Answering ordering questions

I wanted to do this quick post because a LOT of you have been asking about ordering. So I’ll answer some of your burning questions but WE WILL post again once the album becomes available for sale online! See under the cut for answers to your common questions.

Please post all ordering questions HERE.

Can we buy the deluxe and or pre-order it?
The deluxe is only available in ON/OFFLINE stores in KOREA. While, YG entertainment is online is to be seen (at their YGe-shop), apparently some Online stores are (I do not know which ones, but Korean Online stores most probably). With ONLY 30,000 COPIES available, it’s going to be nearly impossible for international fans to get it – that’s reality.

Where can we pre-order the normal version?

Right now, the reliable sites we know of, HAVE NOT posted up pre-orders for SOLAR. IF and WHEN they do, we’ll have the information up for you.

Where can I order the album, in general?
We are compiling a list for you to order from, sites that we know are reliable and even HELP Taeyang on the Hanteo charts (the charts that allow him to win on Music Shows). So when the album becomes available, we’ll have a better post with more explanations on how to order.

If you have any other questions regarding ordering, PLEASE POST THEM HERE!


87 thoughts on “Answering ordering questions”

  1. ah I’m so gutted about the Deluxe version not being available to international fans,was to be expected though…

    1. Me too~I wanna get the 68 pages of photobook, and T-shirt!!! YG that they don’t consider about TY now is so popular in international market~Not only Korea!!!

      1. looks like it will be available after all! there was a post over at ibigbang with the correct translation,i’m waiting for ATY to make a post on the situation.

        1. Hi, I’ll edit this one later on HOWEVER it is still not clear which online shops will have the deluxe available for sure so that’s something I can’t tell you for sure.

          So yes, you can purchase the normal album anywhere online, the deluxe album may be available on YGe-shop, whether it’s available to foreigners is a different story.

          Logically speaking, all the deluxe albums come with a special number and tickets to some events and such, it wouldn’t make sense – from YG’s perspective – to make these albums available for foreigners only because they wouldn’t be able to go to any of these events.

    1. Yes, as much as I don’t want to say no. Unless someone you know can get it for you in Korea, or the site selling it can guarantee it, then yes but considering the amount of Korean fans, it’ll be impossible for even all of them to get the deluxe.

    2. Yes. Unfortunately so.
      Kay and I have been discussing the issue extensively the past few days. If things go how they normally do, we predict that the 30,000 copies will go fast….real fast. YB fans will do pretty much anything to get their hands on the album or anything YB related. For example tickets to his first concert in 2008 when for about 44 USD, but were sold out in like 10 minutes. But the black market price for them went up as high as 440 USD…10 times the original price. Considering the fact that the Deluxe edition are also engraved with a number for a drawing to some YB events…it’s in extremely high demand.

  2. Thank you very much ATY for clearing this up. Such a darn shame that we cannot get our hands on the deluxe edition~ a big shame indeed T.T

  3. it’s almost impossible. *sighhhs.
    YG is a big meanieeee; lol. teasing us.
    then only making 30000 available. -__-
    and not even online too. gahhh. i’m kinda bummed now.

  4. I’ve got so much mad love for YB and I’ll support him no matter but this truly bites. With the amount of international fans clamoring for Yb’s new album you’d think YG would get in his head that 30 000 copies wouldn’t be enough and that we as iVips would want to get our hands on one. I understand there’s an event planned in Korea in and around this Deluxe Edition being released but I don’t know if I’ll be satisfied with having only 11 songs. I want the physical disk with all 13 tracks.

    Sorry about the rant 😦

  5. WAT!!! its only available in korea?!?!?!?!?!?! FUDGE!! 😦 I totally wanted that. damn. is there a guarantee that it won’t be sold online???? 😦

      1. YG said that
        delux is not available pre-order.
        delux is released in online & offline music store in korea on july 1st at once.

        If online store that provides international shipping is available for purchase.

    1. what online stores.? gosh i feel so mad and dissapointed at YG…like someone said they’ve got to aknowledge YB is ubber famous internationally noq,it’s pretty freakin’ obvious that not only korean or asian fans but INTERNATIONAL fans would want to get their hands on anything YB related,specially the deluxe edition,we’ also been waiting so long,30 000 copies wouldn’t even satisfy half of his korean fans, this is just sad..i feel like T.T…*sigh*

    2. As I said, if someone claims to be selling it to your online, then it means they are going to go into the store in July 1st and buy it for you and then ship it to you….

      Yg entertainment themselves are not giving any online stores shipments of the albums.

      This was in the statement YG released himself.

    3. – Deluxe Edition은 예약 판매를 진행하지 않으며, 전국 온, 오프라인 음반매장에서 구매 가능합니다.

      “온, 오프라인 음반매장” means “ONline & OFFline music store”

      1. If it’s Korean online store, then international fans can’t order..I’ve look at about 10 or more, all require a social security number which we wouldn’t have.

        If you do know a site that allows without this, then please do let me know.

    depressed about me living in Australia thus not being able to buy the deluxe copy (TT^TT) but hopefully i can still get my hands on the normal version YAY.. but i want the T-shirt and the 68 paged picture book that comes with the deluxe copy, any ideas if they will like the T-shirt and picture book separate? :S because, i want it, i want it, i want it, i want it~! keke~!

      1. That is an incorrect translation.

        – Deluxe Edition은 예약 판매를 진행하지 않으며, 전국 온, 오프라인 음반매장에서 구매 가능합니다.

        – There will be no reservations/booking for the deluxe edition. It will be available across the country (nationwide) on online & offline store.

        “온, 오프라인 음반매장” means “ONline & OFFline.

    1. I usually dont comment here but this album WILL be available on online stores. YG made it very clear on his statement.
      “온, 오프라인” on and offline stores.

      That link to bbupdates also got it wrong. They took the “온” as “ON offline stores” when what it really meant was “온/오프라인” “on/offline”.

      1. I can’t see iBigbang anymore because you protected the site. Pleeeease unprotect it! That’s the only place I go to for BigBang updates!

    2. lols! heyyy, its a shame but australia’s a great place! lols, lets sign some petition & bring YOUNG BAE for an AUSTRALIAN TOUR! lols, =D

  7. it’ll be good if we can buy the album from a site that would also help Taeyang win in music awards… please do post it so we can in someway show our support to YB’s album and all the hardwork he has exerted. It’d good to let him know he’s appreciated and loved.

  8. Sigh. I guess I’ll just have to accept that I won’t be getting the deluxe version. I’ll still support YB by getting the regular version, of course. =)

    1. According to YG’s statement regarding the release of DELUXE, it’s not being sold online. If a site claims to sell it to you online, remember, it will be someone who is going into the shop on July 1st and grabbing copies to ship to you. This means that there is no guarantee you will receive a copy.

      “There will be no reservations/booking for the deluxe edition. It will be available across the country (nationwide) on offline stores”

      Read more:

    2. i read YG’s statement. they read it wrong. -_-
      i’m korean.
      it’s sold online.
      please get your info right.

      1. I’ve fixed it~sorry about that.

        Well, even if its sold online, it will be on Korean online music stores, stores which require Korean social security numbers to purchase.

        If anyone knows any stores that allow foreign customers, please do post it~!

        1. Not all sites require a Korean social security number. Especially YG. YGESHOP has a section for foreigner fans to register, in which they ask for an ID (passport, etc.) and it doesn’t have to be Korean.

          It’s just so that they can confirm your identification. So foreign fans can actually still order it without a Korean SSN.

  9. Damn but I guess it’s to be expected. We wouldn’t have been able to participate at the events with our special number anyway :*(

    1. I personally don’t know about it much, however people have commented on purchasing from them before.

      They are sold out on pre-orders for the deluxe

  10. TT~TT Can someone one buy me one? Pleeeeeeeeeease! I swear I’ll pay back! I want to buy one so bad, but I’m not allowed to buy things online! T^T Pleeeeeeeease!

    1. Yes, YGe-shop does allow people to buy from their store. Whether they make the Deluxe available on July 1st is to be seen however, you will need to start the process of making the account soon, as they require you to send in some kind of identification. They will definitely have the normal version of the album though

  11. thats soul-crushing news to me…im 15 so i dont have that kinda of online money so i probably wouldnt be able to get the deluxe album anyway but when i get the normal album its going to down like this: “wheres the shirt? where’s the photo book? wheres all the rest of the tracks…?” oh well. i hate not living in korea.

  12. its so unfair! really wanted the deluxe edition! but isnt the normal one the same just without the extra event ticks & shirt? d’you reackon they’ll come out with more, cos i’m going to Korea this year, to make my dreams happen. =D LOLS.

    1. It’s called deluxe for a reason. in this case it’s limited deluxe, only 30,000 of those. but they’ll definitely keep making the normal copies.

  13. Great that it’s offered on online stores, but I’m still thinking I don’t have a chance against the Kfans. LOL. I was researching and found an article about YB’s HOT mini album. It said over 31k copies of the album were sold in only 9 days. D; And Korea has super fast internet, plus the fans there can just walk to their local music store. T_T So lucky.

  14. I hope Korea Town here in LA will have it atleast!! but only 30,000 copies.YG is just kidding right? YB has over a million fans here in California!! But still I know for sure I will get it some how!! *crossing my fingers*

        1. aite, thanks darksanight and kay. just wanna comfirm, buy as in pay money?? I have no idea about buying anything from the internet…

  15. I think I saw somewhere saying that YGeshop charge a lot for shipping…. like more than the product itself…. so let say the deluxe version is $25, plus shopping to US, it might end up at least $50…..

    1. That’s because shipping is by EMS.
      It’s fast & secure, plus it has a tracking number.
      but yeah, it’s hella expensive.

    1. YUP.

      They ship to:

      but not CANADA.

  16. Does anyone know when the album will be available in offline stores/record shops overseas? 🙂 I’ve seen Big Bang’s albums being sold in Taiwan record shops so I hope I can buy SOLAR there.

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