Ordering the SOLAR album…

Since a lot of us are getting ready to order SOLAR and wondering how to go about doing this, I’m writing this post to explain the ordering process (since some of you are buying an album online for the first time), the pros and cons for each site and whether you’ll be able to help Taeyang in his album sales…

If you have any questions, post them here. This sites I am putting up are COMMON sites which are known to be reliable in their service and have been usedΒ  by fans before. I will also post up some potential ways people may be able to get the DELUXE album…
These are some places you can check out to see where you want to get your SOLAR album from~ As soon as prices and dates are released, I will update this post.

1) YG e-shop
Deluxe: YES
Normal: YES (July 9th)
Cost: Unknown
Counts towards Hanteo? YES

How to order: How to Register for YGe-shop for Foreigners
Follow instructions on the above site to obtain an account on YGeshop if you don’t have one already. On July 1st, YGe-shop will be selling the DELUXE album. I do not know the cost, however people say shipping is very expensive, BUT you will get your album since its coming from the source itself. Keep in mind, YG e-shop only ships to the following places:

Whether YG makes the DELUXE on their website available to foreign customers is to be seen. So on July 1st, you can check out their site, see if they’re selling it and try to purchase it. The NORMAL version will definitely be available on YGe-shop.

2) DVDheaven ( http://dvdheaven.com/)
** Recomended **
DELUXE: Unknown
NORMAL: YES (July 9th)
COST: Unknown
Counts towards Hanteo? YES!

ATY has contacted HANTEO MUSIC through email and phone to MAKE SURE that any album sales purchased from dvdheaven will HELP TAEYANG on the music charts and they have confirmed YES. Therefore, I highly recommend purchasing from this store if you want to help Taeyang directly. The shop is known to be reliable and secure, however shipping is a bit more with this site (and sometimes the item itself is a bit higher priced) but if your purchase can count towards Korean charts, it’s all the more worthwhile to make international fans efforts counted.

Whether they will be selling the DELUXE is unknown. CHECK on July 1st to see if they have it, that is all I can recommend. They will be selling the NORMAL version but I am unsure whether any pre-orders will be available for it yet.

3) Yesasia (http://www.yesasia.com/us/en/home.html)
DELUXE: Unknown
NORMAL: YES (July 9th)
COST: Unknown
Counts towards Hanteo? NO

Yesasia is a pretty common website to purchase Korean albums from. They are reliable, they are fair in their pricing and their shipment prices aren’t too bad either. This is a great alternative if you can’t purchase from the above two, but remember, it will not count towards the Hanteo charts in Korea~

4) Itunes
DELUXE: Unknown
NORMAL: Unknown
COST: Unknown
Counts towards Hanteo? Unknown

We are not sure whether Itunes will be carrying SOLAR for purchase. Since TOPs song has been on it, there are speculations of Taeyang’s music being available to international fans. When we find out more on this, it will be updated.

5) Soompi sellers
DELUXE: Possibly
NORMAL: YES (July 9th)
COST: Depends on Seller
Counts towards Hanteo? Depends on Seller

Those of you familiar with Soompi may know that they have a section called “Selling/Trading”. I am going to include this for people who don’t know but there are often sellers on the forum that will sell or even purchase in bulk certain albums to sell. This is for those who may want to purchase BY CASH (Many Soompi sellers allow concealed cash as payment). I bought my HOT album from Soompi seller 2 years ago via Cash and it worked out fine.Β  While Soompi is a great place to find albums, remember to READ THE RULES. If it looks suspicious, do not buy it. You want to purchase from sellers who are WHITE LISTED (as opposed to Blacklisted). Why it depends on seller is where the seller is purchasing the albums from (Korea or some other place) and how much they want to sell it for.

Go here to make an account: http://www.soompi.com/
Once you do that, you can go to the “FORUMS” section and the thread “SELLING/TRADING” and see what people are selling, also check out the “SURVEY” thread~

6) Buying singles off Soribada
COST: $6 (US) for 40 songs
Counts towards Hanteo? YES

If you want to buy some singles to support Taeyang then this is a great option if you’re not wanting to get the whole album. Follow instructions here How to Download singles from Soribada.com and you can purchase a music card to buy your singles. Again, it’s reliable and will help Taeyang on the charts.

Okay, that’s it from our end of what we recommend when it comes to buying SOLAR. I am sure there may be smaller stores and sites selling them so it’s up to your discretion to purchase or not. We’ve showed you ways you can get the deluxe and how to help Taeyang on the charts with the purchase of your album; my personal recommendation is dvdheaven…let’s get Taeyang up on those charts!! πŸ™‚ Anything new will be updated here!

Leave any questions or comments here!

– Kay

And for your enjoyment – A guide on how to open the album released by YG


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  1. Wow thank you so much, definitely going to make use of this. I was planning to buy the album off YG eshop, but lost all hope when I found out that they don’t ship to the UK. Even if I don’t get the deluxe edition, I will still be happy with the normal edition. It’s better them nothing.

      1. i too am lost my hope that they dopnt ship to uk>>>>… 😦
        n can u explain to me wat the difference in between deluxe and normal edition????

        1. Deluxe has 13 tracks (11 new + Look Only at Me and Pray) as well as it comes with a photobook, a random picture from his photoshoot and a T-shirt designed by Taeyang

          Normal has 11 new tracks and comes with a photobook (I think)

        2. deluxe album contains two additional songs(Look only at me and Prayer, which were included in YB’s first mini album.)

          Also, it contains special T-shirt designed by YB, additional photobook of YB. Since there would be serial number for each deluxe album from 1 to 30000, there’s rumor that YG may do some events or lottery for those who purchaged deluxe version later on.

        3. my English sound retarded, sorry iwas too excited
          “i too was a bit lost”
          PLZ reply bck, no one ever talks to me on ATY…. 😦
          i feel like a little outcast rabbit…

        4. Gah……….what I’m I saying……I want the deluxe edition sooooooo bad T.T. YG please re-consider *puppy eyes*

        5. Don’t feel that way silvertear ^^
          They’ve answered your question XD
          Looks like I’m most likely to go for the dvdheaven option. I want to help YB in any way I can.

    1. I know! I saw that it said international fans, got excited, and then realised that the U.K. wasn’t on the list 😦 ah well I’ll still love the normal version XD

      1. y cant they ship it to the UK…..
        i mean come on….
        can someone(not from UK) order two and post it to my place plzzzzzzzzzzzzz……………………..hehehehe
        im desperate…. ………

        1. Because it’s probably not on their list of popular places, Canada is not in the list either, so don’t feel too bad, I can’t order from YGe-shop either~Look at some of the other sites and see if you can order from there, this is the reason why I listed more than one

        2. I agree, if they can ship to Australia (which is far away from everywhere else) then it shouldn’t hurt to ship to countries in Europe…. o___O”

  2. Supposedly you can also buy it through MNET. It is like$0.60/song and it is easy to register and use. it sure counts towards the charts too and Mnet is YG’s distributor. Not exactly sure how it works though.

  3. Thanks for this!!! I’m still wondering if I should register on YGeshop… Since it’s the most reliable source to get a Deluxe or a normal edition.

    YG has gone out of the box for this YB album!!! Look at that! Opening that album looks EPIC AWESOME!!!

    I love it!

    YG papa, you really do love Bae Bae more don’t you… DON’T YOU!? XDDDD

  4. YG e-shop don’t ship in Canada as well?
    I’m dying to get the deluxe one because it has YB shirt.
    However, I have no choice so I’ll just get the normal one.

    1. It’s all in the post, please read it carefully, it explains which place will have the Deluxe available on July 1st. It is up to you to check it out and see if you can get a hold of it

      1. hey, are you registered on YGeSHOP? I applied and i realized i did everything wrong. If you are, are you planning on maybe buying a bulk at one time and i can give you money through paypal? or are you aware if anyone is doing that?!?!

        I REALLY WANT ONE!! )= and its frustrating me how its taking forever just to load the YGeSHOP.

    1. It’s probably convert it for you because they know foreigners are purchasing from their site~ I don’t know because I’ve never ordered from them but that is what I would assume

    1. I don’t think it’ll be terribly bad however probably more than some other sites~~~ it really depends, when the prices come out we’ll know

      1. Dang my mother won’t give me the $50 for peeling the wall cause my dad came to help me -_-

        Now I have to figure out how much money I can milk from my dad, cousin, and her bf

        btw random question, but how do you make those kiss ass banners that always greet me when coming to this website?

    2. I’ve ordered a bunch of albums(more than 10 copies) and it costed around 50 dollars. (I live east coast of US) When I tried to order just a album, the cost was $20.

  5. so theres no preorder? cus i saw a site that says preorder!
    its comes out online july 1st kst rite? i would love to order it from ygeshop but i think theres way too much info to give out.

      1. Dang my mother won’t give me the $50 for peeling the wall cause my dad came to help me -_-

        Now I have to figure out how much money I can milk from my dad, cousin, and her bf

        btw random question, but how do you make those kiss ass banners that always greet me when coming to this website?

  6. hey Dara has update her me2day and it includes a pic of Taeyang. they are sooooooo cute together. SunDara FTW!!!

    excuse me while I spazz.

      1. that would be so cute. SunDara and Double YB are my two fav. Taeyang pairings. I don’t really ship cuz I just want him to be happy and any girl that makes him smile is ok with me but him and Dara have been friends for years and she’s even referenced his fav magna in her last post and Yoobin and him go back to 2008 and she calls him out. Since I love both girls, I’m happy either way.

  7. Gummy album is also on itunes so i am sure this album will
    remember to buy “i Need a Girl” on itunes,it will not counts toward hanteo but at least we International fans are helping to get his name across the world

  8. i have no money MAN….
    buti hope it is not too expensive, coz when i brought taryangs first mini album(H.O.T) it was only like Β£10>…….
    and the pics in it are so HOT….hehe

  9. what about the deluxe ver. there is nothing we can do to order the deluxe edition of the album?
    im in the USA so pls give me some hope guys!

    1. You can’t pre-order the deluxe anywhere~ It will be available online, but on July 1st. So it will be up to you to look on the sites we’ve provided and SEE if they are selling the DELUXE…if not then you’ll have to get the NORMAL version….

  10. I was worrying about how to purchase the album that I forgot to mention how great that mini clip of the album was! Wow.

  11. So…this means we can’t pre-order yet? Why is YG being so exclusive :\ Usually I can pre-order albums and get them shipped 2 weeks after it’s release. Then again I guess that makes no difference since average shipping takes 2 weeks to come to the US 😦 Thank you for the detailed guideline though.

  12. I think that YG e-shop won’t sell the duluxe edition cuz I read the infor. about Taeyang album and it said only offine stores
    I’m really lost now
    even if they’ll have it on e-shop then u have to reg. acc if u buy it tho’ *cry*
    and it’s limited >”<

    1. YGe-shop is selling the DELUXE version on their site starting July 1st, according to Korean fans, HOWEVER…..whether they sell to foreigners is a different story….

      You will know July 1st.

  13. Kay: I admire your patient~!! (no offense to anyone, but it’s a bit funny when I read all the posts…. LOL~)

    actually, isn’t Qui and Shaun at Korea right now? can they get us some deluxe copies?

    1. LOL thank you~ (yes, lots of patience)
      And I don’t think they’ll go out in the masses to get the DELUXE, they’ll probably get it for free from Taeyang himself ~lol.

  14. i know a lot of YB fans and VIPs are 2ne1 fans too, so if you’re wondering how to register and download at MNET, there is a tutorial at YGLadies.

  15. BAD news on the YG-e shop shipping locations…for me at least…no shipping to mex or latin america,SUCKS!! since i live near the border i wonder if it’ll count as USA..anyway i’ll keep trying,i’ve got nothing to lose,i’ll have to check on the prices and see what’s more convenient for me at the time,im SO banned whit my dad right now,he won’t let me use his CC…grrrrrrr!!!! anyway,i’ll keep on checking ’til july 1st,i heard somewhere the DELUXE edition will cost as high as 80 USD,plus shipping depending on the site and all….O.o,im not sure that’ll be the final price on YG-e,but if you ask me it’s a bit pricy. Thanks for the info and the video guide,the CD opens really really cool!!! a spinning sun! yay! <33

  16. I planned to buy it from a soompi survey, hope they’ll really have it. It’s $37 for it according to them.

    btw, I made you guys a header ^______^ emailed it.

  17. Time is clicking and I’m getting excited. Thanks for useful info, Kay, and wish good luck for all you guys! Hope all of us get DELUXE edition!

  18. I wish I can buy it from YGe’s shop… but my parents don’t trust the registration since it asks for their ID.

  19. Just a question, the deluxe edition would be available in offline stores also on July 1st right? I’m asking my friend in Korea to brave the masses and to buy 1 for me if she can. I told her I’ll be ETERNALLY GRATEFUL (Toy Story 3 hangover) if she can get me the deluxe edition Haha!

    1. where do you live ?? lol in a very non stalker-ish way
      caz am trying to find someone who can buy it for me, i promise I’ll pay it back with extra $$$$$ caz my parents don’t really trust their # on cyber space TT_TT

        1. That’s too bad..Hope you’ll still be able to get your hands on a copy of SOLAR anyways πŸ™‚

      1. do we know approx. how many copies each offline stores has? because there are a lot of music stores in Korea…..and.. any specific offline stores?

        actually, anyone here know how to speak korea??? maybe they can call YG directly and ask….lol

    2. yeah… am not worrying much bout the normal album version, just the deluxe b/c….well, it’s DELUXE from YB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      thanks anyway =___=

    1. Please read the post, I’ve specified which sites MAY carry the deluxe – you have to check on July 1st to see if they have it. ALL the sites I have listed ship internationally but make sure you check if your location is included

  20. By the way, SUPER PROPS to Kay for being super patient with us ATY readers. Thanks for understanding YB gets us a little crazy and paranoid that sometimes we don’t read the entire post through and jump straight to the questions/concerns πŸ™‚

  21. DAMN that look SOO sickk
    thank you for the site (:
    i will DEfinelty buy a Taeyang CD
    Question : does DVDheaven will let us purchase the album by cash seal >?!?!

    1. No, I believe Dvdheaven only accepts paypal (and possibly visa). Check their site but no online shops will accept concealed cash – only the soompi option will be cash and that is – if the seller chooses to accept this type of payment

  22. I registered for YGE shop a couple of days ago. I’m good on that now just hope that my card will work*keep finger crossed* and everything else goes smoothly. If all else fails, I still have YesAsia and DVD Heaven. I always wonder the “legitness” of DVD Heaven now I know.

  23. Thank you, thank you ATY for providing us with all this information. I’m going to try my best to get the Deluxe Edition, but I’ll still be happy with the normal edition.

    I’m planning to get the physical CD either from YGE-Shop or DVDheaven, and also get it online from either MNET or Soribada. Guys remember even if you get a copy of the physical CD, buying ‘I Need a Girl’ from online sites will also help YB win on the music shows. If ‘SOLAR’ is available on iTunes I’ll get it there to show international support. xD

  24. I like how ATY treats us like bestfriends and tells us every little secret about our beloved Taeyang!

    Now If only I had the money… 😦

  25. @Kay , since you live in canada and cant buy the deluxe edtion does that mean that the contest winner will win the normal cd…

    @Sr+ , Wow 20 bucks for shipping. I heard the deluxe was going to cost about $24 bucks so i did my best to get 30 dollares but my hopes of buying it vanished cuz i dont have a credit card and now if the shipping cost that much its impossible for me to get it. This is the moment I wish I was korean or atleast have a korean friend who could buy it for me

    1. Regardless of whether we can get the deluxe albums ourselves, I believe the winner will most probably get the normal version of the album because it’s so hard to get the deluxe

  26. Awwwwwwwww forgot to say I love the pic really liked the caption and seeing him scream.


    Funny how I was thinking i didnt like the cd cover but when i saw how it opened i was like wow amazing, i love it now lol

  27. Thats Kay for putting this all together,
    I believe someone on soompi said that its hard for artists’
    to get 30,000 albums sold. So its most likely
    that you WILL get your hands on one , one way or the other.
    … Lets hope its true.

    1. Hmmmm, true, but Taeyang’s hot album sold out in the first week with 54,000 copies (I think). The anticipation for this one is much higher so maybe not right away, but I think within in the first week the deluxe will be gone~

      and no prob =)

      1. -____- I didn’t even notice I put “That”. I meant Thanks LOL!!

        But WOW! 54,000 O_________O WOWWW!!!
        I hope you get a copy! I preordered through someone
        on soompi, I hope they are reliable !
        Thanks again!!

  28. i’m getting mine through a friend who knows someone from Korea. i am hoping and praying that they would be able to get the deluxe edition but the normal edition would still be fine.

    good luck to all of us! πŸ™‚

    1. It won’t help on the charts, but you’re still supporting him by buying a REAL HARD copy rather than just downloading.

  29. Kay, you’re so awesome. Thanks for being so helpful!
    Damn, it sucks that YGE doesn’t ship to Canada…dont they know the amount of kpop lovers living here?!!!
    ahh well, i might get it from DVDHeaven then, since it helps taeyang πŸ™‚

  30. IF dvdheaven or yesasia sells the duluxe edition
    then would it comes with the t shirt and 65 pages of photobook etc.. >?!?!

  31. someone plz help! im from canada but im planning to ship it over to my friend in hk n she’ll bring it to canada for me once she comes back. i know chances r slim that ill b able to get it online since evry YB fan is gonna try that, but i dont care lol still worth a try. the PROBLEM is that when it asks to fill out the shipping address…Hong Kong doesnt hv zip codes. how is the online form supposed to go thru without that? cuz zip code is a must-fill-in thing. i emailled ygeshop only to get back an auto-generated email saying their inbox is all full. does someone know the answer to this!? im desperate

        1. haha its ok still thank u for replying~ ill try that n c if it works hopefully it does….otherwise YGs dumb for making HK one of the available countries n somehow not know that HK doesnt use postal codes

    1. postal codes for hong kong: 0000000
      since hong kong doesn’t use postal codes, the above codes usually work fine. ; ) let us share ur happiness if you really could get one from ygeshop. πŸ˜€

  32. I’m asking my friend in HK and she said there really is no zip code in HK so she puts either 0000 or N/A in the field. πŸ™‚ Not sure but hope this helps.

  33. I just finished registering, i had a problem with my ID username,i forgot to put my ID. i used my passport and it keeps on telling me like “R not use” “use alphabetic” “put your ID bet 4 to 20 letters”.. weird.. oh well i’m gonna wait for the approval.. oohhh *crossed fingers* thanks for the uber helpful infos

  34. Hey Kay is there anyway,

    i can send you my money & , you can buy it for me?
    sents it`s going to be my 1st time buying something online . i want to support tae yang.

    1. I’m sorry, I personally can’t accept and order at this time~ I suggest looking at the soompi forum for sellers who will accept concealed cash for the album

  35. ah~ i registered at YG. buying the duluxe will involve me first, somehow wrestling my dad’s credit card from him (and get him to agree>.>) and staying up til 1:00am (australia) so that i can get on YGeshop and buy the album the moment the thing comes out. T.T i’m having second doubts about whether i really actually want the duluxe album. i know i want it… but do i REALLY WANT IT?! :S

    1. i’ve registered at the webby, but i could not log in… do u have the same prob? how long does it take for the administrator to approve?

  36. I’ve been having second thoughts about purchasing YB’s new album and its not that I’m not a true fan or that I don’t think it’s not important to support YB but I don’t really like how YG do their business. Do they really think that the world is only korea? As an international fan I don’t feel like I’m treated equally and that my business means something. To exclude others and limited access to YB’s album is unethical and injustice, especially for international fans that had long waited for his album to drop just like his korean fans (no offense) living in korea. We all had waited patiently and deserves a deluxe album for a reasonable shipping price.

    Someone please tell Mr. YG to wake up and get with the program because kpop is growing worldwide and there has been alot of mis-opportunities. Its a shame to see lots of his talented artists waste their talents within a small space knowing that there is a greater population out there that would die just to get a hold of an album.

    It also makes me worry about YG’s US audition and if they really are ready to enter into a new place with a diff. culture and norms. It also makes me think about the what ifs and that if YB was to go worldwide like what he had dream of, YG as his backbone may not have the capacity to do so and carried their artists through. I really do want to support YB but with Mr. YG like this I don’t think I can, its impossible to when the places that sells his cd don’t even ship to certain countries.

    1. is YG the only one that doesn’t ship to every country? i’ve tried the other sites, so i don’t even know if they have an online shop… >.>

    2. I think YG does understand there are interrnational fans because he’s making music available on iTunes, so he does know.

      Why he doesn’t ship to MORE countries is beyond me, I guess he doesn’t know the extent of the popularity, which makes sense because kpop has had a “sudden” worldwide surge in only the last few years so looking from the Korean perspective, it’s hard to know just how many fans are out there

      Another thing, a lot of these music charts are based on album sales IN KOREA…we’re fortunate there are some sites that do count towards the chart but other than that it’s almost “not fair” when you start counting international albums~~~ although it is definitely a more accurate indication of popularity worldwide…..

      I hope it doesn’t stop you from buying and helping Taeyang because its only in this way YG will know Taeyang’s popularity around the world

  37. I just applied at the YGEshop. But how would I know if they even received my application or if I did the application right? After filling up and uploading an ID I clicked confirm and a message in Hangul popped out. then I just clicked ok then it reverted me back to the app page.


    1. if the message popped out, which means you have NOT complete the registration yet. u need to finish all 4 steps for a successful registration and submission.

  38. I know that we intl fans can try to buy the deluxe on July 1, but that’s also the day pre-ordering begins for the normal version. Does anyone know if foreigners are allowed to pre-order items on YGeShop?

        1. I seriously didn’t get any confirmation. I applied sometime in January and randomly tried to log in a few days ago and my account worked. So I suggest trying to log in everyday to see if your account has been registered.

  39. actually… I am thinking the same thing too…. I mean, the deluxe version is about $25USD, I wouldn’t mind paying it and I think it’s not too expensive because of the gifts (a regular CD cost ~$12 anyways)…but if I have to pay $20 – $30 for shipping (I live in US), which the total becomes minimum $45 – $55…. I am somehow hesitated…. not that I don’t want to support TY, but I’m not sure is it really worth it……and plus… I felt a bit awkward to registered at YG using my driver license…

    I asked my sister’s bf’s brother’s friend (lol~) to see can he get one for me since he is at korea now… so I guess if fate and luck are not on my side, I’ll just get the regular version…

    1. That’s the main reason why I don’t use YGEshop. The process is very invasive. Having to scan your passport or ID and submit it via the internet just doesn’t feel safe to me.

      Just by buying a real album you are supporting him a lot! Preferably it will boost his rankings on the charts, but somtimes it can’t be helped. Artists nowadays don’t get as much in album sales as they used to since the internet makes EVERYTHING availiable for free.

      I think for fans who are having difficulty buying his album, hopefully it will be on iTunes ( have a good feeling that it will be) and you can support him that way. I’m sure this is a bit easier for most of us and it’ll let Youngbae and YGE of the international pressence and that he has tons of support everywhere. Just an option to consider. But i’m sure most of us wants a hard copy with those delicious pictures to look at.

      1. yes it does sound intrusive but in korea its common protocol. even when you sign up to certain tv stations (like to buy vods) theres a solid chance they will ask for a copy of your id. i sign up to yg a few years ago to buy a few cds that where out of print on yesasia (they still have them at yg). but i only used it once cuz shipping was waaaay to expensive (although i did get it in 4 days) and they give free shipping only to tose in korea. nd your paying alot of money for shipping yet you still cant get the free poster (for me it was 2ne1).

        at least yesasia has a free shipping option ($40 or over).

  40. is there any Singapore TaeYang fan here? If yes, can we like take order together in any of the site tht count toward Hanteo or smtg.. Cause this is my first time ordering stuff online & mayb if there more fan ordering together, i feel more safe.. Cause I really duno how to order online.. THNKS~

    1. That’s a good idea~ Ordering in bulk and then having someone send out the album would make sense….

      Sorry, not for Singapore, but I do remember a Suju forum that did this

      1. The best way to do this would be to have one person order all the copies or get them somehow and then distribute it to those in the region (or have a pick up time).

      2. COOOL SINGAPORE FAN !!!! like Kay said we need somebody to order it fr all the SG fan then have them distribute to each of us at a certain meet up area…. But like i said i duno anything abt ordering online ~ You have any idea?

    1. If you read the comments on the website I provided with the tutorial for YGeshop, I believe your question may be answered. If it’s not there then I don’t know, maybe someone here who has a YGe-shop account will know~~~

    2. in my case, i didn’t receive a confirmation. i think hotmail doesn’t work with korean email accounts.
      but login the next day. i did that and my account was there already πŸ˜›

  41. I know one of the admin from the Hong Kong TY fan group is going to Korea and get 30 copies of the deluxe version…. ( I saw the blog 4 days after it was posted…otherwise I sooo have a chance….T__T…)

    let say if one of us got the deluxe version, is it okay (legal) for that person to post the extra photos online so all the regular-version ppl can at least have a look at them???

  42. On ebay, there’s a seller that doing’s a preorder thing. Here’s the link: http://cgi.ebay.com/BIGBANG-TAEYANG-1st-album-SOLAR-Deluxe-Edition-Limited-/280527290740?cmd=ViewItem&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4150bac174

    You can try to email the seller and ask for more information. It’s up to you if you trust the seller. I do not hold responsibility if anything bad happen. I’m just trying to be nice to those that live outside of Korea where YGeshop doesnt ship to.

    The seller charge $39.90+9.90.

        1. I think since the seller lives in Korea, the seller will probably buy 7 copies of the Deluxe and resell it on eBay to those who doesn’t live in Korea and doesnt have access in buying it. ^^

        2. hmmm~ right now there are 2 sellers, both with good ratings, selling it on ebay! $28 + $12 for shipping, I might buy it from them if there are still available after 9 hours (after work when I go home)…. but if my friend in Korea can get one for me…that means I’ll need to sell it on ebay……

      1. Yes,thank you for putting up this link! im buying my deluxe from him,he said he’ll save me a copy until i can pay,wich is awesome! he’s a top rated seller so im trusting him whit my life! lol! i can’t believe im actually getting a hold on one of these awesome deluxes!<33333 YB SARANGAHE!!! woot woot!

  43. just checked yesasia and it was stated that the sales will still be counted in the GAON Music Charts…

    it will still help youngbae right?

  44. how to open the Solar album is soooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’d probably buy from Yesasia. I feel bad. i want to help taeyang but i’m a student with very strict parents. they don’t even know what i’m planning to do hahah. my budget is pretty low too, still banking in money to buy the album so i can only afford Yesasia. Sorry

    1. AWWW Don’t apologize! You’re still supporting him by getting a real album instead of just downloading it!
      Money is an issue…I know the pain of a student buget! lol.

  45. I absolutely need the deluxe!

    I want the deluxe so bad! I’m a bit iffy on giving my social to the website for registration…if someone can please order me the deluxe CD I’d be glad to pay for everything!Let me know!



    1. I’ll help Kay out on this one. The answer is: NOT SURE YET, CHECK ON JULY 1ST.


      I’m not sure if I got that right… But that’s what I got from reading all the comments.

      And Kay, you’re awesome~~~ Thanks for being so patient with everyone on ATY!!! πŸ˜€

      I’ve got my mum to pre-order the album for me at a reliable music store in Taiwan.

      They did say they can’t guarantee a deluxe edition, but I’m praying and keeping my fingers crossed. ><

      I know I'm participating in the ATY giveaway as well, but well… leave that for laters…. Most likely I'll let someone else have the album, but that's only if I win the giveaway LOL… *runs and hides*

        1. Yes, I’m from Taiwan. But I’m living away from my family, so am in Australia at the moment because of uni.

        2. Hi Chanting! Oh! Can I ask how your mom pre-ordered SOLAR in Taiwan? which music store is this? I’m heading there on July 8 so I’m thinking I can buy mine from there (save on shipping charges!). Thanks so much! πŸ™‚

        3. We living in Taipei City, so my mum ordered the CD from a music store called 95 music

          You can also pre-order online from that store, can pay by Master or Visa card but I’m not sure how it’ll cost if it needs to be shipped overseas.


          this is the list of BB stuff they have (Tae Yang’s SOLAR Deluxe and Normal Edition included)

          They have told my mum they can’t guarantee they’ll get the deluxe edition from Korean music stores in time, since this album is on HOT demand… and will give a full refund (unless I order a normal edition)

          I haven’t tried ordering it online from this site, I think my mum and dad physically went to the store to get a pre-order.
          (My mum doesn’t trust those things either…”XD)

          From what I’ve heard from Taiwan VIPs, it’s a very good store. They’re reliable and usually sells the stuff at the cheapest price compared to other music stores that are selling Big Bang CDs, goodies, etc.

        4. Chanting! Thanks super for the info! I checked the site and I’m thinking of buying SOLAR from there as well since I’m going there anyway. πŸ™‚ Good luck to us!

    2. you can pre-order the normal version on July 1st because it’s out on July 9th. No preorders for the deluxe version

  46. can a kind soul help me to order the deluxe album?? πŸ˜₯

    i’m from Singapore & i dun know how to go about ordering the Deluxe version on YG e-shop..


    i really need the Deluxe Album!!!

  47. i’m ordering mine from ebay! πŸ˜€ just ordered!!! first time using ebay. it’s pretty expensive though. lol….
    with YB, there’s just so many first times! xD EXCITED! and apparently, it comes with a t-shirt too! AND AN AUTOGRAPHED CARD!!! WOOT!! πŸ˜€

      1. I bought from gracemusic.. πŸ™‚ It’s my first time buying online so, haha i just simply chose one. I think both of the sellers are pretty reliable though…judging by the feedback and ratings. πŸ™‚


        ps. i wonder how many more “first time” i’m gonna “encounter” [s]with[/s] cause of Taeyang… πŸ˜› *imagines* xD
        /creeps away…

    1. I just ORDERED mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^________^~

      now i have to fb my fd not to worry about it…hehee~

  48. Hi ‘‘‘‘ well im kind of lost …. since in from BOLIVIA‘‘‘‘ i dont know if you guys know where is it? but in case you dont know it ..we are on SUDAMERICA …sooo… yes its really far far away thats why i am sooooo SAD and WORRIED because i dont know how or where can i buy SOLAR (no matter deluxe or the normal edition) since i am so far away im not sure if i could get any of the Editions of SOLAR PLEASE‘‘‘‘‘ could anyone HELP ME‘‘‘‘‘‘‘ yuo must know how important is for a fan of YB to have this CD please ‘‘‘‘‘‘ i really hope your answer … kisessssss
    PD: my e-mail is Nandy14_@hotmail.com see yaaa

  49. Went ahead to ebay and decided to get it off of there. Hope the seller can get can enough copies to fill out all the orders*knock on wood*and everything goes smoothly from here. Still need to actually pay for it, rite now just has it as “commit to buy” lol.
    Now, I can really study for my history test tommorrow lol been seen so sidetracked with trying to get a copy. YAY!!!!! there is a Deluxe album out there with my name. I can sleep soundly tonight. LMAO!!!

  50. OMG Tae Yang fans are so quick, I went to go buy on e-bay and they’re all gone
    My only hope is ATY*prays to the Lord*

    btw:When will you announce the winner?

    1. hmm, i thought they’ll announce the winner july 2 since there’s still one more quiz question (i think?)

      1. I will make the announcement as fast as I can. I’m aiming for July 1st. (KST) It will be late in the day though.

  51. got a message from the ebay seller:

    Thank you for your interest at Taeyang’s Solar Album.
    This album is limited and it is SOOOOO Hot In Korea right now.
    I contact many online and offline stores to get them.
    They said this album would be given one album to one person.
    They also don’t know how many will they get them and don’t know the way of selling. YG entertainment didn’t notice any. They expect new notice will release before starting selling from YG Entertainment, because many people pay attention to it.
    We will try to get as many as possible with several IDs it will be sold out in short time, and it has own album numbering and it will be restricted only one ablum to one person. I’m terribly sorry but it is possible not to get many.
    I will ship to person who ordered them early but even though you pay it is possible not to get them.
    If you didn’t pay yet, we recommend you to ask other seller to get them.

    If you paid already, we will give to buyers who paid first
    If I can’t get them I will give a full refund, of course.
    But we can’t expect the tomorrow’s situation. So we recommened you to contact other seller to get them. We didn’t expect that it will be restricted one album to only one person.
    This ablum is SOOOO popular and Hot item in Korea, so we also didn’t expect this kind of situation.
    If we can provide you the album, we will let you know through E-bay message tomorrow again.
    Please wait until tomorrow.

    1. Thanks for this piece of information!
      I’m so glad Taeyang’s album is HOT HOT HOOOOTTTT ISSUE in Korea right now. K-fans are beasts, if you guys didn’t know already. I’m sure each fanclub has already made game plan on how to get the albums.

    2. OMG‘‘‘ O_o
      i just bought it by eBay, i just hope they can get so many jajajajajaja
      well i gess it’s just a matter of time
      thanks for the info

    3. Okay wow, Now I AM WORRIED. One per person…YG is smarttt this is really going to make it hard for internationals to get a hold of the album~~~~

  52. @ Kay

    I’m sorry, I’m sort of panicking, so should i be checking YGeshop at exactly 12am KST? my worst fear is that it’ll all sell within 10 minutes. I can’t even calculate what time 12 am kst will be here in New York, someone help me!

  53. wow , i love taeyang , but i have never buy anytink via online , so i don’t really understand bout how i wanna get this solar , please help meee ! FYI , i relly wanna get this albumm !

    1. you’ll need a credit card. I would trust YGEshop.com, yesasia and Dvdheaven. If you can set up a paypal or know someone with a paypal account that would be best to use instead of credit. The songs may be available on itunes so if that is easiest for you then use that but that’s still unknown.

  54. I went to TY’s website and there was a small pop-up window talking about the deluxe album.

    Can anyone translate? Is it saying something about ordering btwn 9:30 and 10 am?

  55. If your buying on eBay, I can tell you grapemusiccd is reliable. I’ve bought alot of cd’s from him/her and they’ve all arrived fast and safe.

  56. It’s after 10pm KST and the album isnt on YGeshop!! WTF! I really dont trust ebay because how can these people guarantee so many copies before its even out. Suspicious!

    1. I have a feeling it’s because they own/work in a music shop.. that’s why the ppl on ebay are able to get it.

  57. yesasia will sell the deluxe edition based on their tweet an hour ago…

    12 hours to go! We will start selling Tae Yang’s SOLAR Deluxe Edition on July 1 around 9:30~10am KST. See you then! – YesAsia K-Pop Twitter Account

  58. OH MY F*****G GOD I BUY IT! NEVER KNOW that from france i will have a change to have the deluxe edition!!! First album in my life that i buy!!!! THX tsoi4cabbage i was hesitant to buy at ebay but after your update i was convinced! but omg each time that i refresh the ebay page; one album is sold haha!

        1. theres another one here:

          the seller has 99+% ratings but thres only 7 left. i reallie hv no idea how they can get their hands on these things? im still half/half trusting this but….its worth a try~ it comes up to around $39 Canadian dollars (incld shipping, tax, etc.)

        2. Both are ebay buyer protected, so worst case is we get full refund and no CD… (of course I hope this wont’ happened) , but we can def. trust ebay on that!! =)

          since the buyer is going to mass purchase the CD on/offline in Korea, I think that also counts towards the chart to help TY win awards?

      1. Guys i think wait for some soompi or ebay sellers to show up beause there are just some random people who buy the deluxe album localy on online and offline store so it will count on HANTEO charts even if ebay is more reliable because you can see the evaluation of the seller (feedbacks and all…), it’s just that these sellers don’t know yet how the stores will sell them (1 per person/ID or not) so some of them have stopped the orders until to be sure to have enough CDs.
        But i know i was spazzing to death to get my hands on, and you can still have a chance to get it from yesasia which i think is the easiest and safest way to buy the album. The have tweet on twetter that they will be selling the deluxe edition at 9,30AM or 10AM KST but the problem is the time zone, indeed yesasia is prettry popular so you will have to be in time to get it and fight will all US/canadians/europeans and the amount will be very limited moreover KAY said that yeasia sales don’t count on HANTEO charts, and that was for me the main reason to buy it on ebay because my first goal was to contribute to Tae Yang SOLAR sucess wchich he clairly deserve. (Revenge of the WD and WUA period ARRRGHHH ^^).

  59. Are you sure? I just went and ordered it from…grapemusiccd, and the transaction went through without any problems? =S

  60. which package should i choose when i order the CD?
    Small Packet (Air)?
    Parcel Post (Air)?
    I want the cheapest one

  61. for everyone trying to get their hands on the Deluxe edition go on ebay!! (search Taeyang) higher chances there than waiting for YGeshop plus for countries they can’t ship to that’s your best bet! I just bought it myself! <3Taeyang

      1. sorry I went back to search for the item on ebay and it already ended. my suggestion is to wait a while & search for it and see if you can come up with any results. words like taeyang, solar deluxe. try those. gluck!! I hope you’ll find some more sellers that are selling them. =)

  62. thank you so much for this. hope i can purchase at least a normal edition and have it count towards hanteo! stinks that yesasia doesnt count towards it :/

  63. i just bought my deluxe edition on ebay. i cant wait to get it. i couldn’t just wait for yesasia and the other sites because they’ll probably sell out awhile i’m at work today. god, saved myself some stress lol

    1. OMGG~! it a micacle
      i just putting in the shopping cart …..
      so then you think it woul be okay rite till i check it out ><

    2. Hey, thanks for the link! i couldnt find it anywhere is yesasia itself…had to click on your link to find it. anw, i just placed my order, but is it a guarantee that we will get the album?

  64. OMGGG~!
    that fast dvdheaven is out of stock for deluxe now i can only hope for yesasia
    PLEASEEEEEEEEEE HAVE IT please my only hope~!!!

    1. You can buy the singles off Soribada which is approx $6 for 40 songs and it’ll still help him on the charts

      Also check eBay for cheaper prices~

    1. I read on ibigbang that there would be two batch sold I think the next one is at in afternoon don’t know the exact time

  65. JUST BOUGHT IT ON DVDHEAVEN. So excited. I’m also going to buy the singles off of Soribada since it’ll take about 2 weeks for the album to get here.

    1. I’m so confused with dvdheaven. This is my first time ordering from there. They sent me an email thanking me for my order but said it’s not confirming that I paid for it yet? So how do I know if my payment went through? When I go under the status of the order, it just says order check. Do you know what that means?

  66. is there ANYWHERE where its still available?! yg lied & said it would be on their e-shop at 930 am korean time which is 530 pm here. and that was 30 minutes ago… it never showed up on the site. ANYWHERE?

  67. hey guys it now up on the dvd heaven site, just checked it and its the deluxe edition. i just purchased mine πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ im over excited

    1. i just checked back right in dvd heaven and its already out of stock, the deluxe edition i mean. its wasnt even 10 mins

  68. I guess Yesasia is the only place left that (maybe) still have copies left.

    Oh thanks for the race peeps πŸ˜€ I got mine on DVDHeaven. But I also ordered mine on ebay this morning (it’s 3 in the morning here) – so if I get that too I will be selling it to someone, but I’ll let you guys know.

    Night YB fans!

  69. preorder for yesasia??? it says release for july 2 though…gonna get it there though…cant miss this chance

  70. yeah the yesasia one saying it was released july 2 and having it be 50 bucks and the preorder stuff looked kinda sketchy.. but i took a chance and ordered anyway cause i didnt wanna miss the chance

    1. did look fishy, i decided to open a new browser for yesasia and decided to purchse something else with it…the deluxe edition was there in my cart along with the new item i added….so it seems legit. i just bought it now too. hope all is good ^^

  71. yeah, i ordered from yesasia, but i’m gonna come back later to see if dvdheaven is selling anymore. if so i’ll get it from there and cancel my yesasia order

      1. What do you mean? πŸ™‚

        Well on ebay is no guarantee. I mean the seller is doing all they can do get copies for those who bought it on ebay. But they did say that if it’s not possible that they would refund the money. So ebay is a shot at getting the album but not a guarantee.

        Cause I ordered and paid for mine on ebay this morning, but I decided to stay up all night to buy it at a real store, I think my chances were bigger that way. So I actually ordered and paid for two. But I’m only counting on DVDHeaven.

  72. ygshop sells deluxe album and regular album only in Korea. so overseas shipment is not happening. tough luck. T_T

  73. i decided against buying from dvdheaven..was always on the last page to make the payment and something always messed up…the yesasia one is looking good since i cant bug from yg..bought from yesasia before and everything so far has turned out great.

  74. Damn you, YG! Lol.

    Man, well YGeshop was my best bet, but so much for that. I’m three dollars short of 50 dollars, which sucks! So, yeah! I’m running low on options or I’m already out!


    1. WOW! It looks amazing πŸ™‚ I caaan’t wait for mine. I gotta wait two weeks.. But it’ll be worth it!

      Did you get to order, Kay?

      1. lol actually, I’m fortunate enough one of my friends is in Korea at the moment, fighting the masses for me so I can get a copy of the deluxe πŸ™‚ I’m hoping it worked out and I’ve got one to my name!

  75. How come when decide to pay in Yesasia, when u click the proceed to check out botton, you first got send to confirm the address, then you send back to the cart item page?

    1. It doesn’t happen when I try. I got to the payment details, but had to leave the page since I already bought mine on DVDHeaven AND ebay, so I can’t effort to buy a 3rd copy haha.

  76. first time buy a album online
    so then hmm when you put the album in the cart is it already urs rite >!?!

        1. Whichever one works for you. I believe each one has a different pricing, for if you select the basic shipping, it won’t cost you much~ I think in this case you’ll have to go with Parcel Post because the package may be too heavy for Small Packet (Air)

  77. Just bought my Deluxe version off eBay!!!!! I am super excited that this came out three days before my birthday!!!!!

  78. i think i ordered it from both sites. i used paypal for both and im not sure if they have gone through cuz dvdheaven went to ‘out of stock’ in what seems like the seconds i was ordering it but it did let me order it.. the email though says thanks for ordering waiting for payment or somethingl ike that… so im assuming it went through and then yesasia says the whole preorder thing. so im wondering which one to cancel??

    1. paypal is a site that has your bank information and websites will let you pay through that site instead of giving your information directly to who your ordering from.. its safer.

      1. Hmmmm…….I feel like they’re not sure how many albums they were anticipating to get so they’re opening and close their orders~~

  79. The list of people Taeyang thanked in his album~~


    1. hmm, i just noticed he put his brother, dog and only one of his parents…. hmm i wonder if his parents are divorced or did one pass away?

      1. I guess KANG HYUN SUK is his mother, and DONG DAL SUB is his father. Korean females keep using their original family name even after their marriage. =)

    2. I’m wondering who Robin is?? Is he a new producer? Cause when Ri and Dae guest starred on HahaMong Show, Ri mentioned him.

      Here’s the mentioned part:

      1. I read on soompi that apparently Robin is Choice-37. Maybe that’s his real name? Makes sense b/c I don’t see Choice-37 on the list that TY mentioned and I’m pretty sure he would have mentioned him.

    3. he thanked sh**tkingz does that mean they’ll dance w/ him cuz that’d be awesome! aww he thanked boss. i really like how he mentions each member by name instead of BB or 2ne1 and the last part warmed my heart. there are still hot god fearing men out there

    4. AWWWW, he thanked Boss!!! For always being there? LOL

      I love how he put everyone’s name down instead of BB or 2NE1. That is so sweet.

      He put YOU (us!) first too! Usually in books, the authors put “you” at the end.

      Thanks so much YB, love you too!!!

      Ever the Christian… Is it possible to love him even more now?

  80. kay, the shipping for Parcel Post (Air) is 32.59 more expensive than the cd itself
    should i choose Small Packet (Air)?

  81. was debating to get the deluxe edition on yesasia or dvdheaven, because i usually order my stuff on yesasia, but i want my purchase to count towards hanteo.
    if you order on yeasia, the shipping is free but it costs $49.99US($51.72CDN)
    if you order on dvdheaven, you will have to pay for shipping(i chose the cheapest shipping) which comes to a total of $41.19US($43.69CDN).
    so…i decided to order it on dvdheaven! which will help taeyang out. guess everything worked out well, i hope…lol

  82. Looks like many of you guys got to get the deluxe edition.

    I’m still depressed. I want the deluxe edition so badly. But I woke up too late here and I can’t contact my friend who has a connection in Korea. *sigh*

    Oh well, will pre-order the Normal Edition in a while…

    1. I like it more now that I’ve read the lyrics. The SunDara fan in me loves it a lot cuz it reminds me of a certain someone.

  83. Hello! I was just wondering…regarding the youtube video on how to eject the CD from the case…does that only apply to the deluxe version or to the regular version as well?

    1. I think it applies to the regular edition too. We shall see when more people post up pictures….LOL Or when people have got their hands on them XD

  84. oh no dvdheaven is out of stock 😦 and i was only an hour and a half late, grr and i dont see the deluxe edt on yesasia only the normal version.


  86. the deluxe edition are sold out everywhere now =/. just checked on ebay and the normal edition is the only ones that are there now. it’s going to be difficult finding it now. thank god i bought mines yesterday XD!

  87. So I’m having some trouble with DvDheaven, I don’t have PayPal so I use my Debit Card instead, but it says that my card is decline…..? But there’s money in my card =[

  88. Thank god mine is getting shipped out tomorrow. I so can’t wait for it. $35.00 for Tae Yang delux album..$22.50 for ground shipping..$3.00 for internet service charge..receiving and hearing his voice all night..PRICELESS!!

  89. I actually signed up with YG Entertainment. There is a catch to buying it from there. You have to sign up to be a member..the fee is $25.00 for membership. But I really think it’s worth my money. πŸ™‚

  90. has anyone from the U.S. ordered from dvdheaven before? how reliable are they? i already got the email saying my ordered was delivered but i can’t track my order for some reason. i also emailed them asking them about it, yet no has answered me back. this is weird because usually when i order online, i’m able to track my orders.

  91. so i didnt know ive to use paypal to pay in dvdheaven.. so i signed up in paypal but ill have to wait some days before my CC gets verified and ready for use?
    this sucks

    1. WHAT!? thats not fair!! I want a poster too…maybe I’m being greedy, I already ordered the deluxe LOL but still!

  92. waaw looll well
    I just brought the deluxe edition this morning on dvdheaven^^ and I live in Canada so in total it cost me like 44$ CAD around that and I choosed the cheapest shipping by air mail I think o.o loll the cheapest shipping is around 12$ U.S O.O so expensive lool but well^^
    Can’t wait to recieve the album but gahh cuz I live in QC, and my adress have like some accent like ”Γ©”
    So I hope that dvdheaven can see this letter…cuz when I paid it says something can’t read caracter…well LOOL

  93. I ordered my item off ebay. It says I paid for it and shipped the item on July 6th and it’ll take 7-15 business days. He also emailed me my shipping information. I tried putting the tracking number into the website and it won’t let me? How can I track my order? ):

    1. mine actually came today but the stupid postman guy didn’t ring the bell or something so he thought no one was home and he left a notice saying collect it from the postoffice tomorrow,ahh imagine my frustration! >_< and I just missed him by like an hour,if only I had been in front of my door an hour earlier…ah well it will be mine soon!

      hope you guys enjoy yours! its totally worth every penny by the looks of the reviews and pics I've seen πŸ˜€

  94. i wanna ask if anyone here already brought some stuff from ygeshop from philippines .,, i wanna know the shipping cost fron korea to philippines.,,
    thank u πŸ™‚

  95. I still have an extra unopened copy of the limited edition album that I’m trying to sell away. Anyone interested? serious inquiries only. thank you.

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