Taeyang live stage comeback on July 1st!

“Taeyang’s album release on broadcasting channel MNET, will host his first stage for his comeback on M! Countdown on July 1st. The title track “I Need a Girl” along with “Just a Feeling” and “You’re My” – a total of three songs will be featured.  He pre-recorded the tracks, to avoid clash with other artists, a day before the album release on June 30th. He will continue to perform on July 3rd on MBC Music Core and  July 4th on SBS Inkigayo”

Loose translations by KAY@Always Taeyang
Original HERE

Woo hoo!! Television comeback 😀

102 thoughts on “Taeyang live stage comeback on July 1st!”

    1. okay, i should be happy for him coming back to stage at all…but he couldn’t do inkigayo first?! POR QUE!!!…but either way…OMG IM SO PSYCHED!!!

  1. I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to see Taeyang sing “You’re My” live. Aiiiggooo. I bet it’s only gonna be like 1 min loong or something. booo.

    gaaahh! it’s official! YGE don’t eff up again this time.

    1. mee too! i wanna see the ‘You’re My’ performance. idc if it’s gonna be pre-recorded nor it be only a min SHORT. i just wanna see him singing this song on stage. so excited!

  2. Can’t wait for this! Is there any way we can watch his TV comeback live??? 🙂 I just want to cheer along with the other YB fans in the audience!

      1. Wow thanks super for this! I’m gonna try it out. hope it works for my computer! do we have a time for the performance already? 🙂 I’m praying for YB that everything goes perfectly!

        1. You can download now or later.
          There might be embedded players avaliable if don’t want to download anything.

  3. omgomg YES!!!!!!!!

    I’m sooo happy that YG has let YB go on a few music shows instead of just one! This is going to be SO awesome

  4. hey guys form my understanding he is coming back on june 30th on mnet, which will be prerecorded, then on music core on july 3rd, then on inki on july 4th. doesn’t look like he will be on kbs though

        1. u mean he’s going to perform in MuBank as well?????
          not just in Music Core and Inki?????????
          Yipppiiiiyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :DD

      1. hey kay ybmania says july 1st on mnet get confused as to when these shows air with the time differences hope i didn’t confuse you, but still a bit confused my self. needs to brush up on my korea!

  5. YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!



    I love Just a Feeling too~~~ Say yeah yeah yeah~~~

    YOUNG BAE IS BACK!!!!!!!! KIYA~~~~~ >w<


  6. I thought for sure his comeback would be on Inkigayo, but hey, Mnet MCountdown’s faster so I’m not complaining. So excited!

  7. I can’t wait! Finally we’re going to get to see TY’s explosive presence on stage! Besides wanting to finally hear the title track, I just want to see TY perform “You’re My” on stage. TY singing such a slow such on a piano would be just heaven!

  8. SO EXCITED!! I’m going to stay up till 3:00 a.m./4:00 a.m to watch him perform live like back during the WD/WUA days!!!!
    but we can’t all spazz together cause the chat box doesn’t work…:(

  9. Nice man! How i wish i could be there on 3rd of July! Thats my birthday! Though im a guy, man i do love tae yang =O *=P*

  10. wooooooooot partey partey partey.. i’m so digging his latest choreo (hope shaun did the choreography lol) and of course the quality of music i’ve been dying to listen to since he released his mini album.. KYAAAAAAAAHHHHH.. i’m happy..kekeke

  11. Excited! I have the biggest smile on my face!

    Is he just pre-recording M! Countdown? And live Inkigayo and Music Core?

  12. Yay! Time for staying up late again. Too bad I have work the next morning. Arghh >__< Btw, what time does Mnet airs?

  13. so he’s coming back… i’m excited!!! not for him only but for myself too… this is the first time that i’ll enjoy his comeback since i’ve been just a fan since january…

  14. Lmao… what are the fans gonna do for them fan chants on his debut stage. either quiet the fans or random chants of Dong Youngbae will commence

  15. So, so excited.
    I really can’t wait for Solar to come out.
    I feel so nervous about his comeback. Hopefully there won’t be any problems during the recording.
    Also, I guess this means the one-performance-a-week period is over?

  16. If people are waiting to stay up to watch live feeds you can watch it at kpopflash.net the quality is high quality as well.

  17. Looking forward to You’re my the most! Man it feels good to have YB back on stage. Cannot wait to watch it live.

  18. I can’t believe it! This is so huge. I’m so excited. This is going to be my first comeback. I missed YB and all this excitement the first time around during his WD promotions. OMG! I hope I don’t get too emotional. But I know I will. Wow!

    1. Me too! This is gonna be my first spazz party! 🙂 I cannot wait to share this with people from ATY! 🙂

  19. finally! YAY! i can stay up late now and watch and listen to him all night long. currently hols for students in aus right now so im totally spazzing wwweeeoww! yay! im so happy. i hope he has fun on stage 😀

  20. i’m too dead to be super excited BUT HOOMFG

    i haven’t seen him in so long, plus…. new songs…..

    i think i still have tv ants, CHATBOX PARTY GUYS

  21. OMG. I’m so glad YG didn’t go for 2NE1’s style of promoting, one show a week rule. C’mon Baebae’s dying to make this perfect comeback stage. He has to promote that album to the max!

    But I can’t party with you guys, got classes. huhuhu.
    Can’t wait for his Live PERF though! =)

    1. maybe it’s because Se7en is coming back soon, so that’s why time is limited for Bae to promote, hence more promotion.

      Anyway, SO GOING TO WATCH! am really excited!


  23. pre-recorded… so it means he had performed those songs??? He’s not going to do it live… ? -.- Aih… whatever it is, i’m excited..!

    1. I think pre-recorded just means he sang live (ie not lip syncing) but he’s not acutally performing at the show when it airs live. I think that’s it.

      1. oh, that’s good to know, but a little bit sad too. Why won’t he just perform with the other artists?

        1. I think i read in iBigBang: “in order to give the best possible performance and not get in the way of the other singers schedule.” haha 🙂

    2. of courser he is going to sing it live
      all artist pre-recorded their performance on their comeback because of the special stages

      and since he’s going to sing 3 songs so this will require longer time that other artists, and he properly want it to be perfect that is why he’s going pre-record it a day before, he’ll have all day recording to himself instead of sharing the stage with other artists

      1. Also comeback stages are elaborate and take a lot of time to set up. During the live broadcast he will perform live on a regular stage for the fans there but ppl on tv will see the pre-recorded special sage instead. He doesn’t want the set up time to interfere with other ppl’s stage time.

  24. I hate Mnet M!Countdown stages 😦 but three songs that is HOT! Iw onder if Just a feeling was meant to be the title track

  25. I’ve downloaded TVants… but when I type SBS, Mnet, or even KBS-2 it doesn’t come up with anything…

    I even closed my fire wall for a bit to see if that is the problem… but no.. can’t work…=\

    I don’t know if the Internet connection has anything to do with it or not….

    I found other BB websites where people use TVants as well, and they said TVants occasionally have their down times…

    Has it been a problem before? Never used it till now…LOL

      1. I’m using it right and it’s working, but if you’ve not used it for a while you have to re download it

        1. @Kay – Alright, thanks!! ><

          @menyaa – OK, thanks, I'll check it out again… "XD

  26. he’s not going on Music bank? oh, and YGE finally and officially renewed ties with MBC! good thing!

  27. Why isnt he going on Music Bank?! T-T Ohh well, bet Music Core, Inki and M!Countdown stages would be really awesome since its..TAEYANG ❤

  28. The article said he’ll prerecord the songs, does that mean he’s not gonna be singing live? Please tell me he’s singing live! I know he may not be the strongest when it comes to singing while dancing but I think it’s unfair to the fans if he lip syncs on his comebacks stage.

    Guys! Tell me he’s singing live! I need to hear it!

    1. He will sing live, but the performance will be prerecorded. (All artists prerecord their performances so that they can set up the stages each time. They just usually do it on the same broadcast day, while YB will do it the day before. YB must be really planning some elaborate stages.)

    2. Ofcourse he’ll be singing live, it’s only on rare occassions that Big Bang/Taeyang don’t sing like….pre-recorded means it won’t be broadcast live but the singing is going to be him, it’s just recorded earlier in advance

    3. YG artists as much as possible avoids lip syncs.. i think ive never saw Bigbang not sing live.. the MR’s not even THAT loud.. that’s why i love YG artists. true talent.

      will he be doing SOLAR INTRO? he will right?! awesome!

  29. wow.this is like old times.
    waiting for youngbae’s turn coz he always perform last and i hafta endure the performances of other artists.

  30. is it possible to post it here or youtube when it’s out? I dont have those online TV thing…. =(

    1. A bit sad because I have to wait till his performance is posted up on Youtube. I do hope that he’ll perform on KBS Music Bank soon. Big Bang hardly appear on this stage.

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