D2: Round 5

WUUUT!?!? Only two days left?  Time flies, but I still can’t wait for the album to drop. 

You all killed yesterday’s question, except for a few. hehe Hopefully this question will be a little more challenging.

Question: Besides his ears, where else did Young Bae have piercing(s)?

Answer: Eyebrow.

No, you did not need to specify left or right.  Youngbae had multiple piercings most of which were on his ear lobes, cartilage, and left eyebrow.  He got rid of the brow piercing after Big Bang debuted, but kept his ear piercings.  Some time later he removed most of the piercing on his cartilage.  Now YB’s left with only the two on his lobes.  Personally, I thought they were sexy as heck, even the brow one.

After this round you only have one more chance!  Play smart and take your time.


97 thoughts on “D2: Round 5”

    1. The flexible bones in your body; part of your ear contains cartilage (ie. the very top of your ear can bend however it’s also bone).

  1. yipeeee…. got it right.. i’m too specific eh??i put left eyebrow.. hehe..

    hope i got this question right.. 🙂

    goodluck to us again..

        1. WHOA you’re doing this from memory?
          WOW. I don’t even remember off the top of my head.

        2. LOLL sammee! how in the world do remember that?!! You must be a super genius and/or verrryyy dedicated.
          Good Job!

        3. hahahaha I have been stalking this site for sometime now that’s why ^^

          I remember the first one when this sute needed just a few more hits to reach 1 million

          then you mentioned it in the one with YB magazine

          plus that post wasn’t too long ago ^^

          i’ll go with i’m very dedicated fan hahaha.

        4. plus tofu I know we said they first few questions were easy but did you have to make it this hard??? ^^

          I’m getting scared fro tom’s questions ^^

  2. i got it right! at least one of my answers,i must have imagined the 2nd choice lol,is it ok if i put 2 options but got one right? will that count? *off to submit round 5*

  3. Submitted my answer. 🙂

    YB looked super fine back in his debut days. I miss his cornrows the most. I thought it made him stand out from the rest of the members. Really distinctive.

    1. I agree, he looked hot and sexy in his cornrows…. I love the mohawk, but the way it turned out in the “My Girl” MV was…. DAMN….. *hearts*

  4. I so far have gotten all the questions right. I just hope I can get the last one, it was hard :(. ^^ woo 2 more days im so excited. Shiver me timbers 😀 (ARGH *pirate of the sea lol)

  5. I loved his piercings as well. Sexxyyy…was a hot look on him. But im guessing since they debuted as idols, he had to get rid of them; i mean if ppl are upset about a little fuzz on the chin, saying “idols shouldn’t have facial hair, then Im pretty sure they dont promote facial/excessive piercings either.
    Such a shame though…..it showed his individuality

  6. *phew* I got this question right. I’ve got to admit, I loved that piercing too. Hopefully i’ll be fine with this question.

  7. Yeshhh! ❤ Hahaaa, so excited for SOLAR. 😀 i love this whole raffle you guys have set up–I'm just imagining you girls cutting up a billion tiny papers and picking one from a hat. Or something like that. ;D

    On a side note, I really like these questions–the hardest one was probably round 1.

    1. LOL. We have our ways.
      UGGGH The thought of cutting peices of paper…is terrible. I love you all..but not that much!

      I acutally thought Round 1 would be easy…I need to up my game. You all are too good.

  8. Wow tofu…that was such a hard question! I remembered reading a post about that…so I had to search very far back to find the answer. But at least I’m sure I got it right! 🙂

  9. im not gonna lie, this question was sooooo not easy-peasy…but it’s done!!!! now i shall sleep and await the new teaser *which i won’t be able to listen to til my lunch period 😦 * Any thoughts on which one peeps think it’ll be? It’s either


    While You’re Asleep
    (the new one written in hangul, and the one I wanna hear)

    Take it Slow

  10. am i supposed to put the date when it was mentioned by ATY or like… the day it was actually reached?

      1. Ooohh…hehehe. I actually remembered seeing it reach 1million hits before you guys expressedly mentioned it. Hehe. thanks tofu =)

  11. I just wanna know how many people had 4 right answers so far ? A lot ? I can’t wait to find out the winner 😀

    1. Quite a lot. We have a lot of people playing….But it’s a drawing so it’s partially by luck as well.

    1. bwahahahahaha Qui is indeed a guy. I think he’d feel embarrassed if he sees this. he’s in korea right now w/ the rest of the kanauru crew right? tsk tsk tsk i feel so jealous.

      you havent seen his LOAM, Prayer, & Where U At remakes yet? U should, they’re pretty good.

      1. probably be more embarrassed from seeing that i said “damn he’s so cute…” *turns beat red and flails her arms looking for the nearest emo corner*

        1. haha lol you really said that? i’m guessing in some other post? (don’t have to say which one!) XD

        2. i know i never said it on here (cuz i didn’t know he was a YB stalk–er–fanboy too, cuz i’ve only seen him dance on YT, and never made the connection that he’s the same person until recently…) but i think i said something to that affect on his Prayer remake like a yr ago or something…okay, back to emo corner (aka getting ready for work)

        1. they must have internet there right? LMAO XD

          i have kanuru & qui @ my fb, so i’ll be stalking their journey w/ tae yang there. mwehehehehehehehehehe.

          they’re in the plane atm. (lol i feel stalking them like this. but a lot of ppol are too so its ok. XD)

        2. he better say a word about us…or take Youngbae to our page. -_- Lucky fanboy. LUUUUCCKKY.

      2. @ PURR: so I check out the Where U AT remake…. but how come on the comment…ppl said ” Austin” instead of Qui? now I’m a bit confuses who’s who…..

    2. lol…because I have a friend call “Queen” (obviously wrong spelling, but i rmb is something like quyxxx), so when I see “Qui”… I automatically thought that’s a girl’s name…..

      If Qui has time to read all the history post esp. this one….”I’m SORRY QUI!!!!!!”

      and… I didn’t watch the remakes yet…because I’m pretty new to TY and BB (didn’t know them till 6/9/10), so I’m still youtubing the real TY…LOL~

      1. oh really? you are pretty new to Taeyang then,i’m quite new too actually just started from the beginning of the year lol

        and LOL about the Qui is a girl thing XD i can understand why you thought so, with your friend having a similar name and all hehe

  12. wooooooo hooooooo!
    i shouldnt keep my hopes up but i got all the answers right. i’m pretty sure i’ll get this one too. XD if i dont win, i can always use my sister’s friend in korea to get it for me. but somehow i cant help but feel so confident in this one. keke XD


  14. But if you’re drawing, will the people that have three answers correct so far have a chance of winning? Because I didn’t know the contest started on that day so I missed the first day but I still want to win the contest.. D:

    1. yes. it just means you have 3 entries into the drawing instead of 6 like some people assuming your answers were all correct.

  15. hi there this is really not related to the ty album giveaway question but i wanna ask permission from tofumon if i may put “world domination” in the sigs and avvies that im making for Taeyang’s solar album.. (Please do approve of this tofumon huhu) thank you very much…

    1. Yes of course. I don’t own copy rights to that or anything. Go ahead. People have used it already (and “T-squared” too lol) , but thanks for askiing permission though! You’re the first one. keke

  16. I used the search engine on ATY for this question, LOL

    Better than going “previous page, previous page…” XD

    I remember that day very clearly…. and I’ve been looking at the hits right now too.


    Knew I got this question right, LOL

    But never noticed that he got other ones… Not until I watched the My Girl MV Tofu hyperlinked….

    And to think I watched that MV a lot of times too, man… YB FAN FAIL!!! XD

    1. Hahah…I remembered to do that only after I went back page-by-page….then I was like, “God, I’m such an idiot!”

      1. damn .. I should have thought of that ^^ maybe I would have been sure that I got the correct answer ^^

  17. Oh no, my answer for yesterday was “His left eyebrow.”
    Was I too specific? Is that answer still acceptable? >.<

    1. you didn’t have to specify (which i did too) but as long as you said “eyebrow” it was right

  18. oh man i was all happy coz the questions so far were quite easy to me but this one was a bit >_< because i think i do know the answer,from research, but i cant help feeling skeptical.

    1. I think it’s coming close!!!! Maybe even on July 1st? LOL~~~

      ATY’s been getting a lot of hits what with the Tae Yang comeback and the giveaway event….=)

  19. oh, this is not true!
    I do not speak good English … And I interpreted the previous question, whether Taeyang have piercing in the present now. So my previous answer is wrong … But I knew that he was eyebrow. Hmmm… :””'(((((
    The other answer is good. 🙂 I think even the last. It hurts.
    But it was a good game! Thanks guys! 🙂

    1. aww don’t get disheartened,even if u got one answer right you’ll still have a chance, even if it is a small chance you’ll never know you could be lucky! and don’t worry 🙂

  20. This is fun. I wish this was my test at school. I’d do these test everyday! I’d probably get 90s ’cause Taeyang is the subject.

  21. Uhhh, I just noticed that this whole time I have been giving you the wrong email. I feel so sad and stupid, my email is missazain@yahoo.com but I accidentally typed in mimissazainladie@yahoo.com. I’m really sorry and I hope you fix it since so far I got all the answers from round 2 to 4 right but the wrong email. I’m really sorry so please forgive my stupidity.

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