    it’s a summer song!!!
    i see why they would pick this
    it’s so easy to sway with
    it’s something Kfans would wanna put on their Cyworld pages

  18. I effing loooove Just a Feeling ❀ Especially the English part heehheehe XD
    I really love his album, I raally think that evry songs could be title track hehehehhe ^___^ I can't wait to buy it =D

    1. Now that I’ve heard Take it Slow.. It’s freaking awesome, perfect! Omg I dunno what to say I LOVE LOVE it ❀ YB u did a goodjob =) <33333


  20. my fav tracks:
    1. WD
    2. Move(sorry WUA)
    4. After you fall asleep
    5. Just a feeling
    6. Swings
    8. You’re My
    9. I need A girl
    10. Solar
    11. breakdown

    where do i put the last track?????? haven’t heard it yet..

      1. OH GOD…..TAKE IT SLOW made me cry it was so beautiful…just his voice, the music and the fact he wrote and composed the whole thing….

        Taeyang, god lord, PLEASE write more of your own music…..

      2. Oh to the M to the Gee

        I love the song from the very first beat. I’m impressed, more because Taeyang composed this. even if he didn’t i’d have really love this track too. Him composing this is just a bonus. Proud of YB!
        this track reminds me of that song…apologize by timbaland.
        i’ll put this third place gotta replace WUA(sorry). ^^

        1. Me too, my fiance just came back home and saw me with a big smile listening to “take it slow” and he said let me guess Taeyang πŸ™‚

    1. stole this from someone on akp. but an excerpt from ‘i need girl’:

      β€œI make that good Kimchi fried rice, but I need a girl that will enjoy eating it ~”

      way too cute for words.

  21. ‘I Need a Girl’ is good!!!! i mean, yes, it’s nothing like ‘naman barabwa’ but his voice is sooooo smooth!!!!! Man, the song is awesome!!!!

  22. Lol. The songs I skipped are the one everyone on Always Taeyang seems to be liking the most.
    I guess the best thing about Solar is its variety. In the end, everyone gets to choose a favorite song. πŸ˜‰

  23. I actually like I Need A Girl, though I hate that title. We all know how he has never had a girlfriend and how many times he has to confess that fact publicly and how he got poked fun of by SR in their Like Big Bang song but really, to have that for a title song just make our boy seems so pathetic and desperate.

    But surpriseingly, the song has a nice tempo and I even love GD’s rap in it. It’s definitely a good night driving song.

    Still yet to listen to the rest of the tracks…

  24. i think i spoke too soon…after listening to ‘i need a girl’ a few times its not that bad…lol…i take back what i said about it not being a great title track(although it could have been better)

    1. i know, its awesome! if i’m not mistaken,didnt YB compose/write it? if so he should do more composing!

    1. This just proves it….TY definitely needs to do more writing and composing because this was amazing!!! One of my top tracks of the album

      1. Big Bang is full of Talent. All the hyungs have written beautiful songs. Dae and Seungri need to step up their games.

    i love it!
    omg… it’s moving!!!

    but i still agree that I Need A Girl should be the title track

    i hope he promotes Take It Slow next!

  26. yeah!!! im disappointed!!! why is “I NEED A GIRL” the title track? I need the mv and the live performance i think… sigh… MOVE is really the best. “Just a Feeling” and “Superstar” is quite a nice song too. Sigh “i need a girl” is nice, but well it lacks the oomph factor!!!

    Crosses my fingers for the korean charts!

      1. he will do really really really well
        I Need A Girl is very radio friendly
        very very very radio friendly
        i see why they chose it

        1. I hope you’re right. im so eggcited. i cant sleep.

          it’s just a feeling is stuck in my head. but regardless of the disappointment with the title track. i think the album’s awesome stilll. better than what kpop boybands are producing these days!

  27. you know girls…

    when i heard i need a girl… it sounds so elegant, a lil bit jazzy and exclusive : )

    i like this type of song


    i never knew that tae yang have this kind of music genre

    your music genre is so universal… and i hope K POP FANS will accept this kind of music…

    1. totally right????
      i am soooo in love with the song!!!

      im just a little bit dissapointed in You’re My and Take It Slow… well, maybe i just need to listen to the songs a couple more time and then mayb,they will grow in me~

      1. ok, let me re-phrase back my words..

        totally right????
        i am sooooo in love with the song!!! and Take It Slow!! both songs are just plain AWESOME!!!!

        im just a little bit dissapointed in You’re My.. well, maybe i just need to listen to the song a couple more time, and then maybe, it will grow on me.. ^_^

    1. omg.i think i’m gonna faint.
      please,dear God.
      make him stay on the list for about a month.
      YB need be more inspired to work.

      i was scared that kfans will still ignore him.

  28. I love how all his songs are so different, so it’s not a cookie-cutter album.
    I think my favourite out of all these new tracks is Superstar.
    But it’s not as if I didn’t enjoy the other ones.

  29. Still making my way down the list but so far Superstar and Move are my jams! That intro is so damn sexy too

  30. As I’m listening to Take It Slow, I just burst in tears. Dong Young Bae, you’re truly amazing πŸ˜₯

  31. hah,i’m one satisfied fan.
    omg.crying and shaking right now.T T

    i need a girl,move,superstar,solar,take it slow..omg,what else?
    this album is pretty epic
    i need SOLAR in my right now.

    worth every penny.and i’m getting my hands on that deluxe edition.

  32. okay!!!! track favs:

    1. WD (sorry its like my ultimate fav song, it beats every other song out there)
    2. Take it slow
    3. Prayer
    4. WUA
    5. MOVE
    6. Just a feeling / I need a girl

    okay, the rest basically ranks around the same..

  33. Hahaha, So Cool!

    Thanxs For The Preview Of His Album!
    Makes Me Even More Excited To Go and Purchase it :p
    I cant wait to see the MV with Sandara!
    Wedding Dress is Still My Number One From This Album πŸ˜€
    But it was…kinda of an EPIC Song lol

  34. i need to dl the whole album
    i promise i am getting the album
    ill even convince my friends LOL
    DL link please

  35. Frankly I love “I NEED A GIRL”. It may not be upbeat but it is hella sexy and classic. Why are you guys hoping un upbeat song? To top the chrats? Don’t worry. This title track sure can top the charts. Don’t hate me if I say GD sounds too sexy and his part stands out more than YB’ s part..Can’t wait for the MV.

  36. Why did they choose I Need a Girl as a title?!? The other songs would have been so much stronger! Are they depending THAT much on GD’s popularity? They said it was the best on the album? Seriously?
    Move should’ve been the title track.

    1. MOVE would have been banned; it’s too SEXY although I do agree, some of the other tracks would have made a great – and maybe better – title track….

      I’ve listened to all the tracks a couple times….INAG, I’ve listened to once cause it just bored me to death….GOSH I need an MV!

      Move, Take it Slow, After You’re Asleep and Breakdown top my list….and of course WD and WUA

      1. Kay, Listen to it again. It’s not as immediately catchy as the others but I listened to it twice and I fell in love…..really. I blushed. It’s a sneaky little song…and while I’m having a hard time picking a favorite, it’s easily one of the most listenable ones on the album and can bear repeated listenings without getting sick on it. Totally a grower…

        1. >.< I'm listening to it again….I really really hope the MV makes me fall in love with it….

          But whether I like it or not doesn't matter, the other tracks satisfy me immensely…it's whether the Korean fans enjoy this track that's the question!

        2. exactly!
          it’s something u can hear being played on radios and never get sick of it
          some songs are great but are just not radio friendly, sometimes theyre like noisy
          like GD’s She;s Gone. I totally love that song but i dont always listen to it
          some are just better as personal songs (LOL) even though it’s so beautiful, like maybe in the case of Wedding Dress.
          this is a hit song!!!

        3. oh my yes! i agree,i had to listen to it like 5 times before i really liked it! i too used to not like it very much after listening to it once πŸ˜€

      2. I totally agree, Move, Take it Slow, After You’re Asleep and Breakdown are my favs on the album.

        Do you know how the Kfans at DCYB are reacting to the tracks? Are they enjoying the title more than we are?

      3. I guess that YG chose INAG because it would appeal to Koreans better than the other songs?
        Remember that neither WD nor WUA did well over there despite having been well received by foreigners.
        I was actually among the people who disliked both songs and now the same thing is happening because the songs I’m liking and that are topping the charts are the ones foreign fans are disliking lol. I don’t know why. It’s sort of strange. Maybe it’s a cultural thing? ^^;

        1. Oh great. I commented with my sister’s account. -_-”
          Never mind. I don’t see an edit button.
          Sorry Pia!

        1. yea didn’t realize how dirty it was when i first heard it. when i listened to it again, i died laughing. oh, teddy.

        2. HAHAHA..>i know…it’s typical of Teddy and YG in general…LOL…they just do whatever they want….TY on the other hand do so too; but he’s too innocent to say those words! AHAHHA

    2. eh GD?
      i think because it’s easy to listen to
      it;s a perfect summer song

      i can see why not everyone’s crazy about it
      but it’s so easy to listen to
      and when the MV is out πŸ™‚

      1. I actually like the song a lot, but compared to the other songs on his album, it’s not as strong. It is easy to listen to, but it’s also easy to forget. It’s one of those songs that needs to grow on you, at least it is for me.
        And yes, I mentioned GD because his popularity is undeniable and YG knows this. So it seems like YG’s putting more faith in GD’s popularity than he is in YB’s music.

        1. I can totally understand why this is his title track. Apart from being listenable and replayable, it’s probably the best “bridge” track between HOT and this album since it sounds like it could be on both.

          And doesn’t anyone think the spoken lyric “y’all know what I’m talkin’ about.” in the middle of the song is so sexy? lol, maybe it’s just me…

  37. I love Move, Superstar and Break Down πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    Ahhhhhh I’m so proud of Taeyang ^^

    P.S. Hey Kay, check it out! 2 million hits on ATY already! Congratulations!!!


  38. @hazel I agree w/ everything u said except for the part about GD Oh no honey not at all.(maybe thats b/c i don’t find GD attractive.)

  39. Its difficult to choose one fav. because the songs are all of different type…. each song is good in its own way..
    I didn’t like I Need A Girl at first , but I listened to it again… I think its quite good.

  40. Damn….I’m pretty sure we’re all in agreement that this album was fucking amazing! (excuse my language :D). I already know that this is going to be the album to beat this year. Already it pwned all of the albums released this year.

    Is it bad that I think I Need A Girl is my least favorite song on the album? Although it’s still 100x more amazing than some of the other songs out there. I have a feeling it’s going to be a sneak attack song. It’s going to creep on me until I finally won’t be able to get it out of my head and have to admit that I shouldn’t doubt the awesomeness that is Taeyang, Teddy, and YG….that they definitely know what they’re talking about.

    1. Ha! Sneaky is the right word. It’s like the cute shy boy you don’t really notice at first and then, bam, major crush. Hmm…kinda fits…

      1. Ahahah well that just describes Taeyang right there!

        I love his English in all of these songs. No Engrish for him. Now it makes me wish that he had a completely English song on his album because Taeyang English=heaven!

  41. i think i can now say(after listening to it a few times) i LOVE the whole album!! πŸ˜€

    cant wait for that ‘i need a girl’ MV! πŸ˜‰


    my goodness, I had a goofy smile on my face while listening and then it hit me…I AM ENJOYING IT………..the track IS GOOD~catchy and easy on the ears…..

    1. HAHAH GOOD FOR YOU. it aint all-that-bad. i guess WD was too absofuckinglutely awesome to beat. and we all set our bars too high at times..

      SOLAR’s still an amazing album! when’s the MV gonna come out?!!?!?! I cant freaking sleep.

      1. i need to sleep too. need to wake up at 5 for school and now is 1am! but his songs are too good to pass.

    2. haha see? all it takes is a few listens,looks like everyone who weren’t convinced just like i did are starting to like it! oh goody! πŸ˜€

  43. TAKE IT SLOW is stuck in my head…

    the title track I NEED A GIRL,,, ok,,, i need the mv…

    MOVE and SUPERSTAR… like too…

    but it’s TAKE IT SLOW that caught me…

      1. me too!
        i wanna know the lyrics
        why do i feel like my heart is breaking when i listen to it
        i dont really cry
        but gaahhhhh

      2. When i read the titles of his songs.. they have double meanings!! TY is becoming more and more sexual. ahh (=

        Take it Slow is my favorite song now. Then superstar =P

  44. I think I need a girl shouldn’t have been his title track, but oh wells! His songs are pretty good, can’t wait for the mv and the cd! Oh please keep surprising us!

  45. im crying listening to take it slow right now.T T
    YB, why everything about you is so goddamn beautiful?

  46. I finally listened to all the songs..

    TIS, SUPERSTAR, MOVE, BREAKDOWN, AYFA, INAG, YM (i really can’t like this song)

    I hope he’s shirtless for his comeback performance (=

  47. I Need A Girl isn’t the catchiest, but it is more well-produced than the other tracks (some of the other tracks sound like they were produced solely using a laptop.)

    You shouldn’t be so confident in fans. Not all fans are as obsessed as you. Some fans are just casual fans. They’ll be fine with downloading without paying. Support Taeyang by not posting tracks like this.

  48. take it slow would’ve been a very very sexy title track! πŸ˜€ an instant hit to my ears!!!!! definitely a favorite!!! when you fall asleep, break down, move, just a feeling, i need a girl, superstar and solar are all good!!!! This album is off the hook!!! πŸ˜€

    did i just list all his songs? haha… oh no! i missed you’re my! yeah… i’m still coming to terms with that one… i’m sorry but there’s something about it that made me skip it… :S i’ll try my best to like it, heh… i’m not the only one that think so right?

    1. No… Don’t worry, ur not. I love the start to that song…. Then the middle-end made me cringe. Sure it’s great and kinda shows how much taeyang has improved… But those high notes are crazyily high for a guy, and YB can’t help but sound strained.

      It’s my least favourite in the album. All the other songs I LOVE.

  49. i was wondering if the number 11 and 12 tracks were going to be posted or what is going on with those? love the cd so far though!!

    1. last two were the singles released last fall: where u at and wedding dress…these are just the full vers. of the other new songs

  50. hey and a Taeyang Fan from Australia and a dude lol =S but i have to say its a very good album overall has a very modern Rnb feel and yet also classic Mj( Michael jackson) vibe at the same time all the songs have there own thing to it that makes it catch (besides Your My not a fan of that one i think he tried to hard on the vocals and kinda killed it)

    as for I need a girl being the title track is hmmm ok iam sure when the MV comes out and when he performs it live with his awesome dancing skills i will like so much more

    but yeh awesome album a very Mj/Ne-yo rnb/pop music Taeyang gonna kill the charts woot woot

  51. I love all of them but I personally think Wedding Dress, Superstar, I Need A Girl, and Where U At are in the top 4.

  52. oh Btw forgot to say b4 i think Taeyang in desprate need of a Girl friend lol probly why most of the songs are about getting a girl or wanting a girl in some way lol

  53. gahhh Take is Slow has now become my official fave from this album… Move and Break it down… Wedding dress, Where you at and heck all of them.. this album is DAEBAK!!!

  54. Update***

    (Sorry Kay I’m posting this twice…but I hope this can alleviate some deluxe verion stress over the board~)

    got an email from the ebay seller, he said they are guaranteed to have 50 copies of the deluxe version, and now they only have 32 ordered, so act fast if you still want it!! =)

      1. Kay: I can’t post anything on that post again (same thing happened last nite….), is it because I “wrote” too much? I c/p a long email there before……

    1. the seller is 19522430, and here is the original msg:

      Finally, we got promise to get 50 taeyang’s solar album.
      We got 32 orders until now, we can provide you the taeyang’s solar ablum.
      Sorry for the inconvience. Thanks for your patience.
      If you don’t reply, we will ship your CD as soon as we get them.
      Please let us know, if you want to cancle the transaction because you got
      it already from other site. Thanks.

      @yun: email address please!


  56. Yea… listening to the whole album… They need to ditch the 3 song comback stage idea. Give us a Damn Teleconcert. Mnet Mbc Kbs Sbs YG, Too many good tracks to just settle it with the title and 2 others.

  57. i just realized his pronounciation of “girl: is really good this time. he used to make it sound like ‘gurr~”


  58. Are there other tracks on this album? I hadn’t noticed…….I can’t stop listening to “I Need A Girl”. I’m sure I’ll get down to listening to the other songs some day……but that day is not now.
    *hits replay* for the 100th time.

  59. The songs are very nice! πŸ™‚ But of course, I will buy his CD. πŸ˜‰ True loyal fans would buy his CD.

  60. My mum’s beside me and while I played Take It Slow, she suddenly turned to me and said, “hey this song is good!”

    AND mind you, my mum doesn’t like kpop songs at all… she practically tells me (and my sis) to change channel everytime Music Bank is on KBS World. lol.

    Taeyang better perform this song at least once!

    1. i allowed my mum to listen to all the other tracks…. and she said “slightly better than normal kpop songs, but still… not good enough”

      she really loves Take It Slow though. said it’s so full of energy and the quality is of par to english songs.

      what I can deduce here is that “Take It Slow” is actually the perfect hit song for international fans, while “I Need A Girl” is catered mainly to Koreans (because it’s easy to listen and catchy).

      I really like I Need A Girl though… πŸ˜€

  61. I NEED A GIRL — as soon as I heard yb’s voice I was hooked … and after listening to it again again and AGAIN … I absoulutely LOVE it … so to every1 who is unsure of his title song … give it a few more listen and hey after the performance you may see why it’s soo great … the song is as smooth as sexy as him and also reflects how much he luvs rnb … he’s sticking to making great music instead of following the kpop catchy beat trend … n tht’s why I love him the most ^_^^_^


  62. i am also buying the album πŸ™‚
    dont care if it’s not the deluxe version

    btw, i hope he makes an MV for Breakdown πŸ™‚
    must see him dance to this πŸ™‚

  63. OMG!!! Is it really on ebay?!?! Can I trust the seller?!?! I keep getting ripped off on ebay!! but it’s soo much cheaper (=,.

  64. Hm..I have to agree about “I Need a Girl” I thought it was suppose to be more better than WD and LOAM. Actually, I thought it’d be epic…but i still think it’s a great song, i really like it..but i doesn’t have that epic feel to it like WD does. I still can’t wait for the mv =D

  65. ok guys i need help?
    i hope someone on here has an acount on the YGeshop because i am confused on how to buy something…i don’t understand the ordering options?
    it says something about containing something and costs more then it says no cores? am throughly confuseddd help!!!!!:(

    1. maybe..isn’t it a container for poster? If you order without that option, the poster would be delivered after being folded into the squared box. If you choose the option, they gonna roll the poster with straw-shaped thingy..the extra cost for this option was $1..=)

  66. OMO….finallly….eventhough i will download it anyway,i still gonna buy YB’s solar album eventhough its not the deluxe edition…i really hope someone could give me the deluxe edition as a gift..huhuhu…LOL^^

  67. why cant i find SOLar in dvdheaven?
    it’s my first time. i usually buy from online resellers but takes months to arrive
    anyone here from the Phils? and tried dvdheaven?
    how long does shipping take?

    1. Cause the album isn’t physically out yet…it starts selling 10 AM KST (right now it’s 3 AM in Korea) so it’ll take some time for people to start selling online. Shipping should take 1-2 weeks depending on your location and such

      1. ah great!
        i bought my 2NE1 and it arrived together with GD’s which was like a month after he released HB album
        took forever


  68. The album is amazing! The whole album is solid, and I will be very upset if YB doesn’t top charts with this album. Even though, in my opinion, some of the instrumentals could have been better, I loved the whole feel of the album. It’s a happy and upbeat album.

    I listened to the whole album listening to each song once, and I would have to say “Take It Slow” is my favorite so far. There’s a few others that I fell IN LOVE with at first listen, but I fell in love with “Take It Slow” and it amazed me the most.

  69. i’m thrilled….YG-eshop gonna release DELUXE from 9:30AM!!! Gee, it’s 8:30PM here. Only 6 hours left!

    Oh, I already downloaded from soribada, and it’s so so so awesome !!!!!

  70. So I’ve been listening to the songs for a while and i erally like them. At first i didn’t really like Ineed a girl but it has really grown on me.
    I really like Superstar, Just a feeling, Break down Take it slow, I need a girl

  71. I quite like INAG it’s super awesome I think people were expecting a very slow jammy type of song but i like it a lot very up tempo and utilizes his vocals quite nicely. Anyway heres a lil bit of the translations

    ” I need a girl like who loves only me, stay silent but makes men push their phone, shows my picture in front of them good on jeans better than skirt, I do better to cook kimchi fried rice, instead girl eating well, even if old but looks young kind of girl Playing the shy but plucky girl, Casually Pretending to be the modest but stay with me? ya know what I’m talking about (GD’s rapping is also description the girl he like) her face is not issue but knowing style lovely girl hobbies are different but the taste is same, so when I see movies or listen music who’s talkin’ with me kind of girl the voice wake me in the morning, I wanna start a day with your morning kiss, wanna lean on your knees with ya lullaby tonight wanna sleep leaning on your knees with ya lullaby tonight who I want to give my heart kind of girl I need you girl”~ roughly this is how the lyrics say via. Narm

    So yeah these are brief translations might not be 100% accurate but you get the jest of the song ^^

  72. The album is great. alot of good songs, and alot of variety from the club bangers to the love songs to the love makin songs hehe…. But, from listening to all the tracks from my first playthrough I feel like there isn’t a legitimate ”flagship” title song. I need a girl seems like it would be like what prayer was for ”Look only at me” and What ”Where u at” was to ”wedding dress”. Seems like a title song complimenter. Like an appetizer for the main meal, like the chips and salsa before the big enchilada, but you find out that was your main meal. =/ overall im satisfied though.

    MixX out

  73. Listened to all of the tracks. I did it before commenting so that I won’t take back what I said.

    SOLAR = nice intro. I am so ready for you Baebae. =)
    SUPERSTAR = This track really grew into me. At first when the preview came out I wasn’t that into it but I love it now. =) I got a feeling this was suppose to be the title track too.
    I NEED A GIRL = This is a chill track. It did not popped out with the first round of listening to the album, but it looks like it’s gonna be a hit. You know why? Because it doesn’t sound like Kpop. Because it’s the song that I feel that represents Bae so much. I’m loving it now. I can’t wait to see the MV.
    JUST A FEELING = Definitely a dance track. Something I would listen to first thing in the morning. I danced when I played it.
    YOU’RE MY = I love slow songs, so definitely I love it. But I’m not too sure with the high pitches, maybe after listening to it again I’ll love it like I love the preview. (and now I love it, sans the high pitches, hehehe)
    MOVE = I am not usually a fan of this type of song, but I fell in love with it the first time I listened to it. Teddy’s rap was so mad sexy crazy.
    BREAKDOWN = Like Move, I’m not a fan of this type of music, but I liked it. I liked the autotuning of Bae’s voice. It’s a nice change in the album since almost all the tracks has his raw voice.
    AFTER YOU FALL ASLEEP = “I’m so fly like a bird” —>this made me lol a lot. hahaha! but I like what GD did. I love the chinese-ish intro.
    TAKE IT SLOW = I love Bae’s vocals here the most. Nice last track.

    All in all, I have to have this album. I hope the Kfans would appreciate our Baebae a lot more, he put his blood and sweat in this album. I think the reason for the delay of the album was the fact that YG wanted Bae do some variety, but we know Baebae will choose to do what he loves and wants. This is the result of their compromise. Nice compromise indeed.

    1. YESS!! Yesasia tweeted that they will infact be selling the deluxe album. Here’s their tweet:


      12 hours to go! We will start selling Tae Yang’s SOLAR Deluxe Edition on July 1 around 9:30~10am KST. See you then!”

      Here is their twitter ID:

        1. I recommend checking dvdheaven if they are selling the deluxe…you might as well have your album count towards his sales if the price is within your budget πŸ™‚

        2. how would i be able to find out if dvdheaven has it?
          like thats one of the pages i have tabbed right now but idk if they have it :/

  74. IMO I need a girl is the best song on the album. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that song! Overall I love the album!

  75. Is it me or does his songs sound a little dirty like for example move ft.Teddy I was like wow he has change into a man

  76. A weird observation I found at around 1:58-2:02

    I swear the vocals on the background are Daesung’s and Senug-ri’s lol

    1. I’m pretty it’s TY’s and not DS and Seungri’s. Cuz all of them have a pretty distinct vocal that I recognized easily. But in the other track, After U Fall Asleep, I think SR was doing doing the hiccup cuz he hinted at an interview. I think someone mentioned it before.>HAAHAH

  77. Okay after listening again I have to say the songs that stand out and attract me the most are I need a girl, just a feeling, Move, and Superstar. I need a girl is definetly an R&B rooted song…thats all me and my family listen to when were in the car πŸ™‚ makes me feel at home kinda. Just a feeling is nice because it has a light and refreshing beat that doesn’t chop up the song allowing Taeyang’s voice to flow, easy to listen to, easy to love. Move reminded me of the old mini album, its a solid song, has a catchy addictive beat and Teddy’s rap is great. The guy doesn’t hold back with his lyrics, love it. Superstar has an epic feel to it, its one of those songs where, when you listen to it, you feel like you’ve heard it before. It’s one of those songs where one clip of it would be played over and over continuously in commercials. So far ”Move” is my favorite and ”I need a girl” is a close second.

    MixX out

  78. I think the best part of this album by far is that even with the variety of songs, YB keeps me interested in every song (some more than others, but I have a feeling all of these songs will end up on my ipod – which was not the case for HOT – sorry girls, haha, just not a huge fan of Sinners).

    But this album is different, each song is so wonderfully produced. However, what I am sad about is that no song in the whole album speaks to me as strong as WUA, WD or LOAM. All of them are strong, but they didn’t get me excited in a way that those three songs did. No song was addiction on first listen – they all needed more listens, after which I decided that I liked them all.

    My favorites: Just a Feeling (my favorite), Move (love Teddy’s rap), After You Fall Asleep (love the chorus), ok and everything ELSE (lol, I can’t decide)

    Least Favorite: You’re my (he just got too high, it sounded awkward – I felt like some of falsetto is good, but it was too much)

    But with everyone, I’m surprised that INAG is the first single, but it’s probably the most Korean radio friendly, but I’d have been excited for most of the other songs?

  79. After listening to all of the tracks, I think the ones that stand out to me the most are Move, Breakdown, and Breakdown. I usually like slower songs, but on this album I’m leaning more towards the faster ones. LOL for some reason, Teddy sounds like DMX in “Move.” I think Move is my favorite thus far. Take it Slow is pretty nice too. I Need a Girl is gonna have to grow on me. While I feel it’s alright, I don’t think this is strong enough to be the title song. I guess I’ll wait until I see the performance later =D

  80. I’m glad that this album is not your usual Kpop music. I’m glad that this album stood out from the rest. I’m proud of Bae.

    This is album is exactly what describes Bae and this is his type of music. We should appreciate that. If netizens feel that his album is not the “usual” Kpop, then they’re obviously simple-minded and naive. They don’t know real music and that there’s more to music. I’m glad that Bae didnt conform to society or else that would sucks.

    We shouldn’t worry about his performance and what the netizens think. We should only worry if he’s getting enough sleep and if he’s content with his life and music career. We should be proud that he gave us a remarkable deliverance of his music and share it with us. There’s no need to complain. Bae worked hard for this album and complaining only shows that we’re not acknowledging his works at all. We should just shut up and listen to his album and forget about what the netizens think.

    1. yeah, I totally agree. He is so dependable. Proud to be his fan. I truely understand his positon in kpop industry, and congrats his achievement again even though it must have been really demanding!

      BAE never let us down. He shows great improvement every time..It’s amazing, and I wonder how come it can be possible! Whenver he drops new song, I think it is THE BEST, seriously.


  81. i listend over and over again, and loving more and more his songs.

    Intro was great at the preview, and still great now.

    super star and breakdown, worried little bit when I heard first..actually. I liked them, but I’d admit I expected more from BAE. After listening the full-length version, I became loving them.

    I need a girl, You’re my, Move, and Take it slow…..

    All of them are super super great!!! I’ve never been happier than today recently. I can’t stop smiling…=)

    feels like he’s became super sexxy and gentlemanly at the same time. I know it sounds silly, but even though lyrics is little bit nasty or dirty, when BAE sings the song, he makes it super sweet and gentle.

    he did really really great job, so proud to be his fan.

    1. Sure, you can download crappy music, but you get crappy quality. If you buy an album, you get the best quality available, and you’re supporting the artist to continue making music. So I’m sorry that you like crappy artists that you don’t want them to continue to make music. For the future, please don’t post here again because no one here likes trolls like you.

    1. umm were supporting taeyang and his album thats why were buying it plus the other items that comes along with it

  82. take it slow ….. am speechless …. am i going to sound silly if i said i was waiting for this very exact song !! i honestly teared up when i listen to it ( my bad mood might have alittle to do with that but ) and it isn’t like it’s a break up song or something ( as far as i can tell from my non existing Korean skills) but his voice just killed me πŸ™‚ ….

    and now i have to go face the fact that i will only be able to buy the normal album … ;( that means over three weeks till i have it in my hands

      1. I don’t want to say this, but if SOLAR was written as a full song, I think it’ll be really really successful! I luv it so much! Don’t know how many times I’ve replay it already…

    1. i wish SOLAR wasn’t an intro. If it was a longer song, I think it would have sounded dope =P. It’s so catchy.

  83. falsetto parts are definately MJ-influenced
    i personally like it.

    At first when i read comments i was worried about I need a girl, but then i took time to sit down quietly and listen and really take it in, tbh, i dont know where you’re coming from. I love it lol…

    and the mv is looking hot too…
    i love taeyang LOL.
    and i’m a guy.

  84. listened to I Need A Girl and Take It Slow on repeat
    didnt get much sleep.
    now know what
    im kinda tired with Take It Slow
    but i still want I Need A Girl πŸ™‚
    it find it sexy listening to him here. i think Bae’s voice is really good here too.

  85. So….I need English translations to these songs and I need the NOW!!! I have a feeling the lyrics will make the album become even more amazing….if that’s even possible!!!

  86. Haha i love all the tracks πŸ™‚
    i really like superstar melody!!!
    Yeah I agree with most others comment about how WD is one of the best song
    Thanks for the update!!! πŸ™‚

  87. He wrote or composed both WD and TIS these to are my favorites (WD more than anything it will forever be stuck in my head but back on subject) he needs to do a lot more writing/composing

  88. I loveeee i need a girl! I dnt know about u guys but i loved it right after take it slow. Ill tell u my reasons right now. Take it slow is a slow
    jam and i prefer slow jamz any other day than upbeat rnb, but i make an exception for INAG because of the 90’s feel to it. Its kinda like the base in the late 90’s that u wud hear or early 00’s. And i love it. I keep repeating it and enjoying it.

  89. Aaww I love this album, but I have to admit, I prefer wedding dress much more! But idk, maybe I just need to get used to them!

    And I’m so happy I got to download them and put them on my crappy wind up mp3 player cos now I have them for Malawi πŸ™‚ I’ll be able to listen to him after a hard day trekking! But don’t worry, I’m still supporting taeyang by buying the album, I just favourited yesasia and dvdheaven for my mum πŸ™‚ lol I only downloaded them cos there was no other way I could have them in time fir my trip 😦

    And I can’t believe I’m missing the ‘i need a girl’ mv! Well hope everybody has fun drooling aver our baeby~!

    And I’ll spazz with you all in a month’s time ^.^

    Got to sleep now! It’s 1 am and I have to be up early πŸ™‚ byeeee xxx

  90. I love every single song (but Superstar and TIS got the highest vote from me^__^), now all I need is the translation of the songs and the MV for INAG and I’ll be in heaven =].

  91. Can anyone translate and tell us how the Korean fans are feeling about I Need A Girl (?!) Cuz I saw the Korean charts for it and it isn’t really doing well as we all wanted it to be…. I guess this is the why TY’s music appeal more to us (foreigners) than Koreans (?!)…I don’t want to compare, but TOp didn’t even promote Turn It Up and it’s doing quite well still! I hope YG is doing something right here!

  92. I think “Breakdown” is the title track kind of song because it’s so catchy. But “I Need A Girl” is just soooooooooooooooo QUALITY man. Love his voice there. It’s not as catchy as LOAM but “I Need A Girl” exceeds LOAM in so many levels. I really like dancing to Breakdown XD. I think it was kinda weird how he went up so high at “You’re My”. Haha…XD. Listening to this album is like visiting the zoo. And I love animals!!!! ^^

  93. i’m liking all the songs cause they’re awesome, im on a music high right now. taeyang ftw~ loving all the songs (esp. Superstar, After You Fall Asleep, Just a Feeling, Take It Slow and Move) πŸ˜€

    except i liked the preview of You’re My better than the actual song (i thought the high notes were weird)
    and trying to listening to Breakdown again and getting a little confused at the beginning because it sounds different from the preview πŸ™‚

    And i thought myself that I Need A Girl was pretty good as good as the others anyways (can’t wait for the MV πŸ™‚ )

  94. Everytime i hear I NEED A GIRL
    i can’t help but imagine HYOYEON FROM SNSD AND TAEYANG DANCING TOGETHER. . . i love dara but i really don’t know why i keep on having this image on my mind. . the dancing queen and queen together ❀ . .

  95. i dont know why everyone doesnt like INAG ):
    like i understand there was soo much hype about it and stuff
    and i was worried when i first read the comments, but after one listen. I loved it.
    It is exactly the genre and type of music I was waiting for taeyang to produce. I will be listening to it for a while…

    And right after i died to get a deluxe edition…which i got off ebay..and i think seller said it will count towards sales (: !

    i felt like the most happiest person in the world LOL

  96. Can anyone tell me who first uploaded the SOLAR tracks and how they were able to get their hands on the album so early??? πŸ™‚ I’m just curious coz I thought the album will be released on July 1st 930AM KST. Thanks!

  97. in my office now.. listened to INAG the whole way… i m really loving it more… sounds like a Justin Bieber hit song LOL not sure if ull like that… but im really loving it… and when i saw my Dara Taeyang wallpaper, i almost cried.. well, not realy coz i dont cry.. but wow~! Im excited for the MV!

  98. I broke down and ordered from YesAsia which means i wont get it until forever~! YGeSshop wouldnt ship to the US like they said they would..beyotches!!!

      1. the site said ships 6/2 but in my confirmation email it says 6/8

        I’m fine with the wait…i’ll just download a copy to listen to in the meantime

        I’m still pissed about all the time I wasted on YGeShop, only for it to tell me I can’t get it in the US. Seriously..if I didn’t like Taeyangs music I would have just not ordered the album at all!

  99. wedding dress still is my fave song from the album.. but i’m loving MOVE and BREAK DOWN.. ^_^ love yah taeyang!!!!

  100. This has to be one of my favourite albums so far!
    I dont even understand korean yet, but that shows just how good Taeyangs music is πŸ™‚
    Lovin’ every single track.

  101. I lovies his tracks but i think he put to much into finding someone lol. I mean the track is more of him trying to finding a girl etc.. I get it. i mean his tracks are soulful and fulfilled with love, which is great. I guess what i am trying to say is that, i like the fact that he is a grown man whom never been with a female. I respect him for that, and i know he can’t be single forever. He just should’nt rush finding a girl cause he will def get his heart broken, and i dont’ want that for him, cause i know he will take it hard. but yet i won’t hurt him. lol lfmao

  102. EBAY, peoples!!!

    I bought my deluxe edition, with everything for only $40!
    I love ebay almost as much as I love my YB.

  103. *listens to “I Need A Girl”..
    translates it in English.. (the 2nd verse)

    “A kind of girl that looks better in jeans than a skirt
    A girl that will eat the kimchi fried rice that I make instead
    I like that kind of girl
    (Know what I mean)”

    ..did he just REALLY talk about Sandara on that?
    hehe .. I hope not. lmao πŸ˜€

    1. heheh OMG! “a girl that will eat the kimchi fried rice that i make instead” Awwwwwww!!! i’ll eat ANYTHING YB cooked,even if i didn’t like it lol,thanks for that short translation Saint

  104. i LOVED Take it Slow!!!! omg,i just love the beat to it,it makes me feel relaxed,and happy and aaaaaaw in love! but i wanna know what he’s saying.besides the title of course hehe,im dying over that one and I need a girl,i did enjoy it,i quite liked it…but gosh Take it slow took me to a whole new level!!! it came to take my #1 spot! besides all the rest we’ve already heard! gosh YB!!! <33333,thanks heaps Kay! πŸ™‚

  105. i was just listening to TYs first album and it is so amazing. All the tracks are simple and really focus on his voice and singing abilities. I think that his new album has way too much background sounds going on that it masks a lot of his voice and talent.

  106. I cried when I heard ‘Take It Slow’.. you can tell it’s written by him and everything. My absolute favorite. Melody is beautiful. Could you possibly do eng trans for the songs?

  107. I’m in love with Take It Slow.. and it makes me more happy that he wrote and composed it.. HES SO GREAT! LOVE THE ALBUM!

    Wished he promoted other track though..

  108. i love the title track! i also love just a feeling!
    i can’t really tell if WD was better than I Need a Girl, but i really really really love INAG right now (more than WD i think! maybe because i’ve listened to WD for a long time now..)!

    maybe some are expecting, i can’t say too much, but just plain expecting something they liked so maybe that’s why some found WD better than the other new songs…

    just a thought. haha

    expectations sometimes can blind us from seeing the beautiful side of things..

    1. awww. you’re such a sweet person. haha. i know a lot of people aren’t feeling INAG yet, and they still love WD and WUA more, and I respect that. but i guess i’m glad that there’s some positivity, and i know this is probably bias because i haven’t read a lot of other people’s comments yet, but i think that your comment was really awesome. i know there are probably a lot of others who love INAG too, but yeahh. you’re the lucky one that i’ve chosen to read πŸ˜‰ hahaha. i’m really loving all his tracks actually, but the ones that i love a little more are “take it slow”, “move”, “breakdown”, “you’re my”, and “INAG”. the others are cool too though, they’re are just very close match-ups.

      and this was actually my first comment on this website, because i just HAD to comment. want you to know how i felt.

      hope that there is a lot more love for his album and all of his songs, because he totally deserves every single bit of it πŸ˜‰

      and thanks for reading this far, if anyone has. much appreciated<3

  109. OMG the collaboration with G-Dragon was so lovely…. Taeyang will always be in my heart… I like Taeyang so much.. He’s my IDOL!!! I like he’s personality. He’s a great man of my generation. Taeyang… YOU ROCKZ!!!

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