Preview #2 – Superstar!

Here’s your second preview to SOLAR with track “SUPERSTAR”!
Download – HERE

I’m loving the beginning of this track, 1.5 min preview is killing me! The sound is really refreshing and upbeat and his voice *melts* So, is YG giving us more than 1 min previews!?

103 thoughts on “Preview #2 – Superstar!”

  1. I’m glad to know that TY thinks I’m his Superstar 😉
    the song sounds HOTT, the bass scared the crap out of me when it first started.

  2. doooode! i love it! baby you’re my superstar~

    oh yes YB, you’re everyone’s superstar ❤
    it seems like forever already! where u at, July 1?!

  3. I am loving where his album is going! Superstar seems very upbeat….it put a smile on my face the whole time. And of course his voice sounds scrumptious in it.
    YB….you’ll always be my superstar! 🙂

  4. Oh, his voice… It’s just too sexy to the ears… I’M SO LOVING IT!!!

    Tae Yang Baebae, you are my superstar… ❤

  5. I’m loving YG’s marketing strategy for YB’s album! Building up the suspense day by day is a great idea and keeps fans wanting for mooooooooooore! I can’t wait for the preview of I Need A Girl! Oh, and Superstar.. I like the beat and YB’s smooooooth and dreamy vocals. I’m imagining the choreography for this song! Haha! Sexy moves again YB! 🙂

  6. it’s got that inspirational hook to it…like those American Idol winner songs…i dont know if u guys know what i’m talking abt…hehe…

    But ure right, Kay…his voice…WOW…i’m loving the way he’s displaying new singing techniques…just sounds so heavenly…

    i love the direction YB is taking with his album so far.
    no autotune…so it gets my stamp of approval so far.

    1. Yes, i love the arrangement. I haven’t heard a song like this in a long time…feels different to my ears but I’m liking this.

      1. I think Teddy saves the best for Taeyang.
        lol BROMANCE. lol. I think T-squared is becoming my favorite.

  8. loving it so much! 🙂

    i don’t know why but when i accessed the website, solar is playing over and over again instead of superstar???

    but still, thanks!

  9. very unique and different,i like it! XD but i felt like i’ve heard it somewhere else before O_O that’s probably just me.

    1. Once again its on continous replay; just can’t get enough! The beats grab you straight away once you hit the play button. You automatically start rocking along with it. Just 2 tracks & I’m already going crazy. God help me before track 5; hopefully I’d still have made it by then. This album at the moment is just too awesome for words. The album was definitely worth the long wait~

    1. uuuh,i kinda liked his engrish pronunciation,i miss it xD,but i guess he wanted to perfect his skills,wich can’t be bad ^^

  10. two words… LOVE IT!!!

    Youngbae made my day early this morning and tonight, i’m having a super worst night yet here he comes and made me smile to death… thanks Youngbae for the music!!!

  11. the song is really good! when you’re in your car, open windows, wind in your hair sunglasses on and the sun is shining bright, to the beach or mall with ur girls. yeah i totally love it ♥

  12. The first few seconds of the Drums are somewhat similar to GD’s “Shes Gone” but then slows down keke my observation actually Jay’s LOL. I wonder if the beats change as it progresses nonetheless the song is very upbeat keke a change that i have to get used to cause its been slow jams Yeee.

  13. IT HAS THIS UPBEAT, HAPPY FEELING. Did anyone get the lyrics yet? I’m so happy there’s no autotune.

  14. Hahaha… am i the only one who think it sounds a bit disco-ish? lol… sounds like an MJ song! It’s awesome!!!! i love it!!! 😀

  15. SO feeling this song!
    TBH, i’m actually feeling this more than the solar intro.. xD and this song is definitely a change of what he’s been doing, yet not deviating far. like others, i love that there’s no autotune! YB sounds best without autotune. 😀

  16. At first it was abit different for me..but it kinda grew on me. Is that trumpets from a keyboard? I think YG was probably going to give us the chorus (maybe??) but thought it was too short for a preview and just gave us the first verse and chorus just to make the fans happy =D

    Thanks YG!!

  17. baby you’re my superstar!!! goshhhhhhh,i love it!!!! thanks,can’t wait for the rest of the songs!<33333333

  18. I’m loving that this album doesn’t seem to be strictly r&b. I want to hear TY’s voice in all kinds of different songs. His voice is so beautiful, it deserves to be showcased!

  19. No autotune! That’s the first thing I noticed.
    I honestly don’t pay attention to K-mainstream anymore, but I really really like where this album is heading.
    So far, I’m liking these little previews.
    I hope he has some slow-jam too. His voice sounds much better than in HOT and I see something that makes me think of Frankie J on the promotional pictorial.
    Anyways, I’m looking forward to the rest of the previews. Hope it will continue to get better. 😉

  20. I like how Taeyang is really trying different things with this album. A true musician / artist. Not all that pop mainstream stuff.
    Quite simply I love every song he sings, all of them should be titles songs.

  21. Hmmm. So far reactions to the teasers over on livejournal have been mixed. There’s a lot of those who love SOLAR and SUPERSTAR but a good number of YB’s fans from HOT aren’t too happy with the new songs. I was surprised since they were the ones who usually stan him and were anticipating the album the most. I get the impression that a lot of those who like the new material are new fans or non-fans for that matter.

    This could eventually turn out like what has happened to Big Bang. I notice they have different sets of fans for different stages of their musical career (their forums tend to have a number of fans who only like 1 or 2 albums but not the rest .) Sigh, the biased fan in me wants EVERYONE to love him and this album (which is unreasonable of course) so I’ve been nervous about the reactions so far. I know that it is impossible to please everyone: he risks either being labeled as one note or risks losing fans of his usual style. That said, I really like that he seems to be trying new things and I hope people can appreciate his diversity. (fingers crossed)

    1. I for one am loving it. I also loved all of BB’s albums too, both Korean and Japaneses -the Remember album not as much though. But I also like an eclectic genre of music – classical, hip hop, european punk rock from several countries, old school hip hop, new hip, various rock genres, pop, Latin, grunge, etc. I love it when my artist experiment.

      But I know what ur saying. I’ve notice a lot of new fans like it but some who loved HOT are saying it wasn’t like they expected. I was actually annoyed when someone wrote “I don’t like this. HOT’s intro wasn’t like this at all” and I’m like they are NOT the same album. Its been 2 years – he should have changed and there should be growth.

    2. Thanks for the insight. I think I do see that happening as well. I’m definately one of those Big Bang fans who loved them before, but not so much now. Their music has evolved DRASTICALLY. Change isn’t bad…I wasn’t feeling their direction of change.

      However I do think it’s important for an artist to try new things and play around with the sound, but for me…I listen to a particular artist because I expect them to deliver something. As long as Taeyang stays in these boundaries, I’m fine with it.

      It’s funny because I don’t think this song is unexpected from him. I might be wrong, but a lot of new fans expect Taeyang to bring some R&B songs that are kind of like “wedding dress” or “look only at me” which are great songs and also commerically friendly. But if you notice in his first album, he brought many sub-genres of R&B. This was one quality I really appreciated in the album. A song like “Sinner” shows how much R&B Taeyang is exploring – it’s not a trendy pop-R&B song that everyone would love….but other genres such as soul, hip-hop, etc. I was happy Taeyang took that risk.

      But I think it’s too early to say anything. It’s only been two tracks!

      1. At the end of the day though. Music is music, no such thing as good or bad music. Everyone has their own opinion on what they think is good. From the previews so far this album seems more lighter and happy, compared to HOT. But who knows, seems like YB is trying alot of different stuff, which is good. Better than doing the same type of music all the time

    3. Very interesting insight.

      I will admit, the preview of Superstar didn’t “wow” me after or take my breath away, but there were a couple on his HOT album that didn’t wow me either, it doesn’t mean I don’t like the album~~~ lol there so many songs, you can’t love all of them the same HOWEVER I have always said that I wanted Taeyang to grow and change, but also remain within the boundaries of his style of music and for me he has.

      People gain fans and lose some all the time, this is the same with Taeyang. He’ll lose some and gain some more hopefully, I just hope they give his album a shot, he’s worked so hard!

    4. Not everybody will love everything that an artists releases, but maybe that could be me. I’ve been a longgg time fans since BB debuted, but I still remember that when they first debuted, I dislike them alot! LOL…but then somehow when Lies came out, I literally became obsessed with them. Last Farewell, I wasn’t too fond….When Haru Haru releases, I love it, but not as much as Lies until this day. Sunset Glow disappoint me. I still support them, but still, there’s something missing for me.

      And so, it’s the same for TY to me. I love Look Only At Me, but when Wedding Dress came out with Where U At, I wasn’t digging it. I luv watching his performance cuz of his charisma and dance, but the song alone, didn’t pass for me. I love SOLAR INTRO! I was DOPE! However, when I first heard Superstar, it was like uh?! It’s just not my type of music….

      Still, I know that we, VIPs, should all know that BB/TY’s albums will all be different all the time because it’s apart of them growing up. Their taste will change and they have alot to say (their own opinions) about the music that will be on their album. <<< This is the BB/TY we luv, so I am actually glad for that. B/c I won't get bore of listening to the same type of music all the time for every single album (which we'll probably not be here discussing this) Cuz different genre/type of music appeal to different fans.

    5. I don’t pay attention to idol groups though I love Korean music, but I liked Taeyang ever since his EP came out.
      I honestly didn’t like Wedding Dress and Where U At, but these snippets I’ve been hearing have gotten me excited about his comeback once again.
      Superstar just has this groovy vibe that is definitely not what I was originally expecting since most Korean R&B songs tend to be very predictable in terms of the kind of flow and feel they will have, but I really really like how Solar seems not to be sticking to just one genre in particular.
      In the end it is all a matter of personal preferences and taste, but I don’t know, perhaps, some fans were expecting it to be strictly R&B and that is why they are not liking what they are hearing.

      1. It’s interesting that a lot of HOT (the EP) fans were disappointed with Wedding Dress, but that it was Wedding Dress that brought a lot of international attention to Taeyang. (A number of ATY readers were sharing that it was WD that brought them here and into Kpop in general.) In Korea, HOT did well, but WD was not as well received. The reactions to this album will be really interesting since the expectations from the international fandom seem to be different from the Korean ones.

        This is where we see how the choice of lead single can really make or break an album since it can pull the general public opinion either way. Not liking the lead single is likely to turn most people off exploring the rest of the album, even though the rest of the songs can be quite different. It’s what has led to the worldwide trend of releasing singles rather than albums (since people now tend to buy singles they like rather than whole albums.) In Korea, the trend has been for the general public to buy popular singles, and loyal fanbases are what drive album sales. In the case of YB, his fanbase may have a different expectation of what they want out of a TY album, so who knows which way they will go?

        1. Interesting…yup, choice of single really makes a difference~

          Everyone ate up LOAM because no one had done an R&B song of that nature (where the man was extremely selfish) so people LOVED it and thus, the album was a huge success.

          I guess WD and WUA were tester singles to see how the public would respond before dropping the entire album and since the public response was so lukewarm I think that’s why, I need a girl was chosen.

          I’m trying to think about it from YG’s perspective. He gave YB, Wedding Dress and WUA to play around with, he made MV’s with both of them (invested money in Shaun/Lyle, actors and actresses etc…) and still not a good response (from Korean fans, int’l it was a hit) SO I don’t blame YG for wanting to drop an album people will want to buy because ultimately, isn’t that the point of releasing an album – to get more fans to love the music so they’ll buy it? (strictly from a business perspective).

          Okay, I totally went off track! ~

        2. This is something I greatly dislike about KPOP. The ‘title track’ means so much over there, and it can indeed make you or break you. I was reading your reply and got to thinking…

          Maybe this is the reason YGE & YB decided to release the 1 min previews of a different songs a day. As we’ve noticed so far the songs that have been chosen as previews are different. People prefer one over the other, some people are not even feeling one of the two previews, etc. The previews might not appeal to everyone, but I think they will appeal to most. Hence, fans (and soon-to-be-fans lol) will not judge ‘SOLAR’ solely on ‘I Need a Girl’.

        3. Great discussion going on here.

          Ahhh Wedding Dress and Where U At ~ I also find it super interesting that these two singles were not very well recieved in Korea as it was EVERY-FRICKEN-WHERE else. IMO I think there are several reasons 1)Kpop just doesn’t cater to this type of music 2)Taeyang was completely jipped of his promotion time. 3)The songs are very much in tune with the international market…but had its own flavor as well. 4)The choreography and execution of everything was perfect. 5)Traditional YB fans probably think that it was to pop and trendy. They’re serious R&B listeners and extremely critical.

          And I agree the title track is quite important because it’s the song that people are gonna know you by…it almost defines tone and vibe of the rest of your album. I guess this is why YB fans were very upset with the title track choice….but lets not get started again.

          I think in the end I don’t think Youngbae should think about pleasing the market or his fans…I actually would be disappointed if he tried so hard to do that. I’d rather him make music he really believes in…really likes and do it right. You can’t please everyone…and people fall in and out of fandom. TBH I don’t know if I’ll always love the music Taeyang produces…for the time being, I’m satisfied.

          And I’m too curious of what the Korean fans think.

  22. I wasn’t really feeling it during my 1st listen but then I listened a 2nd time and liked it more. And each time I’ve liked it more and more. This song is definitely growing on me. It’s now officially my jam.

    1. Yeah i felt the same,the more i listen to it,the more i like,that’s happened to me before,when i listen to a new song,sometimes i love it from the very first moment,and others i don’t like it at all,but after letting it rest for a while and the listening closely again,i become OBSESSED,ha! im sure this is gonna be the same process…for me at least 😛

  23. Great upbeat track, and his vocals amazing as always. I’m already starting to feel that YB will be giving us a whole lot of different genres of music with this album. Which is a very good thing in my opinion because an artist should feel the need to explore other genres they like. I mean look at Michael Jackson, YB’s greatest inspiration.

    ‘Solar Intro’ and ‘Superstar’ are different, but both songs still give off the YB feel. For me at least.

    This album gives YB the chance to showcase all we has to offer. He’s showing us, his fans, what he likes. I know YB will not be satisfied just staying on one level. With this album I bet he’s going to soar beyond.

    1. Lucky for me, Youngbae and I love the same music. keke.

      And I agree, TY just needs to do what he wants to do…make music that he likes…and people will appreciate it. I mean what else is there to do?

  24. I’m not as excited for this preview as I was for SOLAR, but I’m sure I’ll like it more once I hear it in full. So far this album has an old-school feel, if that makes sense. I’m digging it~

  25. song reminds me of and is reminiscent of the music produced in 90’s. LOVE THAT SOUND ! the 90’s era was awesome.

  26. lols i agree with you jessica! =) this song gives you such a nice feeling, kinda like standing on a mountain top & staring out into the foggy but sunny world! its like a feel-good song!♡

  27. his voice is heavenlyyy, but i’m just not feeling this track. i’m glad that he’s switching it up a bit though.

  28. I would love to get it on with you!! Tae Yang man is a SuperStar and I would love to be your super lady!! ahhhhhh I so can not wait for his album to come out!! I hope I’ll catch him when I visit Korea in August!! Tae Yang! Hwaiting!

    1. yeah you’re right..I was thinking the same has somewhat of MJ flows in there..but that’s what so catchy about Tae Yang vocals..its so beautiful!!

  29. Just when I thought, Teddy is losing it..Well, its just that he’s starting to have this trademark songs..He gives this song.Wow! I was speechless, he really did give Taeyang THE BEST! Now, I remember what he said during the BigBang TV..that we all gotta watch Taeyang. 🙂

  30. I’m not sure if i’m liking Superstar. A part of me was like ‘Uh? Hm…’ and another part of me wss like “I love the melody.” but i gotta say that Superstar reminds me of something in the past. Solar is damn good, btw. YB seems to be taking a different direction for this album, it’s still R&B but with a little twist from his last album.

    Still, it’s too early to decide. I’ll wait for the next tracks.

    1. Muahahaha I didn’t realize this before, but I’m moving to the beat of this song. I think my body likes the song but my mind is still not used to this type of music from taeyang…

      I don’t think I make sense ;D .. but just like what some of you commented above, the song sounds better after a few listen.

  31. i wonder if they’re watching the korean game and that’s up the upload for the next song it late?
    *twiddles thumbs*

      1. there will be a preview but it will come after the game. So when the game is finished then they will release it.

        1. i know!!!! T^T
          I’m so sad, I was rooting for Korea all the way~ and they even had a chance, but just wasn’t good enough *sigh*

        2. yeah, my dad and i were the only one supporting and cheering all the way in front of the TV….

          they did play better this time comparing to that match against Argentina. So many chances and they possessed the ball more than Uruguay but i guess they ran out of luck.

        3. Poor Korea! But do they still have more games to play? Or are they out of the running completely?

        4. I watched it too. My first time watching the world cup this year – see what you do to me Taeyang – I was for S.K. all the way but Uruguay’s defense was impressive. The sportcasters where saying that S.K. was technically the better team but Uruguay knows how to bull through when needed. Hopefully Taeyang’s teaser will make me feel better.

      1. oops i mean ‘you’re my’ teaser is out!

        when they first put up the song, it was still playing ‘superstar’

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