How can I watch Taeyang rock the stage on live Korean TV?

Many of you have expressed your enthusiasm about wanting to watch Taeyang’s performance LIVE as it is aired on Korean television.  Usually we watch as a group and have a concurrent spazz fest/party in the chat box so make sure you join us.  And because we’re so awesome, here’s the quick and dirty guide on how to stream Korean television live on the web.  Please read carefully.

Anyone remember this?

If you have anything to add, please share with us.  Thank you!

Taeyang will be giving us a full dosage of TV performances so pay close attention to all the date and times.  He is planning to perform on all of these shows and hopefully more!


  • Mnet Countdown *COMEBACK*
    Channel: MNET
    Date aired: Every Thursday (KST)
    Time aired: 6:00 – 7:30 pm (KST)
  • KBS Music Bank
    Channel: KBS-2
    Date aired: Every Friday (KST)
    Time aired: 5:50 pm (KST)
  • MBC Music Core
    Channel: MBC
    Date aired: Every Saturday (KST)
    Time aired: 4:00 pm (KST)
  • SBS Inkigayo
    Channel: SBS
    Date aired: Every Sunday (KST)
    Time aired: 3:50 pm (KST)

Here are some options for streaming Korean TV live:

1. Download and install TvAnts – Click here.

Install the program like you normally would with any other.

The installation manager will ask you if you want to install “Softonic Toolbar.”  Don’t do it unless you want to.

2. Run/Open the program.  It should look something like this.

Under Keywords type in “MNET” and a search query should show up.

Click on the first one on the list “KOREA>MNET” and another window should appear.

3. Allow the channel to load and buffer.

This varies depending on your location, time, and internet connection.

Obviously the higher the number under “Quality” the better the stream will be.  When the number is highlighted red, the quality is decent and watchable.

Most of the channels we’re interested in are usually very good.   Only sometimes will it lag.

4. Watch and enjoy!

The volume and mute controls are on the viewing screen.

The viewing screen will always been on top so you can do other things and watch at the same time.

***You’ll see random Chinese words and ads on the side sometimes.  It’s nothing to worry about.  The program was developed in China.

For other channels: KOREA>MNET, KOREA>MBC, KOREA-KBS-2.


1. Download Livestation player here
2. Open the program and create an account.
3. After you’ve signed in, click on the Search tab and type in the according channel you’re looking for, and click.
4. Sometimes, the channel will take a few tries till it connects.


If you have Windows Media Player, copy and paste this into the “Open Url” field located under the “File” tab:

mms:// (SBS Only)

108 thoughts on “How can I watch Taeyang rock the stage on live Korean TV?”

  1. Mannn, I can’t watch it ’cause for me it’s going to be 4 a.m. in the morning & I have school T^T

    Hope someone records it!

  2. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    I just downloaded TV Ants but it can’t find anything when I search. No channels are showing.

    Do I need to set something up first?

  3. The channels are empty, it says you need to search in the search panel first. I don’t know, but I can’t go to either.

    But I installed LiveStation instead, it’s working okay. I found MNET but it just keeps on loading, but hopefully it’ll work 🙂

    Thanks 😀

  4. OK i’m pretty informed in tvants because a whatch a lot of foreign shows (kpop indeed) and so i read a lot of forums about it. So to inform Kay and the others since about 2010 tvants had some periods where it works and where it doesn’t work, it’s a software devellop in china so it’s over there that the problem is. So after my researchs tvants is nowadays pretty random to use, what i can suggest you is to add in the “server” section of tvants this new server: ” ” normally when tvants works channels come up from this server, all the old servers are down. But again i repeat you tvants has some problems and now it does’nt work for me either whereas this morning it worked, see =S. Hope it will work for taeyang comeback, it’s pretty late here in france 1.18AM ^^ go to sleep, see’ya

    1. edit: you can just leave in the server section like it is originally when you install the software and just add so with 2 servers your chance will be higher i suppose.

    1. Yep still doesn’t work. I added the to the server.

      But like you said, if the server is down there’s nothing to do.

      I’m crossing my fingers that it’ll work very soon!

  5. TVants really suck. I think the only time I used it to watch anymore is for SBS INkigayo, but have stop for a longggg time….There are some people who have their own server, and it’s wayyy much better cuz u can also join their conversation while watching too, but I don’t remember a specific one.

    I was planning to watch this live too; but just figure out the timezone and it’s way too late for me. I need my sleep! LOL…I’ll definitely watch the HQ version wheN I wake up in the morning though! hehehe

  6. i googled tvants and some people have posted in forums that tvants gmay give you viruses or spyware – is this true?

  7. Man
    it gonna be on 5 am in the morning for me ;O
    ughhh…….. for taeyang i gonna support him
    buying the album and watch him perform live
    even though it would be that late and miiiiiiiiight get breaksout and etc…

  8. i just downloaded the livestock,,does somebody know why its not working ive retried it many times even after completing the process of DL

  9. album went out of stock already at DVD heaven! i was just checking 30 mins ago, it wasn;t there, and now it’s all gone… it was the deluxe ver> TT-TT

    1. damn you’re right. i’m on dvdheaven now. i have no choice i’m getting the normal album. btw, is small packet shipping method ok? cause the other ones are so expensive.

      1. From personal experience, it’s ok. I always go with their cheaper shipping option with my orders there and never had any issues.

        1. thank you so much fuu! the site is legit right? cause i’m using my bf’s card (since i don’t have a card) and he’s like making sure if it is legit.

      1. the deluxe version.? not sure since it’s really limited… i’m crying now. i’ll can only get the normal version now…

        1. oh damn. cause is selling on pre-order base and its damn expensive. like 49.90USD and furthermore it doesnt count towards the charts. :/

        2. i know right? as much as i love taeyang, YESASIA is selling it for more than twice the amount! that is just a No! when Bae’s album sell won’t even benefit from it! they’re ripping off YB and i will not tolerate it. .. anyway. that’s just me…

          YGESHOP won’t even ship internatioanlly unless you live in korea. how twisted is that.?

    2. omg! i can’t believe this. i was able to order the deluxe album. i was going to order the regular one, then for some reason there was a problem. so i got out from the site then went back and saw the deluxe album was not out of stock anymore. so i hurriedly went to check if it was really available, i’m so lucky it was. after i ordered & payed it was out of stuck again. man i’m so lucky today.

  10. I downloaded TvAnts and the same thing is happening to me as others…when I search, nothing comes up. However, I know this other site where you can watch all the music shows live: The site is currently down but hopefully it’ll be back up before Mnet starts =D

  11. TvAnts is working for me after i put into the servers list and unchecked

      1. Ahh, I see why didn’t work now.

        TVAnts has changed their server to

        So for anyone that’s having trouble with TVants, add to your server, uncheck, and it should work! 🙂

    1. you guys should thank minz because she posted it earlier. anyways is MNET a little laggy for you and can any of you find SBS or KBS-2?

        1. And I didn’t uncheck when she posted about it…”XD Since she said with two servers the chance is higher…Ah well, it works now =)

        2. I closed it, opened it a second time and it doesn’t lag~ >w<

          (They're playing After School on Mnet right now, hahah)

        3. I can’t find SBS or KBS-2 either! There’s KBS-1 but nothing that says KBS-2…

  12. if anyone wants to watch it streamed straight from the interwebs you can go to 🙂

  13. I typed SBS on search and it says no channel exists in the list O_o…i mean has it even aired¨? did i miss it! gosh! T.T

    1. Yeah, that’s what happened with mine too. Read the post carefully, Inkigayo only airs on Saturdays.

      YB’s comeback is today @ Mnet Music Countdown.

      You should be able to watch Mnet via TVAnts though, add to the servers. Uncheck and there should be some channels up 😀

      6PM KST will be 7PM Australia at my place, use the time converter to find out!

      1. Yeah i read everything,it’ll be 2am, in the morning up in here,well…not a big deal i always stay up that late lol,now TvAnts works,thanks!!! and thank you Kay 😉

  14. is there a way i can quickly delete it after installing it? cus it not my computer and i dont wont them to be saying “wtf is this” hahaa

  15. TV Ants is not working for me at all, even after following the above suggestions. Anyone having the same problem?

  16. Sorry. TVants is a hit or miss. If you having trouble. please the alternatives ATY and other the readers have posted.

    I usually don’t watch Mnet…so I dunno how to help you really. Sorry. And TVants has always worked really well for me.

  17. Thanks u guys for the new server address. I installed tvants at first, didn’t work so I uninstalled it, then I downloaded Live Nation, didn’t work… Then I tried tvants again, now it worrkkksss… Awesome!

  18. Tvants never works for me 😦 I’m alternating between Kpopflash and OmanaLive now… hope they don’t die on me last minute.

    Another 1/2 hr more to go right??

  19. thank you so much…
    i only has kbs channel but taeyang wouldn’t make a comeback at MB this week n i’m dying to watch him…thank you2x

      1. This is really weird, the MNET on TvAnt is totally different =/ i’ve been watching the wrong thing the whole time -_-. THANKS!

  20. GUYS! The MV is OUT! but it is in GOMTV! Grr..but I can’t watch it but it is already out! please someone save me!!!!lol

  21. thanks for the info! Hopefully I’d be able to find kbs 2 so I’ll be able to watch music core even without YB.

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