Drop a message for Taeyang on YG’s site!

I don’t know how many of you noticed or bothered to check but you can leave messages for Taeyang on the YG entertainment website, and yes, in English! Let’s drop Taeyang lots of INTERNATIONAL love ! Here’s a quick tutorial!

1) Go to http://www.ygbigbang.com/taeyang/



*Put in your name and make up any password

4) Leave your comment in the long box below and voila!

Drop your country in your comment, just so he knows how much he’s loved around the world!

47 thoughts on “Drop a message for Taeyang on YG’s site!”

  1. y’all shouldn’t have never said anything…now for reals he has a stalker, well, a lot of them…lol

    1. haha…..I think it’s alot of fun, if you look on the boards, SO MANY internationals. I hope this just shows Taeyang his world fan support AND drops hints for YG~~

  2. Wow….I never knew that! Maybe YG is finally acknowledging TY’s international fans? Man, if I weren’t at work I would be there leaving a message right now! Guess I have to wait until I go home.

  3. for those who don’t know korean, there is length limit for each try. If you wanna drop more than two lines, you should wait 30 seconds more. (I guess they made this for preventing spam stuff…?)

    1. Alright, mine done !!! Woo hoo; feels good too. Hope YB gets the chance to see how much he’s loved internationally.

  4. Done! : D Much love from England! Anyone who lives in London, UK, See you at the Kpop Night club events! Expect some Taeyang goodness!

    1. Jon I live in london !!! What’s with this kpop night club thing? Not familiar with it being done hear. More info please.

      1. If you don’t want to add me, or don’t have facebook, that’s entirely understandable heres the info:
        July 3rd – Girls Generation special (it’s not purely SNSD Music the night, they’l just play a few tracks)
        Location: Area Club, Vauxhall SE1 7T

  5. Thank you soo much :DD
    Just sent my message hope he realizes how famous he had become internationally

  6. Oh i see…that means i got to sum all my thoughts up into little words :/ Thanks for the help Janelle

    1. I think you can write on the message board as many times as you want, only within the length limit. I’ll probably keep posting the whole day!

  7. hey need some help.

    http://www.vip-club.co.kr is selling pre-orders for the deluxe version here:

    They ship US but I don’t know how trustworthy they are. Someone on soompi said they are the exclusive seller of BB stuff and that they know ppl who have brought from them b4 but I don’t know. Does anyone have any info?

    The price is a little expensive, $27 but I’m more than willing to pay that for the deluxe version. But I don’t want to throw my money at them and not get anything. Please help?

    1. I don’t know, I’ve never really heard of them and I’m a bit worried about pre-orders for the deluxe only because YG even said they’re not doing pre-orders (YG said DELUXE album is only available in OFFLINE stores)…so it’s kinda like first-come basis thing. So they could claim to get one for you and you could do a pre-order, but they don’t have any set number YG is giving them. It’ll basically be someone going into a store on the day of and grabbing as many copies as he/she can.
      See how the policies are if they can’t get the album but I’ve never heard of the site before.

      As soon as the sites I know of puts up SOLAR, I’ll do a post. Right now none of the reliable sites I know have pre-order information.

    2. never knew about the site before, but shipping is ~20 bucks(depending on where you live) so total price would be about ~50 bucks.

      that’s too pricey for me even though i reallly want the deluxe album. good luck if you do decide to buy from them.

      1. wow, I didn’t see shipping. I really want it but I’m not going to throw away $50 if it’s not legit. But I really want the deluxe version. I can’t take a $50 hit though.

    3. I heard its legit but expensive,some IVIPz have used the site for the stuff that won’t be on yesasia.

  8. just drop my message before posting my comment….

    i have to revised for three times… i didn’t understand korean but i think it says my message is too long so i have to revised it for three times and make it shorter… Gosh! i have so much to say…

    and i noticed a lot of the messages are from international fans… we’re going to make Youngbae proud… HE’S SUPER LOVED BY THE WHOLE WORLD!!!

    question: where to buy the album if i don’t have a credit card???

    1. Win it on ATY!!
      LOL, no seriously, it’ll be hard if you don’t have a credit card, you’ll have to find someone who can buy the album for you and allow you to mail in cash

      1. thanks for answering Kay.. i’m finding a friend who can help me… better get ready now…

        since half of the day, im in school… i can’t participate with the giveaway,,, but i wanted to join… this school doesn’t permit me to..

  9. THIS IS SO F@#$% sickkk GUYS~!!!
    i luvin that the album is coming out and now we can comunicate WITH one and ONLY TAEYANGG~!
    and OMGGGG~!!! the SOLARRR OMGG~! so soooo gooddd~!

  10. Hi, I have a question. If we order from Yesasia, would they include the Tshirt that comes with the album.

  11. OH GEE!! i’ll leave him a HUGE msg right now!! haha ok maybe not huge,but i’ll sure drop some sugga over to YB oppa!!! thanks!! <33333

  12. !! i wonder if he’ll read every message. and i hope he’ll know how many people he’s inspired! (: ❤ love that guy, seriously. ^^;


  13. I have to say he’s getting lots of love, when I left my message there was only 720 (including mine) messages.

    But when I came back from my exam, which was round about 2 hours… There’s already a little over 1000.

    Most of which are international fans too!

    Kudos to international YB fans!!! ❤

  14. just sent my message::)i hope yg will let oppa read our messages…..aww:0i can feel the love from yg family:))))))))))))fightingggg

  15. hye,tae,i wish yOu cOme visit BruNei!!i n my fren collecting eGhteen dollars 2 buy yOur CD album..luv yOu sO much,,hehe,,n lastly l like 2 enjoy all yOur sOng!

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