D4: Round 3 & lets talk about change!

Yesterday’s question and answer for our album giveaway:

What is Taeyang’s best international fansite?

Answer: Always Taeyang

 My goal was to give everyone at least 1 entry into the drawing so I hope the answer to this question was obvious enough…even if you didn’t agree with it.  (lol)

Today’s question is a little tough.  For those who have followed ATY for quite awhile it might be a little easier.  I left a hint so please don’t jump the gun, and do some research before answering.


From the 3 previews of Taeyang’s album we’ve heard, it’s pretty obvious that Taeyang and his music has changed since the last time we’ve heard from him. There has been some really interesting and insightful comments regarding this change and transformation, so I’m going to open it up even further.  I’m curious of what your thoughts are on Taeyang’s new music.  It also seems like the reaction also depends on when and how you heard about Taeyang so please comment on that as well.  Or if this is not interesting, tell us what kind of music you’re expecting or wanting from this album.  Don’t just say R&B, because well duhhh.  Have fun.


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  1. is it ok if I putted ATY yesterday? and I’ve been listening to Tae Yang since the beginning and so I must say that I am surprised about Tae Yang’s new music but I like that he is experimenting other kind of music. It sounds different from all the other kind of music he does so I’m definitely liking it. XD

  2. I did my research. I hope I answered it correctly!! ❤

    My insight is: I think TY's music is getting too Western. I don't have a problem with it, though. But then…[I can't explain it in words… :(( ]

    Also, his vocals are now too much to handle. I still remember his voice from 2006. It's much different now 😀 Looooovin' it 😀

  3. I pretty much grew up listening to R&B, so when HOT was released I loved it. But from what I’ve heard of the previews so far, well…the new album will take some getting used to. At first listen I wasn’t that impressed, but on the second listen I found myself really loving the change. It’s different, it’s fresh, and most importantly it’s the kind of music that reflects who Taeyang is now. He’s grown so much since HOT, so a change is only to be expected. It’s his voice that made me a fan, and it’s his voice that’s going to make me stick it out until the very end. I feel like pretty much anything could happen with this album, and while that makes me a little nervous, I’m also really excited. Whatever he puts out, I know I’ll grow to love it. His voice is one in a million, after all. 😉

    And btw, that question is haaaard. :/ lol

    1. I agree, his voice is unique and special in its own. I loved it from when I listen to BB’s earlier music, where he goes a bit lower and it just makes me fangirl…LOL

    2. I pretty much have had the same reaction. Outside of the intro, everything needed a second listen. However, every time I took a 2nd listen I fell in love. I fall in love every time I do another listen. I wasn’t originally feeling Superstar but now I can’t get it out of my head and it my be my favorite track. Same thing with You’re my. Originally didn’t like it either – now I’m loving it.

  4. Answer submitted! XD

    Been following ATY since last year (August-September) so it wasn’t a hard/tricky question.

    That also indicates the period I got into Big Bang and Tae Yang.

    Personally, I find his upcoming album something refreshing and looking forward to.

    Like some people have said, HOT was blatant sexiness.

    I loved the mini album, but at times I wonder… Is that how YB really wanted it?

    Because after I watched videos and interviews… YB isn’t the sort of person to sell sex over his music. But HOT was all about the ABS, THE MUSCLES…. I won’t deny that I loved it, and the tracks too… but it didn’t feel like there was a lot of the TAE YANG, who was shy, a sweetheart, hard working, and passionate about his music/work.

    When it comes to his music, he is serious and wants uber perfection on it. That’s from what I’ve interpreted through updates on ATY, and reading comments from people who have been fans of Tae Yang a lot longer than I had.

    He is a real artist to heart, and that’s why I’m really happy to getting mine (fingers crossed) through this giveaway LOL.

    This album shows that YB, the man who loves and is inspired by MJ and all the other artists, like Usher and Brian McKnight.

    I have to say I’m quite young (I’m turning 19 on July 21, compared to other Young Bae fans) so please don’t take offense when I say I never heard of Brian McKnight until Tae Yang was going to attend his concert as a guest… I like the artist though, he does the sort of music YB likes, and anything YB likes I like too. (that sounded a bit bimbo didn’t it… but I like the music tastes Young Bae recommends or is influenced by)

    I guess a little part (scratch that BIG PART) of me prefers piano/slow/jazzy music over all the auto tune, drums, bass, etc. Nowadays… It’s better for the ears and just soothing and relaxing. (Guess I AM an old soul…LOL)

    I would say RnB, but really how is R&B defined nowadays… @@ (I have no clue myself, lol)

    With this recent preview of “You’re My” I can totally see Tae Yang in a small pub and performing this song to his most faithful and loyal fans. It melts me heart listening to even just 1 minute of this. *draws air hearts*

    Some would say it’s boring or meh… Not feeling the tracks, etc. BUT HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE YOUNG BAE’S VOICE!! Tell me!

    His voice always, and I quote from Dae Sung “hyung did you put/drink honey?” It’s just so soothing, smooth, and sexy. XD (I’m doing my best to keep this G rated, LOL)

    His vocals are EVEN BETTER here, and I LOVE IT.

    That was one long comment… But hope y’all understood! XD

    1. i agree, and i just turned 16, so you’re not the only young fan. 😀

      young bae’s voice is so… i don’t know how to explain it. but, i can say that i heard an improvement from ‘earlier days’. it’s sweeter? smoother? higher? soars more?

      whatever it is, it pierces my heard and mind… and makes me spazz or melt.

      i can’t say i absolutely love the englsih lyrics to ‘You’re My’, but it’s different, and his voice is absolutely stunning. and i have a feeling the song will be on replay simply for that reason.

    2. @ ILOVEMYBAE and chezz cai – LOL! ‘least I’m not alone then!!

      You’re My has been on replay for me too…. Hahaha~

      Sure the chocolate and ice cream doesn’t seem YB like, but it’s fangirl spazz worthy…LOL

      His sexy vocals don’t help. XD

  5. knew the answer.. hohoho

    but i checked just in case, i’ve know you guys too long, everything you’ve said is all jumbled up in my head lol

    1. Lol, yup….some of the long time followers should know it while the newer ones will have to look for a bit but its not hard..you can find the answer!

    2. yup, i knew the answer too. i also love the quote and think about it often. plus it usually comes up often when we talk about yb’s music

      i can’t wait for his album to drop and read reviews on it from people in the industry

  6. Let’s see.. Hm.. I started liking Taeyang after Look At Me came out. He made me love R&B after listening to his album and covers. I really love HOT. I think it’s awesome, each and every song is different and strong, Taeyang gave us a variety of R&B music from that album which I never knew existed because I was so much more into pop back then. I thought the album was very Taeyang, even if he didn’t compose or write any of the songs, the songs are just SO him. You get what I mean? I listen to a lot of western music too but he never reminded me of anything of them. However, when little by little of Solar is released, I realized that he’s been more westernized. I’m not sure how that is going to help in the Korean music market, look at how Wedding Dress fared. Most of the songs are good so far, but I still don’t think Korea is ready for this type of music. I know I am. I like the new change and I really hope that every song in Solar is as strong as the songs in HOT. Is he going to show other genres such as ballad? I don’t know, but I don’t mind as long as the music is good. 🙂

  7. i remember reading that blog but i have to double check my answer.. thanks for the search box.. life is easier.. kekeke

    i miss bae’s rapping.. most played song on my ipod now is baby, im sorry.. 🙂

    i totally agree there’s a transformation on his music style and i’m loving it.. WORLD DOMINATION IT IS!!!

    goodluck to us..

  8. Yay! got 2 answers correct~
    I’m new and I hope I got Round 3 correct…

    I’m actually loving Taeyang’s new songs and such. His voice got way better & his ENGLISH~ <333

  9. From the January 2010 GQ Interview…

    Q: What are your fans like?
    A lot like me. Not as much as I do, I presume, but they are a lot like me in that they have many thoughts on their minds, get anxious easily, worry about everything in advance and have bad feelings about everything.

    Q: How does that affect you?
    A: They are music lovers before they are fans of TaeYang the musician and they keep me from losing direction. Sometimes I read posts made by my fans on the Internet. When I feel so utterly lost that I lose sight of my goals, I read what they wrote or watch the videos they posted and realize, yes, that’s where I was headed, that’s what I wanted to do and that’s what I should do.

    Q: This may sound awfully simplistic but at the end of the day, all that matters is that you do your thing.

    A: Isn’t it? That’s exactly what I wanted to hear and say so badly. That all I’ve got to do is do my own thing. That’s the one thing I wanted to say most during this interview: No matter how many things I have on my mind, no matter how deeply I’m worried, at the end of the day, everything’s up to me. I just need to do my own thing. What else could there be?

    Haha! It seems that YB really knows us well…

    I’ve left a lot of comments in the previous post that don’t need to be repeated. But what I want most is for YB to be able to explore what makes him happy as an artist and see what comes out of it. I think his unique sound (which he already has in vocal style) in type of music can only emerge if he can experiment for a bit in his favorite genres.

  10. Submitted,i think i was rite xD,anyway what i think on YB’s new style? it’s definetly more mature and his lyrics are definetly more personal,he talks about what he’s goin’ through as a person and not just relying on what he’s seen or heard FROM OTHERS,i like that! it gives it an intimate feel to his songs that im pretty much diggin’ and lovin’!<333 as my favorite artist,i want to hear nothing but his pure raw insight on things and this album is seemingly going to be filled whit that,i can hardly wait! as far as musical style,beats and what not,i really don't mind wich way he goes,but i wouldn't appreciate if he turned out to be too influenced by american music (wich i know he loves) because it tends to be a little too commercial and i wouldn't want him to end up being one of the bunch….if you know what i mean…his voice? definetly THE most beautiful vocals ever,i wouldn't mind hearing some rapping from YB though,i kinda miss that from him! anyway thanks for asking ^^

    good luck everybody

  11. I’ve known Taeyang for only 8 months now. I really am a Super Junior fan so I almost always get biased in my type of music and my opinion of them. But Taeyang here is very hard to ignore. The guy has definitely got the talent, and he is undeniably amazing.

    From what I’m seeing in his career right now, I feel very very sure that he’ll go a very long way. He might even be invited by Ellen DeGeneres or Oprah to guest on their show. Who knows? Taeyang’s got a huge potential within him, and he’s disclosing it to us, slowly and progressively.

    With his new album approaching, all I can think about is win! The title itself is WIN! It suits him well.The intro’s are very catchy and it gives me a “sunny” feeling. You know, like the beat is telling me that it’s gonna be a sunny day today and that everything’s gonna be okay. LOL. Sorry, words aren’t good enough to describe Taeyang’s music. 🙂

    And before I forget, I’M SOOOOO READY FOR SOLAR!

  12. Submitted my answer. 🙂

    Like I mentioned in my post about the latest Wedding Dress cover, I discovered YB last year. It was that song that made me fall in love with him as a music listener. I’m an older fan who grew up on Motown. From an early age my father instilled in me a great love of music so I had varied taste. Jackson 5, Marvin Gay, The Four Tops, The Supremes and Smokey Robinson to just name a few. As I got older and started raiding his tape collection I would listen to Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, Culture Club and UB40.

    But I also loved Classical music. On my own I would listen to Janet Jackson, Madonna, Phil Collins, Gloria Estefan, Jermain Jackson and Michael Jackson. Keep in mind I was only a kid then so to like all these genres of music at such a young age was different for sure.

    That’s why this evolution in YB’s musical focus doesn’t surprise me. He’s talked about his influences so many times during his interviews it would only make sense at this stage of his life (early 20’s) that musically he’d want to explore that side of himself.

    “I chose songs that I could really put my own unique color into. At the roots it’s R&B.”

    I think he’s done so beautifully. I love this new direction he’s going into. Not to say that I didn’t enjoy his previous offering. I still listen to (HOT) and enjoy it even now, but I’m loving the direction he’s taken with SOLAR. I feel as a listener I’m getting to the heart of who is YB as a musician. It’s just really refreshing.

    1. i will agree with everything u just said. i feel that as long as he is happy with his album we should be happy also. he has said in so many interviews that this album is HIM. even if he didn’t write or compose the songs, he still chose them to be on his first full album. i do hope that all his fans can understand that and be ok with it.

  13. when i first listened to bigbang, i was very drawn to Taeyang’s voice cause he has this power in his voice that made me want to fall in love with him. it’s soft, sweet and romantic kind of voice.
    and this time with his new solo album, though i’ve only heard 1 min of the previews but i think this is going to be DAEBAK!

    oh!! can’t wait!!! <3<3

  14. omg, y’all were gonna make me work for this weren’t you. well, good job…now im groggy, a lil dizzy (as it’s 1am @ my location)…but im sure of my answer. and of course, best of luck and love to my fellow YBiased Peepers!!!

  15. Submitted my answer already! 🙂

    I’m actually loving the change, and whatever Taeyang goes with I’m really happy knowing that he was involved in basically the whole album-making process. It’s really different when the artist himself gets involved, as opposed to someone just making songs for him. It’s more heartfelt that way. Plus, I love artists who aren’t afraid to experiment for art’s sake. Taeyang’s definitely in that mold.

    1. Yes, I like he’s experimenting too~If we’d heard the stuff from the same as before, people would complain he hasn’t done anything new….

      I think he’s doing enough “new stuff” but still remaining between the boundary of what his fans would like~ and that, is something I like =)

  16. I’m a rather new YB fan.. probably really got into him last October/November. I thought his HOT songs were a good mix of pop and R&B. I thought his last release was nice and reminded me of a ballad. Definitely R&B… I don’t think he’ll stray far from that. Even though we’ve heard the previews, it could come out differently.. I’ve heard ballad previews turn into straight autotune.. so I hope he doesn’t do that haha.

  17. Round 3 done. Not that confident with my answer though 😦

    I agree with everyone else here. I’m in for YB’s change. It’s nice to appreciate different variety of music, unlike sticking to one genre though I lean more to R&B cause that’s what I grew up listening to. Whatever type of music YB does, I will support him because it’s not just the type of music he does I’m after to, but his voice and passion towards music.

  18. hmm i got into big bang around the summer of 2007. i fell out of love with them after a month or two and at that time i didn’t really care about yb and his cornrows at all. then after i heard of his solo album i checked it out because i was curious and instantly i was blown away by his maturity, then hotnesss, LOLprayervid. plus his cornrows were gone, he’s gained some nice muscle tone, etc. i was pretty anal about auto tune those days (and still am) but prayer’s chorus was really catchy along with LOAM.

    i was initially caught by tae yang’s sexy swagger but after downloading and buying his mini album, i came to respect his voice and the execution of rnb vocals in general. my favourite song was sinner at first, i love its ‘tip toeing’ music lol, it gives the feeling of ‘sneaking into the house after cheating’. i equally love all the songs now; “baby i’m sorry” with its sudden rap insert, “make love”‘s ending with just bae’s voice and pianooo, OMFG NOSTAGIA. before that i never really gave that much thought about rnb tbh. then i learned about bae’s personality through interviews, fell in love with his ‘innocent’ image, the fact that he plays piano, his smile, etcetc the usual fangirl stuff. i joined the infamous taeyangcity where i met most of aty’s staff, we had crazy chatbox talks during perfs, yadayadayada fun times

  19. i was later notified that kay started a site called always taeyang, it was a baby back then. i managed to make some graphics too lol. i followed the site since then.. as closely as possible but after school started bleh. tae yang released wedding dress and personally i think it wasn’t any different from LOAM, the composition (yb + piano = medyinghappily) was richer but i thought the vocals stayed the same, i blame all the compression they do >_>

    this coming album really has an epic feel to it, the intro started up with yb reassuring us that he’s back, the sun’s rising, the kids are happeh… this song also had a nice ‘usher repetition’ with the ‘yeahh’. i love bae’s usher influence. “super star” seemed upbeat and cheery, i’m not sure how the rest of the song goes but it might end up being a filler song for the album.. in my head. it’s catchy but i hear no individualizing factor to it so far.. like say “baby i’m sorry”‘s rap.

    now omg. “you’re my” is like…. my dream come true. his voice plus a cute simple piano melody. and chocolate. 😀 this song’s definitely not as produced and overlay-ed as much as the other songs (from the previews) but that’s what gives its simplistic appeal. just a voice is enough to convey feelings, i like how the music was stripped down.

  20. yeah i’m done x_x i’m too lazy to go over this

    oh and considering the subject of his songs now… they’re more personal i guess but as long as he sings love songs without experiencing it first hand, i dunno how personal it can get. man i want yb to produceee andwrite his own songs. my life would then be complete.

    i blabbed and blabbed and made a rlybadessay…. i need to sleep

    1. They’re personal because emotionally he’s singing about his dreams and hopes for love in the future. You don’t need to have been in a relationship to feel those feelings. It’s about longing. YB when he sings expresses that emotion so well.

      Seungri: “Taeyang hyung has a lot of worries lately… He wants to sing with more emotion, but he doesn’t have much experience, so he’s worried. He thinks ‘What if I never meet a girl and die?’

      I never understood this feeling. When YB sings I feel everything. If he was unable to sing with emotion the music wouldn’t be this good. Even the stuff he does with BB. When YB sings he’s the only person I see. YB is magic on stage.

      One of my favorite performances:

      1. Y’know when it’s a good performance when you cry…when I first heard this I cried…the only other song I can cry on is “Tears in Heaven” if it’ sang really well or if it’s sung by Eric Clapton…and I don’t cry easily for songs…regardless if it’s sad.

      2. Aww, Young Bae.. that was so beautiful….

        Polish up the English, and it’ll be perfect~~~~ >w<

        Though I love his accented Engrish… too cute…XD

      3. Showed this to my friends and they love it. They are not a fan of Taeyang, i’m the only one among them, but they think that this is really good. They were being honest! but he did went off tune and they didn’t care. LOL. i felt like an anti fan then.

      4. that’s funny i was listening to yb singing live while writing my essay last night. but yeah i see your point, there’s more than one perspective on how something can be personal. i was too dead to go any further cuz i was staying up for the round =_=;

      5. cracks of my broken heart – that’s also my favorite one!
        although i enjoy his dance performance very much, i do prefer something purer like cracks of my broken heart.

  21. every song of hot added to the overall album…. but it’s young bae, he loves perfection so this album might not have ‘filler songs’. also i think yb learned to control his voice even moreee, did you hear those high notes in “you’re my”???? they seem less strained than say.. yb’s chorus part in “number 1” i think i hear more hints of vibrato toooo.

    1. love your essay. I feel the same – like he is really learning to control his voice. Like I said – this album is sooooo different than anyone could have expected from either looking at HOT or looking at where kpop is now (though that was to be expected). I’m liking this maturity I feel in this album. YB says he never had a girlfriend but the emotion in that voice says otherwise. You never know with these kpop idols, esp those in YG. They’re a secretive bunch.

    2. yeah, you’re right. Love his high notes and falsetto so much more now. He did improve but his vocals tend to get really shaky during performances last year. eg: Stay.

  22. ^ first part of above paragraph

    every song of hot added to the overall album…. but it’s young bae, he loves perfection so this album might not have ‘filler songs’.

    also i think yb learned to control his voice even moreee, did you hear those high notes in “you’re my”???? they seem less strained than say.. yb’s chorus part in “number 1” i think i hear more hints of vibrato toooo.

  23. Unfortunately, I didn’t hear about Big Bang until about a year ago.

    From before, with ‘My Girl’ and ‘Goodbye baby’ I thought they were refreshing to hear nowadays..so I was very into it because I love old school hip and R&B I grew up listening to that stuff. The stuff I hear on the radio and whatnot isn’t my forte. I feel like with Taeyang’s new stuff it has that kind of style of old school but mixed in with abit of modern, but with his own twist. .

    Actually, when I heard “My Girl” from before ’til now (ie. “My Girl” at his live HOT concert) , he has matured..and you can tell he has been improving vocally. I’m pretty sure he can tell as well. Taeyang knows his voice now..he knows what he’s good at and what he perfect on and what he needs to develop.

    I don’t know what to expect or want out of Taeyang from his album..because with every preview he gives it’s something that’s unexpecting but yet it’s still him.

  24. I’ve been a fan of YB for quite a time now. I first became his fan before knowing about BB and that’s how I’ve become to like BB (i like their music just a little, but i think the three hyungs are SUPERHOT). personally, i really don’t like BB’s music. GD has got his own style, and i’m not saying it’s bad, it just doesn’t mix well w/ Tae Yang & TOP’s styles (who I think have very solid artist mindsets) and since LIES is the song they represent the most, it just ruins their serious artist image for me. YB & TOP seriously did not fit well into that song & it saddens me bcoz songs like that makes them look like puppets.

    that’s why i’m so happy with the direction Tae Yang is going. It’s like a little bit of everything. Something american/usher, something Big Bang/pop, something classic/MJ, something heavy & powerful, something sweet & slow, something sentimental, something cheerful, which is all him. Everything that he has gone through the past half of his life.

    WUA, WD, SOLAR, Superstar, You’re My, it’s kinda crazy to think all these songs are from the same artist, each of them are so different. In my opinion, Tae Yang is just making his mark with this first full album. You can tell bcoz he’s experimenting with so many different styles that all suit him. quote tae yang “My best song will always be the next song”. I guess that’s why DCYBers expect a lot from him. a very talented young man and his admiring potential.

    And that’s why, my friends, is why i think Tae Yang is going to be BIG. Korea can count how many handsome, tall, & buff, or even talented singers they have, there will be no one like Tae Yang there. One day far far from now he is going to be a classic in his country. Because his greatest assest isn’t even his drool worthy abs or charming smile.

    1. To be honest, I don’t really like all the previews Taeyang gave so far. No doubt his voice is heavenly delicious. But the lyrics are too cheesy for my taste. But again it can be the whole concept for the album since the tile is “I NEED A GIRL”. In every lyric, there is something to show that he desperately needs A GRIL. Gosh..he don’t need to do that. However I do not blame him for that since he is not the main producer and wrote the lyrics. He def gives a lot of variety for this time still I can’t see the wow factor. When I first listen to the LOAM, I knew that it is the SONG. Up to now all his preview doesn’t give me this feeling. I should wait for more previews esp the title track “I need a girl”.
      Side note, Taeyang def is a very good singer but he doesn’t has that charm that huge star has..sorry guys

      1. yeah i get what you mean. the WOW factor. of course YG is going to save the best for last, that’s the awesome part of it.
        & that “huge star charm” you talk about. well, i dont find all my fave musicians all that “charming”. Jason Mraz, M.I.A., Parokya Ni Edgar, Queen, Air Supply, but i still love their music, dont I?
        Tae Yang is making a mark. like it or not, BB RIGHT NOW is making it slow for him to make a permanent mark (bb fans, not saying he shouldn’t have been in BB). i’m just saying that once he’s free of his band, we can only imagine what he has in store for us. plus once he is a permanent solo artist, it wont be hard for the public to identify him as a serious musician and acknowledge him as an important part of their music industry.

        i didn’t hate all the previews i’ve heard so far but i didn’t love any of them either. for one, YB needs to work harder on his english. Two, he needs more confidence. Three, he needs to find me. NOW. He needs me. And not just any other girl. (lol getting carried away). XD

        1. His English is completely understandable (forgiven :D). I agree with you on point 2 and 3. He needs more confident(100% or 101% if possible) and he needs EMOTION. He really needs to fall in love to deliver such emotions.

        2. haha hazel so you do agree that he needs ME and not just any other girl? eh? eh? eh?
          LMAO XD

      2. You can’t really compare all these songs with LOAM since that was the title track. If you want to compare this with HOT you have to compare it with similar songs.

        SOLAR intro vs HOT intro (personally love SOLAR more)
        Baby I’m Sorry vs You’re My (personally Ur My, I never liked BIS)
        Superstar/Where U AT vs Prayer (Prayer) but there is another Teddy track that they didn’t tease so I don’t know

        And you have to compare LOAM vs I Need A Girl. I think it’s still too early to decide. I’m liking the evolution that Taeyang is showing.

        On a side note: I’m not sure if YB will be as big as GD mostly because GD is really good at making commercial pop music which is a lot more mainstream than what YB does. But I can also see YB being on stage longer than GD because he doesn’t depend as much on doing the next big “concept” but on making what he wants. GD will probably pull a Teddy and just become a producer though.

        1. Yes. I did mention that I should wait for more previews esp the title track “I need a girl” . Damn, what you have written above is so true. I agree. YB will stay in the industry for longer than GD. But GD will be like teddy controlled the artists from behind the stage. I like it, seriously. When they (idols) reach to your nearly 30 I don’t think I want to see them doing those flirty acts and wearing trendy clothes (esp GD). But up to now, GD is still the artist that I inspire most 😀

  25. “One day far far from now he is going to be a classic in his country. Because his greatest assest isn’t even his drool worthy abs or charming smile.” Now that’s something i agree fully whit 😉

  26. to tell the truth im a YB fan befor big bang fan i mean i got to know big bang coz of YB thanks to my sister she showed me LOAM and it was my 1st k-pop song ever after a month i found out that he was big bang and i fell in love with them

    As for the album im really liking the change its shows that YB is really growing up from what he used to be beside its the style that he always wanted to do so im 100% with him on that and who doesnt love changes it makes u wanna hear the rest of the album …..lol coz right now i cant stop thinking about him new MV and the song even my sis who is DBSK fan she keeps saying she cant wait to see the MV coz YB always have the coolest mv’s ever so i really wish him the best of luck on him album ^^

  27. i wrote my gut feeling for this question because i believe this staff member used its ALOT ever since i started to visit ATY at the beginning of the year,which brings me to Taeyang coz thats when i got to know him(newbie i know lol) 😀

    well it was Wedding Dress that left me speechless and wanting more of YB’s music,and i liked ALL of his tracks in HOT but these new previews sound really different to what i was expecting of him music.However i don’t really mind what type of music he does coz i know he’s talented,and whatever he does i’ll like it lol besides there’s nothing wrong with trying new things, i think its pretty awesome and makes him UNIQUE (and kpop could do with some originality these days)

  28. Oh since we’re talking about our feeling on the album I guess I’ll post this. I had posted this on soompi b4 this was my basic reaction to the teasers as they came out.

    Intro: 10/10
    -I LOVE LOVE LOVED it right off the bat. It was EPIC

    Superstar: 8/10
    -I had a big WTF moment when I first heard it and disliked it
    -decided to give it another chance and still disliked it but my body kept moving too it
    -got it stuck in my head and started singing it at random moments
    -have now listed to it at least 50 times
    -It’s now officially my jam

    You’re my: 8/10 – would be a 10/10 if it wasn’t for the chocolate and ice cream
    -Had a big WTF moment when I heard the “chocolate” and “ice cream” part, otherwise liked it
    -Listened to it again and the chocolate part grew on me but I still don’t like the ice cream part unless I imagine it melting on Tayang’s abs or better yet, it melting on my abs and him licking it off and I’ll stop there before this gets rated R
    -Loving it, his voice is soooooo nice on this and the piano is amazing

    I really like the variety on his album. All the songs previewed so far have sound so different from each other which is because he has worked with 3 different producers but all still have that Taeyang flavor. It is also really different from HOT which has some ppl in a tizzy but whatever. It is also like nothing I’ve heard recently in kpop land which I enjoy. He is definitely bringing something different to the table.


    1. LOL I love how you take us through your thought process with YB songs:

      “had a big wtf moment” – “it’s now officially my jam” LOL

      all of us are probably damn, you are right on point

    2. Hehehehe… love how u expressed it. but i gotta say that i love the chocolate and ice cream part. Cheesy, but he did it just right for me, the way he sang it. if it were other singers, i’d be like WTF.

  29. To be honest i don’t think there’s much i can say since everyone here has already voiced the same opinion i have towards Taeyang and his music. 🙂

    But aside from that i began taking interest in Korean music about 2 years ago which naturally brought me to learning of Big Bang’s existence and to finding out about Taeyang. I couldn’t really understand (and still can’t fluently) the music because i don’t speak korean but i believe that music is another language all in it’s own. By this i mean that music no matter what language has the ability to bring people together as it has here on Always Taeyang which is something i’m very much appreciative of.

    I believe Taeyang has an amazing amount of potential to go places, he’s definitely a promising artist whom i feel with all his effort and sincerity will really be able to accomplish World-Domination. All i honestly want Taeyang to do is create his own future taking a path that makes him feel accomplished and meaningful.

    He has gone through many heart-ships in the past and will certainly have more in the future but with these he will stand rock solid with both feet on the ground and only continue to rise to achieve his goals (which might i say are more than deserved) 🙂

    P.S. Taeyang if you ever visit this website (which i hope you have or do) please think of the members and visitors of Always Taeyang as fans but more importantly as companions who will attempt to stand by you every step of the way now and in the future.

    Good Luck to all those entering the competition,
    JeNziie 🙂

  30. I remember being 15 years old when I first liked kpop. Back then, Haru Haru by Big Bang was all the rage. I had a certain fondness towards Youngbae oppa. I found his voice so alluring, so captivating, even before he had the sexy body he has now. Today, I reckon his vocals has improved a lot from My Girl to Wedding Dress to the previews in his new Solar album. I vaguely remember visiting this fansite called Tae Yang City, but after not visiting for sometime, it’s gone. Then I found Always Taeyang! 😀 Although I don’t comment much, but I do read ATY a lot. I even followed ATY on twitter the same day I created a twitter account, haha.

    I was really glad when Taeyang’s mini album came out, and I kept listening to all his songs on repeat. Because of him, Big Bang is my favourite boyband in Korea. I reckon they’re even better than Super Junior (sorry Suju fans, not that I’m hating on Suju or anything, they’re good too!!) It’s obvious to me that Taeyang wants to be the Korean MJ. His dance style is totally different from any other kpop artists, which increases my respect and interest in him, since I love dancing as well. His personality can be seen more especially after he released his mini album. I’m glad that album gave him a chance to shine.

    For this new album, I expect it to be even better than the previous one, because knowing Taeyang, he only keeps getting better and better. I don’t expect the genre to change, but he did so well with Wedding Dress that I expect this album to be amazing. More awesome dances, more heartwarming music videos. Taeyang is a very talented guy and that’s why I like him so much. I’m sure everyone else feels the same way. I’m so excited and I just can’t wait for the next album!!!

    I don’t think they’d sell SOLAR in Malaysia cause I can’t find HOT anywhere, so… I’m glad ATY is giving a chance to everyone internationally to keep their hopes up in getting an album for themselves, which is why I love reading ATY. You guys always take the effort to surprise us with the awesomest things, just like giving us a chance to participate in getting that iPod for Taeyang’s birthday. Eventhough I couldn’t participate at that time due to being busy preparing for my midterm’s exams, I think that was a really cool thing to do to show Taeyang how much all of us love him.

    AH, I think I’m going off topic. Hahaha. But thank you ATY for giving all of us fans a chance to own SOLAR, as well as providing us with interesting Taeyang news everyday. FIGHTING!! ❤

    1. i feel your pain. For HOT, there’s Speedy all over the nation, but they’re not the original. Go to Bukit Bintang, Victoria CD Store, that’s the only place where u can find Korean/other imported albums. but HOT wasn’t sold there the last time I went there, so u gotta make an order through them if u want to. 🙂

  31. I grew up with a musical background and are surrounded by people who are musically inclined, and I live in ATL which is currently the Hip Hop capital of the US right now. But because I love him so much, I’m not going to mention my biased opinion. However, this is what my friends, who are professional producers, dancers, and singers think of Taeyang:

    Vocally- although his range is not impressive, his tone is truly unique for an Asian. “very soulful” was used by a lot of my friends to describe YB. They say he is a smart artist because his songs are well tailored to showcase his strengths.

    Dancing- They think he is the best at hip hop choreography in Korea. I showed them 2pm, DBSK, JYP and Rain and they still think Taeyang is the best. Most “none dancers” will watch and believe TY and these other well known artists are equally good but people who dance will notice a notable difference between TY and other artists. His execution puts him on a much higher level.

    The music will appeal much more to western people now than his music before. Personally I LOVE LOVE LOVE his music before but I love his new style even more now. His style is moving away from POP and getting closer to R&B. His beats are simple but unconventional. The songs focuses less of catchy melodies, and more on deliverance of emotions. I will love his new album.

    . Besides YB’s extremely good looks

  32. about oppa’s album-actually i really like,and it’s really an awesome album and oppa is soo hottttttt with it..^^_^
    even though i’m still 13yrs.old i like it.(bcoz others say that mid 20’s will only like it)….
    for me i expect that d album will be like hot,but actually it’s not..i suggst this album should be named hottest.!!!.kekekeke..saranghae oppa,FIGHTING..!!!!!!

  33. I did the research because I might get the wrong blogger and you girls might kill me (kid kid) and it was funny coz I remember that post and it turned out when I saw it I first commented on it. hahaha. am I right? =)

    Now about Baebae’s music, well I like his style really and taste, and I’m glad that he’s finally giving some sort of variety to his own music. I’m not too particular on seeing changes on the music itself. But what I noticed though is his improvement on his vocals itself. From My Girl to the recent previews of Solar, you can how far he has come. I really like You’re My, because it’s the genre plus his sexy voice. wow. =)
    My BFF told me that he read on some Kpop sites that Taeyang’s music are too international for the Koreans. I’m not sure but we did saw the reaction from Wedding Dress.
    So that is why we can all expect, World Domination. =)

  34. Taeyang has been a real lifesaver to me. School’s always pressuring me these years. I still have to complete 3 years of school before I can go to Uni. Sometimes I’m up till real late because of some assignments, or early since the sun’s gone up before I go to sleep. x)

    When doing homework, I always take a break and listen to YB. Don’t you just love his relaxing voice? I could seriously listen to it 24/7.

    Or times when a hormonal teenager like me feels angsty, listening to him makes it all good again.
    Before I go to sleep, I listen to him, when I wake up( my alarm! XD), during the whole day I just listen to him. 😛

    Things like these sound very small, but they have a real big effect on my life.

    I love how down to earth Taeyang is, he just sounds very caring and humble. He works very hard and never complains. For that I have a lot of respect 🙂 This man’s just sexy from the inside and outside 8D~

    So thanks YoungBae! ❤
    Hope you will conquer our world 😉

  35. submitted my answer! 🙂

    I’m loving the change that youngbae is going for Solar. Change is not really an issue for me since his songs are still rooted in R&B but he just added some Youngbae-ish twist on it. I love the previews released so far because those snippets show how raw and soulful his voice is.

  36. omona! i got the answer correct yahoo! 😀 Is there a winner everyday? Thanks 🙂
    BTW any song as long as it’s from Taeyang, it’s COOL XD

  37. Thanks for opening this topic Tofu! It’s really interesting reading about how everyone got to be a YB fan and I thought I’d share mine as well. 🙂

    I’m a huge Wongfu Productions fan and in one of their videos, they were trying to do a dance from Taeyang’s Wedding dress. I’ve never heard of Taeyang so I googled him and I found the music video in Youtube. First impressions: loved the piano intro, the guy in the video was HOT but I was a bit wary of the guyliner, and the dancing was INCREDIBLE. After watching the entire video.. I was hooked. I must have replayed the video dozens of times. I declared myself officially a Taeyang fangirl and started to do my research. This was just last May 1. I know.. I came into the YB fandom quite late but thanks to ATY I was able to catch up on my YB info.

    I’m not that critical when it comes to music. I’m pretty much a fan of all genres except heavy metal. So it’s no surprise that I liked the songs in HOT. Watching his solo concert was a bit uncomfortable for me though. I felt the sexiness was at times over the top. I prefer subtle quiet sexiness over in your face six-pack abs (which were drool-worthy I have to say). And I felt this wasn’t the YB I knew through the interviews, who was shy and introverted. Then I read the interview wherein he said he wasn’t that happy with HOT either because it wasn’t a reflection of who he was as an artist.

    So I think with SOLAR (very aptly named), he’s finally showing us who he is as an artist, which is really R&B and soul. To quote him, this is the album in his name. He’s exploring different kinds of music, trying different things. He’s showing us how much he has matured since HOT. His vocals have improved and I think he’s more committed to this album since he had more control and say over it.

    I definitely want to see him do more ballads. He made me cry with Don’t Wanna Try and Cracks of My Broken Heart. His voice has that raw emotion that makes me believe in what he’s singing. Even in You’re My, though I cringed at the chocolate and ice cream part, I loved the Korean parts since I didn’t understand what he was saying about yet (hope they’re not as cheesy).

    1. The way you felt about HOT, is how I felt too!!! LOL~~~

      I loved watching the concert, I would be lying if I said I didn’t… but the sexiness was really… not YB at all…

      I totally agree with you about his voice having this raw factor. It feels as if you’re feeling the song too, despite that he may be singing in Korean.

      I really think world domination is on its way with his SOLAR album… One glance at the message board says it all.


      1. Haha! I know right?? Even the choreography with Aimee and with the floor.. sigh. My favorite parts of the HOT concert were when he was just playing the piano/sitting down and singing, since he was able to showcase his voice the most in the ballads.

        YES! Come to think of it, I’m actually seeing the positive side of him seeing in a language I don’t understand. I really get to appreciate the melody and the voice more, since my focus is with what I hear than with what he’s singing about.

        With SOLAR, judging by the previews, he’s staying true to who he is as an artist, which I think is more favorable to us international fans. So I’m crossing my fingers that a WORLD TOUR is in YG’s plans for YB! Haha! 🙂

  38. I first heard of Taeyang when LOAM came out.
    The melody was just different to what I usually heard in K-mainstream, so I really enjoyed it. It also surprised me to know that the singer was an idol because you know how they usually stick to either ballads or pop when they go solo.
    Anyways, I decided to check out his EP and although I did not love all 6 songs, I thought it was pretty well done.
    I usually listen to jazz, soul, ballads, rock, house, classical, almost any genre so I am completely and absolutely open to change.
    As I have said on other posts, I like how the album doesn’t simply stick to just one specific genre. I am not into the fandom for the looks or pelvic thrusts, so I really don’t mind the slow jams he’s been teasing us with. In fact, I love them.
    What I was expecting from Solar was something varied in terms of genres as well as a sound and feeling that defined who Taeyang himself truly wants to become. So far, I can affirm that I am hearing exactly what I wanted to hear with the exception of Where U At.
    I also like the fact that he does not seem to be trying to please the masses but himself. I think that is extremely important. Any singer expresses himself better when he does the music he wants to make rather than the one that sells. And even if his album is a complete twist to what is selling in Korea right now, I think he will feel satisfied with the music he has chosen to give us.
    As for the rest of the tracks, I just hope there won’t be a single digitalized song.
    P.S. I forgot to mention how much I am loving Jeon Goon’s sound. Great to know YG has a new composer.

  39. After a little thought… His reply to all the birthday wishes from his fans make sense.

    SOLAR album really is giving himself, a personal and true side of himself, to fans as gifts. As well as a token of thanks for the continuous support I guess, as fellow MUSIC fans. *nudge nudge wink wink*

    Don’t take my word for it though, but it would be very sweet of him if that was true. ❤

    1. Taeyang: Pain Finished…Time to Give a Present:

      “Right now my heart is light. Actually I wanted to tell my fans not to give me presents on my birthday this year. I’m just apologetic for not having given them anything… But I think I’ll be able to give them a gift soon. I’m excited.”

    2. Wow Chanting I think you’re right. YB was hinting that SOLAR was coming out soon in his last Star Diary. Haha. What a sweetheart.

  40. Based on 3 teasers from his new album, one thing that I can say for sure is how well defined Taeyang’s voice is.

    It’s more clearer. It’s like I can listen to each and every single word or phrases.

    Musically, I love the new change TY brought into this album. He showed a variey kind of R&B. It’s a mixture of few different musics. It’s like a totally new sound altogether. A TY’s sound. I love the simplicity of the music but at the same time it has some big instruments to accompany the melody.

    So far the 3 teasers showed and gave 3 different feels and I totally dig it.

    These new sounds can help TY to be a better singer; vocally. In terms of performance, not that worried cause TY always give the best.

    And I hope in the future, TY can try to venture into jazz. I don’t how it’s gonna be but I guess it might be something interesting and new.

    1. I’m doubting it, unless Sean himself confirms GD and Taeyang’s twitter accounts, I won’t believe it~

      There are tons of anti’s in Korea who may have opened it to instigate on behalf of GDYB~

    2. that gd twitter is fake, so if the person is telling people to follow yb’s twitter, then it has to be fake as well

      1. so that GD twitter AND YB’s twitter are fakes? ….okay. i already spammed “YB’s twitter”. lol. gonna go delete twits now… hahhaha..

    3. I myself seemed to be careless. I followed “GD”. When I saw his tweets, I believe that it was YB’s. After that I shared the link with you guys.
      Actually, I didn’t mean to treat u!

  41. I’ve been a Big Bang fan for almost four years and the same with Tae Yang. At first I was in love with T.O.P, until I saw Tae Yang’s music video, My Girl. I knew when I watched that MV that Tae Yang was the one. His taste is music was good, he was an R&B artist and I loved R&B, not to mention he was pretty darn cute his cornrowed self!

    Then came his mini solo album HOT. All the types songs on there was what a true R&B artist should have on an album in my mind(Sinner was my jam). It never occured to me that maybe Tae Yang should try something different, go outside of his “box”. But I’m glad he did.

    I love the sound of Solar for far, maybe because it is so different from what I thought it would be. Even though I’m a girl that hates change, this change seems to be a good one. This album is not yet fully revealed, it’s a gift from Tae Yang which we have not unwrapped yet, so let’s wait to unwrap to see if we like it.

    Either way I’m going to get my hands on the dulexe version, I’ve already planned it out 😉

      1. I happen to have a lot of Korean friends, and a few of them just happen to be vacationing in Korea. That’s it, no secret plan of kidnapping Tae Yang and holding him for ransom 🙂

        1. Haha! I’m trying to ask a friend of a friend in Korea to brave the YB madness on July 1 and buy the album for me also! 😛 Aww too bad, would gladly volunteer to be your accomplice in the kidnapping scheme with the Deluxe edition of SOLAR and a huge ten-minute hug for ransom!

  42. Hey!

    Im probably one of taeyang’s youngest fans, I’m 16, and I suppose you could say I’m pretty new to taeyang and kpop! I only got interested in kpop after my die hard cassie friend introduced me to dbsk in October 2009. I started off listening to them and then another kpop obsessed friend told me about big bang (and a whole load of other groups)

    At first I wasn’t really that impressed with big bang (I guess it was the songs I heard) but something about youngbae’s voice was appealing. I never really heard about new releases etc (cos I didn’t know about allkpop etc) so i relied on my friends to tell me which songs are good. in December, my friend told me to listen to wedding dress and where u at, I was pleasantly surprised at youngbae’s voice, aura, and just everything about him really! I began to search him on YouTube and google and I found the HOT mini album and downloaded it straight away!

    I began to watch and read interviews and live performances and before I knew what had happened, I’d fallen head over heels in love with him XD I always laughed at girls who fall in love with celebrities and dream of marrying them, and yet here I am, listening to taeyang at any chance I get, wishing I was lucky enough to know him!

    In about march, my older sister, who never really understood why I listen to kpop, borrowed my iPod for a few weeks (cos hers had broken), and came to me and said “I really like this wedding dress guy, he’s pretty good” it was one of the coolest moments ever! Youngbae had won over my kpop hating sister lol

    I recently had my exams and I listened to him whenever I felt depressed or stressed and he instantly helped me through it! He has a soothing beautiful voice, I can definitely say I’ve not heard another like it! I loved watching his HOT concert performances while taking a break from revision! OMT my girl was so bloody sexy!!!! and the rest of the concert lol! And how I wish I was the fan he serenaded with always *sigh*

    I’ve been waiting for his album since January when all the rumours were flying about, and when I heard him say it’d be out in June I was ecstatic. Unfortunately, it’s releasing on the day I leave for Malawi for a month! I was absolutely devastated! Not to mention the fact that the deluxe edition isn’t available to international fans! I was actually really very upset, and nobody saw why, they just thought I was weirdo lol

    So I’ve given my mum a piece of paper which says ‘Taeyang SOLAR’ and I’ve asked her to buy it online so that it’s here for when I get back in august! She was a bit confused but said she’d do it cos I think she realises how much it means to me!

    Taeyang’s album is gonna be the first real kpop album I’m actually buying and not downloading illegally (I feel really bad about doing that but I have no choice cos I can’t find kpop on iTunes uk)

    Now, the first thing I do when I wake up is check ATY for any updates, before I go to sleep I check ATY for updates! So I just wanna say thank you ATY for fulfilling all my taeyang needs even though I only discovered the site, like, 2 months ago or something!

    And I listen to taeyang just before bed, and if I don’t I find it hard hard to sleep lol yeah obsessed!

    Ofcourse, I love the HOT mimi album and WUA and WD but I also love the new direction he’s taking with this album! It’s much more interesting and different and I think it’s great to see that side of him! And no matter what he does, we all know it’ll be UNBELIEVABLY SEXY without him even trying!

    Haha I’ve just written a whole essay and I bet half of doesn’t even make sense and it’s in a weird order! I can’t find the words to express the way taeyang makes me feel (i’m not very good with words lol) i just think about him and he puts a smile on my face! And sorry if I’ve bored you all to death haha! I’m just glad I get a chance to talk about bae to people who actually understand lmao


    1. I can definitely relate to the obsession you’re feeling! Haha I’m a new Taeyang fan as well so I’ve been youtube-ing and ATY-ing like crazy to catch up! Anything that’s related to YB I HAVE TO KNOW ABOUT! haha that’s what got me into Big Bang as well.

      Have fun in Malawi! 🙂

      1. Haha that’s exactly what I’m like! And I love ATY cos it’s great to find out what other fans think and how obsessed they are haha!

        And thank you, I just hope it isn’t too hot! Xx

    2. YAH more young people, I’m 16 too ^^
      YAH another African person!
      YAH another Tae Yang fan!

      Have fun in Malawi, I wish I could go back to Africa to visit.

      1. Actually, I’m not African lol. I’m just going on an expedition with school, so we’ll be climbing a mountain for ten days and then we’re going to help build a school ^.^

        But I love Africa, it’s amazing!!

        And thank you 🙂 xx

        1. You’re going on an expedition with your SCHOOL!!???
          dang what kind of school do you go to? Well, either way have fun 🙂

    3. Aww, that was such a cute entry. Haha, Tae Yang really has an amazing voice, it helps relieve stress and it also helps put you to bed, LOL

      I know the feeling, when I first got into Big Bang and Tae Yang, I was I WANNA KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT THEM, and I mean EVERYTHING, LOL

      ATY and iBigBang were two great sites that helped me become the know-all VIP/Young Bae fan, hahaha~

      I know the feeling too, it’s great to have a place where I can spazz and disucss about Tae Yang with people who feel the same way!

      Because no one around me understands lol.

      My dad’s all “you don’t know what they’re singing”
      My mum’s like “ah, you’ll get over it” but she at least said she’ll order YB’s album for me… I really have to pay her back for this one day! >w< Means so much to me. Of course that's if I don't win the ATY giveaway…lol

      My sister's slowly becoming a VIP, but she likes Dae Sung *sad face*
      But I introduced her to Tae Yang first, lol
      She likes his voice and thinks he's a great dancer (when she watched LOAM MV and saw his hip thrust in the salon, she was like 'WHOA' LOL) and that he's a very good singer.

      Now I'm just rambling about my family, LOL XD

      My friend also told me that there's a lot more Big Bang fans in my high school… Most of the older ones like Tae Yang (probably from WD or WUA because of the DOPE choreography)
      The younger ones like GD and TOP…

      Anyway… I think I've gone WAY~~~ off, LOL so I'll stop here.

      1. Lol yeah I know what you mean!! When I first got into kpop my sister was just like ‘why? You don’t understand a word they’re saying!’ then she borrowed my iPod and loved wedding dress but when she got her own iPod back and I suggested she add the kpop songs she likes, she refused 😦 lol

        And my mum thinks I’m just going through a phase that I’ll eventually grow out of…but I doubt that’d happen! My friend and I want to learn Korean and I don’t think my mum actually realises we’re serious lol

        And we’re planning to go to Korea before we leave for university, yeah it’s two years away but we like to forward plan XD lol

        haha I can’t wait to get my copy of SOLAR! didn’t bother taking part in ATY’s giveaway though because I’ll be in Malawi when they announce the winner lol do even if I win I prob wouldn’t end up getting it!

        Lol and I think I always go off topic so don’t worry about it too much! I just can’t help talking a lot!!

        And menayaa, it’s not exactly through school, it’s an organisation called world challenge which runs these expeditions but our school introduced us to them. So there are 14 girls, 2 teachers and an expedition leader going, but the teachers are only there for safety in case something goes wrong or if there are injuries etc, but basically we all just have to be independent while we’re there and organise our own buses and accommodation etc so it should be…interesting…

        And I’ve kinda just blocked up ATY’s comment section with my long essays 🙂 lol


  43. Taeyang’s new music are too HOT to handle. hehe
    I first heard about Taeyang from a friend, whom made me listen to his music. At first I wasn’t interested since I couldn’t understand Korean. BUT when I saw a video of him singing “Cracks of a Broken Heart”, he caught my attention despite his accent. His passion of music and also his overall personality made me a fan. He is the reason why I started listening to Big Bang and k-pop world.
    I want him to have a genre of neo-soul music in his album.

  44. I’m glad that he’s trying different new style of music which he can definetly pull of basing on these previews.
    I first encountered Taeyang through an interview. His personality, his cute smile, and his passion of music caught my attention. I can’t find a link of that interview right now but when I do, I’ll for sure share it.
    I want him to have a soulful music in his album or a song similar to Boyz II Men or Musiq Soulchild.

  45. I grew up on Hip Hop and R&B, so his mini album was definitely amazing. From the previews, I feel like I’m taking a breath of fresh air when I hear it. It’s refreshing and cool and very summery. I can definitely picture bumping, ‘Superstar’ in a car on a hot summer day. And his voice .. ahhh .. amazing. He’s getting better and better.

    My anticipation for his album grows more and more everyday and I like the fact that it’s being released so close to my birthday :)!

  46. I started the Kpop genre with Big Bang about a year ago and it was while going through the music that I saw Taeyang’s solo song, LOAM and I gave it a try. I fell in love with Taeyang (I’m a guy…so fall in love as in him as an artist…lol…). I appreciated the way that he brings the lyrics to life – there’s something special about each song that he performs that most Kpop artists don’t have (and I think I’ve sampled a good number of the groups over the last year).

    But, even in HOT, you could tell every song was different – each with a different style, focus, etc. And while I was surprised at the diversity within the first 3 previews, I realize now it’s not very surprising. Fans of YB like him because there’s a diversity – that each song is different.

    I think so far in the previews, the evolution is like everyone said – more westernized – it sounds a lot like Ne-Yo-esque. What I have to really applaud is the production – I have loved EVERY single background music portion that’s been previewed – they sound absolutely fantastic!!! While each song has really grown on my after more listens, I have to say none have hit me as hard as LOAM, Prayer, Make Love, HOT (intro) in the HOT mini-album had. WD and WUAT were previously revealed and I guess they can count as singles off the album, but I really hope I Need A Girl is as hot as YG has made it out to be.

    I do look forward to more of these songs and I am still very much loving the new album overall – it’s fantastic music and so much higher-quality than all the cookie-cutter kpop that’s out there.

    PS. words like chocolate and ice cream in a song when describing a girl just make me gag lol….

    1. When I heard the first bars of “You’re My” I was completely won over. What comes off as cheesy to some is sweet and endearing to me. I love the chocolate/ice cream future girlfriend description.

    2. Lol I thought it was very cute, I wouldn’t mind if my hubby refer me as his chocolate/ice cream (although I’m not a big fan of eating chocolate or ice cream ^__^).

    3. Guy fan is always welcome, I think we need some guys with all the girls here – just for a balance, lol

      The chocolate and ice cream made me cringe at first… because of the cheesiness, but I’ve come to love that part now, LOL

      1. Lol male fans are like a novelty XD

        and when I first heard ‘you’re my’ I found it weird, then I liked it, and then I changed my mind again lol

        I was texting my friend (who’s a TOP fan but I still spazz with her) and told her I was kinda undecided and she was just like ‘I thought you’d like the sweet talk’ but I dunno it’s just kinda cheesy and….cute lol I think I’ll make a proper decision once I’ve heard the full song 🙂

    4. Oh hoy! Male fan!
      (Tofu and I have a special liking towards fanboys~haha)

      Anyway, yea, I get how guys would find the lyrics a bit cheesy, but for us ladies it’s like “awww inducing” pretty much~

      1. Haha, I completely understand why girls would love those lines.

        And nice to meet you, Tofu and Kay, though I read all of your posts 🙂

        I check this site daily so I’ll be around…

  47. Yay for guy fans xP

    I’m such a big fan I even did a part of the Wedding Dress dance here :- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lSH6UrWlyMw#t=02m34s

    But it was definately BB who started the whole KPOP thing for me. Well I say KPOP, but I’m not really a KPOP-er I’m a Big Bang-er and maybe a slight 2NE1-er xD

    Then TY released his first solo, which after 1year and a bit? I have finally got my hands on! But he quickly became my favourite BB member and especially for repping shorter guys out there LOL

    But me, for one is definately happy with his change in style, I think the change is going well with todays trend of music. It’s still following the trend but adding in abit of his own TY flavour to it which is what makes me favour BB/TY over any other group.

    In this album I do hope for a range of things, from more hip hoppy to slower ballad like. I actually hope there is something more electronic/dancy/possibly autotune-y aswel like Lies or Prayer.

    TY doesn’t need autotune at all, but when he has used it in BB songs, he definately knows how to rock it well and it adds another spice to it. As long as he doesnt go OTT, which I’m sure he won’t, then that’s all cool heh.

    I hope the title track lives up to its expectations, well my high expectations and up to what Mr.YG has said of it! Because after 1 year of waiting then Where U At came out, I was actually very very disappointed. For me, LOAM is still better than any of his songs that he has out. But I hope that changes very soon!

    I also hope all the collabs in this album come out well! Althought I did like Heartbreaker album, I hope this does alot better x] but got love for both GDYB =P no homo LOL

    1. I think I Need A Girl will live up to LOAM. Remember everyone, he hasn’t released the title track yet. I’m prepared to be wowed. And I really want his non-Teddy tracks.

  48. if we maybe mispelled it by one letter is it still acceptable and i expect r&b but more of an upbeat kind mixed in with a little pop.

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