Preview #5 – Breakdown

“Let me Break it down down…break down…”
Download – HERE

POWERFUL is all that came out of my mouth hearing this preview. I LOVE IT. Some of the beats do sound a bit familiar from other artist but the energy and power of the song is dynamic and different, I love how all the previews has been so different thus far~~ I’m enjoying this one!


84 thoughts on “Preview #5 – Breakdown”

  1. wow I can just imagine blasting breakdown loud out of speakers !!! The beat is so forceful & powerful. As expected from Teddy. Definitely a club banger XD

  2. i’m enjoying this one too. different is probably how i’d describe it. the autotune to raw voice ratio is also tolerable, so big ups to that.

      1. probably unless he raps in ‘take it slow’ which could happen (baby, i’m so sorry anyone?) since his other two songs feature rappers

        1. but part of his rap in Baby i’m sorry is the rap from ‘a fool’s only tears’

          if YB comes up with his own rap lyrics, that will be cool

  3. Totally feeling this song! Yup, it’s definitely a club banger. The only thing I don’t like is that you can tell this is obviously a Teddy song. I how Teddy isn’t getting Burnt out b/c some of his stuff is starting to sound the same.
    I am also loving how nothing on his album sounds the same so far. God, I can’t wait for July 1st!!!

      1. This so much.
        I tend to dislike the tracks he produces on his own rather than the ones he co-composes. The more composers you have, the more varied the album can get.
        I was kind of hoping that the two guys who composed ‘Baby I’m Sorry’ would do something for Taeyang again, but I didn’t see their names on any of the tracks…
        Still excited about the album though.

  4. TY loves his “ohs’ and ‘yeahs”

    nothing new and i know i’ll love it (‘cuz i usually do) but first time i heard it i thought of 2ne1 during the beginning and the ‘mimimi’ part

    teddy! *Shakes fist*

  5. Gahh..Teddy seriously need a break.
    This song is just so Teddy style.
    Just a feeling is still my fav among all previews. Somehow I think this type of song does not fit TY’s vocal. Man I am worried.
    Will he able to compete with other comebacks?

      1. oh well I will wait until full song come out. The thing is Teddy keeps on using words like “mimimi”, “eheheh”. “ohohoh” that he use for 2NE1. I get bored of this. I want to hear work from Kush, choice37, swing, etc.. Hope tomorrow preview is “after you fall asleep” .

    1. I agree. Teddy definitely needs a break. YG made a big deal about hiring a bunch of new in-house producers, but he’s still over-using Teddy’s songs.

      Actually, I wish YB would be a little more involved in the composing/writing of his music too.

      1. Yeah, I also agree. I think that choice37 is not that bad either. Teddy is kinda over-used. “Just a feeling” is nice and “your my” is yummy*sighs* I don’t know about superstar though. It doesn’t have that R and B appeal that Taeyang is looking for. Well, I am still ready and excited to see and hear Taeyang on the first!!

  6. i heard the drums and i was like “eh?? o.0”
    then, there is this Optimus Prime-like voice and i went “Transformers??”

    YB’s voice comes in and i was like…”uh…now i know that voice”

    Need to listen to it twice. I like what i’m listening to. I think. ^^ yeah, i do. IMO it has powerful beats and a strong melody, pop-ish/R&B/ where u at.

    i wonder what the song is about.

    1. from the preview lyrics (cuz i got a hookup) and using google fail to translate…it’s a club banger-ish song. like a “im about to make you dance”-type song.

  7. yeah, i think its the weakest song so far.. the others were great IMO. i couldnt find a direction for this, sadly. but i will try to listen to it a few more times because taeyang sang it. oh and it doesnt help that its auto-tuned so i cant listen to his lvoely voice….

  8. So far I LOVE this album. As soon as I heard this song I jumped up and started breakin it down…lol. I can here this song being played in a nightclub

  9. I plugged my headphones into the work computer and some idiot left the volume on HELLA high, so for the first 4 seconds of the preview, my brain was sufficiently SCRAMBLED.

    This track…is gonna have mixed reviews. From the looks of it this album is going to extremely personal for Youngbae because it really showcases the music that he grew up loving and are sources of his inspiration. So far all the tracks be been really really different from what he’s done in the past and different from EACH OTHER. Each represents some sort of sub-genre in R&B and even brings in hip-hop as well.

    This track is a strong and hard dance track (not like club dancing). It’s has Chris Brown influences and obviously we know Taeyang likes Chris Brown. I’m really interested now…this album has been kind of unexpected…though not SURPRISING.

    I think in terms of the music in this album, I’m going to drop all my pre-conceptions and expectations. So far every track has caught me off gaurd. I’m interested….VERY INTERESTED in how this album will turn out and how the world will take it. Even though I’m a big fan, this album…would have captured my attention even if I wasn’t.

    1. Yea, I have been “pleasantly” surprised by all the previews; I didn’t have any expecations of how the tracks should be in this album but judging from Wedding Dress and Where U At I figured the tracks would be along those themes and tones however it’s turned each track is supremely different from the other and has shaped this album to be VERY different.

      I guess we’ll have to see how the response is. I think Taeyang is trying to bring a bit of mainstream in his album to appeal to those Koreans who don’t fully enjoy mellow R&B and then to please the other sides he’s got songs like “You’re My”. What I see from this is Taeyang’s underlying struggle to meet the demands of the type of music he’s been wanting to do and the type of music he has to do (with Big Bang). I see that as a kind of theme in this album.

    2. totally agree.

      think this is an album that’ll appeal to anyone who loves anything and everything R&B, and even pop! i need to alter my expectations too – gotto admit that I sort of stereotyped YB and put him in a box, that I wasn’t expecting these at all. maybe it’s because after HOT album he came out with WD that made me thought he’s gonna just do that.
      guess YB is growing out of that box. mixed feelings for me. on one hand, i’m “uhh where’s the type of songs i’ve been waiting for/listening to?” on the other hand, i’m actually feeling this great satisfaction that YB is not just growing as a singer but truly growing as an artist too. somehow, this album totally has his personal touch written all over it while HOT was a themed album made for him to make a mark as an R&B singer.
      this album, is definitely gonna make another mark in his life…as an artist.

      Do i love this album so far? I do like it, but i still need time to adjust my mindset. lol. my mindset is getting in the way of the good songs put out…

  10. have any of you guys seen the picture of Taeyang posted by his trainer. Wow. He’s def. bulked up.

    PS: it’s a shirtless pic too ; )

    As for the song, loving it. Def. a dance/club song. Honestly you guys are too much sometimes. It has a definite Teddy feel but didn’t all of HOT too, just so happened that Teddy’s been really busy in 2009 and so we’re quick to jump on him. Plus, Teddy produced it so of course it has a Teddy feel.

    1. lol i agree. teddy is awesome. kinda cool how you’re able to tell it’s his track, makes it easier to find out whether or not someone may be jacking his style. LOL !! people are so quick to pull the gun on teddy, they forget he was the one behind the work of art known as ‘HOT’.

  11. My jaw dropped, I swear to god, the moment it started I couldn’t believe it was TY’s voice OoO!
    biggest surprise of the previews so far in my opinion ^o^

  12. Good song, this is his swag song. He always has one. I actually like that it’s not as heavy as his other “swag” songs, appeals to more people. I’m kind of tired of the faux swag I see in kpop boy bands. The real swag king is back.

  13. So far, I haven’t liked Just a feelin’ and Breakdown.

    Although I like how upbeat this track is, the autotune makes me cringe. Bae doesn’t need it. It’s seriously a big DNW.

    This album is starting to feel more like a tribute to Bae’s favorite artists and I have mixed feelings about it.
    I still want to hear the remaining tracks though. *crosses fingers so that there will be at least one slow and sensual slow jam*

  14. Love it! i love everything expect the drum roll and the ‘hey-ho’. i do find similarities in the arrangements, but who cares, love is blind! XD
    l’m loving this album. there are so many tracks that i could hear them visually, with images in my head. 😀

  15. I was cringing inside when I heard the first bars…..but I slowly started to get into it. The auto tone is a bit much. YB really doesn’t need it. But I like the beat. It’s the type of song you’d crank on high while your driving in your car.

  16. i dont know bout u guys, but im loving the song.. in fact, breakdown is my favourite thus far.. i kept playing it for the last, idk, half an hour??

    this track is awesome.. at first i was like, autotune? but then when the autotune is gone n by the time i finished listening breakdown for the first time, i kinda got addicted to the song.. the autotune was actually make the song more catchy and flavourish.. i love it!!! it was BRILLIANT!!

    AND its a pity he’s not gonna promote it.. TT_TT

    1. told ya..!! its an awesome track! i am already addicted to the song.. LOL.. ^_^

      cant wait to hear the full version of it, n of coz, the rest of the songs as well.. 😉

  17. Hearing quality music like this shows that TaeYang’s album will be well worth the wait! His dedication to this album is so amazing that even the antis bow down. Go TaeTang-Ssi!!!!

  18. I’m a bit overwhelmed myself. It feels like we were waiting forever. But this has been an event filled two weeks that’s for sure. The fun continues because YB’s comeback is July 1st. This is going to be such an epic album and kick a@# summer!

  19. After listening to the preview a lot, I now know why I’ve been repeating it so many times.

    First, the levels of YB’s voice we get to hear. Even though I dislike autotune, if it’s used right I don’t mind it at all. I think it was used right in this song since the autotune just gave a different level to his voice, but didn’t destroy it.

    Second, even though the beat is common I think it’s nice to have YB doing this kind of song. More hip-hop/dance with R&B. This is the kind of song that pumps me up.

    Third, I can feel the swag in this. OMG. Real swag, not the fake stuff we often see in KPOP.

  20. The only disappointment I have with this album so far is that Perry didn’t produce anything. That was one of my biggest hopes for this album and when I saw the final tracklist I was so mad. Otherwise, I’m very happy with YB. Great job so far. Any complaints I’ve had have been minuscule.

  21. First thing that came out of my mouth….DAMN!. It has a very Chris Brown feel. Its not a bad song…one of those you find yourself unknowingly nodding your head to.

  22. Gah, before I listened to the preview, I was skimming through everyone’s comments and I was worried. You guys made it sound like the autotune was really bad. It wasn’t that bad at all! Then again, even if it was autotuned really bad, I would still listen to it! I mean, it is TaeYang. He can do whatever he wants! Haha!

    Anyways, I have been looking for a new song to jam out to and I think this is it! It has a upbeat, cool feel to it. To me, it also seems different….? Well, all of his songs feel different then the rest, if that makes sense. I guess, it could best be describe as ju!ceb0x said it. This song as a swagger to it.

    I’m very impressed with his album thus far! Then again, TaeYang nor BigBang ever let me down, haha! These guys are to cool. One of the few artists I respect and fully support!

    Gah, I sound like a total fanboy right now! Is that weird…? LoL.

  23. the thing i love about this album so far is that each song has sounded totally different. I thought they’d all sound similar to WUA/WD but each song has it’s own style. Can’t wait to hear the whole thing!

  24. i think my favorite so far has been ‘Just a Feeling’ coz that felt more like what i expected of him,to be honest i usually don’t like listening to teasers/previews unless its a video(lol) coz i wanna listen to the whole track before i judge it. so i’m waiting for the FULL release of the album,until then i don’t think i can make up my mind since every track has pleasantly surprised me because they’re all so different to each other and YB’s usual music.

  25. I clicked play and there comes the drums, I was like.. “WHOA”

    At first listen, I wasn’t feeling it…. The auto tune and the drums seems so far from what I was expecting in this album.

    I wasn’t thinking of any particular style the album was going to have, but I was expecting something similar to WUA and WD, slow, R&B, the swag (in WUA XD)….

    I love all the tracks released so far, this one is Superstar repeating itself.

    I didn’t like Superstar that much on the first listen, but it has grown on me XD

    The same with Breakdown… Giving it a second try, I think the auto tune works quite well here, it gave Tae Yang’s voice a different feel and variety to it.

    It has definitely got the swagger factor IN DA BAHG~ LOL

    Nobody can do swagger like YB and Big Bang. Nada.

    I’m happy with this album so far, all the songs are very different from each other and you really are getting to know YB at a more personal level. These tracks are the results of his growth and inspiration from other artist he likes, his time in Big Bang and his time as a solo artist.

    Gahh~~ I can’t believe there’s only two days left!!!! SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!

  26. Like everyone else I thought this track is definietly different from the normal yb tunes. However different in a good way. I think it’s good yb is tryin different things and experimenting as an artist and musician. I still want a wedding dress-ness type of track though. Good ol yb rnb. Having said that I love whatever yb releases =]

  27. I’ve been liking the release of daily previews since it’s allowing us to listen to each song on its own and since the teasers are short, repeatedly listening and getting a feel of it. (I find many of YB’s songs are growers for me, even from the HOT album. Maybe because his songs are more complex than catchy? They don’t have an immediate appeal but boy, am I hooked after 3 or 4 listens.) It’s been rather like getting into a bath bit by bit rather than immediately plunging in.

    That said, I liked all the songs from the previews, but today was the first time I listened to all the previews in a row and I ended up liking them much, much more. Not just because of the variety, but there is a definite flow to all the selections so far in a way that makes musical sense to me. I can imagine that listening to the album the whole way through in the proper sequence will reveal this even more.

    I love that YB seems to have a good sense of what it is to release albums rather than a collection of singles, so that the whole is better than the sum of its parts. I’ve mentioned before that HOT did this particularly well and am convinced that SOLAR will do this too. I’m beginning to think that the daily releases of excerpts works against the album concept since it may discourage some from listening to the album the whole way through and not getting the full experience it was meant to have. Which would be a pity.

  28. I love it. I wish I can write more but I can’t think straight right now, all I know that I love every single songs ^__^

  29. The beginning of this song makes me laugh (in a good way!). The song is Chris Brown-ish but I’m loving how YB’s voice sounds here. The auto-tune works for this song and makes his voice even sexier. I’m especially giddy over how YB says “Break it down” without the auto-tune. 🙂 Great way to start my morning!

  30. this one song in the album so far that sounds OK to me… i didn’t really like it but it didn’t sound bad to me either… just so not WOW.. anyway, still excited for his album nonetheless!!!

  31. I thought I was the only who thought that this preview sounded like another song but I can’t figure what song it is. I gotta listen for the full track. Even though it’s just a preview, TOTALLY LOVING IT! Powerful drums. Everday I anticipate another previews. The more previews we hear, the more Taeyang gets closer and closer. 3 MORE DAYSS!!! chyeahhh

  32. i love TY but i miss his R&B sound. i think thats what made his first album so amazing. some of the songs off his second album don’t really sound like him or fit his style.

  33. i’m surprised, but i’m not LOL.

    THIS TRACK IS STROONGGG, i love hearing yb’s voice so low. i was actually not expecting this type of track, there’s so much variety in this album. every type of music he loves and loved. this is… really… a mainstream-esque song in the us 😮

    “LETS BREAK IT DOWWWNNN” <= super man voice

    man, with the first few notes i was reminded of yb's entrance music to his concert.


    his voice is so goooood , why mess up sucha beautiful thing . I like the other songs alot more, agree with the person that said this was the weakest one .

    on another note where`d all the R&B go , i miss that .

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