D1: Final Round & Kickoff

Ahhh you all are too smart.

Question: On which date did ATY reach 1 million hits?

Answer: 01/23/10 or January 23, 2010, or 01/23/2010, or 23/01/2010. 

And we are about to hit 2 million anytime now!  Thank you thank you!


We will announce the winner of the giveaway sometime on July 1st.  It might be later in the day, but we will try.  Please keep checking your emails after the 6th and final round is over.  If you are selected, please respond within 24 hours or else we will pick a new winner.  Good luck everyone!

Like the World Cup, we’re going to treat Taeyang’s comeback like a major international event.  Being Taeyang’s best international fansite (keke) we have to do it right.  This is what we have going on so don’t miss it! 

  • Twitter Party:  Join us and several other Big Bang fansites in attempting to bring Taeyang to the top of the Twitter trending charts.  It’s going to be a collective effort.  Most Twitter-ers have a great time with this.  We’re going to try to bring #SOLar to the top of the trending chart.  The official time is going to be 6PM KST, but you are welcome to start anytime.  Follow ATY: @alwaystaeyang
  • chattYBox Party:  Due to popular demand, ATY is bringing back the chatbox.  Unfortunately, wordpress does not allow us to embed it to the main page so please follow the link or the awesome widget banner on the right.


The party will be in session throughout the entire day July 1st so make sure you drop by, say “hi”, and meet other Taeyang fans.  It’s great for sharing links and asking questions.  ATY staff will be in and out throughout the day whenever we can.  All we ask is that you have fun and be nice to each other.  Thanks.

  • Streaming Parties:  Who wants to spazz alone right?  Join our spazz fests in the chattYBox while we watch Taeyang’s comeback performances together.  We will make a post soon on how to stream Korean TV online. Be patient!

49 thoughts on “D1: Final Round & Kickoff”

  1. I can’t wait for the announcement of the winners! This contest was so fun. 🙂 Thanks a bunch ATY!!!

  2. ALREADY IN IT TO WIN IT (or order either way, dammit…im getting that album even if it means getting kicked out my parents’ house…i dont give a fuck, it’s YB!!)!!! it’s been fun doing this contest…can’t wait for the events to come~~ XP

  3. so the question means who took the picture for him for his Nike Aw77 Hoodie on Moment exhibition>??!

  4. That was fun!!!! 😀 I hope I win. *crosses fingers*
    Thanks a lot to the ATY staff!!!!!
    & im ready to get my spazz on XD

  5. wow that was a little hard. I remember a designer’s name but not a photographer’s name. huhuhu.



    Submitted answer, I remember that post real well, LOL

    Can’t wait for the spazz party!! >w<

    Been trying all the methods given… Will try another one today…LOL

  7. oh i submitted my answer hours ago lol,well an 1hr ago and didn’t say so,keke,it was a fun contest! i wish you all the best of lucks! thank you ATY staff! ñ_ñ

  8. This contest thing has been fun! 😀 thanks for all the effort.
    hehehehee we’re gonna go on a twitter party! yay!

  9. OMG. It is tomorrow.

    The teaser is still killing me. Gaaaaaaad. And IT’S JUST THE TEASER. He’s so SEXY AND HOT in it.


    1. No, it’s most likely the Normal Edition… and not giving it away tomorrow, just announcing the winner.

      The winner has 24 hours to claim it, if not then Kay or Tofu chooses another person for the prize.

      Then depending on where you live, the album will be sent to you within… 2-3? Or 1-2 weeks. I guess that’s how it’ll go.

  10. just would like to share MNet’s Comeback Notice Video…

    you can hear a longer preview of You’re My…

    1. Thanks for sharing this video andrelle! I’m so loving YB’s voice in You’re My, especially the extended preview parts! 🙂

  11. woohoo im so glad i’ve got all the answers right so far! hopefully the last one is right too haha it would be so nice to win,as unlikely as it is lol,but it was so much fun taking part in this! thanks ATY! 😀

    the “parties” sound awesome! definitely dragging my sister along to join u guys! lets watch and spazz at YB together! hehe 😀

  12. Wooo!!! Thx ATY!!! u guys are awesome, I’m sure I’ve said it before somewhere… Bt yea, ur awesome. 😀

    I preordered the album at this store here in Melbourne. They said they’ll try get the duluxe version, but can’t guarantee it. (fingers crossed!)

    this has been uber fun. Thankyou again!!

  13. thanks ATY for this giveaway!! 😀
    I really wanna win!!
    Goodluck to all!! 😉

    can’t wait for YB’s comeback!!

    SUPERSTAR – my fave so far.. 😉

  14. does anyone know when the album will be coming out? ie what time? Where u at i think was released 11am Korean time. will that also be the case here? =D

  15. i never win on giveaways like this, but i still did my best since i am so desperate! i’ve contacted A LOT of kpop cd sellers, and none of them haven’t responded to me yet about taeyang’s album.. anyway, goodluck to all of us!

    I can’t wait til I see the mv hehehe

    ATY, thank you for doing this activity about Taeyang. I learned something new about him such as him writing the lyrics “Goodbye Baby” for Big Bang and co-wrote “La La La”. Win or not, I just hope everyone did they’re best and had fun. I definitely had fun. Also, ATY thank you for giving your time updating about our one and only Taeyang.

    Goodluck everyone! 🙂

  17. Hmm? It’s still not done yet? Why’s it taking so long? LOL it’s usually done by now right?

  18. When are you guys announcing the winner of the giveaway? Haha I’ve been waiting for like .. FOREVER!!!

  19. The winner was been e-mailed. So basically, if you didn’t get an e-mail, you didn’t win. XD

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