Preview #4 – Just a Feeling

“It’s just a feeling….”
A head bobbing, wanna make you dance kinda track…
Download – HERE

Personally, I was looking forward to a track that would get me up and moving and this one seems to be it. I really like the song, it’s reminiscent of some of the 90’s R&B/pop mesh that happened and I really like it. What do you guys think?

103 thoughts on “Preview #4 – Just a Feeling”

  1. i love it too! this got me dancing as soon as i listened to it!

    can july 1 come as soon as possible?! hahaha

  2. To be honest, it didn’t hit me straight away; need to hear the whole song first. But i’m liking what I’m hearing; especially the chorus. “It’s just a feeling…..yeah yeah yeah” XD

    1. i agree. Honestly:

      1.Teddy need a vacation (so someone can plz break into studio) and torch the fruity loops and whatever else he uses to create beats, cuz they’re so repetitive it’s become synonymous with him…like if i didn’t know Teddy produced it and just heard the beat itself…i’d probably be able to recognize its him.

      2. Why does the instrumental sound like “Telephone” (Gaga/Beyonce) in the beginning and the rest of it could’ve been used as a remix to “G.O.O.D Luv” from MBLAQ? I’m just sayin…

      3. I’m not really feeling the chorus (even tho i have no translations yet)…idk, the “yeah yeah yeah”‘s bother me a bit.

      In all, i’m “meh” about it, and this would probably be either one of the songs i’ll either:

      A. find myself skipping over but will still attempt to sing (or create my own english lyrics for, which i will regardless)


      B. be one of those songs that after i hear the whole thing after a week or so will start to grow on me to the point where i say “oh shit, this isn’t that bad…”

      so out of 10…i give it a 6

      1. LMAO.

        I completely agree with giving Teddy a MAJOR vacay somewhere far from a machine where he can create beats. Put him on an island, give him some coconuts and sticks and start using the nature to make music.

        No serious. This preview isn’t bad…not at all, it’s just reminiscent of everything else Teddy has done thus far but anyway, if Taeyang liked it enough to put it on his album, I’ll appreciate it and just take it as it is.

        There will always be a track on an album you’ll skip over or listen to less….as long as you like the other ones, it’s fine πŸ™‚

        1. “Put him on an island, give him some coconuts and sticks and start using the nature to make music. ” Hahahaha.

        2. I know! I’m kinda sick of the computerized beats when you can get it raw like in a real instrument. This is not only for Bae but for the recent tracks of Big Bang.

          I’m thinking that since these are preview tracks, it may sound a lot better when the album comes out? I’m hoping it will be all more polished.

        3. yeah, and he’s not allowed by any means to come back until he smoke signals a one-time 1TYM comeback and then officially call a breakup…lol

      2. Teddy’s in LA, go talk to him. XD
        i agree that Teddy needs a break. i don’t know much about music production, but i think there’s still something great, something special that you can find in real musical instruments than the digital one. and what i feel missing from the previews is that something organic…

        1. unless i knew korean and can make a holagraphic (forgive my spelling fail) image of myself that can reach LA from somewhere in central, Illinois and could actually talk and not freak out and try to rape him…I SO WOULD!!! and i so agree, real instrumentation would give it a bit of extra umph in YGe’s stuff from time to time. *and that’s kinda why im hoping there is a bassline or strings section within “You’re My…” in the full song, even though im totally cool if it’s just the standard/rhodes pianos…and YB of course :)*

      3. it just sounds like he’s playing on the keyboard and heard this tune might sound good…

        i’ll probably like this song after hearing it for awhile.

  3. It’s as simple as this. I like it. ^^

    “i wanna rock wit u”
    YB always says this words in his/big bang’s songs =.=

      1. definitely a MJ imspired song for sure i can imagine this song cranking at the clubs and every one dancing to it

  4. LOVE IT! it’s the one that got me loving it on the first listen!! I had to listen to the other ones a few times to get used to them!!! Aaaahhh I can’t wait for SOLAR!!!

  5. Omg loving it. I’m loving all of his tracks thus far. I love his solo songs because it definitely sounds like the songs were written for his voice and his vocal range. Who else loves it when his voice goes all deep and yumyumm… *shivers delightfully*

  6. I thought the start of the song sounded a little like the intro to Make Love. Anyone else thought that? πŸ™‚ It’s a song I liked a lot in HOT.

    I’m bobbing my head to the music. This is a song I’d enjoy waking up to in the morning! It just energizes me! Sigh, loving SOLAR more and more!

  7. but don’t u think like you’ve all heard this already? Hm, still not a ‘wow factor’ type of song. but it’s really good.
    It’s fresh from YB and kpop but not how do u put this to words… uh, the song is very common??
    oh my vocabs…=.=

    1. Hmmmm I guess so. I felt that about HOT, that the material wasn’t very fresh. But I dunno, I feel that Taeyang’s wanted to do music that he’s liked for a while, and of course if there’s something that you like, it already exists.

    2. YEAH it’s a pop/R&B track, but the arrangement is much more organic than other dance tracks.

      i agree it’s not “fresh” or “groundbreaking” music. I don’t think i would ever use those words to describe Youngbae’s music anyways. he doesn’t try to make something incredibly new….but does whatever he does well.

    3. I get what you’re saying~ It’s a “heard sound”, nothing dynamic or unique in the tune BUT it is good to hear some of that older stuff, I mean, you can’t expect each tune to be unique and different right?
      Let’s hope “I Need a Girl” and some of the other tracks give the “wow” factor

      1. yeah it’s good and I actuall do expect stuff from YB to be unique and different. because -omg, england, what is wrong with u?? 4-1??- the stuff from HOT though, not very original, you still can feel the YB-ness. this song is losing it’s YB-ness IMO. Peace.

        1. I would say it’s not very inspired. lol.
          Very Make Love-ish…but Make Love is very beautiful.

        2. Lol when I read this “because –omg, england, what is wrong with u?? 4-1??-

        3. Haha I also laughed at the snide about England stuck in there.

          And I’ve played this preview many many times and… every time it comes on, it makes me want to groove in my chair, so I guess that’s good enough for me. I’m not looking for that, “holy crap, so mind blowingly-amazing” factor… I’d watch Cirque du Soleil if I wanted that. (Oh hey!! Soleil! Sun! Taeyang! Solar!)

          Anyway, loving the line “I wanna rock with you”. My heart resonates with his voice!

    4. Yeah, it’s not something I’ve NEVER heard of before. As Sunshine said it does remind people of Closer. I still like it though. A feel-good track as Tofu says! πŸ™‚

    5. it probably sounds typical to us foreign fans because lets face it, this sounds like your typical r&b/pop ‘american’ song. but i guess in korea, where the music industry is idol packed, the song is rather different. just thought i’d sorta throw that out there.

      anyways, the song is solid. i kinda like it, the complete song will probably grow on me more.

      1. I agree. As a track on it’s own, it’s solid, but everyone is expecting R&B from Youngbae that it was surprising.

        I also agree that though this is on the pop side, it’s definately different from the typical Kpop/autotuned/trance stuff that’s coming out. A little more calm and organic. (sorry to use that word…might sound a lil strange to you all lol)

      2. Good point there Jessica πŸ™‚ I’d like to think YB chose songs that he loved to be included in the album without any thoughts of whether this would please his Korean or international fans. Since he was pleased enough with this one, I’m fine with that. Maybe he’s showing us how he got inspired by his R&B idols in the US.

        Wouldn’t it be great if YB can share his thought process/stories behind each song he chose for SOLAR? πŸ™‚

        1. I agree, I would love to hear his inspiration & thoughts behind each track πŸ˜€

        2. It’s so weird but when I’m sitting in traffic, my mind always wanders to: “If I were to interview YB, what would I ask him?” And I come up with things like…

          1. Choose one song of your record you would recommend for somebody stuck in terrible traffic.
          2. If somebody had space for oneee more song on their mp3 player and wanted to put in one of yours, which song would you choose?
          3. If someone had to listen to one of your songs on loop for the rest of the year, and only that song, which song would you choose?
          4. If there was an international fan who wanted to show your music to their foreign friend, which song are you most confident will capture a foreigner’s attention?
          …etc, etc.

          It is so strange, and this is going way off tangent from what Amanda is saying, but I wish I could ask him these questions to get a better understanding of how he thinks about the various songs.

          (P.S. If anyone has connections and has the chance to meet him, pleaseee ask him and satisfy my curiosity!)

        3. Hi Faymui! I love your questions for YB! Those definitely got me curious to as well. Let’s hope we all get a chance to ask YB our questions some day or some interviewer would have the creativity to ask him questions like those. πŸ™‚

  8. Not liking it. The more I listened to the other previews the more they grew on me. But the more I listen to this one the more I think of how it sounds like a generic, Ne-Yo-inspired filler track.

  9. i dont reckon this song sounds like any song in particular, this song isnt anything special or different from the R&B pop songs out there…..but the little tune in the background is cute…and no autotune….and Taeyang wrote some of the lyrics right!?!?? catchy and feel happy. cute beat. i gotta say….the “you’re my” was sosoosooo nice…lullaby like everyone says and sooo totally diff from all the kpop out there….purely just YB’s voice and the piano. the superstar….im not feeling….but diff all the less…i KEEEP listening to the intro….though the beat is too reminiscent to “love in this club”. i just want the album right now. i’m really hoping the others are more R&B.

  10. it’s definitely not the song for last night’s situation… the song sounds good but ‘you’re my’ is still my top choice so far. i really love the fact that everyone gets to pick their own favorate genre in Bae’s album. that’s so cool!

  11. uhmm… IDK exactly my feeling now. This one is good, yep, but somehow it reminds me of Kylie Minogue’s Get Outta My Way (maybe cuz I’ve just listened to her new album)… or another song… I’ll check my memories again haizzz..
    It’s nice though ^^

  12. wow. I like how everyone has a different reaction to each song. Some ppl love the Intro (I felt the Usherness but not the Love in the Clubness ppl said its like, it’s just the closest Usher song to it). Some love/disliked Superstar (I liked it), same with You’re My and this song. I’ve liked everything so far.

  13. Yeah, like some people, I have a feeling that this song is going to take me a little longer to get used to. It seems more commercial kpop than something I expected TY to have on his album. But I’m pretty sure once I listen to it a couple times I’m going to end up just sitting there bobbing my head to the song going, “Oh shiet…Teddy’s actually a genius and this song’s amazing!” πŸ™‚

  14. My main concern about Solar was that Teddy would stick to his repetitive and sort of recycled beats, but Superstar was pretty good so I decided to keep my lips sealed.
    Now I hear ‘Just a feeling’ and it has ‘Teddy’ written all over it. Unfortunately, I am not feeling it and am actually more curious and excited about Jeon Goon’s compositions.
    Also, yes, to us foreigners the music being released may sound anything but new, but as someone who often listens to Korean R&B, so far this sounds pretty much like something that Korean fans of R&B would listen to. Just compare it to material from Deez, Junggigo, and Wheesung among others.

  15. hmmm….. since everyone has so many mix reviews on his previews…. plus those thousands comments on the official message board, I wonder will TaeYang read it and will he think… I hope all his fans comments won’t confused his future direction…lol

  16. …not particularly feeling this song. For one, it sounds too much like Neyo (Closer) that I don’t feel the YB touch, unlike the first three tracks, which was although inspired, but had YB’s personal touch written all over it. so yea, mixed reaction. In fact, i’m kinda afraid that……………nvm. too sensitive to speak. hehe.

    1. okay scratch what I just said. I AM FEELING THIS. lol. I had the song “Just a feeling” played on my itunes the whole time while I wrote the comment above, and…after I pressed “submit comment”, and started browsing the internet….without realising, I ACTUALLY STARTED SINGING “YEAH YEAH YEAH~” Then I was like, wait, did I just sing and bob my head to this?!
      Addictive. Poisonous.

      And the more I listen to it, the Neyo-ness of the song faded away and it made me think of only YB. So…does this have YB’s touch or not? Right now, i’m saying yes. lol. Or am I just high on YB? lol. IDK.

  17. I think “Just a Feeling” will be a good music, dancing and all, but right now Superstar is my everything ’cause it’s soft, warm and sexy!!!


  18. only a word i can express my feeling right now…..AWSOME πŸ˜€ ….too bad i cant collect enough money to buy it when its out…but i will try to buy it….this preview are the best….i think all of YB songs are going to hit the song chart around the globe…YB you’re the best…^^

  19. ok,so far untill now…

    * i like : Solar ( intro ), Where U At, Wedding Dress, You’re My
    * don’t like : Superstar, Just a Felling

  20. I actually love this track. It’s one of those songs I’m gonna listen to when I’m really down or just wanna chill out and release some tension.

    I’m really looking forward to his album. Getting so freakin’ excited for it. =)

  21. I’m lolling about how we are so much like YB, always critiquing. We’re all like “Yes, this was good but it can be better. Well this is fine for other kpop artist but I expect more from YB.”

    I don’t know whether I should feel happy or sad that he has such critical fans. Poor boy, so much pressure. Hope he keeps up his good mood. This album has a very grown up vibe to it – maybe it’s why he has that beard thingy he’s currently rocking. Oh well, YB FIGHTING.

  22. oh. someone did an amazing piano cover of You’re My which made me fall even more in love with the song. I’m not sure how to embed mv so here is the link

    1. Wow that was pretty good. And quick! You know TY has some pretty dedicated fans when they do a cover of a preview to your song a day after it comes out!

    2. That’s a great cover. :]

      Just a feeling, to me, is mediocre. :/ I don’t hate it, just not feelin it. Maybe if I listen enough, it’ll grow me, but for now the last three songs are going to be on repeat once I get my copy of the album. πŸ˜€

  23. hmmm,its okay but deff. more upbeat then the other teasers and not so boring for me but still no wow factor.

  24. i don’t know if it’s just that i had such big ( huge ) expectaion from this album but they are still not met !! i mean i like all the previews ( it took time on some songs ) but am still waiting for the OTHER wedding dress .. maybe coz it was love at first sight with WD but i NEED another WD ( it’s the first kpop song for me )

    it’s usally .”like what are listening to ?” …. you won’t know it …. “try me ! ….. come on” … it’s korean ( o_o and that shut them up ) but i was damn proud of this song that i gone around showing it to every one !!!

    these are good but not the counting seconds tell the album drop kind of good ( like i am right now ) maybe counting minutes but not counting second kind of good πŸ™‚

    1. You have to factor in that wedding dress also had an amazing video to go along with it. The song is really good but the video also made it shine – and my favorite part of WD also came at the end when he is all like “F this and F you too and I don’t want you anyway” so that gave it more of a wow factor.

      I really like this song but no wow for me either but I do have it on repeat. However you must remember that very few albums have more than 2 WOW songs. A few good songs and maybe even really good songs but usually only 1 or 2 WOW songs on an album. The title track should be a wow song (considering that the said its better than LOAM) and you said WD was a wow song for you. Not every song can be the title track.

      1. Wedding Dress was epic internationally, not so much in Korea~ so the perspective on things here and there is so different….

        While over here, we’re waiting for another “Wedding Dress” wow song but over there, they want something different than Wedding Dress….

        So you see, there is a dilema…will Taeyang keep his international feel and do a song in the likes of Wedding Dress or will “I Need a Girl” be something Koreans would enjoy, in that case, “I Need a Girl” may not be our wow song at all and “Wedding Dress” was already the wow song on his album for us…..

        1. I’m sensing a change in the tone of the songs. WD and WUA had a twinge of sadness behind them whereas these previews seem to have a bright and airy feel to them which is very refreshing. I think they are reflective of where YB is right now in his life and career. It feels like the cloud has finally lifted and this is the result.

        2. I wish “I need A Girl” is a ‘wow’ song for both parties, Korea and internationally. Then, I can shut up already. Qui said that “I need a girl” is really good, so i’m counting on that. God, please let him be right…

  25. I love this preview, it’s very refreshing ^_^

    So far I like the intro very much.
    I love Superstar, something about it makes me replay it over and over again (in my head).
    You’re My is very sweet, I love his sweet voice =]
    And this, well I love it. I don’t have much to complaints, as long as he try his best, then I’m all set.

    YB ❀


  27. Personally, I’m disappointed with most of the previews with the exception of the Intro. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVEEEE the intro! It got me so excited, but then when I heard Super Star, man, I was disappointed….not my type of song…Yesterday’s preview was just okay. I’m more into the soulful R & B type like the Intro, so the melody was too slow for me…but of course, u can’t deny TY’s awesome voice!…today’s preview, blah..totally remind me of Let Me Hear Your Voice at the beginning… (i think it was compose by Teddy, himself…) I love Teddy, but I personally feel like he needs to take a GOOD vacatioN! cuz his stuff now, it seems like it’s repeating over and over eventhough I love him…

    I’m actually suprised that Kush didn’t participate in making this album, cuz he participate in TY’s first one along with 2NE1’s….I’m actually a fan of Kush stuff more. He can do some really really really good song…I still remember there was a day that they said they’ll let us hear Se7en’s US debut album, and he composed some of Se7en’s songs on there with Teddy. Man, those were dope, but it was already taken down before anything elses….

    Hopefully, when I NEED A GIRL come out, I won’t be disappointed..

    I was wondering if anybody could spizz how TY’s Korean fans are feeling about the all the teasers so far? Cuz the international fans reactions are mixed, but I think the matter is Korean fans….

    1. Kush did participate in this album. If they’re going in order in releasing preview then the next song should be composed by kush and teddy

    2. Speaking to Myokoon briefly, it seems Korean fans were really happy with “You’re My”, I’m not so sure about the other previews…

      I’ll get her to come here and shed some light or post once she tells me some more =)

  28. I’m loving all the previews…. I had to admit Superstar took some time getting used to, but it has grown on me πŸ˜€

    SOLAR got me excited and uber happy for the rest of the previews, so I’d say the Intro did its job. LOL

    You’re My was an immediate LIKE! >w<

    This one's got me bobbing my head, I love the instrumental at the start.

    It's something that would be played at a club and gets everyone dancing.

    These previews are making me even more excited for the full album!!! CAN'T WAIT!!

    As for his fans… Well, Tae Yang did say that his fans are a lot like himself, worry too much, anxious, and critical.

    He also understands that his fans are musical fans rather than fans of him as a person, and that's why they love YB's stuff because they like the music.

    So the album would please some people, but at the same time lose some people's love for YB's music, or at least the change he's making with SOLAR.

    It's something artists deal with, I remember in a Fila photoshoot interview from Mnet, the interviewer asked BB if some of their fans became fans of another group during their 1 year MIA, TOP said "Well, go ahead then."

    I'm sure the other four understand this too, and if YB is happy with how his album has turned out, and making this album not for the market, but simply his gift to his fans as a thank you and because it's what he really loves… Then I'd say I'm happy.

    Artists like YB are rare and hard to keep, because let's be honest here, if you have an artist that solely does music because he loves it, and would not change for the mainstream, then… promoting the said artist is difficult.

    I'm loving how YG is promoting YB's album and I do think that though the reactions are mixed, YG has done his job well. πŸ˜€

    People would still be curious about the actual album, since these are just previews, and maybe special excerpts made and not actually cut from the full songs… So who knows, maybe it'll sound a lot different if we heard it full.

    Because he's doing music that he loves, I don't look at him as an idol but a true musician and artist at heart. So I sometimes raise brows when they still refer to BB or Young Bae as an idol group/idol star… because they/he really aren't/isn't.

    Idols are packaged and with each new song there's a new concept…. That's not what BB or YB is about at all, the rest of what is known as K-pop probably, but BB and YB(and GD) are exceptions to that…

    1. I think he is coming back on mnet first on july 30th, which will be prerecorded. then on july 3 on music core, then on inki kayo on the 4th of july

  29. me.. i just like how the songs are diverse so far… it’s not like you’re hearing the same preview over and over again..

    it’s refreshing to me that this is far from the sound Big Bang sings… i mean, i’m listening to Big Bang songs everyday of my life and when this album come out, i don’t wish to listen to same kind of songs…

    i agree with Wedding Dress,,, that song really wowed the international fans… and a lot of guys not really listening to kpop liked it to… i hope there’s one song in the album that can wow the whole world and create another ‘wedding dress english cover craze’…

    i have expectations for this album to have more international appeal coz Taeyang has it.. but korean fans wouldn’t like it… i’m really wishing that someday, Taeyang would be known worldwide, not bcoz of his good looks or his, ahem! abs… but bcoz he’s talented enough to battle it out to the billboard chart… that’s what i hope for…

  30. Im LOVING this!!!! so far it’s definetly MY personal favorite after Solar Intro,my order has been solar,just a feeling,you’re my and superstar,but definetly all of them have grown in me!! the beat is fresh and makes you wanna dance,it sounds so crisp and new but at the same time has a sort of cool retro feeling to it , i don’t know it brings me back to a decade,altough im not sure if it’s late 80’s or early 90’s haha,probably both! but im definetly,definetly feeling this!!! and it’s not “just” a feeling LOL!! awesome! GO YOUNGBAE! !<3333

  31. I’m really enjoying the previews so far. I loved the into, superstar and you’re my, if not necessarily for the actual song than for his absolutely amazing voice. This one… Seems more generic and I can’t hear his voice as much. I still enjoy it though, the beat is awesome and I think I’ll get used to it quite easily and nicely. πŸ˜€


  32. I LOVE THIS SONG hahaha.
    It’s crazy addictive and I’m a person that likes to move and groove while listening to a song and I can do that with this song. So far my favourites are Just a Feeling and You’re My. I’m still warming up to Superstar just coz I totally hate the beginning but once YB starts to sing and gets to the You can get with me part, it’s pure amazingness xD

  33. love ittttttt:))0but why yg skipped it,and jumped to youre my??anyone knows why??i don’t get d point(i’m being slow again)kekekek

  34. Sounds like a japanese style Big Bang song bgm reminds me of ”let me hear your voice”. One of my favorite previews besides the intro. But hopefully there will be a song in the album thats solid and has thoughtful lyrics like WD, Loam, and prayer.

  35. @ vulgarchic- I feel the same way, the beginning of the song sounds kind of obnoxious and it pissed me off, but then Taeyang started singing then I was like this is pretty cool then the song took off not long after that and its like when you hear the complete package with all the sound effects and Taeyang’s voice the song makes a dramatic change from obnoxious to honest?(not the word I was looking for lol) I really got into it and now that I hear the beginning again i don’t feel like punching someone. πŸ™‚

  36. so far.. i can say that this one is my favorite among all the previews. i really loved all the songs but this one is among all that took my interest from the very first note! haha

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