D5: Round 2 & Giveaway FAQ

“BAEby, you’re my SUPERSTAR.  I’m your biggest fan.”  That’s what you all are thinking!  I know because the number of entries for the competition completely exceeded my expectations.  So many #1 fans out there!  We had people representing the Philippines, Malaysia, the USA, Canada, The Netherlands, France, the UK, even Laos, Brunei, Brazil, New Zealand and more.  This is very very very awesome! 

You have another shot at winning a free album today, but before moving on, check your answer for yesterday’s question:

Question: Youngbae wrote the lyrics to one of Big Bang’s songs. Which one was it?

Answer: Goodbye Baby



I’ve gotten a lot of questions about the giveaway so I thought it would be helpful to make a FAQ to answer them.  Please read and refer to this post and the rules before freaking out/asking a question.  If it doesn’t answer your concerns then, feel free to email/post.  (iiilovethesun@live.com)

1. How do I know if ATY has received my entry?

In general, if you get a confirmation message, it means that Google has processed your answers and I will see it.  The confirmation is NOT AN EMAIL.  If you are extremely concerned, shoot me an email and I will check for you.  What you SHOULD NOT DO is submit again and again.  We will only take your first response.  If it gets out of hand and annoying, we’ll just disqualify you for this round.  Consider this a warning.  If there’s any special circumstances, please contact us.  We really want you to be part of this, but please make it easy for us too.

For reference the confirmation message should look like this:

Thank you for participating in ATY’s Album Giveaway.

Come back tomorrow for another chance to win Taeyang’s ‘SOLAR’ album.

2. What if I get the wrong answer?

Don’t sweat it.  Consider each question you answer correctly as a ticket for a raffle/drawing.  We are providing a total of 6 opportunities to get a ticket so the maximum tickets you can put into the drawing is 6.  If you don’t get this ticket try again tomorrow!  It just means you have less tickets in the drawing as someone who answered all 6 questions correctly.

3. How much time do I have to answer the question?

24 hours from the time the question was first posted.  I want to reiterate that this is not a race.  The first 10 submissions have the same chances of winning as the last.  You have plenty of time to do some research to ensure that your answer is correct.  Incorrect answers will be taken out so answer carefully.

4.  Do I have to put down my address yet?

Absolutely not.  The location question is optional.  You can leave it blank if you want.  The reason it’s there is because I was simply curious of where Taeyang fans came from.  We will need to know your REAL name and address if you are selected as a winner.

5.  How many albums is ATY giving out?

Only one.  Each day you get the chance to enter one ticket into the drawing.  Only July 1st  we will compile all the correct entries into one big giant list and select one winner from it.  From the looks of it, the prize will be the normal edition of “SOLAR.”  We know you all want a deluxe edition, but ATY doesn’t think we can get copy for ourselves either.

6.  How fair is this competition?

This question is an important one and many have approached me about it.  To be completely honest, it’s as fair as you all make it be.  Readers have brought up the possibility that people will use multiple email accounts to increase their chances of winning the album since we have no real way of checking or controlling this.  In fact, this is a brilliant idea.  Some of you may already have thought about it and done it, but some of you haven’t.  We decided to throw it out there to level the playing field for everyone.  ATY admins have discussed it and we concluded that we will trust that ATY readers are good people and will play nicely and fairly.  Our goal with the giveaway was to thank our readers for all the support you’ve shown us, celebrate Taeyang’s comeback, and give a dedicated fan a real hard copy of Taeyang’s album because for some, it’s hard to get.  I hope that it doesn’t get tinged with any ill feelings.  This is just for fun and we’re not professionals.  We try but there’s bound to mistakes and problems.  So we will apologize now for any problems that have and will occur.

With that said, if we suspect any cheating, though it’s hard and you all have been fantastic, we will do something about it.  FYI, I have lots of power. *evil cackle*

64 thoughts on “D5: Round 2 & Giveaway FAQ”

    1. yeah Kay,damn right they shouldn’t!! 😛 and i loved the question too! it’ll be so funny if i got it wrong after being so cocky that i got it right! hahaha 😉

  1. Yay!!! I got the answer to round 1 right! 🙂

    I hope I got round 2 question’s right. Even though it says it’s not a trick question….questions like that still trip me up. But to me…the answer I chose is the best one out there! 🙂

  2. yes i got the first one right….

    the second one’s… weird. it better actually not have been a trick one LOL.

  3. I submitted. btw, i forgot if i put ‘ottawa’ or ‘nepean’ for my first entry… for my city…

    just recording this so someone reads it and recognizes it.. even though its not required >_> and uhh… yeah i’ll use ottawa from now on.

  4. Just wanted to make sure everyone got at least one shot at the album. 🙂

    Surprisingly lots of people got the first question wrong. Many said “tell me goodbye.” lol I wonder why…lol.

    1. Hahaa, I think it’s because of that article where he said that Tell me Goodbye was originally his song. 🙂
      By the way, if you give the abbreviated form of the answer or long form, is it still correct, as long as you know what they mean?

    2. Ahhhhh this makes sense! lol. It was FOR him…but wasn’t written by him.

      And it’s abbreviations are okay. ^_^

  5. YUSSSSSSSSSSSS! GOT THE FIRST ONE RIGHT! Dude…I feel as if I am taking a test in school or something! hahahaha!


  6. wahah my answer to th first rond is right!! bwahaha.. hope I’ll get the 2nd one right too.. I want to have the solar album! 😀 I love you Youngbae!!!!

  7. OMFG i totally screwed up on the 1st one,i got confussed and i missed the BIG BANG´’s part,NOOOOOOOOO!! i so knew the answer to that too…sigh….anyway 2nd submitted…:(


  9. OMG! got the 1st question right, but i wasn’t sure so YAY! Oh My! telling that is not a trick question made me think like it is.! oh well. will wind up a little bit before answering. but isn’t “best” subjective. now i’m thinking too hard. XS

  10. i got the first answer correct!!thank GOD.. hope luck will be with me until i get my hands on that SHINING SOLAR ALBUM hehehe.. goodluck to us again..

    ooh the second question’s AWESOME!!i’m really excited to type the answer but i made sure i typed it nice and slow..weeee if i got the wrong answer here then so be it.. my answer is stil the JJANG TAE YANG intl fansite..kekekeke

  11. Damn! I got the first question wrong 😦
    Anyways, you guys (aty admins) are really the best.
    Thank you for putting up a constest like this.

  12. what if i wasn’t able to participate Round 1? Am i still eligible to participate the rest of the rounds? 😕

    1. yup…you can participate in but any round you want but of course the more rounds you enter the more chances you get.

  13. I knew I got the first one wrong..because the article didn’t say he wrote it.. I knew it was some other song too…I suck =( oh well! there are other questions~ good job for the others that got it right!!!

  14. 😉 Yes I got the first one right&I just submitted my second answer! Hehe I love that question btw!

  15. Oh my….He wrote Goodbye Baby? Serious. It was the first Kpop MV I ever saw and what made me check out Lies and then I fell in love with Big Bang and GDYB….That’s kind of funny how they each wrote a song that got me into Big Bang xD
    It was fate for me to love them both haha.

    1. deluxe edition has 13 songs (including prayer and LOaM) and comes with a buttload of goodies ranging from a SOLAR promo tee, a bunch of promo pics and his YG Fam info card, etc.—hence why there’s only 30K being sold and is only available in Korea. the normal version just has the 11 songs (with WD being the last track)…im still hoping for a ghost track tho. that would make my year.

  16. Yepee!! so i got the 1st right then! 😀 and i think i got the second right too ahahaha *counting chickens before they are hatched!*

  17. Come ‘on guys if this question is tricky or though, the next questions will be a lot harder lol. I mean how can you hesitate =D. Just to know, when we put our name does we have to put the first name or last name ? Because i have put during the first two questions my last name.

    1. you don’t have to put your first and last (or last, first) name for the contest. you can use your ATY S/N for it…that’s all optional (tho whichever name you use, you have to use it the whole contest). if you’re selected as the winner for the CD, the mods will send an email asking for your shipping address.

  18. I got the first one right YAY… but after very intensive research because I was thought he did the chorography on goodbye babe and not the lyrics , am sure I read that somewhere and am still kind of confused ! Did he do both?

    anyway great contest guys 😀

  19. yeay,i got the first one right:))i hope i get the next one too..thank u for making up this contest,even though i don’t win at least i know i tried hard,and i will try to perfect so that there will be no regrets:)thank again ATY:))))))

  20. To answer this question, do I just write the website name or do I post the link of the website as well? 🙂

  21. Dang, Yesterday i stay up intill 2:00 for 2nd round and my computer internet sucks &, didn`t work. I was all happy to go for 2nd round. sucks that i stay up all night and did nothing .

  22. Hey:( I got a question,
    what if you are the lucky winner on July 1st and recieve the congrad email and stuff, but you couldn’t be there to read/ reply bc you were at camp or on vacation and are not aloud to use the Internet .. Until like 2 weeks later??
    Will the price still be there ??

        1. yes this is true.
          the winner will be selected on july 1st and contacted by email. if we don’t get a response within the 24 hours, we will pick a new winner.

          so check your emails July 1st!

  23. 😦 i got the first question wrong….
    i wrote fool’s only tear……………………….
    i dont knw the second answer does that mean i am a bad fan…. 😦
    i mean im a new fan who desperately wants the CD
    hehe<……..(i'll will happy even if i just got the poster)

  24. LOL I would of not gotten that right if I did it! 😛
    I was thinking like number 1 or like gara gara go for some
    reason LMFAO!!
    Nice question by the way 😀 HAHAH

  25. Yay I got the first one right! 😀 I’m looking forward to the next questions!

    And for the answer to this one…yeah, I’m quite sure about it. 😀 Goodluck to all the participants!

  26. No latest preview for today?
    I woke up early just to check if there’s a preview. It has been passed an hour but no preview yet. I thought there’s going to be preview from 25th-30th. 😦

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