Preview #3 – YOU’RE MY…

“You’re my Chocolate….my Sweetest chocolate”
Next up on the preview list is “You’re My”

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I am LOVING this track! Wholy MOLY. Taeyang is out to make us fangirls MELT, seriously…chocolates, ice cream….Taeyang I’ll be your anything! I love the preview because it’s so “raw” – just the piano, some sweet nothings and his delicious voice!


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  1. it’s taking my breath away! his voice is just too awesome.. it’s so sweet.. i can’t even explain how i feel.. it lights me up!!


        1. Really? That’s odd. I believe it’s working for everyone else.

          I put up a download link, the download might be faster..

        1. It could be that a lot of people are listening to it here as well~ so it’s overloaded. Try again in a bit?

          Hmmm. Very weird.

  2. Ok my far this is my favorite preview. It’s all him and his piano. LOVE it! Don’t know a lot of what he is saying but it still sounds good.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I just can’t put it into words. The melody is just too beautiful. Imagine him performing this live. Gosh i’ll just melt.

    1. Still spazzing ; urgh doesn’t have a clue about the way he’s making me feel right now. “you’re my chocolate; my sweetest chocolate”. Indeed i’am Taeyang. Cannot wait for this album to be in my hands. It is definitely a rainy song. Now added to my list along side with MJ’s stranger in Moscow. I just hope he does a MV for this goregous song.

  4. bae you’re my hotchoco my hottest hotchoco! ^^
    i can seriously picture myself sipping hotchoco on a rainy day while listening to this track! yb ftw! solar ftw!

    1. the past few days has been hell for me but bcoz of Bae’s previews,,, he saved me over and over again!

  5. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG…! So freaking delicious, YB, you are making me crave for chocolate when i’m trying to lose weight!

    Voice: Smooth, soothing, sexy, sweet
    Vocal: Awesome tahap dewa (as awesome as the angels above)
    Song: Nice melody, love the whole piano thing… Simple but rich.. Do i make sense???

    So much better than Superstar IMO.

  6. OMG!!! u r so fast!!!!!! thank u ATY!!!!!

    anywy, YB’s voice is to die for!!! You’re my is absolutely stunning!!!!! beautiful beyond words~

    you’re my chocolate, my sweetest chocolate..
    you’re my ice-cream, my sweetest ice-cream…
    oh YB dear, u r totally right.. u’re my sweetest chocolate and ice-cream!!
    love u!!!!!!! ❤

  7. i am thinking if the team has won the game, they’d probably reveal the title song. and now… they put ‘you’re’ my’ to calm us down. love it! how can any female resist Bae singing softly in her ears?

  8. OK, this is my favorite preview so far.
    They lyrics are so precious and his vocals sound amazing.

  9. Do you guys think YG skipped track number 3 & 4 on purpose? Maybe those are the two songs Taeyang will promote? Just stating the obvious. Because I think they would have still put snippets up in order, but he skipped 3 & 4 for some reason. Hmm.. Makes me wonder ya know?

    1. yeah.. i do think so too.. ^^
      save the best for the last.. 🙂

      always the strategist.. YG ahh, u’re killing me here.. TT.TT

    2. Possibly~
      However, he didn’t say he’d release the previews in order, so he could skip down to track #9 for all we know~

      But yeah, I need a Girl, I knew he wouldn’t release a preview for that…..that would be out July 1st anyway, he’d want to give us a taste of what else is on the album

  10. By far, my fav of his previews so far…Stunning vocals! I’m wondering, if “You’re My” sounds this good, how would “I need a girl” sound like…I mean, YG already warned us that it’ll blow us away…I’m seriously proud to be YB’s fan…

  11. OMG! This is the sweetest song I’ve ever heard. Soleil my love, what are you doing to me. You’ve got me crying right now.

    “You’re my chocolate, my sweetest chocolate….I really wanna have you.”

    If you’re trying to make me fall head over heels in love with you, too late. I’m already there. But this song right here will keep me devoted to you for life.

  12. His voice is making me….. I don’t know how to describe this feeling.
    I don’t know how many times I’ve listened to it now…

  13. I admit, i’m not too fond of those lyrics but love love love the song and of course his voice. I’m glad i’m really loving this album so far!

    1. Yeah, we seem to be in the minority though. I can’t understand Korean, so maybe that part kills but kind of rolled my eyes at the whole chocolate and ice cream bit. Don’t crucify me, folks, for saying that. I LOOOOOOVE this track, just not feeling the food references.

  14. YG better hire more protection for our Bebe….. He will not be able to walk the streets alone…..women from all over the world are going to descend like wild fire. Marriage proposals are going to come by the millions…..billions….
    Why is he #17 on the idol boyfriend list…….if I had a boyfriend like him in my 20’s….GAH!!!

    1. Hahah I was thinking the exact same thing! YB is gong to have to beat girls off with a stick when they hear this!!!

  15. This is the type of song I can fall asleep’s so calming hehe!! So far his music arrangement is very diverse…I like it!! I really want his CD!! so faaaarrr!!

  16. this is my first time listening Taeyang sing a Very Romantic song… coz i think this song is very JAZZ and easy listening


    maybe in the future Taeyang will sing like this song after retired from BB…

    you know girls… when i listening to this… i dreaming about CANDLE LITE DINNER with my dream Girlriend ^_^

  17. Now that I think of it, I’m reminded of “Don’t Wanna Try” or the “Sweetest Love” – both he covered and were really raw and romantic~~~

    Now this is going to be a song all junior artists will cover…I just know it~

  18. ”you’re my chocolate, my sweetest chocolate”
    ahw so romantic, totally different from superstar.
    i really love this one cuz you can really enjoy his voice in this one. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ its definitely gonna be one of the songs i’ll play over and over again 🙂

  19. I cannot wait to see YB perform ‘you’re my’ live! Him playing the piano……gosh i’ll melt. *so dreamy* 🙂

  20. Weirdly Superstar is my fav song yet. But when I first heard it I didn’t like it much but now I have it on repeat. I don’t know how Teddy does it. It was the same thing for me and 2NE1’s I Don’t Care. However I’ve loved all the songs so far. Anyone know what SK fans’ reactions have been?

  21. Some people didn’t like Superstar but I doubt that’ll be the case here! This song is pure love!!!

    Taeyang on a piano just singing with his beautiful voice will never fail to grab at the heartstrings of every listener out there.

    This album is turning out to be much different than expected. You can definitely tell that THIS is Taeyang’s album. His musical style along with his musical influences is showing really strongly so far. I must say that I LOVE this.

    I’m just scared because this is so much different than what’s out in the kpop world right now…I hope the kfans love it just as much as we do. I want Taeyang to get the recognition he deserves dammit!

    1. I feel that a lot of people were expecting a HOT repeat but come one – it’s been 2 years and YB is at a different point in his life. Some people have been hating that but I dont get it. Ppl complain that YB doesn’t change but when he does ppl complain about that too. As long as he is loving what he’s singing then I’m fine with it. Plus I’m loving this album so far.

    2. I think K-pop’s changing too. I hate to bring in another group name in here but SS501’s Love Ya was a step away from the Auto-tune with the orchestral music. I was totally diggin’ it.

      TOP’s Turn It Up was filled with Auto-tune but it fit the style and it didn’t make him sound sleezy.

      So far, I’m loving YB’s musical evolution. It’s smoother and less “machismo” than HOT. It’s because he’s not as “machismo” as he was in HOT as well. He’s a man now and has nothing to prove to anyone else but himself. Unlike HOT when he had to prove that he could do it on his own.

      Youngbae’s maturing and this new album’s sound is proving it just nicely.

      1. What this is about is ‘image’ vs. ‘reality’. When I saw YB for the first time I thought he was one of those guys that wanted the super hot sexy girl. His image during ‘HOT” was so in your face sexy. But the reality of YB is completely different from that. He’s a total sweetie. I think that’s the side he’s showing with this album. We’re getting the ‘real’ YB. The guy we see in interviews. The sweet, soft spoken and shy member of BB. The man behind the image.

        1. Yeah, you’re right~~
          Even HOT promotional pictures were a lot of shirtless YB and Pray MV was him and his body….it was a more physical evolution shall we say~ And I don’t blame him, no one had really “noticed” YB much until HOT – he wasn’t the stud, nor the most outgoing and because he shared the limelight in BB, people weren’t too aware of his vocal potentials…so HOT brought him out physically and vocally…

        2. I think YB’s popularity last year in Korea suffered because of that. People were like “Where’s that guy that we saw in Prayer and LOAM…Where’s that guy. With WD and WUA he was giving fans the softer, emotional side and they didn’t get it.

        3. Yes. It’s like some fans don’t understand that he’s getting older and becoming more mature. HOT was all about that in-your-face sexiness while Solar is all about the man he has matured into. This is the album where he wants to show fans exactly who he has become….how 10 years in the music industry has affected him. True fans will understand that this is just YB’s way of expressing his personal feelings and ideas out there, seeing as how he isn’t the most outspoken person in the world. I hope listeners can truly appreciate all the work he’s put into his album.

        4. Taeyang/DC interview:

          Q: It contains 6 songs in total. What was the extent of your role in choosing the songs? (Question from DC Gallers bf and yb)
          YB: First, in terms of music, I took the lead in setting the overall direction, the kind of music I wanted to do best. Once Teddy, Kush and I started working together from early this year, we discussed a lot about the types of music I wanted to do and the themes and styles of my stage performances.
          Q: How satisfied are you with this album? On a scale of 100, how much would you give? (Question from DC Gallers Ps, ㅂㄱ and …)
          YB: About 60… (laugh)
          Q: Isn’t that too low? (Laugh) What are you not happy about? (Question from DC Gallers 배사마, bf and ㅃㅈ)
          YB: Well, the fact that I didn’t actually write any of the songs.

        5. I agree with Janelle and certainly think that Taeyang did great promoting HOT, but personally, I don’t feel that it was ultimately the style of music he wanted to pursue.
          He has said before that Solar is actually what he himself—not YG or Teddy—wanted to make.
          It just has this jazzy, groovy, slow jam feel to it that resembles pretty much what Bae likes to listen to.
          Fans were expecting Hot 2, but in all honesty, I am glad he didn’t give us that.
          This sounds like an album that women and men in their mid 20’s not teens in their 12’s will enjoy listening to and I thank him for that for I am not the type of person who enjoys ‘hook songs’.

        6. That’s such a good insight…probably why he wanted to call the album “Real.” As someone pointed out, this album reflects all his musical influences (and why there seems to be such an old school vibe to the releases so far) and who he is right now in life.
          It also sort of explains to me why he had to resolve his issues with his musical career when he was depressed last year (when he said that he realized everything he was doing was for himself.) I think he knows that the stuff he likes to do will be a tough sell, but decided to stick to his guns anyway. I respect that, and am glad he would rather do that than sell out.
          The album seems a bit scattered so far since there does not seem to be one defining sound or theme emerging yet. Considering the diverse characteristics of the tracks we know (the 3 teasers and WUA and WD) it seems that it could be anything goes with the remaining songs. I’m glad that there seems more emphasis on vocals so far and the production seems top notch. Excited for the rest!

        7. SOLAR is an album for music fans. If you’re looking for catchy hooks this is not the disk for you. YB is truly an old soul musically speaking. He has such varied taste when it comes to music. Just to name a few, Michael Jackson, Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder, Brian McKnight, Alicia Keys, Boys II Men, Beyonce, Usher, Prince, Omarion, Ne Yo, Karina Pasian etc….. It’s like he took all his favorite music, threw it in a pot and made a Jumbo. Add a dash of piano and YB’s smooth vocals and there you have it SOLAR.

  22. i’m speechless…it sound sooooo sweet with his soft toned voice….and honestly,my tears fell just listening to it….LMAO^^ really Sweet song like chocolate and ice-cream^^

  23. “Chocolate…Ice Cream….I really wanna have you” Kinda…umm..suggestive eh. lol Seriously, my mind totally went down the gutter when I heard those words. Hey, the mood of song and everything about the song help my mind go in that direction. LOL!!!!

    1. I was telling myself I wasn’t gonna but…

      I can imagine: Hot day, abs… icecream~ oops, how’d I accidentally drop them on your abs? XP

      And it’s like 98deg. F here in NY and I’m literally looking for a gelato shoppe.

  24. I can’t wait for the english translation for this song!!!!! ~^___^~

    I agree with the above comment where how TaeYang has change from HOT to SOLAR. I mean, I youtube a lot lately (yes, about him….lol~) and you can really tell a difference in his voice and the way he sing in the previews. Altho I do play music a bit, I would still consider myself as an outsider of music industry… I really do and can tell he improves a lot on the way he sing…. kinda hard to explain, but like for example, his voice is not coming out from the throat, or the transition of breathing and singing…etc.

  25. oh my dear lord in heaven. if i must say that was the most B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. thing i have EVER heard in my entire life. youngbae, i would be your anything. oh my that was just so, so, so, beyond words.

    yeah we get to hear taeyang play the piano more

  27. Im so proud of bae. This just made me close my eyes and smile. His vocals did improve a lot. And what else i like about this song is that it simple. Nothing dramatic, just seeing what bae’s can do and the smoothness of his voice. i really appriciate that he did this slow jam 🙂

  28. wow this is really different compared to his HOT album. I like it though, it showcases his vocals more. Amazing voice

    1. (Shows how I can’t wait for this any longer lol, here I am messing around with his site’s layout out of excitement.)

  29. I am seriously loving every single preview but I have this strong feeling that fans of generic hook songs won’t like the album.
    All I know fore sure though, is that I am beyond glad that Bae is trying new genres and not sticking to the HOT sound or to the current trend in Korea.
    I was really needing something refreshing that suited people my age (mid 20’s) and Solar is doing just that. 😉

    1. It really depends on who the album is geared towards…..

      Let’s look for example – the generic hook songs work because the groups and song is geared towards pre-teens/teens who get caught into the viral media and end up loving the song (whether the singer can actually sing or not, is a different story….). With this, most companies hope that this song will get all those teens to become fans and hopefully purchase the album and thus build a fanbase….makes sense…

      In Taeyang’s case, I’d like to say he isn’t geared towards the pre-teens/teens so his music wouldn’t be that generic hook song because a lot of people who do buy his album are more “mature” fans. Yes, he’s got fangirls but A LOT of his fans are older males/females who just enjoy the music without sounding like they’re little teenage school girls……

      i.e when you’re 25, its not cool to be a fan of, lets say, Justin Bieber (let’s just say you’re socially conscious) but it’s really cool to admire and be a fan of Ryan Leslie…

      This is the reason why he doesn’t do well on those polls and stuff, because those are dominated by teen fans, alot of his older fans (let’s say 25+) wouldn’t participate in that stuff nor really be in that maturity level anymore (not saying the rest are immature, but they’ve moved on from that phase)…hence why, we don’t see all his fans most of the time…..

      So my point is, a lot of the “hook song” lovers are younger, more into the “group” than the music itself (ie. do they look hot, okay, they do, so I’m a fan). I’m not saying all, but in my opinion, most…..Taeyang’s beyond that stage now, that’s why, his songs wouldn’t mesh with his fans….but what made LOAM outstanding was that it was a hook song, with maturity~

      I am always reminded of Lee Jun Ki when I think of mature fans (Lee Jun Ki, famous actor in Korea) – he carried around his HOT album everywhere he went…..this is why Tae has so many celebrity fans~

      1. Totally agree with everything you said.
        I know BB’s fans are for the most part teens, but I remember reading somewhere that Bae’s fans are a bit more mature as you pointed out, which is why I thought that perhaps Bae intentionally chose to give Solar an old school vibe.
        You also made me remember of when Hot came out and most of my friends were focusing and talking about how good the music itself was while my niece who is 11 couldn’t stop spazzing(?) about his dancing skills and abs, which is actually fine since what truly matters in the end is that we all like his music.
        Anyways, I guess what I was trying to say was that I am truly contented with the fact that there is still some Korean music that I can relate to and a bit saddened, at the same time, to see some people disregarding Solar as plain ‘bad’, ‘boring’, and ‘meh’ just because it doesn’t follow the current trend and/or has a different portrayal of ‘mature Taeyang’.
        By the way, thank you very much for all the news you post. My brothers and I are stalking your site everyday for the previews.

  30. Just throwing this out there…doesn’t it seem that the teasers have been really “neat” so far? I mean they just don’t do fade outs etc. I get the feeling that the teasers may have been recorded specially as teasers. Makes me wonder if the actual tracks may be somewhat different from what we’ve heard so far…

    1. YES, I agree!
      I noticed that especially with “You’re My…” – it’s cut really well and really does not hint towards the rest of the song which makes me think that there are exerpts made specially for each song instead of just cutting the song off abruptly

  31. I thought I was going psycho and didn’t hear the ‘chocolate’ part
    in the begininng and I heard only the ‘ice cream’ part
    and I was like ‘am I listening to the right song?’ LMFAO!!!

    This is so sexy, can’t wait to hear more XD

  32. This is my favourite preview so far. It’s soooo beautiful though the lyrics make me lol But Bae just sounds so sweet I’m melting…corny, I know.

    HOT was an amazing album, Sinner and Make Love were my favourites and I do admit that I wanted that type of sound but I understand that HOT wasn’t a true reflection of Taeyang as a person and I think this album will be, so I’m looking forward to it even more now because I know it’s not what I was expecting.

  33. once again,,, for the 2nd time this week, Taeyang saved me from sadness… he just made me smile and giggle with this sweet and sexy and luscious song… LUSCIOUS???

    his voice did really IMPROVED a lot… i’m listening to his old songs and to this previews, compare it… and his voice is somewhat different… i don’t know if it’s just the songs and its rhythm and the sound…

    in my opinion, every new album that an artist comes up with has to be different from the previous album,,, why call it a new album if it’s similar to the previous one, just call it part2 or repackaged… an artist must show different sides of him with every album… this is more to make his fans know him as a person, understand his feelings better coz this is him…

    cmon! Taeyang can’t sound forever cheesy… forever with those catchy tunes… he’s growing up… and so far, he’s grown up to be a fine man with finesse…

    what i’m really likin’ in SOLAR is so far, the songs are different from the other… it has many varieties,,, it can appeal to anybody…

    and just to share to my fellow Taeyang fans… i’ve persuaded my friend who’s going to Korea next week to buy the album for me on July 1… i told him to fight over the deluxe edition! if it doesn’t work out then i just have to be satisfied in purchasing the normal edition…

  34. I’m not liking these teasers to be honest. I felt like the HOT album was HIM while these teasers remind me of american artists. idk he might like these artists and they influence him but I want his original and unique sound. This teaser was sweet and all and I wouldn’t mind if the whole song was like this but all the teasers that have been out sound the same. Kind of hard to explain…..a bit boring?idk….

    1. HOT had a much more cohesive concept. It was such a strong album for me really in that it had a unique sense of style (mostly because Teddy has a strong style and was the main producer of all the tracks ) and theme (a relationship gone bad because of cheating, the remorse and reconciliation.) I can understand that since it was his 1st solo (and with the subsequent Teddy-TY collabs with WD and WUA) it sort of defined – for better or worse- what people expect to be the Taeyang sound. .

      I’ve been sensing that this album is like a journal for him, and is the truer reflection of who he is and is an exploration of the many other musical sides of him. As Janelle mentioned in the comments above, he is an old soul, and this album may well be cathartic – a way to just do all those things he has always wanted to do musically and is a homage to his own idols. He’s young anyway and still has a long ways to go in developing his own sound. This album may see him want to experiment a bit and see where it goes. The tradeoff is that it may confuse old fans even while it gets him new ones.

      But this is the early stages yet ( 6 more tracks to go) so we’ll see…

      1. I get all that but the main point is all this sounds like what american artists make, it seems like his influences are tooo strong in these teasers, we just have to wait and see until the full songs come out.

        I just want a Taeyang song, not a Usher,MJ, CB, song.
        I loved Wedding Dress and I was hoping their were more unique songs like this on his album.

        1. to be honest though, taeyang’s ‘wedding dress’ was also heavily inspired by american artists in my opinion. it was very reminiscent of the lyrical flow of usher back in his ‘8701’ album.

          and who’s to say that the ‘HOT’ album was more him, i think it’s safe to say that the songs that are going to be released in this album are more ‘taeyang’ than the songs that were in his 1st album, simply because he had more input in this ‘solar’ album.

        2. Taeyang’s songs have always been a bit americanized and thats not a bad thing but when it gets to the point that all of his songs start to sound the same then its not so good.

          He prepared for HOT for like 3 years and this album for 2 years so even though he had more input in this album,it doesn’t show the quality of being worked on for so long. I don’t wanna upset anyone so I’ll stop there. Lets just see what else comes out(:

        3. oh well, can’t please everyone. but i will say, of the teasers released so far, the diversity is definitely there. each song has managed to sound different but has stayed within the genre of rnb/soul. if anything, of the songs that are going to be released in ‘solar’ were to sound like those that were in ‘hot’ then those songs would have to be ‘wedding dress’ and ‘wua’.

          but yeh, only 3 teasers have been released out of the 9 new songs, we’re not even half way there yet, so it’s way too early to judge.

        4. Even though I do this myself sometimes, I don’t like attributing a certain song as “american”. What defines an american song from a kpop song? If we wanted pure kpop, we’d be happy with the repetitve-virus laden music that teeny boppers are bobbing their heads to this very minute because thats the epitome of what makes kpop…well kpop.

          We can’t label a song by its country…yes there can be influences from other artists but all songs are an influence or retrospect of something else.

          I’m really confused. So we want Taeyang to be original and yet we don’t want him to be American BUT ofcourse, it can’t be anything like what Kpop is putting out right now and duh, it MUST be different from what Big Bang usually does, but of course it has to be R&B but no no, can’t be too much rap and has to have just the right amount of soul and if its influenced by someone, traces of their influence cannot overpower Taeyang’s originality, which we are searching in the first place.

          So tell me, are we demanding a bit too much?

          Not trying to be mean, I’ve come to this realization myself as well…..

        5. @Kay : Of course YB fans are too demanding of his music! (Otherwise we would be reduced to talking about shirtlessness or lack of, new “concepts”, or heaven help us – his hair…) We all want different things from him though, poor boy. To echo Tofu, in the end he just has to do his own thing and see what happens. Hope his fans give him some room to test things out. He’s 22, and is still finding himself after all. I’m happy to go along for the ride since I really believe in his potential.

        6. @Kay yep thats it,it is too much to demand but thats why I’m a fan of Taeyang because I know he can do it. I love his music and I want to see him in another level then the usual Kpop. Yeah its not right to say “americanized” but thats the only way I can describe it.

          @Soul, I wasn’t talking about experience since he didn’t write the lyrics but the way he naturally “fit” in.

      2. wow. I’m retarded. I just realized how HOT tells a sorry. Maybe because it’s in a foreign language and I’ve never listened to it in sequence but it does tell a very cohesive story if you follow the order. But SOLAR has to be different than HOT, what’s the point of coming out with a new album if it’s the same as the previous one. Personally I don’t see how these sound at all alike. I agree that I got a very Usher feel with the intro but even then I also got a very Taeyang feel if that makes sense.

    2. It is still too early in Taeyang’s career to say this is HIM, but nevertheless, I think Take It Slow could give you that since it is the only track he himself composed.
      And without meaning to sound disrespectful, how can you say HOT was him when the songs referred to a level of maturity in relationships that Taeyang has not even reached? If anything, it was an album that portrayed both Teddy’s and Kush’s own sounds as well as experiences.
      Also, this album is bound to reflect his musical influences since it is based on what has inspired him throughout his life, what he has grown up listening to so it is not surprising that it is totally different to HOT.
      I also don’t see how it is all sounding the same. Superstar was groove, groove, and more groove while You’re My is jazzy (Btw, love tthe Rhodes piano on it). The music genres have definitely been different.
      It would be better to say that the previews do not suit your own musical taste.
      Perhaps you will change your mind. If you do, cool. If you don’t, no one will shoot you for it. No one is obliged to love it.

  35. omo!meltsssss***oh bae,ur voice just sent us to heaven^__^ i really wanna get d deluxe matter what happen’s,i really wanna get it,(i mean WE all really wanna get it)..keke..but i don’t think philppines would even have the normal ver. cuz they’re still sellling that 1st album of bigbang:((((((..soo i guess i will be ordering it at online,soo i’ll just be spazzing the normal ver…_but even though it’s normal ver,it’s still great ryt??yb figting:))

  36. and Q:why there is no preview of just a feeling?and there s no preview of i need a girl cuz it’s gonna be an mv ryt?

    1. There are some comments above and the speculation is that YB will promote the two songs.

      I Need a Girl already has an MV, and will be out on July 1st so there’s really no need to tease us with that song (otherwise there’s less attention! Kekekek)

      And I guess Just a Feeling is song #2 he will promote other than I Need a Girl. =)

  37. From what I can gather from my limited korean skills. There are mixed reactions to the previews form YB fans.

    Some at DCYB don’t really like the previews, but they like his vocals. They think the songs are ok. Some of them commented that they are waiting for a guess a “wow” kinda of a song. In one post I read the author was wondering if the Solar would be able to do as well as Hot, or not.

    Other fan sites seem to like the previews so far and think that the previews are something new and refreshing from YB. They like his vocals.

    I am not sure about the general public opinion though.

    This is my understanding from going to several YB korean fans sites. Warning my korean is limited so my understanding may not be complete.

    1. Thats how I feel,his vocals are great but the songs teasers so far are meh. Even WUA was better in my opinion,still waiting for the wow factor.

    2. thanks for posting. I was really wondering. What we think here is important but not as important as what ppl in Korea think. If anyone else has info, it would be appreciated.

    3. Thanks. Google roughly tells me that most of BB/YB fans like all previews. They like his vocal and changes. Not sure about DCYB though. I am looking forward to next songs. I keep wondering what is the thing that YB is lacking. I just can’t enjoy his previews as much as I love his voice.sigh*

  38. because of this song, Taeyang just earned himself a new fan… and that’s my mom! she said Taeyang sounded like an international singer… not the kpop she usually hears… ATY, let’s welcome my mom!!!

  39. OMG !!! His new album has so many different genres of music.
    I don’t say that his first mini album is boring or what.Never ! But this whole new style is really good and refreshing 😀
    And the YG even give us 1.5 mins. How generous !!

  40. There’s some great discussion going on here, I like it!

    This track is so sweet and his vocals are GREAT. EPIC.

    “You’re my chocolate, my sweetest chocolate”

    OH YEAH BABEH, ditto~

    This is something I’ll put on repeat before I go to bed, and can fall asleep to. The whole arrangement is just WOW…

    I’m loving the different genres YB’s venturing and experimenting here, it shows a more personal side of him compared to HOT.

    No doubt I loved HOT, but the sexiness was so blatant that it doesn’t feel like the YB I see on interviews and Strong Heart.

    So I’m really looking forward to SOLAR, THIS IS IT. This is the album that shows us the real YB. =)

    Now I wonder if I’m an old soul too, lol… I’m only 18 turning 19 in less than a month’s time. While generally speaking Tae Yang fans are usually in their 20’s and older. “XD

  41. I have my housemate (she is 100% american) listen to TaeYang’s preview and she said he has a really good voice and she can understand his english!! =)

    Way to gooo TaeYang~!!!

  42. i’m still in the borderline between want and do not want.
    his voice is heavenly no doubt.he makes me weak on the knees and i could listen to him all day but…iono.too mellow for me.maybe it will grow on me.

    it’s just a preview though.i’ll wait for the whole song.

  43. On YB’s latest album: I think people will still listen to it even when they are in their 60s. 🙂 I like this track “You’re My”. It’s like something you’d listen to while having wine relaxing at home, on a Friday night after a long, stressful week.

  44. this is so good! is it just me, or does so far the teasers we have heard are things that puts images in your mind and make you visualise so many beautiful things. i think this album is going to be one heck of an impact and influence into the way we listen to music. from reading some of the above comments, makes me realise that it aint always about the way someone looks, but its the potential and skill that they have – but then again we all know that Young Bae is one fine young man! 😉 – anyway, like i was saying before i got lost in his amazingness! lols, he is just absolutely amazing, i love the amount of heart he puts into his songs, even though not been through those experiences, but i can relate to his lyrics and music. i love the fact that he’s stepped out of his “zone”, and given something different a go. this track would do well even without the awesome piano, because Young Bae is amazing at acapella’s. everyone’s raving about “you’re my sweetest chocolate” im going crazy for, “you’re my sweetest ice-cream..i really wanna have you” just cos, for some reason i’m feeling that part more.♡

    1. i meant Young Bae not being through those experiences, but i can relate because i have been through them, so it makes sense to me. lols, i missed that when i re-read my comment just then! lols,♡

  45. Ok I’m not sure if I’m liking the songs yet since they are just preview but one thing for sure, his vocals alone could send me straight to cloud nine.

    I can see how You’re My is a potential hot fave but personally, it’d might have been better they could just stick to Korean lyrics. Maybe I’m one of those who feels that Korean songs should be just what it is, with just Korean lyrics. Sure, throw in an English word or maybe two, but don’t do it just for the sake of doing it. I can’t count how many times I’ve heard cheesy English lyrics being sung in an otherwise, pretty okay Korean song. Though thankfully for TY, (or maybe for us listeners), his English pronounciation is not too bad compared to majority of other kpop singers, but really, “you’re my chocolate” “you’re my ice cream” ??????

    I literally cringed.

  46. i just died and went to YB heaven! that’s all i can say rite now,i’ve been spazzing over the “you’re my chocolate,you’re my ice cream,i wanna have you” lyrics ALL DAY!<33333333 this is the most delicious,sexy,beautiful melody EVA! gosh Youngbae!!! *thud*

  47. lols, well not everyone is goign to appreciate his slight change in genres. but i’ve been getting into a lot of blues & jazz, lately, so its something i’m feeling. c’mon, he’s doing really well! lets all support him! really can’t wait for his album! so happy, i’m proud of you YOUNG BAE♡

  48. I now realize why I like this preview so much, it sounds like Ra.D!! (Another fantastic Korean R&B singer and producer~)

    It’s got a similar vibe as “You’re My”~ I absolutely LOVE “Couple Song”..
    I remember hearing Ra.D was considering producing for YG.

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