D6: Round 1 of ATY’s Album Giveaway


“Are you ready for SOLAR?” Are you ready to win a free album?  Today is Round 1: your first out of 6 possible entries into the drawing.  Follow the provided link and answer all the required questions to enter the drawing.  The form will be open for 24 hours.  Submissions are only valid if the form is complete and within the designated time frame. Click on the link below:

:arrow:ROUND 1

Make sure you comeback tomorrow for your 2nd chance!  Same place, same time. (2pm KST)

Please refrain from posting the answer any where because that only reduces your chances of winning.  Don’t hesitate to comment or email me (iiilovethesun@live.com) any problems or questions you have about the competition or the submission form.

Have questions about the time difference? Use this time converter!

105 thoughts on “D6: Round 1 of ATY’s Album Giveaway”

    1. Did you click on “ROUND 1” and see the form? If you did, you will be able to type in your answer and hit “submit”

  1. What you have to do is click on the little blinkie sign on the side that pops up every time a new “anonymous user” comes in. Then you can type.
    On a side note, for our location, can we just put our state and continent for now?

  2. GUYS!
    I’M SORRY. I SCREWED UP. The link i posted for the 1st minute (DAMN u guys are fast) is incorrect. The correct link is up. Please retry. Again I apologize.

  3. Ahhh… i got the spreadsheet form and wasted 10 minutes trying to write something down… grrr… i could’ve been first 😥

  4. I got the spreadsheet too. I knew the answer and would have been first or at least top 10. oh well.

    1. It really doesn’t matter, first or last, you get the answer correct, you’re in the game if it’s submitted within 24 hours~

  5. can we just put down our state and country for now? if we do have the chance to win, then we’d be able to give out our full address?

    1. Yes. That question is optional. We just wanted to know where everyone is from. The only required questions are the questions with the red asterik.

      If you win, you will have to provide a REAL name and address.

  6. LOL It doesn’t matter if you’re the 10 ten or last 10. There’s a reason why we give you 24 hours. Whoever answers it correct gets a chance to enter the DRAWING. At the end of the six days we will randomly pick a person from those who get it right. Don’t worry about it. Just make sure you get your answers in.

    1. If you submitted your answer in the form, then we’ve got it. If you were taken to some kind of spreadsheet, then that’s wrong. Click on the link again, and fill out the form.

    2. if you got a confirmation message from Google, rest assured that your entry was submitted.

      If you’re really concerned please send me an email. i can check for you.

        1. Thank you so much!
          You guys are awesome! So many fans want to enter and win this contest! LOL We all ❤ Taeyang lol

    1. No need for address. Only city and coutnry. That question is optional too. Don’t worry about it. You don’t even have to answer it.

  7. Hey sorry i did another round 1 thingy again.
    i mess up on my adress. i didn`t know.
    anyways i did another one and put my adress on it. (:

  8. Woohoo~! That wasn’t so bad. hahaa. out of curiosity, do the questions get harder each round or something? i.e. something like “what brand shoes was taeyang wearing during the fila photoshoot 2008 blah blah”? (yeah, I’m exaggerating a bit, but you get what i’m saying. :D)

  9. woah.. good thing this is not a race.. coz I answered a bit late.. lol.. hope my answer is correct. 😀

  10. Submitted answer!!! Excited for tomorrow~ Think I got me answer wrong though… Ah well, there’s still five more chances… XD

    1. I’m pretty sure that’s an old measurement…. He caann’ttt still be 56 kg… prolly at around 61kg+ because of his muscle gain. ._.

  11. gahhhh 0_0 i had an idea what the answer was but i wasn’t completely 100% really really sure that tae yang had composed it. lol crossing my fingers.

  12. I’m pretty sure that was the answer, because I can’t forget my surprise when I found out he wrote that song. hehehe.

    So excited!

    BTW I really want that Deluxe Edition….I want that shirt. huhu. Why would they sell 30,000 copies only? huhu.

  13. Argh….I’m pretty sure of my answer but then I’m not sure! This sucks! I always second-guess myself no matter what! So I’m just going to leave my answer as is, b/c there’s only one song that came to my mind right away when I saw the question. This is going to kill me until you guys reveal the answer!

  14. gosh i just hope my answer is right!!i have no luck in this kind of game/raffle.. but at least i tried.. and plus this is fun.. weeeeeee GOODLUCK TO US!!!

    1. there’s still tomorrow…and the next day…and the next! though it means you won’t have as many entries as other people will! who knows…you might just luck out.

  15. ohmyyyygosh! i hope im right too! fingers crossed! (Y) btw, how many albums are being given away? =D

    1. just one! each day you have an opportunity to put one more entry into the FINAL drawing. so it’s possible to have 6 entries in the drawing..which will increase your chances of winning.


    man i knew the answer but i had to do some intense researching to find it again and confirm =X

  17. Does anyone know if we can order the deluxe version on ygeshop if we joined even if we’re not in Korea? Or is it only for Korean fans. And also…does anyone know when pre-ordering starts? Or has it started already? Thanks!

    1. Pre-ordering is not available ONLINE – YG has said that all deluxe albums are availble ONLY IN STORES. YG-eshop is for Korean citizens, you need a social security number to register on the site. If you have, then you can purchase (however the deluxe album is not even available on the YG-eshop)

  18. I’ve just sent my answer…i think i got it wrong…lol…
    I’m not really sure if i got this one right…

    >only one album? to be given away?…huhuhu…how sad…

  19. I think it would be helpful if you guys can throw in a timer on the page telling how long we have left to submit are answers.

  20. Pretty sure of my answer, the fact that there is only one Big Bang songs that YB has written is easy to remenber ^^, but i have to agree there is some traps ^^. Good Luck You ALL. But again it’s still bonus for us thanks to ATY staff. Even if i lose for us international dedicated fans it’s nothing to spend 30 bucks for a box which containts so much soul and passion =).

    1. Yes –

      Each question you answer correctly gives you 1 ticket into the draw – which means you can get a maximum of 6 entries (or tickets) into the BIG FINAL DRAW where we choose 1 winner.

      So the more you answer correctly, the more chances you have.

  21. Were we supposed to get an email confirming that we submitted our answer? Because I didn’t get one.

  22. Hi Kay! I also didn’t get any confirmation email from Gmail. I checked my SPAM folder and all.

    Did everyone get the confirmation email when they submitted their answers???

    Haha! It’s not obvious I’m panicking.

    1. No the confirmation won’t be in the form of email. The confirmation is just a message after you submit it.
      I’ve checked the submissions, and we have you entry. Don’t worry.

  23. hope i got it right! i entered using the internet from my mobile coz i was out when i saw the post,i wonder if it worked *_*

  24. I just submitted my answer. 🙂 I hope I get picked! But I’ll still buy the album if I’m not lucky enough hahaha XD

  25. gaah i dunt know if i mnade but i hope so.. THANKS ATY FOR THIS!!!! youre the best TAEYANG site ever!!

    5 days to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!were effin ready for sunshine!

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