[Pic Spam] The Power of SOLAR

I was going to write something but I think this photo speaks for itself. Taeyang makes me speechless. He really has no idea the kind of power he has over us females. If he did he wouldn’t be this sexy! Check out some more amazing pictures of Taeyang’s posters on the streets of Seoul!

Source: HERE

YG Entertainment has released the Official SOLAR promotional posters. These are fantaken photos of the posters seen around Seoul.

C: Ybmania and BBvipz


44 thoughts on “[Pic Spam] The Power of SOLAR”

  1. Taeyang is simply the definition of what it is to be a REAL man. Absolutely breath taking. I wish I could have those posters too XD

  2. Only Taeyang could have me drooling over a picture of his back!
    He is definitely bringing sexy back…..with his sexy back. Hahaha corny I know! 🙂

  3. oh MAH GOSH….. i can’t wait to stay up for all the perfs and yadayada all over again :DDD


    1. Ever since the Brian McKnight concert back in April I have been loving the stubble. I’m so glad he decided to keep it for the Solar promotions. I think it makes him look super sexy!!!

        1. yeah it does, i’m not going to deny liking it. his mature look sets these promotions apart from his first mini album.

  4. Omg…I’m chilling @ work right now looking at this sexiness.hot fucking damn.I think I might have to make an all YB screensaver…hot freakin damn.this wait may not be so bad afterall.

  5. I hope the fans (i’m guessing girls) that took the photo actually took one home..’coz if it were me I’d have that on my ceiling.

  6. I love how YG are really promoting this well. Thankkuuu YG xD
    Mannnn i can’t wait till he’s on music shows and everything kekeke

  7. Oh wow he is a very sexy man. The lucky lady that becomes his girlfriend is VERY lucky. Wish it could be me. But I guess I can dream that is me = )

  8. I’m loving all of the new pictures, I can’t wait to see the full blown photoshoot for the album.

    Like everyone else I’d surely steal one of those posters, haha. I hope we can get one when ordering the CD.

  9. seriously, can i have the posters??? they’re great to replace Jerry Yan’s wallscroll in my room… haha!!!

    no, just like to share something… my classmate, who doesn’t listen to kpop and really know nothing in kpop, saw Youngbae’s pic on my phone and she said,,, “Is he your bf??? He’s cute. where’d you met him???”

    and i was smiling and laughing like crazy… for once, someone really believed Youngbae is my boyfriend… this friend makes me live in my dreams… haha!!!

      1. Jerry Yan is my first addiction but now i know nothing but Youngbae… and i want to have those posters here in my room so i could see Youngbae wherever i look…

  10. I so want to take one, no ALL of those posters to my uni residence here!!!!

    Stick them all in my room for oogling and drooling purposes… Kiya~~~ >w<

    He is looking fabilious with that expression and that sexy stubble…. *melted*

  11. WHY don’t they have those POSTERS HERE?!?!


    god. he is………………………………….. unbelievably sexy. i LOVE his previews!! (=

  12. Those poster of him isn’t doing any justice for my old age!! hahaha..he got me (26 years old) acting like I’m 12 again!! ahhhhh Young Bae..go ahead with your bad self..I ain’t mad at cha for looking all mighty delicious and fine as hell!! Only if..I was years younger and not married!! lOl!!

    1. dude, don’t even worry about that…he got more noona fans anyway…he even said he’d date up to 10 years older. so really, join the club, join the club (23 YO btw). 🙂

    2. 31 year old noona fan here. Last week I was talking to my friend and I was telling her about YB’s birthday project and how the song I sent him came out when he was 7 years old…..and she’s all “How old is he?” And I say “22.””. My friend almost had a heart attack thinking I’m some sort of a Cougar on the prowl. I’m a Puma. So don’t worry about your age ladies. Remember you’re as young as you feel. 🙂

  13. Wow. Good job YGE promo team! Those posters look amaaazing. It really looks like a movie poster. I wonder if this is the poster that’s going to be released when the album drops.

  14. wow! it’s already EVERYWHERE! LOL @____@
    this makes me anticipate more for the
    “i need a girl” and the albuM!!!

  15. WHOA!!! yeah i can’t get over the newest pic!! how can his back be that sexy? hahaha,i mean this is JUST his back we’re talking about,wuuuushh!! the pic has invaded every single gadget of mine,computer,cellphone,etc. I can’t get over this new sexyness of his!! i mean it’s not new ’cause he’s always been a babe,but you know 😛

    I would SO steal every single poster i found on the street and just fill my walls whit ’em!!! they have no idea how lucky they are to have BEBE all over the city!! <333 yummy! can't wait any longer oppa!!! im ready for SOLAR! kenkiuu for the pics!

    1. They have no idea how lucky they are to be living in the same city as Bebe. Are you kidding me! I’d be outside YG building every day just to catch a glimpse of the hotness!

  16. omo!!i’m soo spazzing for this posters,i wanted to get one..kekeke..i’m so happy that yg is now giving taeyang big promotionals..:)))

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