YG says “Taeyang’s title song will be the most popular of all songs”

One of the biggest domestic music companies, YG entertainmnet’s de facto head Yang Hyun Suk revealed his strong confidence about Taeyang’s first full album.

Yang Hyun Suk told Money Today’s Star News on 22nd, “Taeyang has put in a lot of effort for his album that is being released on upcoming 7th because it’s his own first full album. Staff know that well, so they’ve given him as much support as they can”

And Yang Hyun Suk is confident, ‘I Need A Girl’, the title song of Taeyang’s first full album, is a song which has a rhythm and beat that will be even more popular compared to ‘Look Only At Me‘ and “Wedding Dress‘ off his mini album and single that has been loved by Taeyang’s fans till now, after releasing Taeyang will have even more fans through this song”

Yang Hyun Suk responds to the reasons for why ‘I Need A Girl’ was decided as the title song, which features G-dragon whom Taeyang has been friends with 10 years, Big Bang’s co-worker.

Yang Hyun Suk gave his response, ‘I Need A Girl’ was born by a rookie pruducer Jun Goon, and was originally not made to be kept as a title song. Some of Taeyang’s fans asks ‘Why should G-dragon take part in Tayeng’s title song for his first full album? But you would understand if you considered it was originally not made with the purpose of being used as the title song.”

Also, he added, “But after ‘I Need A Girl’ was completed, not only Taeyang but also Teddy who has produced Taeyang’s songs for a long time, highly recommeded it as a title song, saying this song is very appealing. “That’s why ‘I Need A Girl finally became the title song, so I hope fans don’t misunderstand.”

Meanwhile, Taeyang is releasing the deluxe edition of his first full album ‘Solar‘ with the title song ‘I Need A Girl’ on July 1st. The deluxe edition puts not only 11 songs in his full album but also ‘Prayer’ and ‘Look Only At Me’ from the last mini album. Also, the normal edition of ‘Solar’ is releasing on July 9th.

Before this, Taeyang plans to pre-reveal songs of his new album, one song a day from 25th to 30th through on-line. Also it is attracting fans’ attentions that 2NE1’s Sandara Park of the same company will appear in the music video of the title song ‘I Need A Girl’.

Translations : Myokoon@AlwaysTaeyang (please credit)
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72 thoughts on “YG says “Taeyang’s title song will be the most popular of all songs””

  1. Haha! I knew that YB and YG both knew that the fans were going nuts. So we will just have to wait and see…

    Thanks for the quick translation!

    1. I think it’s kinda cute how YG family is trying to support YB in building hype. YB is totally not the type to give teasers and “market” himself since he’s so shy. So thank heavens that Dara, the YG Trainer Hwang Ssa Bu and Sean are using their me2days and twitter to send out little messages to the fans. Even YG responded to fans concerns so quickly for once…usually it takes him forever if at all.

  2. OH MY DRAGON BALL! i know im late but im really excited for taeyang full SOLO album which ive been dying to freaking hear since two years ago, i mean shit now that ive know for three days that his coming out on 25th teaser im on the edge of my seat. its so sad school has been depriving me of my love taeyang but anyways….

    im kind of disappointed that bae is having his title track featuring gd because 1. less time for ty to appear and for me to drool on my keyboard 2. i dnt really like gd that much, (not because he will steal the spotlight, my eyes always focus on ty anyways even if its his verse to rap) because of what he did with korean dream 3. i trust ty more with teddy but if bae decided to go with this song ill stil watch him. im just a little disappointed.

    I really like the sound of after you fall asleep. i hope its something like what he did on baby im sorry. anwyays thats about it ohhh wait…. i hope bae kills shauns choreo again, wait i know he’ll kill it but damn i hope its somethin like lyle wua. YAYAYAYAYAY! im really excited. now its gonna feel like a lifetime until bae’s album drops :D:D:D:D

  3. thanks for the translations! 🙂

    i trust YB and Teddy that it will be a good song. for now, i really can’t wait for july 1!

  4. Thank you!
    Lol YG sure knows us YB fans; a lot of people asked that question. Glad that he has now cleared that up, & everyone can now look forward to the song. Now i’m even more excited after reading this. I have faith in YB, and certain he knows what he is doing & where the direction of his album is going, which of course is no.1. He’s put a lot of sweat & hard work into this album as we as we all know. So everyone get ready! This album will be in the history books. Trust me XD

  5. I don’t mind having GDYB on Baebae’s full album. I feel like this time GD’s entering Baebae’s territory, which I really prefer, since I like Baebae’s style in music. =)

    Can’t wait for the album and the MV!!!! weeee. July has never made me this excited before. ^^

  6. Ah.. okay fine YG. Thank YOU for that explanation. Needed it. Now I can relax for a bit, knowing that Taeyang himself wants this and Teddy (i trust this dude more than TY LOL) believes in the song choice. I guess i just have to trust TY a lil’ bit more and see how the song goes. Hopefully not too much of GD though, cuz like before, a part of me still prefer Taeyang solo.

    Note: in case any GD hardcore fan reads this and got misunderstood, FYI, I don’t mean just GD, actually I still won’t like it if anybody else got featured instead.

    Peace. 🙂

  7. yup,finally Taeyang hardwork gv him a brighter future juz like his name..”SUN”..We all will support u, Taeyang…love u forever…

  8. Ahh, well that clears a lot of things up. Thanks YG! I can’t help but feel he’s watching this blog as well, the way he talked about it… Or we are just that similar to Korean based YB fans? LOL

    GDYB for the win, and if YB decided that it was a great choice for the title song, and even Teddy agreed, then I can’t wait to see how the MV turns out.

    The director of WD too, damn… I AM SO EXCITED!!!!

    IS IT 25 JUNE YET!?!??! ><

  9. Hahaah I see that YG does listen to the fans and values their opinion….smart man!
    Now that he has actually explained the reasoning behind choosing “I Need a Girl” as the title song, hopefully fans stop complaining about it. Like he said, it wasn’t originally made to be the title song….and YG wasn’t even the one to suggest it. The opinion came solely from TY himself and Teddy, who is like his big brother, so no fan should find fault with this. We all know who TY is and how much work he’s put into this album so we should all respect his decisions.
    Like I said, hopefully this announcement will cause the antis of this song to chill out.

    1. lol who are the antis?
      mostly are TY’s hardcore fans(selfish and radiculus).
      TY is so nice, I wonder how come he has those type of fans.

      1. Mainly those actually. When I said antis I meant the fans that were going CRAZY over the fact that GD was featured on TY’s title song.
        Unfortunately, as nice and humble as TY is, he can’t control his fans. Although those hardcore ones should keep in mind that he wouldn’t like the fact that they were bashing on his best friend like that.

        1. Thanks. At least you admit that some are bashing on GD for featuring the title track lol

    1. Thanks!!!
      Dara is looking hot & fierce with her bangs & YB looks so HOT. Not gonna lie, they look kinda good together. Argh they’re teasing!! I cannot wait for the MV~

  10. There we go taeyang wanted it as his title song so it’s all good =] As long as taeyang likes it I will like it

    Orhhh man 9 July that’s like almost 2 weeks after hearing the previews. That’s gonna kill me. I think YG should release the album closer to the date of the previews. Otherwise impatient people will just download the songs

  11. Also I’m glad and pleased that YG has come out and cleared this up. Unlike other entertainment companies who just stay in the quiet an let the rumours manifest

  12. oh GOD.. thnk u for the explanation.. now all of Taeyang’s hardcore fans would know, that IT IS Taeyang’s (and Teddy’s) decision to put I Need A Girl as the title track!!! so no more fighting ok?? if u truly are YB’s fan, please just support him.. regardless of his decision and choices..

    and if u are trully a Taeyang’s fan, remmember this:

    imagine YB as a cake.. a piece of the huge cake represent his love towards music, the second piece is his heart over dancing, the third one is his loves for his fans, the fourth one represent YGFamily, the fifth one is his devotion towards BigBang, the 7th piece is for his little puppy ‘Boss’, the 8th piece is undoubtly for his family, the 9th piece is for the VIPs and last but not least, there is also a piece inside him that is and will always belongs to GDragon, his BROTHER!!

    so, u can only love someone when u can accept him as a whole.. not just a piece of him, or even a few pieces of him.. that will NEVER do.. let say, u hate dogs especially puppy, but u can never hate Boss.. y? bcoz Boss is a part of him, just like BigBang and GDragon is a part of Taeyang.. always a part of him.. remmember that!!

    im not generalizing this to all Taeyang’s fans (non VIP), but im saying this to those who hates BigBang as a group, and GDragon as a person.. u can be a non fan of BB or GD, theres nothing wrong with it, but to hate them??????????

    1. As name implied, you are “FULL of LOVE” hehe.
      Thanks for writing a meaningful note. If all TY fans are like you, there will be no fuss like what happen a few days ago. The thing is YB fans got this “dislike” over jiyong. GDYB issues have brought up on this site for a few times. I am very sure if the featured person is not GD, the issue will not be as BIG as like this.

      1. ” I am very sure if the featured person is not GD, the issue will not be as BIG as like this.” maybe, maybe not. But all I know is that his fans(mostly the k-fans) wanted him to promote his song alone bcuz it’s 1st full album n it’s his solo promotion. It was no surprise that GD was going to be in YBs album they don’t have a prob with that, the prob is that it was the TITLE track.

        I’m not gonna write something long abouut the first part of ur comment (if all TY fans are like u..) bcuz this applies to any artists

        1. r we still arguing about ths issue?? *sigh* guys, it is YB’s decision in deciding which song should be his title track song. so, can we just be happy for him?

  13. I think that taeyang shud not feature. anyone on his title track because some of the spot light is taken. I just think that he shud have his own limelight finally after his 1st mini album On his own.

    1. lol dear… he CHOSE the song himself..!! if he doesnt give a damn care about the soooooo important limelight, why should u????????

      1. it doesn’t say that YB chose the song himself. YG just loves it and it was recommended by Teddy and i guess some other people.

        1. lol at u hardcore fanatic fan!!! did u read the article above, or did u just scrolled down to read all the comments???

          in case u did not read the article, here are a few sneak peaks of what it says.. i get it just for u darling…

          1) ‘I Need A Girl’ was born by a rookie pruducer Jun Goon, and was ORIGINALLY NOT MADE to be kept as a title song.

          2) But AFTER ‘I Need A Girl’ was completed, NOT ONLY TAEYANG but also Teddy who has produced Taeyang’s songs for a long time, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED it as a title song, saying this song is very appealing

          so basically dear, YG said on BEHALF of Taeyang that, it was Taeyang himself (and Teddy) who HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, or in the other words, LOVE TO or WANTED TO have this song, this featuring GD song that u hated so much to be the title track!!! so my conclusion is dear honey, Taeyang DID choose this song to be HIS TITLE TRACK!!!!!

          so Ethrapt, JUST GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!

        2. “”” not only Taeyang but also Teddy who has produced Taeyang’s songs for a long time, highly recommeded it as a title song, saying this song is very appealing “””

          Can’t you read and understand THIS ?

        3. @ rose and the poster above:

          It’s okay to correct others but it helps to be nice about it. Your sarcasm is completely unnecessary and just discourages readers from considering your points.

          People can have different opinions and even make mistakes while appreciating others’ point of view and their corrections. This is a friendly community and we like discussing things civilly and politely, even when we disagree. You are always welcome to post, but try to be nice to everyone else.

        4. um, no need to freak out completely. i missed the “not only tae yang” part of that sentence while scanning. i shouldn’t complain if tae yang’s confident about the song but still i don’t like the idea of another member being featured on a member’s SOLO prowess. ._.

      2. LOL am just stating my opinion on the track…I didnt say it was going to be bad or anything am just not liking the featuring of another band member. ALSO Yes i know he chose it I seen loads of different comments and his title track will only be know as GD/YB collab and not TAEYANG’s Track.

    2. the article says that TY and Teddy recommended it to be the title track.

      originally it WASN’T the title track

  14. Hmmm i’m not so happy about GD being featured in his title song… is this to like ENSUREEE it’ll be #1 now that GD’s in it? YG you are one sly devil =_=;

    1. lol.. i knew it..!!! the why reason u hate it so much is because of ur dislike to GD right???

      even after YG had clearlly stated that it was YongBae himself who chose the song, u are still in denial.. i actually pity u.. being obssessed and all… *sigh*

      1. A rose: As I mentioned earlier, please be nice and don’t make personal comments against the bloggers. Thanks!

        1. lolz at bluemaid your comment will not help at all trust me…. cuz they are human they caan write whatever stuff they want to so no need to be so serious…

      2. So what if the person above dislike GD? It’s her choice.. It’s not because u love YB that u HAVE to love GD.

        1. What is the problem with YB fans?

          Just because they love YB, does not mean they have to love BB/GD.
          Just because they are fans of YB, does not mean they have to be fans of BB/GD.

          These sentences always come out from their mouth.
          So low and childish. They even declare themselves calm and mature. How funny..lol
          It is fine you don’t like or you are not a fan, no need to repeat again and again.
          Do you aware that most of BB fans are GD bias and they never do those type of things. All the other members bias also never do those type of things.
          I want to know what is the problem exactly ???
          Why YB hardcore fans have to dislike BB/GD so much?

        2. i dont see how it’s childish but whatever.
          Yes, I’m very well aware that ViPs are GD bias and why they havent complained? – GD solo and BB’s music are almost the same.
          How can ppl whose bias are not GD or YB complain? that we’ll have to wait till they get a solo album to see ppl’s reaction.
          About hardcore YB fans not liking BB music – I dont see a problem with it cuz it’s just about evryone musical taste.

      3. No, she didn’t even say anything ABOUT GD! She says she’s not happy with him being on the title track and that’s okay. Just cause you don’t like the idea, doesn’t make you an anti.

        1. ………………………..unexpected overreaction. o_o i never said i didn’t like gd, i said i don’t prefer him in yb’s title track. i honestly have no problem with gd, yg on the other hand.. LOL

  15. so.. okay… then we’ll just have to wait and see…

    i’ll just have to accept that YB will be sharing the stage with his bff… that’s okay now since he chose it himself…

    i like GD but not as much as i adore Youngbae.. so 1 cute guy does the rap and a very sexy man singing the melody…

    LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! and PEACE!!!

    1. lol.. i just love u Michelle HoneyCo!!!!
      it shows that there is actually just one particular fan who still cannot accept the situation..

      by the way, i really REALLY couldnt wait to hear the song and the rest in his SOLAR album!!!!!! it will be a TOTAL DAEBAK!!!!!

      YoungBae-shi HWAITING!!!!! saranghaeyo ❤ …. ^^

  16. “after releasing Taeyang will have even more fans through this song”

    yg’s words are making my expectations grow!
    and i see that yg is quick to respond to the question surrounding the title track. it’s good that he’s clearing up everything before the album release. 🙂
    well, whatever it is, this album is creating a big buzz already. hope this lives up to expectation and anticipation! AND that title song better be good! >:) if not i’ll probably hunt YB down.

    just joking… or maybe not? :p

  17. I didn’t see the huge problem in the first place. And yes, BaeBae chose it, so he must have a reason and since this album I so true to him, I think it’ll be very much his style. :3 I’m not worried about the limelight either, GD and YB have completely different performing styles, it’ll be two completely different limelights, and if GD decides to adopt YB’s style for the song, it’s obvious who will shine. 😀


  18. This song is going to be MORE popular than LOAM??? Dang.. it has to be good. I’m super stoked!!

  19. hurmm… im so sorry if my comments above hurt some of u.. it just that, this title track issue has been blazing for days, n even after YG had clear things up, there are still fans who are indenial, who DOESNT want to accept the fact that YB himself wanted to have I Need A Girl as his title track for his first solo album.. so instead of cussing (except for the damn thing.. n im sorry for that as well..) , i used sarcasm to show my feeling.. how irritated i felt towards these kind of fans..

    u know, there are not just Taeyang’s fan here, there are also VIPs who love Taeyang, GD n BB as a whole.. n im afraid if we drag this issue any longer, we VIP might fall apart.. mayb u have no concern over this matter since u are no VIP, but i do… i really do.. it ripped my heart if VIPs figthing against each other.. that is the reason why i want this issue to stop.. to end it right now.. please…

    and again, im sorry for being sarcastic.. peace.. ^^

    1. Even if there are people against this idea – it does not mean you go and rebuttle each and every persons comments. I understand you are a hardcore fan of both GD and YB but when someone is commenting they don’t like GD on the track, please don’t try and start and argument of WHY they shouldn’t think like that. They do, accept it.

      I am absolutely tired of this.

    2. I am VIP who hurt so much too see some TY fans hated so much to GD/BB. As been VIP for nearly 3 years now. I’ve never seen this type of things happened in any of other BB members fandom. Only found with YB fandom. From time to time. It’s sad. Truly deeply sad. Loam pt.2 is repeating itself to me. TT

  20. Well, this definately settles things for me ^_^
    I trust Teddy and Taeyang wholeheartedly and I think it will be interesting to see what GD brings to the table in music that’s not his style.
    I also like how they’re giving a Rookie producer a chance to shine. I’m guessing he may be one of the new YG recruits? Or perhaps someone out of the company but yeah, I’m really interested in how the final product will sound like.
    My excitement is building up as each day goes by…I’m about to burst, can’t wait to get my hands on a copy >.<

  21. I have to say I feel really uncomfortable reading all the sarcastic comments above… ATY welcomes debate and discussion, but as bluemaid said before, keep it civil and nice.

    I don’t mind more people coming here to comment on things… but if it’s simply to make sarcastic comments about anyone here, then that’s pushing the envelope too much for me to read, I’m not sure how everyone else is feeling about this.

    And rose – I understand that reading comments here might hurt, like you I’m a BB fan, and like GD.

    But you can’t persuade everyone here to be the same as you or me.

    Peace out guys, please keep this place civil and nice there’s less than a week left for this album to drop… Could we put the issue behind us and look forward to the album?

    Please don’t ruin in this anticipated comeback from YB for everyone else….

    Thanks to anyone that’s read this to the end.

    1. Amen sister.

      I – as the blog owner – don’t want to filter comments. It takes away my time and is really disrespectful BUT if it comes to MORE arguments about a topic I already thought we closed in the other thread, I’ll have to start doing it.

      Do people understand, arguments happen because we’re not accepting of other people’s opinions. Yes, I understand some of us are more passionate than others but no YB fans have said anything about GD in these comments, it’s the GD fans who have come and started making sarcastic comments. What does this say about them?

    2. i hv said this already.. but im going to say it again..

      im sorry..
      im sorry for being both sarcastic n emotional..
      so, peace no war…

      and yes.. please, do stop the issue… its tiring..
      i do really want to enjoy YB’s comeback just like u guys.. so, let us support him all the way!!!!! YB Hwaiting!!!!!!!! ^^

  22. OMG!!!!
    YG seems so confident about “i need a girl” !!!!
    now i really can’t wait!!!!!!

    i actually like how they have GD featured in it…coz i think his voice adds some unique sexy charisma to it, in addition to Taeyang’s 🙂


  23. lol it’s hard to explain the dissatisfaction I have with GD being on YB’s title song. I love GD and GDYB (to no end, seriously) but I don’t know, it just doesn’t feel right to me. VIPs will never understand though, but I know YB fans do.
    Is it strange that I’m more excited for his track with Swings than I am for his title? Hahaha

    Anyway, let’s not argue, let’s just enjoy the good music!

    1. The deluxe edition has 13 tracks, the 11 new songs plus Look Only At Me and Prayer from YB’s first mini-album HOT.

      The normal edition is just the 11 new songs. =)

  24. I can’t wait for the day he will dominate the world…
    finally the day will come! 9 more days!! kekekeke xD

  25. whoo! i’ll CUT THIS PINEAPPLE when I hear the song! 😀 so hurry up, TIME!!!! 😡 I wanna eat my pineapple!!!
    and get lost to the song.
    keke random but true XD

  26. LOL am just stating my opinion on the track…I didnt say it was going to be bad or anything am just not liking the featuring of another band member. ALSO Yes i know he chose it I seen loads of different comments and his title track will only be know as GD/YB collab and not TAEYANG’s Track.

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