“Tell Me Goodbye” originally Taeyang’s song?

SOL: “This song here, Tell Me Goodbye was originally prepared to be my solo song. (tear) But then the members all heard the song and said “This is really good. Let this be a Big Bang song.” Although I had already finished recording the lyrics, eventually we recorded it one more time with Big Bang . So my song was left in peace like that, nevertheless I still feel sorry/disappointed that it didn’t become my song, I really yearn for it (laughs). I too have grown up into an adult (laughs). No, but of course its become a great song that I’m glad all the members can share. But I’m still a little….mad.” (taeyang+members laugh)
Poor Taeyang. It sounds like ‘Lie’ all over again. So what to you guys think? Would you have prefered Β “Tell Me Goodbye” Β to have been a solo song for Taeyang or is the version we have come to know and love good as is? It’s hard to say. I think Big Bang’s version sounds amazing, but Taeyang’s smooth vocals would have been music to my ears.

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67 thoughts on ““Tell Me Goodbye” originally Taeyang’s song?”

  1. hmm.. his own version would be great! but i think bigbang gave it a amazing twist and now the song is perfect just as it is πŸ™‚ , i think?

  2. Without the voices of the other members, this song would have been a really boring song! I miss big bang too much anyway and it was great hearing all u guys sing together again, so cmon taeyang it’s okay, u hav other songs to sing baby πŸ™‚

  3. I haven’t heard either version. but if it was supposed to have been just his song, I say it should have been.

  4. hmmm,I think its the best as a BB song. To be honest I actually liked Daesung’s vocals in TMG more then Taeyang’s/bricked.

    I still love Taeyang’s voice though,I want to hear his version.

    1. *pushes you out the way of bricks* i agree, this is a first for me for putting YB and selfish in the same sentence without me writing “i wish” with it. i kinda like it (him being a lil tiffed about it), but i agree with you and kiwi about TMG being a really sap-tacular song that i probably would’ve skipped over (pretty much how i do “Baby, I’m Sorry”) if it were a finalized solo. But I’m betting this pretty much means a Korean version of TMG for BB’s EP when it comes out…

      1. Ha! I loved “Baby I’m sorry” – more than LOAM and Prayer actually. (I loved the whole EP though so that ‘s not really saying much.) Just goes to show different strokes for different folks.

        1. Baby,I’m sorry and Sinner are my favorite songs on HOT. I didn’t like LOAM much.

        2. Different for me. From the HOT album, my fave song is Sinner. And least fave is “Baby I’m Sorry”. Sorry Taeyang-baby, but that’s the only song not in my ipod right now… XD

  5. TBH…I love Tell Me Goodbye just how it is. Everyone sounds great and it showed off each members unique voices. But it would be awesome to hear TY’s version of it. His voice is just heavenly so YG should release TY’s version of it too! Poor TY….sacrificing himself for the group. Don’t worry! We still love you! πŸ™‚

  6. It would have certaintly been interesting to have heard TMG as a Taeyang song. Him singing the chorus is why I was hooked on the song in the first place. His vocals are indeed smooth & sweet music to your eyes. Hopefully if we’re lucky, we might just get a chance of hearing his version. It just comes to show how humble & mature Taeyang is. As usual, he is willing to make sacificies for the group without making a fuss.

  7. I think its was a great song that was sing by BB…But i also think that taeyang should sing his own version of it. I would be glad to hear it :>

  8. Aww..poor YB! But I’m glad that BB members are so solid that they can joke about things like this though. πŸ™‚

    Hmmm.. I love Big Bang in TMG since they have different voice qualities. I love each of their individual parts. I think if YB would do his solo version of TMG, he’ll do something different with it and I’ll be totally blown away. So I say go YB, make your own version!! πŸ™‚

  9. Big Bang because im sure that Taeyang’s album already have amazing songs. So i pefer Big Bang to have the song and it was a song that the members loved.

  10. I’d be interested in hearing TY’s version but i’m glad it ended up as a Big Bang song. I too feel it wouldn’t have been as lively and soulful without the other members. They added in a lot different elements to it.

    Same goes for “Make love”. I love TY’s version but I find myself listening to Big Bang’s version a little more.

    1. Hi Jenn, is Big Bang’s version of Make Love the English one? πŸ™‚ Or is there another Big Bang version in Korean/Japanese?

      1. They recorded a studio version in English, though they’ve also done a mix of the Korean/English versions in concert.

    2. i love YB’s version too.. i like it better than BB’s.. i’m not being biased here or anything. haha

  11. His voice is the reason why the song is 1 of my most played songs so I really wanna hear his version or a version with him n DS (cuz he was also awesome in it) ^__^
    I had a feeling this song wasn’t meant for BB, dunno how to explain it but the song just has that YB feel in it. Hopefully he could perform it in his solo concert ❀

  12. For once, I’m glad it was released as a Big Bang song rather than TY solo. I like the dynamics of everyone’s voices put together and they rarely do songs like these SO when they do, it’s extra special, meanwhile we always hear soulful stuff from Taeyang’s end. So I’m glad YB got to share his style with the other members.

    Aw Tae, it’s okay, don’t be mad. I still loved your part the best in the entire song ~lol.

    1. Yeah. This is one of the few songs I acutally like from Big Bang recently. However the song isn’t INCREDIBLE. It’s a good song, but didn’t leave very lasting impression for me. Maybe it’s because of TOP’s rap. *cringes* lol.

    2. I thought that it was one of the few songs that showed off each of the members equally well. (Usually different members stand out at different times.) Everyone sounded really strong and I find that I end up liking a different members’ part more with each listen. Even though TOP’s rap suffered because of his English pronunciation, I really liked his flow and found his vocalization unique compared to a lot of kpop raps.

      It being meant for a YB solo though probably explains why I liked it so much even from the first listen. I really seem to share YB’s musical tastes. (I keep checking for those few times he recommends new music since I tend to like everything he recommends.)

  13. it took me a while to get to the article cuz that pic is adorable!

    anyway….although I like the BB version, I do find myself fast forwarding to YB’s parts but I LOVE the combination of Dae and YB’s vocals throughout the song so I guess it wouldn’t be the same if he did it solo.

  14. awwwwww he is such a gentleman πŸ˜€
    its nice to knw he is really like how he looks like lolxx
    sweet n pure by heart :]

    i would have likd it if it were his song only but i like it has BB song too πŸ˜€

  15. oh my poor Youngbae.. don’t you worry baby, Big Bang did a great job with your song… but still i want to hear your version…

  16. Sorry I’m late! I think that if Youngbae should do a concert he’d do the same thing Jiyoung did with lies. Sing it as a solo and then have him bring in the group. πŸ˜›

  17. i think YG should come up with two versions. there’s no hurt to it. ^^
    i’m sure the fans would love it.

    both the BigBang version of Tell Me Goodbye was good. everyone sang so well in it.
    but if taeyang came up with another version, i’m sure it will sell well too. ^^

  18. Why don’t YG release an album where all the supposed “solo songs” were really sung by the designated artist? Like GD in “Lies” and now Baebae in “Tell me Goodbye?” Actually I loved that those two were Big Bang songs, but it’s not bad to hear them in solo versions. =)

  19. its best if we all can hear the 2 version of it……eventhought i love the song the way it is now,i still cant fell sorry for YB cause he already put quite an effort on making it and suddenly it turn out became a song for BB instead of his solo…but YB can forget bout it now cause i’m sure his first full album will be a total hit in the music industry….i have a strong feeling that his song ‘i need a girl’ will be a huge hit…..^^ so YB HWAITING……

  20. :OOOO seriously oppa!!? OMO well that’s news to me >.<,but i guess it was a great desition i mean the track is amazing and it sounds dead good whit all of 'em,i mean TOP and GD rappin',him,dae and seungri whit those great vocals! but now that he mentioned it i would LOVE to hear the solo version whit just him singing! that'll be like butter to my ears,i mean just gorgeous! i hope they release it at some point this year ^^

    Fighting! <333

  21. Taeyang , had always made hits on his songs & make good music . why , would Big Bang take his songs ? lol . but he better feel better teehee ,

  22. Janelle Marie, Lie all over again indeed.

    TMG was a great song, I really loved it since it’s not something they have been doing for a long time now.

    It showed off each member’s talents and specialties well, had it been a solo song for TY, I would’ve liked it too, but he has always been doing soul music from the start that I wouldn’t be surprised.

    Aww, don’t be mad Bae Bae~~ I’m quite happy that the relationship among BB is solid enough that they laugh over it, really amazing and endearing. ❀

    GD had to go through the same ordeal with Lies…


  23. ooh… so that’s why! when i heard tell me goodbye i thought that the style, the sound, really is taeyang like! tae yang’s voice really fits the song.. but bigbang’s tell me goodbye is good! though i’d still like to hear the solo version of the song..

    YB said he already recorded a solo version of it right?? hmm… i want to hear it!!

  24. I had to go back to listen to it again. I really enjoy BB’s version and like so many of you have said each member was able to showcase themselves beautifully within the song. The thing that I’ve always enjoyed about BB is the three vocalist aspect to the group. I love listening to YB, Dae and Seungri sing together in perfect harmony. If he ever decides to record this song as a trio I would love that too (no offense to GD or Top) When YB does his solo concert I hope he includes his version of TMG because I would love to hear his take on it now that I’ve heard BB’s

  25. Hmmm I think the song would actually have been a great solo great solo song for Daesung. His voice was heavenly and had so much depth to it, if that’s the right word. And I love it as a Big Bang song too since it fits them well. I would still like to her Taeyang’s version someday though.

    It’s kind of ironic how GD went through the same thing with Lies. Now they feel each other’s pain hahaha Maybe the two best friends have learnt their lesson now, don’t share your songs until the last minute!! haha

  26. I think the BB version minus GD and TOP’s rapping is probably better than a YB version of the song, but I’d still like to hear it. Tell Me Good Bye needed Daesung and Seungri.

  27. Awwww!! poor YB oppa ^^ but it’s so nice of him to share his music… ^^ YB oppa, you’re the best!!! always waiting… >.<

  28. i think that it would be an amazing song if just YB sang it, even though it is amazing with the whole BB singing it. but i would love to hear YB’s version

  29. i thought big bang’s version was really good! Because the song really collaborated and worked really well together! I mean, in the clip i’ve never seen G-Dragon look so handsome and manly in my life! & oh oh OH DAESUNG sounded uber amazing singing the “awa-eh-eh-eh-ay” part (its in the bridge after TOP’s rapping) and Tae Yang sounded really good at the start cos it helped to create the mood. TOP gave the MV that sort of Bonnie & Clyde feeling with him in the car and all. & Seung Ri’s acting skills and voice really blended in to suit the mood of the music. I think that as a group, that really helped to build the drama and effect in the song. As much as I AM IN LOVE WITH TAE YANG, and no one can match him, but it was a unanimously fantastic performance by BIG BANG. But i guess i can kind of understand where Yangy is coming from, i guess i’d feel a little devoed inside if i wrote it and it had to become a whole group thing. BUT STILL, i love that song performed by Big Bang, and it was a great performance! KEEP BRINGING ON THE TUNES BB!

  30. lol. no wonder I liked Tell Me Goodbye! because honestly, I’ve been trying to listen to BB music nowadays and found that BB music aint my type of music (although they all do good songs). So when I listened to TMG, I was totally taken aback that they do, do these kind of songs!

    In future, I really hope BB will do more songs like TMG because, really, they sound REALLY good doing music like TMG! And all five of them make the song sound so awesome and so unique. In fact, I’m happy that BB sang this song and not Taeyang alone. They did add colours of their own to the song. They really did well…

  31. Haha no wonder I loved the song so much.

    Can’t he still include it in his album anyway like how ‘make love’ was his song but big bang also did their version.

  32. i reckon if tae yang does a solo version of the song, it’d probably make people torn between which one is better. I’m pretty happy with the song tracks on his album now, and i’m sure he’s worked hard on it, & im really looking forward to getting it because i think he is an amazing dancer and singer, a true gift from God.<3

  33. while i absolutely love taeyang and his voice (fav BB member β™₯), i think it’s better as a big bang song. πŸ™‚
    it’s sorta the same with lies – i would have still liked it if it were just gd, but it’s not the same without the rest of big bang. πŸ˜›

  34. i wish he included TMG solo version in his album.
    i’d like to hear him sing the whole song by himself before i decide which one is better.

  35. oooh…really…?hhmn…for me..there’s nothing to be worried taeyang..coz BIGBANG’s tell me goodbye’s REALLY A BIG BIG HIT!^^
    ooh…can someone tell me about the “LIES” thing..huhu..its really to jiyong oppa..?^^

    1. yeah it belonged to GD,literally he composed,wrote,and produced it all on his own. It was suppose to be his solo but YG said it should be a BB song and so that song made them mega popular.

  36. oooh…really…?hhmn…for me..there’s nothing to be worried taeyang..coz BIGBANG’s tell me goodbye’s REALLY A BIG BIG HIT!^^
    ooh…can someone tell me about the “LIES” thing..huhu..its really to jiyong oppa..?^^

  37. awww Youngbae is really sweet…its all right…its never too late to release your version of the song… but I have to admit that I love Bigbang’s version as it is (loved DS voice there…) Just a question though, did he write or even compose TMG? I just remember something about GD composing a song then YG suddenly telling him to rewrite it for Bigbang…

    1. TMG was composed by Jimmy and Mohombi. These two European composer are always behind BB’ Japanese stuffs.

      Actually Jimmy was the one that also co-produced Heartbreker with GD and some few songs on GD album.
      And lyrics for TMG are done by Perry and one guy I couldn’t read his name in the CD booklet.

      Lies was supposed to be GD’s song but soon YG heard it. He asked him to rewrite it to be as BB title song in Always album.

  38. oh ! i feel very sorry for that ! i think if you sing it and TOP,Gd rap, it’ll more wonderful ! But , you’re BIGBANG πŸ™‚

  39. omg! they should have recorded taeyang’s version and put it on the SOLAR album! >.<
    that would've be great.why couldn't they think of that?! x]

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