175 thoughts on “‘SOLAR’ Teaser + Promo Pics”

  1. haha i can a lot of fangirls will go crazy over this i fear for Sandara that shit is HOT can’t wait 1 more day to go.

      1. honestly, i think Sandara is gonna get attacked though. That’s why I highly think they aren’t going to put a kiss scene or her touching his naked body. She lost soo much weight too.

        1. effing agreed I mean TOP,Lee MinHo,GD,now Taeyang who the eff else is she gonna work with seriously!!!????

          She’s kinda average pretty idk I don’t see what the hype is about her all the time she’s pretty basic.

    1. aahhaha, actually I didn’t really know her untill she post the picture of her and TY on her me2day….haa~

  2. Five thoughts popped straight into my head when I saw this:
    1. Wow….that’s a lot of outfit changes.
    2. Our baby is looking super fine!
    3. I would KILL to be Dara!!! Touching a shirtless Bae? Lucky!!!
    4. They all look like they’re having so much fun!!!
    5. I am dying waiting for this video and album to come out!

  3. Oooooo even more excited can’t wait! When I first saw that shot I said to myself “self that shirts shot is just beautiful me likey” then I noticed Dara and my face fell lol

        1. LOL~! i bet taeyang gonna makes us drool and fainted and nose bleed all of that happen all at once in each and every since MV for this album xD

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!! he’s slowly killing us…….. πŸ˜₯
      you naughty naughty oppa!!! >-<….i should really spank him for being so bad!! hahahah,ok erase that,im getting WAAAY to perv!! XD,but it's all his faul!! gosh <33333 O_o

  4. I’m loving all the outfits and lack thereof (ABS!) YB was sporting in this video! He looks damn fine in the black polo shirt. Sigh. Sandara is one lucky lady. There goes my delusion of him and Dara being just siblings/platonic best friends in the MV!!!!!! NO NO NO NO 😦

    On the other hand, YB looks so happy and excited in this video. I’m happy for him and this definitely got me more hyped up for July 1! YB FTW!

  5. haha! i can’t stop smiling the whole time!!! jealous i may be, but they look so good! and its making me more excited now!

  6. i wasn’t able to breathe for a few seconds . . . damn i almost died when i saw this ! i’m scared of playing the vid coz i think this vid would be hot as hell. . considering that this is only a 50s teaser . . OMMO!!!!!

  7. after re-watcing the video a few times, what kind of pants are you wearing at 0:13?? They look horrible, lol

    1. I replayed the video to 0:13. You’re right they look weird. Hopefully the director cuts out that scene. Or by some miracle YB might just pull it off with his natural hotness. Haha πŸ˜›

  8. I rmb in one of the interview they mention something like, kissing scene is really popular and fans really enjoy it… what do you guys think? because personally…. I don’t really like to see TY kissing another girl….hahahaha~

    1. I’m always for a kiss scene as long as YB is ok with it. I know my chances with him are about .00000000000001 so kissing scenes just allow me to fantasize myself into the girl’s place. In fact, I’m fantasizing myself into Dara’s place right now.

  9. I’m sitting in my chair literally falling asleep……but after seeing this……I’m fully awake now. OMG! YB looks so amazingly HOT! and I don’t want to be like this but I think I’ll go there. “Dara, stay away from my man…….”

  10. sandra….. yb shirtless…


    but he is looking SOOO hawt. so the main mv’s prolly gunna have him as a playerrrr? ._. then sandra comes along and he finds out she’s the right one for him. coughboocough

    at the predicted mv storyline, not sandra >_>

  11. Amen to that tofu, I know its acting and all but that was too close and he was HALF-NAKED too…Dara you need to back up little heck a whole lot. Anyways, AAAHHHHH that mv is going to be hot

  12. Hmm….I watched and rewatched this about, oh, twenty times. Can’t ever get enough Taeyang. ❀

  13. Now I don’t usually go crazy over any action bet YB and girls. I’m not like some fangirls who are overly possessive and think idols will actually be their bf one day. I consider myself to be a rational fan, but i was just like woah when he was all close to her with no shirt on. Like I’m happy we get to see some abs, but then I can’t help but feel a tad bit envious. I still like Dara tho and she is just doing her job. the wrath of some fangirls may be coming soon tho. Good thing she is in LA right now lol

    1. I’m the same with you too. Amen to that sister!


    2. @Dilani i agree completely! i’m usually not all screaming and over the top spazzy but this video just made me O__________O literally! haha he’s too gorgeous and he HAS to be half naked so damn close to a girl leaning against a wall! lol

        1. LOL thanks for replying to me @skyhigh…even though I didnt comment, but I def feel the same as Dani.
          the kissing scenes in YB;s other videos never really bothered me…but damn. this seems even hotter than a kissing scene. good lord, but the man looks FIOOONEEE.
          ahhh but I;ll get over it (i hope). dara looks hot too

  14. Everytime I see you turn around~
    I just wanna run up and put my hands down, down down down
    The back of your pants….

    OMG I am so ready for SOLAR!!! BRING IT ON YG!

  15. I love this boy… he really needs a girl
    Dara, honey, you look awkward for being too close with the boy…:) I know it is scary, but baby girl..I got your back. I know YB is just a good friend to you. hahahaha

    1. there are, but we’ve sic’d pitch forks and torches on them already…and the bitches that haven’t yet know they role already: fall ALL THE WAY the fuck back from the greatness that is DONG YOUNG BAE! lol jkjkjk

      1. Didn’t we all have a conversation way back about how YB needs to go out and get himself a girl? We can’t ask him to fall in love and then threaten every girl that comes his way. I for one am happy about this mv and hope one day YB doesn’t say that he needs a girl but that he has a girl.

        However, if the girl doesn’t treat him right and breaks his heart, I’m ready with the pitchfork and torches.

    2. Aww!~

      Personally, I’m not jealous at all, infact I love their chemistry together……I thought it might be weird or awkward but they’re oozing this chemistry together and I’m really enjoying it!

      I’m not a fan of Sandara but I think she brings this easiness about her that makes her co-actors feel comfortable, Taeyang doesn’t look nervous or anything~~

      I just want to replace Dara with myself so Tae and I can get started on our soccer team together πŸ˜‰

      *naughty thoughts*

      1. HAHAHAHA,wow a soccer team? xD,that’ll take quite some work, *cough cough* if you want,i can help you out whit getting some players…..:P


  16. πŸ™‚ it’s more a montage of taeyang doing his thing being cute, hot and sexy. i cant wait til tomorroe! the teaser fulfilled its purpose i suppose. c’mon c’mon c’mon release more stuff!

      1. well, not everyone can be pleased and some will not be happy about it but that doesn’t mean he was wrong.

        and taeyang will benefit from this. YG Fans, Bigbang, his personal fans, 2ne1 fans and sandara’s personal fans. its a win-win situation for them, so i’m down with it.

    1. He and Dara…uhm, I’m not totally happy but I feel comfortable with it, rather than he with another strange girl.

  17. Look like he has tried many different concept in his new album~!. In fact, I’m lovin’ it :X .He’s so fresh and happy.

    And the teaser… I almost fell over my chair when I first saw it…the scene with Dara :(( . Don’t misunderstand, I really like our lovely Dara but..but.. it still makes me mad :(( . Hope there’s no more kissing scene -..-

    And….MAKE SOME NOISE ! We r about to see his 6-pack abs again xD Oh lala xD

  18. This is all so very exciting! I think I saw a couple of yucks-looking jackets (reminds me of the Dirty Cash MV) but hell, still can’t help getting excited and giggly watching this teaser.

    Dara looked gorgeous I thought. I actually like Sun-Dara pairing.

  19. She is way too close and getting too personal all up on my man taeyang. And why does he have to be half naked, damn it! makes me so freakin jealous! I hate teasers so much!!

  20. I see Tae Yang’s pimp chair. hehe.

    Haha I’ve calmed down a bit…ah i’ll definitely dream about this tonight >.<

  21. WHAT!! @#%#$^$!

    My Jealous meter is shooting right up now i’m telling ya. RAWR.
    I’m sure Taeyang’s theme for this album is to give me a heart attack! hahaha..

    1. MUACKS BACK AT YOU BAE BAE!!! Oh Lord, he’s killing me with those cute but sexy oozing out at the same time!


    2. I’d kiss those lips any day πŸ˜‰

      And he’s shirtless…yum…

      Aaargh I can’t take this anymore! *dies*

  22. DEFINITELY jealous!! oh boy. I don’t how to take this whole interaction thing with dara and taeyang. I’m gonna calmed down abit..

    *few minutes later* WHY!?!? Why must he have his shirt off too!? Anyways…Taeyang had to change quite abit, maybe he’s trying to think of what to wear for his type of girl? I dunno..oh boy! Can’t wait for tomorrow!!

  23. I totally hate this.
    she soo , close to him. makes me hate her. and hate her music , whatevers she is.
    and it makes me feel like ewww, get off skink!
    I think the video going to be suck! but not Taeyang.
    only Sandara. <—-AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
    I wanna grab her hair and slap her. *in my mind*

    1. haha girl, i know how you’re feeling but you gotto calm down. πŸ™‚
      think of it as a movie, and they are just actors. lol.

    1. That’s too bad, it’ll be a great video and Taeyang has put in a lot of hard work into this~

      Dara is an actress, she’s doing her job. It’s natural to not like someone paired up with your idol but Taeyang fans are known to not really have a problem with Taeyang working with a female artist….he’s going to get married and have babies eventually~

      1. Yes~ Kay is right, in a Japanese magazine interview, he did say that he wants to be a dad in ten years time…:D

        Remember that all that they were doing in the MV was acting, but we do know that Dara and Tae Yang (as well as GD) have been friends for a long time.

        I like their chemistry together, I can’t wait to watch the MV. >w<

    geez YB make us wait for so long since last yr.

  25. HOLY EFFF; I freakin’ cant wait for tomorrow, Imma be in HEAVEN I swear, the SUN is DEFINITELY COMING OUT TOMORROW

    *(&%#*@$*#@(7U#U$#*()$#)@($*#)@ GAD DAMN THAT DARA!
    HAHAHAH <333 all love !

  26. Wow, all this hate at Dara. Hahaa, personally, I’m glad that she’s playing the main actress in the MV, especially because I know that she and YB are good friends. I’m actually eager for a kiss scene. ;D Come on, you know you all want to see YB do some action. *wink*

    1. I agree. Dara is YB’s close friend. I rather her than some actress who doesn’t even know him or care much about him.

  27. my my my~ this post was only up for less than an hour…and 76 comments already!!!! good job tofu!!!

  28. lol
    a lot were worried it may turn out awkward for YB
    but it looks more awkward on Dara’s side

    Taeyang is hot and adorable here!
    I love Dara’s hair and outift. she looks gorgeous!

  29. they didn’t kiss – i didn’t see it .. or maybe my eyes are tricking me.

    him shirtless against a wall.. with me (=. that’s perfection.. but dara is soo adorable!

    my love/hate for his MV already! haha.

    but seriously.

    how can ONE man get ANY sexier?!?! I didn’t think it was POSSIBLE! Taeyang – can we clone you?!

  30. My fav. SunDara moment isn’t when they’re against the wall and he’s shirtless but when he does his silly dance at 0:41 and she laughs. That’s cute.

  31. Holy shizzz~~~~ I think I died a little inside.


    Argh~~~~~~~~ The teaser is not helping, damn you YG!!!! Damn you!


    And Dara, that close with my Bae Bae? Oh~~~~ T^T

    I’ll imagine I’m in your place, LOL

    YB knows he has appeal, and he’s teasing us with all these damn cutesy and sexiness…. Knew you had it in you babe.

  32. GAH! I don’t like this combo! Dara and Taeyang! Why?! I wish it was another random girl too. It also doesn’t help that Dara is talking about her wanting a boyfriend. Has anyone checked out her me2day?? It’s basically all about Taeyang! T0T But maybe he is interested in her too?? He said he wanted an older woman and Dara is 27…
    I don’t like this combo…

    1. he wants an older woman? seriously?
      haha i’m jealous but well…sooner or later that boy will get a girl. so…

        1. no wonder… because sometimes I saw they said TY is 23 but he is only 22…. and I always thought the 2n1 girls are younger than me….guess not now…haa…

  33. Guys. Please pack your bags, we are heading to Korea right now.

    Lol! I CAN NOT WAIT ANY LONGER :]!! I’m not TOO crazy about the Dara and YB combo, but I love them both and Dara did seem like she lost a little weight, but whatever! If he’s happy, I’m happy πŸ˜‰

  34. hahah~ I love reading all our “reactions”~~ but we should be glad that the director of this MV is not from another country, eg USA, otherwise… I’m sure there will be more “TY fans hated scene” in it~~ hahahahhaha

    1. all i can think of are trey songz videos and now i’m REALLY glad a US director didn’t make this lol

  35. This is so damn good !! …
    but why oh why did they have to be soooo close?? T_T
    I hope there are no kiss scenes , because I won’t be able to take it…
    But I do agree that they look good together. TaeYang- OMG! so hot !! When I saw this teaser, I was making *strange* noises, smiling and laughing to myself..

    ohhh.. I can’t wait for tomorrow!!

  36. Why does all of this happen when i’m in school? i’m missing all the fun stuff…=.=

    -YB looks HOT
    -he didn’t shave 😦
    -dara against the wall facing YB (how i wish i was at her place…! he put his hand around her!)
    -dara looks pretty.. and hihih they zoomed in on the black bra.. u perverted camera man!! XD
    -he looks hyper
    -so many girls around him!!

    I’m jealous in the highest level possible, but i’m excited more than ever.

    10 hours to go!!!

  37. LOL…. All these comments.
    At first I was kind of, “Oh….so jealous.”
    But then I went,”Well, they look good together.”

    I think one of the reason they chose Dara because they know that Taeyang will feel more relaxed with her than with any other random girl. And I can feel their chemistry.

    Please don’t get too serious with Dara-Taeyang things ^.^

    Anyway, can’t wait for tomorrow. I hope it’s going to be a big hits!!!

  38. I’m sorry but some of you need to calm down and be more rational. It’s not even Dara who’s getting “too close” to Taeyang, it’s the other way around and Dara is just doing her job. Anyway, I’m so excited to see this!

    1. yup, i agree. it’s great that these two are working hard for the mv together. Dara deserves a nice treatment.

  39. I really have this bad feeling that when the MV comes out I’m gonna drool on my keyboard.

    The teaser just killed me.

    I still think Dara was so pretty in the vid. She’s so lucky.
    But I’m gonna love her more if she brings Baebae here to the Phil. Aaaah the dream.

    I’m gonna repeat it again til I’m gonna see it in my sleep.

      1. PFFFT, nope, I just found it cause I was excited for Tae’s comeback. πŸ˜€ And I like the fact that the lyrics are in the girl’s point of view. ❀

  40. I kinda feel weird, but I have to say that TY looks really comfortable to me and excited! LOL…while Sandara looks a little akward with that scene personally…but that could maybe just me…hehee…I can’t wait for the MV tomorrow! I want to hear the song!!!!

  41. i have to wait for another 3 damn hours, to watch this!!!!

    why the hell am i reading all of ur comments, is beyond me!!! but one thing for sure, u just succeed in killing me!!!!!! TT__TT

    ps: excuse the language.. im just so frustrated that i cant watch the vid.. u_u

  42. Oh, sandara park just earned another haters, ehh?
    Seriously guys, she’s too adorable to hate!
    I’m just lol’ing here why reading the haters comment,
    I was like JEALOUS MUCH?

    I wonder what if taeyang go at this site sometomes,
    What would he think if he reads your comment?!
    I’m sure heKs going to say,

    Seriously guys, stop hating her!

    1. what you’re saying is true and i agree but there’s no point saying it coz its not gonna stop them,to be honest some fans getting jealous is understandable not that hating Dara is justified by that.

  43. Yo, I thought YB fans are more rational than this. Some not all. But this was expected… guys just chill; FOCUS ON TAE WITH ALL THIS GLORY AND HIS MUSIC.

  44. Goodness…I go away to watch a movie and return to 135 comments! Are we all going crazy over a BTS teaser of the video? Imagine when the actual video comes out!!!! I have a feeling we’re all going to be dying over it!

  45. Aaaaaaaaah I LOVE IT! Haha, so much hotness everywhere. I love 2NE1 and so I’m glad Dara’s pairing up with Taeyang. She’s such a chilled and shy chick and I think a lot of the Big Bang boys are comfortable around 2NE1 and so it makes working with each other easier. I wouldn’t mind if these two got together to be honest, they look great together on a totally superficial level πŸ˜€

    I’m even more excited for the MV now. I love how Taeyang looked in the teaser. His winks and smiles are so sexy and cute *faints and watches again*

  46. yeh who isnt jealous but dnt hate on sandara. i like her bro thunder from mblaq man. n im so excited. lets just say, keep that shirt off. n bae dnt like grls who dnt care bout other ppls feelns so dnt say things bout sandara that yb wouldnt want to hear.

  47. OMG!!! I’m hyperventilating!!! Omg omg omg!!! He looks HOT!! And it looks like they had a lot of fun making the mv! I can’t wait to see the mv and the full behind the scenes video!! Almost there~ only a few hours to go ^.^ so excited!

  48. yeah, i’m not too stoked about this combo either! like i’m really not! ITS DARAGON, not dara bleh & tae yang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can’t wait till tomorrow though!!!!!!! but seriously, not feeling this pair up for the vid!!!!!!!! 😦 LOLS, GD looks amazing though! LOLS!!!!! β™‘

    1. your probably the only one wishing for that on this page,its kinda refreshing to see a different view with so many girls dying over YB and getting mad at Dara and all that lol πŸ˜€

  49. oohh!! i can’t wait for the MV.. i wanna see the vid so badly!! i wonder how the vid goes cuz there’s YB, GD & DaRa.. erm.. love triangle maybe?? hehehe.. πŸ™‚

    aww.. guys; dun hate on DaRa!! she’s innocent!! hehe.. it’s just like a sister helping her lil’ bro in the MV.. *wink wink*

  50. WOHOW! i never thought that Dara will get that close! x| here in the Philippines before, i can’t really imagine that she, too, will be famous in Korea .. and be with YoungBae!!!! hoho, i’m pretty envious.

  51. <3!!! CANNOT WAIT!!!! love Dara!! She's adorable and absolutely gorgeous πŸ˜€
    Dong Young Bae, you are TOO hot!! .__. he's so happy in this teaser! It's making ME happy! And when I watched it, I squealed and started running up and down the stairs… I'm just glad inwas home alone πŸ™‚

  52. personally,i don’t mind YoungBae getting close with any girl.specially Dara.
    he’s a grown man and fans should give him space.
    we should be glad that it’s Dara,his friend since training days.
    i trusted her.she would never take advantage of him.
    look how much she helped in promoting YB.

    i like GDdaraYB friendship.
    they truly are a family.

  53. wow wow wow….she needs to move over and let me take over. lol but he is a very sexy man. she is lucky

  54. I knew he was going to bring sexy back!!!! I just love his abs. The things that I would do to him…..Mmm, mmm, mmm!!!!!

  55. *faints*

    and now…


    Bae and his chocolate abs… up close and personal to Dara, to some other girl???????????????????????

    Bae is a ——–.. he just killed me right there…

    and when his mv comes out… he’ll kill me again….

    Yo! Kay,,, i’ll join you with those NAUGHTY THOUGHTS…

    1. LOL sorry sweety, my thoughts only involved Taeyang and I, “You’re My” playing in the background….and…….oh well I’ll stop here hahaha

  56. OMG!! This video… … …!!!! OMG!!!! πŸ˜€ I do not come to myself! Young Bae so confident … so much appealing … good feeling to regard him as like this! πŸ™‚ I wait for the new album excitedly! ImΓ‘dom! ImΓ‘dom! ImΓ‘dom!!!! :D:D:D

  57. OMG !!!

    that teaser surely teased us all !!!

    can’t wait for the full MV !!!


    i’ve read all the comments before mine and i had mixed emotions …

    i got sad coz of all the haters hatin’ on dara, who i believe is not at fault … i mean she’s a friend to YB and an artist, she’s just doing her job and showing her support to him at the same time … gosh!!! someone even said she won’t watch the MV ?!? so much for supporting our YB right ?!?

    on the other hand, i’m grateful to the others who keep their mind and heart open … to those who will still support YB and dara even if their jealousy is at its peak … that’s a true fan right there !!!

  58. i wishdara wasn’t part of the MV.. i mean she’s all over big bang now.. TOP GD then YB.. who’s next, SR or DS?? can they not get other girls to act?? i know it’s not her fault and all but.. -_- it’s too much for my taste..

    on the other hand… TAEYANG is so effing HAWT!!! XD can’t wait for his comeback on mnet XD

  59. Dara ‘s haters are international fan girls…. Korean’s love and adore her… kvips will not be mad with her that’s why International shud be calm down…!!

  60. yo man to some unhappy fans! just be glad that it’s Dara and not some random chick out there that YB’s not comfortable with!

    Did you see his glowing smile?!

    OMG I freaken love their chemistry!!! it’s been a while that I’ve seen YB so giddy, smiley, jumping up and down, pumping with happiness…seriously I think that last time I saw him like this was in 2006 when he still had cornrows…lol…

    OMG!!! this is just the freaken TEASER!!! what will happen to us all when the actual MV comes out in a few hours!!!

    Kay you naughty girl!!! kekekeke but when it comes to YB we just can’t help it…

    honestly I’m so glad that it’s Dara in the MV cuz she’s one of a kind, teasing us with pix of them behind the scene plus she’s able to bring out the YB that’s so hard to see….I’m so glad he’s comfortable and that shirtless scene is just killer hot!!! OMG! I can’t wait!!!

    Like others I freaken went and read all the comments above me!!!! what the heck!!! lol too excited!!!

  61. I’m really hyped and excited with the release of the title track for taeyang’s first solo album…

    I am a yg supporter and i love both bigbang and 2ne1…to see taeyang and dara as the lead in his launching music video is a big investment coz for sure there will be a lot of girls going gaga over hottie taeyang will get mad at dara…but look, yg banked on making her the girl and i’m sure they will deliver a good mv:-) look at all the responses here and other sites/forums..everyone is talking about taeyang’s comeback;)

    they do have something…they look hot and taeyang is in a happy mood if you notice in the bts… may not like it coz for sure every fangirl wants to be im dara’s place right now…but friends do support each other so i hope they don’t attack dara…she was chosen and didnt volunteer… Go taeyang!!!

  62. I don’t know about you guys, but this video seems hotter than the Wedding dress kissing scene. They have a lot of chemistry compared to the other chick. Am I the only one glad that is Dara in the video and not some random-ass hoochie like that model from the My Girl MV? At least we can put our mind at rest that Dara is not gonna take advantage of our YB.

    1. I agree..atleast all us fans should be happy that it’s Dara..because he even said that she’s like a sister to him and plus who wouldn’t want her to be in that video? Isn’t GDragon in it too? so maybe she’s actually GD’s love interested? I don’t know I’m just blabing along to get my mind of that Shirtless scene with him and Dara!! and heck yes I am jealous much? I would love to be near those sexy abs!! He has the most beautiful body I’ve seen on a man!!

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