Preview #1 – Solar (Intro) Preview released – Are you ready for SOLAR?

It’s out!!!!
The first of 6 tracks YG is releasing for us!
Check out the preview on Taeyang’s website, here OR download it, courtesy yours truly 🙂
Click “Play” to listen to SOLAR (Intro)
DownloadSOLAR (Intro)

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m totally loving this. It’s short, but his voice *melts*. Yes, I’m ready for SOLAR! It’s interesting he sang the whole thing in English (which I totally love AND understand!). Fantastic sound, really different and refreshing~

100 thoughts on “Preview #1 – Solar (Intro) Preview released – Are you ready for SOLAR?”

  1. when i saw the news, i got really excited and couldn’t stop screaming! we’ve been waiting for this..

    isn’t it wonderful?? it’s driving me nuts! ^^

    but may i ask, what does this suppose to mean??
    “There will be no reservations/booking. It will be available across the country on offline stores”..

    we, international fans can’t buy it?? please.. i really need to know..


    1. so that probably means that the LE will ONLY be sold through ygeshop on a first-come, first-serve basis on the 1st while the normal version will be sold online via various music portals on the 8th…so yeah, international fans will be jipped…

      *goes with a gun to her emo corner*


  2. OMFGGGGGGGGG HIS VOICE IS HEAVENLY. Hahahha soo excited!!!! omg can’t wait. Does anybody know where I might be able to find his album in Hong Kong. Because i’m gonna be in Hong Kong on the day of the release which is annoying.

    1. Awwwww!!! i would too,but i ‘ve got company,keke everyone would wonder what’s wrong whit me xD…i guess it’ll hit me later

    2. and i couldn’t stop smiling… my cheeks are tired but i can’t help it. kept thinking bout the song!

  3. LISTENING TO IT RIGHT NOW!!! and yesssssssss im SOOO READY oppa!! gosh im so lovin’ it!!!!! <3333333,his voice is just heavenly,as i knew it would be!!! say yeaaaah eeh!! YB HWAITING!

  4. My favorite parts when he scream (?) “Say are you ready for SOLAR” and “you know you gotta say YEAH…” seem likes he put so much emotion into these parts (or maybe its just me) plus, it sound oh so nice. And you can hear kids laughing in background, awwwww Bae Bae.

    I kept on pressing the play button over and over again ^__^

    YB ❤

      1. When I heard the children, I thought immediately that this album is going to be REAL and RAW. Like he put his hopes and dreams as a kid into this album. Kind of sad that the album wasn’t called REAL but SOLAR would differentiate him from Big Bang and Jinusean.

  5. Hell yeah we’re ready for solar Taeyang!!! Woo hoo! Taeyang is just too awesome for words right now. Been spazzing since & have had the solo on constant replay when I heard it eariler. There is something about Taeyang speaking English that melts your soul~ so hot!!! Cannot wait to get my hands on the album 😀

  6. I’m pretty sure we’re all ready for Solar! Loving the sound of YB’s voice along with the track. It seems really different from stuff I’ve heard recently. This has been on repeat since it’s been released. I’m really hoping that international fans can buy the deluxe album!
    YB English=me melting!!! So freaking hottttt!!!!
    I wonder which songs are going to have previews…hopefully ‘I Need a Girl’, ‘After You Fall Asleep’, ‘Move’, and ‘Take It Slow’.

    Also, does anyone know if that’s the whole intro? Or just a preview of it?

    1. I think this is the whole intro~ (I think)

      But then I read that he’s releasing 1-min previews, so I’m assuming the next previews will be only a minute

      I’m thinking I Need a Girl may not be released because YG will want to save the title for the July 1st release….but hey, you never know!

      1. yeah, that’s what I thought too. Since there are 13 tracks, there’s 7 more tracks left, I think I Need A Girl will definitely be the last preview track. And it’ll released on July 1st. I so could work as YG’s marketing director! LOL…jk!

        I’m so loving this teaser! Except, there’s one line in the lyrics that no matter how much I listen to, I can’t understand what he was trying to say! LOL…I got so mad…but still exciting for the album!

        1. Is it that part right after he says “But I just got a question for ya’ll”

          Yea, I can’t figure it out either >.<

          I feel like he's saying "Stars and the folgers baby, it's about to rise"


        2. Hahaha sorry Kay, but I don’t think that’s how that line goes. That’s the only line in the song that I don’t understand and it’s getting on my nerves! How am I supposed to sing along to it if I don’t know what he’s saying?

        3. @ Kay, it’s after “Are u ready for Solar?” X 2, I heard

          “Now that it’s the first time for this baby — this line is ???
          Now it’s that time to rise
          We’re looking forward it
          so just leave it behind”

          I hope they can give us the lyrics already! HAAHHAA

        4. I posted the lyrics a few comments down. I would have posted here but I didn’t see this.

  7. as expected of Taeyang only the BEST! i was so pleasantly surprised coz it was still the 24th in the UK not 25th when this was released! yepee!

  8. I love it. His sexy voice just melted me.
    “Are you ready for solar?” — Of course I’m ready! =)

    This just made me anticipate for the album 1000000000x more!

  9. Omggggg!
    His voice is so smooth, I could just cry.
    I can’t wait to get my hands on his album (:

  10. I missed his voice. I really dont know what to say. Im just smiling right now 🙂 His voice is so smooth. I love bae hehee

  11. i got up early just so i could hear it! ITS SO GOOOOD! HIS VOICE MAKES ME MELT, & it sounds so good! I CANT WAIT TO GET IT, ONLY 5 MORE DAYS!!!!! LOVE YOU TAE YANG!

  12. I swear I listened to this a billion times already.
    His voice is soo ..gahhhhhhhhhhhh soothing! Like honey ❤
    Im gonna go crazy w/ these damn one min previews, they're killing me!

  13. My mom told me she would give me money to buy the album if I peeled paint of the wall…with my bare hands.
    2 hours later and I’m not even a 4th of the way, but anything for that album!!
    It’s a harsh world.

    1. are you serious! wow
      go for it girl! I;m sure it’ll be worth it in the end…maybe your mom’ll see how hard you’re working and give you the money…or just ask your Dad LOL. thats what I do when my Mom says no….. 🙂

    2. I am touched by your hardcoreness. lol. PLEASE make sure you participate in the giveaway. lol. free album perhaps….but I don’t think it will be the deluxe edition…lol. I don’t have that kind of money….still a working student. lol.

      1. what r u serious? that sucks. but lets all be thankful that his bonus tracks are on his mini album. yes, must be positive…okay i’ll be back in a minute, i want to go cry…T-T

  14. ARRRR… not fair!!!! I can’t listen to his previews yet!!! ( at work right now, and class from 6 – 9pm tonight…..)


  15. I’m grinning from ear to ear..still listening to it…OMO you still have to ask dear Youngbae?…of course we’re ready…stop the teasing and drop that album already…GOSH your killing me =)

  16. Some news reports are saying Dara and TY (along with 2ne1) are in LA to continue shooting the MV for I need a girl. Anyone know anything about this?

    1. not sure, but Dara just updated her me2day and u could totally tell what hotel she’s staying at cuz she film the hotel across the street…so maybe u could find her there and see if TY is there?! LOL…

    2. LA as of Los Angeles?? let me know if it’s real, because I’m only an hour away from there!!! lol~

    3. Nah I don think thats true I believe TY is still in Korea but for sure 2NE1 in the states. Plus Shaun is going back to Korea so yeah.

  17. Loved this! GAAH~ So good. I loved how it felt like the sun was slowly rising as the song went on.

    And yes, I am ready for SOLAR. xD

    Still bummed out about the Deluxe Edition though. I wanted it, but it seems like international fans have very little luck in getting it.

  18. “Are you ready for Solar” – YOU BET I AM!!!!!

    This track was freakin’ awesome >w<

    And YB's English, damn… *scream*

    Wish I could scream, but I can't, it's early in the morning here… lol

  19.’s just a preview to his intro and i’m already crying like an idiot.
    his voice is so full of beautiful.

  20. don’t forget to buy the album on itunes as well especially “I need a girl”
    this song needs to be in Top10 on itunes worldwide ok lol.this is a must must -to get him notice worldwide so don’t forget to spread the love

  21. All Taeyang needs to do is improve his English, then he’ll be ready to dominate Western music charts (U.S., Canada, etc.) and ALL AROUND the WORLD.
    It’s only a preview of one of his songs, I can tell this album is going to be HOT. Perfect musics for summer. This man is one of a kind.

  22. I think it’s time to let the sun shine
    just got a question for y’all
    are you ready for solar
    say are you ready for solar
    now the stars sound off for this babe
    it’s about their time to rise
    we’re looking forward so just leave it behind
    so say yeah
    you know you gotta say yeah
    let’s go

    I’m more than ready for SOLAR!
    If the iNTRO is this good, i bet the whole album will be more than words to describe.

  24. I swear I am so excited for Solar!!! I hope it gets put on itunes!!!! OMFG!!!! Youngbae! v.i.p for life FTW!!!!

  25. WHAAAAT! HOLYSHIZZLES. The beat is hot.

    Alll english titles and an all english intro…what can this possibly mean? If Taeyang blows up, I called it.

  26. Listening to this just tears me up and sends chills down my spine! It’s just soooooo YB. The melody, the emotion in his voice, and the kids’ laughter in the background is such a nice touch. I can’t concentrate on my work anymore I just keep on playing it over and over again. YES YB we’re so ready for SOLAR! I hope you have more songs in English! 🙂

  27. yes!!! i’m ready! they are ready! we’re all ready!!!! bring it on bae!!! bring it on!!!

    just a thought:
    The preview sounds sexy to my ears… does this mean the whole album sounds sexy too???

    sorry… i can’t seem to get over with that TAKE IT SLOW thing….

  28. So now that I’m reletively calm…
    I have to say I LOVE this track. Though it’s not “fresh” and you can say it’s reminicent of Usher’s golden years, but it’s the kind of music I dig. I’m glad again, Taeyang is sticking to R&B and representing it well so far. For one the beat is HOT AS HELL. I wanted to start grinding….um dancing with the beat when he started to say “yeeeaaah.” lol. And the track is RAW meaning…all we hear is his voice….The reason I supported Taeyang since the beginning was because I just ADORED his voice. So this track is a winner for me. I hope the rest of his album has this sexy tone/vibe.

  29. I just realized that the cover is an optical illusion. It’s the Sun with the T in the middle. I’m retarded.

  30. Now I know what the kiddy noises remind me of….TELETUBBIES. If you’ve ever watched this show, theres this sun with the face of a baby on it and everytime it comes up, it starts giggling~

    LOL. wow. I need to stop watching these shows with my nieces and nephews ~

    1. LOL, now that you mentioned it, it is reminiscent of Teletubbies.

      BUT I PREFER THE KIDS’ VOICES HERE BETTER, that sun with the baby face was a litte bit… Yeah, you know what I mean, haha

  31. omg! that’s it?! LOL
    i need more!!

    but, does this means the whole album is going to be in english?!!! coz the titles were in english like SOLAR???

    1. It’s in English because Choice wrote the lyrics and he doesn’t really know much Korean. So unless you see Choice’s name in the credit section then most likely no – it wont be in English.

  32. i want more! hahaha… i’ve been spazzing since last night! 🙂

    even before the album comes out, i think we’ll die of heart attack, the teasing is killing everyone with anticipation! then we’ll hear yet another beautiful preview in a while! goodness! hahaha

  33. one question guys is their any website(trustworthy) that we can preoder it .???/…. cuz i really want to get the deluxe verison and i live in USA so guys plzz help mee !!! :((((((((((

  34. i know i got to say “yeah”…i’m very much ready for that!…gehd…his voice is just so heavenly!…lol

  35. damn I really need this now. I’m so gonna beg my boss to buy this for me.

    YG how come only 30,000 copies ???? how us the international fans????

  36. I Need A Girl is gonna be on iTunes too?
    i wanted to buy TOP’s but got frustrated. i was hoping to see a download button and the the part where u key in ur payment wasnt like that.. im lazy hahaha
    but for Taeyang i will be patient. 🙂

  37. I honestly haen’t stopped listening to this since… hours ago. I CAN’T STOPP.


  38. OMG I LOVE IT! it is sooo amazing, and its only a minute long. i can only imagine what his full album is going to be like! AHHHH CAN’T WAIT!!! SOOOOO EXCITED!!!

  39. and im reallllyy readyy for solaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!omg youngbae!just cant get enough..

  40. I love the intro the beginning sort of reminds me of Janet jacksons “again” but i get the feeling this album is going to be on repeat as soon as i get my hands on it

  41. OMGGG this is amazing lol he nearly brought me to tears and at the end when he says “lets go” maaan does he sound hot!! cant wait 4 the whole album

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