D7: Taeyang tells you to “Take It Slow”

So the title of the last track is making my head run a little wild right  now.  It’s probably nothing, but I find it very sexy…very sexy.  And as we all requested, it’s a track that Taeyang composed and wrote the lyrics to!  And who is Cat@lyst?  I’ve never heard of this artist before, but I’m loving the fact that Taeyang worked with such a variety of composers and producers this time around.  It’s probably going result in a very diverse album like his last!

And make sure you visit ATY tomorrow.  The first sample of “SOLAR” will be released and you betcha ATY is going to post it.  And in addition ATY’s album giveaway starts tomorrow!  Don’t miss your chance of winning a free album courtesy of ATY.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how the answers to the trivia will be submitted.  It won’t be by email or by commenting on the post.  There will be a link to a submission form provided with each question everyday.  Follow that link and fill out the form and you’ll be set.  Everything will make sense tomorrow.

So here’s the entire tracklist:

  1. Solar (Intro)
  2. Superstar
  3. I Need a Girl (ft. G-dragon)
  4. Just a Feeling
  5. You’re My
  6. Move (ft. Teddy)
  7. Breakdown
  8. After You’re Sleeping (ft. Swings)
  9. Where U At
  10. Wedding Dress
  11. Pray (ft. Teddy)
  12. Look Only at Me
  13. Take it Slow

113 thoughts on “D7: Taeyang tells you to “Take It Slow””

  1. I knew it! Of course they would leave the best for last….we were all waiting for a track that TY wrote and composed and here it is!!!
    And tofu, you’re not the only one. Right when I saw the title, I was thinking “This is going to be one sexy song, especially since TY wrote the lyrics!”
    I’m so happy to see that unlike his last album (which although was stellar,had Teddy all over it) TY is working with a lot of new people. This is gong to be one EPIC album! I can’t already predict everyone going crazy over it!

  2. woohoo. YB did the lyrics and composition for this one. so curious as to how it sounds like!

    i wonder which song we’ll be hearing first tomorrow? can’t waittt

  3. I like how YB gets to try out all the new producers in this album, we’re going to be hearing different things from YG for the first time. I’m so excited!

  4. Co-composing and writing the lyrics, I want this so bad. ♥ ♥

    I love that they released the song names along the credits, made me even more hyped to know how varied in terms of composing this album will be.

    Can’t wait for the teasers, omg.

  5. I find it funny how fangirls are saying they find the title sexy (projecting people?) Considering how er – innocent – the writer is, it’s probably more in the line of Janet Jackson’s “Let’s wait a while” rather than a Prince song…. (But really YB, if you take things any slower, you’d be standing still….)

    But I agree that the new producers on the tracklist are exciting….I’m both giddy and nervous with anticipation.

    1. Considering that both Se7en and Papa YG hid their relationship for around 10 years, I have my doubt on YB’s “innocent” – really, who wouldn’t want to hit that. At least one of the Crazy girls must have at least tried to tab that.

      I’m hoping this is YB releasing his inner freak – all that stage magnetism must come from somewhere. And it’s always the quite ones you have to watch.

      PS: YB, I’ll take it any way you want give it out.

      1. lol! “At least one of the Crazy girls must have at least tried to tab that.” I always wonder bout that especially the 2 girls he’s always partnered with haha

      2. haha, y’all are too funny. Yeah, that boy sings and moves like he’s got something going on. But if he wants to act all innocent, I can deal.

      3. Get in line girlie, get in line. Eggs are dropping all over the world as women continue to ponder this title……
        It’s going to be a mob scene. Papa YG better hire some more protection for YB. If not I’m not sure if they’ll be enough of YB when the time comes for him to perform.

  6. Take It Slow~ sounds hot! (I hope it’s as sexy as Danny’s solo by the same name. xD) This is probably the track I’m most eager to listen to since he wrote the lyrics and composed it! =D

    So that’s 9 brand new tracks – omg so excited!!!!!

      1. OMG ME 2!!! hahahaa both remind me of one another in sumeways but i definitely hope they collab they’d sound awesome it’d be like heaven has arrived ( LOL i noe too dramatic) but seriously they both have the best voice!!! GAH~~~ (no offense to other artists XD)

        1. i know right !! they’re like exact replicas of each other just in diff groups. both are lead vocal (as far as i remember for taebin), both are the better dancers in the group and they’re both ambidextrous in regards to being able to sing & rap. shame there’s no collab.

  7. ohh lord. dammnnn I’m srsly having seizures just waiting for this album (k, maybe not, but you get my drift 😉 )

  8. man. i think i’m kinda… uh yeah. Take it slow, right YB? hehehe. dang i sound weird. LOL :S

    just release it already! pleeeeease?! >.<

  9. Take it Slow Baebae. hehehe. Damn I love that last title. It is sexy. Suits him. Hoping there’s an mv for it. Well it depends really on the song itself, but if it’s a slow RnB with sexy vocals, well, you know. =)

    Hahhaha I’m on fangirl mode.

    1. OMFG NO WAY!
      Take me with you!

      I’m serious. Please give us the inside scoop. Pictures and interviews please. Remember not to pass out when you meet Taeyang. We know you’re a fanboy! lol. HAVE FUN for all our sake.

    2. You Qui? You know, you have to stop teasing us with these comments. hahahah~

      Well, whether it’s you or not, please get us an autographed copy of SOLAR…haha, LOL just kidding. 😛

      1. LOL im not allowed to fanboy or spazz or faint or whatever. I’m suppose to act professional, which is what Shaun said.
        Going there on behalf of MOVEMENTLIFESTYLE and you know kanauru documents everything =D.. lets see what happens…..

        1. That means we expect videos…and lots of them!!! And please be sure to mention the awesomeness that is ATY to our boy! He should know how much support he has world wide.

        2. OMG you lucky person!!! wah!!! give us inside scoops! lol OMG I can’t wait to see the documents!!!

        3. omg YOUR LIFE IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! XD get us lots of juicy stuff about tae yang ok? be bestbuds w/ him! rofl. didnt shaun mention you to taeyang?

    3. OMG! Ur so lucky! As Tofumon said give us the inside scoop about YB! Hehe
      Hope u’ll have lots of fun in Korea =)

    4. D: OMFGGGG! are you going????? you’re gonna meet BaeBae?? oh gosh,i don’t know you but good luck and yes do tell oppa about ATY and how much we LOVE him on here!! Qui Hwaiting!

    5. Qui….


      Live my dream, actually live everyone’s dream here in ATY!

      (ps. you and me need to talk about this insider scoop stuff 😛 haha~)

      1. okay, so like just to get a clarification on “everyone’s dream”— so Qui’s allowed to club TY over the head and drag him to my house without killing him? cuz that’s mine… lol jk jk

    6. LOL too bad the tickets were 1400 =( and i still have to pay for food..im so poor ahahaha

      but yea if i am allowed to talk to taeyang..i’ll try! I won’t forget to mention ATY lol.

      And Yb’s title track is

      soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo f**king goood…. i wonder what kind of choreo shaun did.

      I’ll just see that in korea.

      1. sooo lucky!!

        ugh, now i really want to hear the song now! when are you going and how long are you staying?

      2. OMFG!!! Can I just say I really hate you rite now lol jk jk. You mite even meet him and you heard his title track.. I’ve been dying just to hear a teaser of his song. Have fun and be a sort of unofficial resprenet for us fangirls and fanboys here at ATY .lol
        PS. If you could, ask TY about the present ATY sent him, I’ve been wondering about it lately.

      3. Congratz Qui, but… seriously… how did you do that???? I mean, do your friend (?) know TaeYang and arrange you guys to meet??? sorry I’m a newbie in this blog, but I wish I have a friend who can introduce and take me to TaeYang too….

        by the way, i think $1400, is it in US?, is a pretty good deal since it’s high season right now… I’m trying to get a ticket for my mom to HK, it’s $2000+!!! there is no way we can afford that…..

        1. Sorry it might sound dumb…… I think I heard the last name Evaristo before…but who is Shaun Evaristo??

        2. Choreographer extraordinaire to Big Bang, 2NE1, and TY and GD’s solo works. He choreographed Wedding Dress and was one of the dancers/choreographera in Where U At.

        3. icic… so pretty much it’s impossible for us to actually meet with TaeYang then… since there is no way we’ll know his friends or coworkers…

          seriously, I was getting excited because before this post, I read the blog on Francise met with TaeYang in person thru her friend’s friend. I thought I might have a chance to meet him in person too by knowing more people here, but at the same time I don’t want to meet/know a friend base on a purpose…*sigh*…. I donno what I’m talking now…lol…

    7. WOO-HOO!!! CONGRATS! *told ya it was gonna work out*. take a lot a pics, have a lot of fun…OH DAMMIT TAKE US WITH YOU!!! or have him sign an autograph to ATY…omg omg im so happy like im the one going!

    8. I love all your short/random (meaning) comments ^__^, it put a smile on my face every time. I’m so happy that you get to go to Korea (I won’t say I’m jealous =D), and don’t forget to ask if he received his birthday present from ATY ^__^.

      Good luck Qui ^__^

  10. sweet!

    totally can’t wait to listen to the songs!!!
    and tomorow will be the first teaser? is that only for one sonG? and is it SOLAR?

    CAN’T WAIT FOR THE “I NEED A GIRL” coz apparently, papa YG is so confident about that song that i wanna hear it so bad!!

  11. Take it Slow… Damn… Sounds sexy XD



    And the trivia questions!!!

    Tomorrow is such a great way to finish my exams…. Happy happy happy!!!

  12. i can see why you would think that it sounds very sexy. hahah reminds me of 2pm’s song “all night long”. you know that it just sounds sexy. hahah.

  13. i can’t belive how FREAKIN’ SEXY this title is!!!!!! D:
    gosh it instantly brought dirty thoughts to my already YB-filled dirtay mind hahaha!! i can imagine the lyrics right now…aaaah 😀 LOL,but i CAN’T take it slow when it comes to you oppa!! don’t ask me to! >.< …aaaaaah i can imagine his sweet,smooth,sexy voice sayin' "Take it slow,baby..take it slow" MY GAWD! im spazzin' and droolin',can't wait!!!!! *swoon* thank you!! YB OPPA FIGHTING! muah! <33333 (L)

  14. The first thing I thought about when i read the title of the last track , it sounded very sexy…like what tofumon wrote. 🙂

    Can’t wait for tomorrow!!

  15. Okay!! that’s the last??? ^^ YB oppa!!!! CONGRATS!!!! ^^ for all the hard work, hope it all turns out good!!! well, it will turn out good after all!!! hwaiting!! always waiting… ^^

  16. so they save the best for last…

    a composition and lyrics by Youngbae himself….

    TAKE IT SLOW… i’m imagining sexy sound here but hey,,, why do i imagine the theme is more like… never mind!!! —

    Now we all have to wait for the teasers and July 1 to drop…

    QUI going to Korea??? Really??? and heard of the title track??? yo man! you’re lucky!!! say hi to Youngbae in our behalf!!!

  17. Haha it sounds like a rnb groove track by neyo or usher. Can’t wait. When he has his next solo concert I’m gonna fly all the way to Korea fo sho!

  18. Omg the hype is just getting ridiculous now. The slow teasing of the track names then the 1 min previews. Good job YG haha good job, fan girls/boys are dieing right now

  19. Aww man please tell me Take It Slow is a sexy song. How yum would that be?! He has to keep his fans wanting more sides of him rather than the typical (but very very cute and hot) innocence that he projects! I hope they saved the best ear candy for last!

  20. “Take it slow”—-> First thing that comes to mind R. Kelley and Trey Songz, not even going to lie lol. Just have to wait a lil longer to wait and see what direction the song take.

  21. I know I’m projecting because after I read this track name I had to watch ‘Nice and Slow’ by Usher. Is it too much to hope that this song will be like this:

    1. girl, you read my mind. this is exactly what i thought when i saw “take it slow”.
      this is one of my fave usher songs, i will die a happy fangirl if the song was like this.

  22. hello everybody! i’m new to this website and i’ve been a fan of taeyang for awhile but i think that the title has something to do with taking love slow. the reason why i say this is because in a interview awhile back i remember taeyang talking about how he was listening to karina pasain song slow motion and he said he liked it alot. her song is about taking love slow and not to rush things. i don’t know for sure but i think thats what it is about. either way i will still love it i’m sure

    1. KBS Cool FM quiz answer:

      You take the time to observe the person who interests you. You like friendship turns to romance relationship. You never lose your cool in your relationship. If someone approaches you suddenly, you take a step back no matter how much you like that person. You want a relationship that starts out as a friendship and gradually evolves into a romantic one.

    2. I thought the same thing when I saw the title….he want to take it slow, not rushing into it (relationship). Then again, it can also mean the other way -__-.

    1. And that’s what you call a teaser… I love it! And I am soooooo stoked for the rest of the album.

      Y’all ready for Solar?

      1. I am officially ridiculous…just realized I was holding my breath while loading and listening to it the first time….

        1. Oh god I’m dying!!! I don’t know if I can take all this teasing!!! YG definitely knows how to start it’s kpop domination off!

      2. so ridiculously ready, lol.
        these next few days are going to be crazy. after we’ve calmed down w/ the preview they will release another one and have us all spazzing all over again!

        lol, my poor heart

  23. HOLY. Yes YB, I am totally ready for your solo! His English melts me so effin much. SPAZZING like heeeeeck! *runs around the room shouting*

    1. I literally fell of my chair when I heard the first note of his voice.
      Now I can’t stop shaking, I went to the YG website to SPAZZ while listening to it!!

    2. AAAHHH!!! My mouth completely dropped and tears started to form in my eyes seriously this is what I have been waiting for so long. Now my sun has truly risen.

    1. I’m helping my mom bake and she told me to get flour and I opened the fridge, and stood there staring. I’m still in shock, wow the TWO YEARS of waiting are finally over.

  24. I think it’s time
    To let the sun shine
    Just got a question for y’all
    Are you ready for Solar?
    (Say) Are you ready for Solar?
    Now’s the start, sound off for this baby
    Its ‘bout the time to rise
    We’re looking forward
    So leave it behind
    So say yea….
    You know you gotta say …yea
    Yea….let’s go

    Or at least that’s what I think he’s saying…

    1. Yeah I believe so too !! Omg I still can’t get over this teaser! What a great way to kick off the album. He’s voice is so *speechless* JUST PERFECT 😀 Taeyang baby, I’m indeed ready for solar !!!!

    2. Found this at YBmania:

      I think it’s time to let the sun shine
      just got a question for y’all
      are you ready for solar
      say are you ready for solar
      now the stars sound off for this babe
      it’s about their time to rise
      we’re looking forward so just leave it behind
      so say yeah
      you know you gotta say yeah
      let’s go

  25. ahh! I just love it when he speaks english!! I’m at working trying SO hard not to freak out lol. YB yes we are more than ready for solar!

  26. oh guys, there is a message board on the official website, can we leave message there? because it’s in Korean… no idea do we need to registered or not….

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