Sandara with Taeyang on the set of his “I Need A Girl” MV

As soon as I saw this photo I started to cry. Taeyang looks so handsome.

On the 22nd Sandara posted to her me2day this photo of herself and Taeyang on the set of his “I Need A Girl” MV.  She writes: “Yep! I’ll sneakily let you see just one picture! There are lots of very very handsome/cool parts  but please check that through the MV ^^ I think that through this song and MV, many females will learn the method to becoming Taeyang’s girl! Once again, it seems that Taeyang will def~initely melt all women! ^^ Anticipation Anticipation! Hwaiting Hwaiting Yayaya!!!”

I don’t know about you but the anticipation is definitely killing me.  I can’t wait to see Taeyang’s new MV and listen to his new album when it drops July 1st. I’m so excited!

Credit: soleil@ibigbang


57 thoughts on “Sandara with Taeyang on the set of his “I Need A Girl” MV”

  1. He looks damn fine!!!!

    Dara looks so pretty, and Tae Yang looks simply handsome.

    I can’t wait to see the MV!!! Why is it not June 25 yet!?!?!?!

    The wait is killing me! Argh!!

      1. Hhaha, no the MV will be out on July 1st.

        But I’m very eager to hear the teasers, which is COMING OUT TOMORROW WHERE I’M AT!!! yaya~~

  2. Argh!!! They’re such a tease! I cannot wait for this MV, seriously! Dara looks so fierce; just lovin’ her bangs, & YB looks so HOT in that red jacket. This is just too awesome for words. This MV is sure going to be something else.

  3. hellllll goood! but im so jealous of sandara park! =( thats my boo! lols. ngawwwwww, i so cant wait till its out! song titles are sounding mad. YB love right here.<33333333

  4. I’m sorta glad Dara is in the MV. If she wasn’t we wouldn’t have so many teasers bout YB ha ha

    “Once again, it seems that Taeyang will def~initely melt all women! ”

    Wheee, can’t wait…….to be melted?

    1. I left the same comment on the other post….YG family seems to be stepping up for YB! Dara, the YG Trainer and Sean have been tweeting /me2day posting on his behalf (because we all know he’d never do it himself.) I hope the teasers keep on coming…YG Fam FTW!

      1. I KNOW RIGHT!? This is indeed a great way for him to get more exposure… The man is just too into his music and work that he doesn’t have time to get a twitter or me2day account… LOL

        YG Family for the WIN!!!

  5. Ahhh he looks hot and I love his semi eye-brow lift smirk thing lol Dara looks as gorgeous as usual and they make a good pairing. I’m excited for this MV! It’s gonna be hot. What I find interesting though is the styling…
    It looks like this MV will definately be something different than what we’ve seen before in terms of style and I’m liking what I see. I’d love to see a full view of Dara’s pants though, they’re such a confusing colour and design xD And I love Taeyang’s red jacket!

  6. i can only imagine what the MV going to be like i think Taeyang will dance around Dara and she just keep ignoring him and in the end they be together men can’t wait.

    1. The Madhatter (SunDara fans) in me want a kiss too. Please let there be a kiss – I know they’re friends and it may be awkward but I don’t care. I want a kiss, dammit.

      1. NO..hahaha It would be so awkward between the both of them after filming hahahaaha… but if it really does happen, then whatever XD

      2. ME TOO!!!! I want some Kissing, hand holding, hugging, and maybe bed scene??? lmao!!!

        they look freaken gorgeous together!!!!

        1. Oh whoa… Hold it there… Bed scene??? I’ll have to think a little more on that one… XD (A little part of me does not want to see him have a bed scene…. HE’S MINE~~~ XD)

  7. Wow….they both look amazing! TY looks relaxed and seems to be having a lot of fun so I’m happy. Hmmm from Dara’s words I think this mv is going to be about her trying to be the girl TY wants….which is different from his normal videos of him chasing after the girl. Hopefully he gets the girl in the end b/c he definitely deserves it!

  8. admit it. they both look gorgeous.! i love BAe’s funny face.. i want to see the whole Mv for me to decide if they really ahve chemistry.. but as a blackjack and VIP, i’m totally loving this!

  9. i think it’s a good marketing strategy on YB’s album to have sandara aboard.she’s good at promoting her fellow YG family.
    this is the 3rd time she updated her mitu about TY’s mv.

      1. Haha~
        Yup. I like seeing that, I don’t like the crap he gets for being short, I like how he’s taller too 😛

        And I love that face he’s making – Dara is bringing out some of that dorky side in him~!

        That’s it Dara, now get him to start using me2day!

        1. Hahha!!! Yes, I don’t like how he’s constantly being teased/spotted out for his ‘short’ height. (In my case he’ll be just right for me…<3 LOL)

          The day when YB gets a me2day is the day I'll jump in glee, OR EVEN BETTER GET A TWITTER ACCOUNT!!!!!!

          OK, now I'm getting over excited….LOL

  10. They do look cute together. Wonder what the concept of the video is going to be. Dara looks cute but TaeYang looks fine.

  11. oh my!!! i’m so freaking JEALOUS!!!

    Dara, never go back to the Philippines again or else —–!!! i can’t promise i won’t hunt you down…

    sorry, i’m just so jealous…

    1. haha! To be fair, Dara looks way more sophisticated/polished/better now in Korea than she did here in the Philippines. 🙂

      1. No i don’t actually… sorry. but anyway, i’ve put that silvery thingy behind me… YB’s too hot for it anyway. 🙂

  12. And *THIS* is the marketing ploy YG plays. It a flash release but he does it in stages, in teasers. I had the feeling YG was going to stretch us thin and hope for us to break then combust at the awesomeness.

    Great strategy YG I commend you. 😛

    …and I’m like AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I can’t wait for this SONG!

    1. I concur… It’s really getting everyone hyped up 😀

      Dara and Sean’s me2day/Twitter updates just adds to the anticipation.

      Especially Dara’s me2day post up there… So, so excited!!!! *happy dance*

      I hear you, I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE SONG AND MV!!!!

      I can’t wait to hear the other ones either… *scream*

  13. OMG!!!!
    dara ur killing me!!!!!!

    the worst part in life is “WAITING!!!”
    i don’t have much patient, and i think i’m going crazyyy!!!!!

  14. O…M….G! I think that I’m going to love this video! I hope he shows some skin! LOL! The good thing is that he looks happy now. I can’t wait till when he starts doing live performances. Wow… I am already talking about live shows and he didn’t even drop the album yet! This YB addiction is getting the best of me!

  15. I have to admit, at first, I didnt get the whole taeyang and sandara pairing. But now that I’ve seen this pic…damn I cant deny that both of them look stunning, and im starting to really feel this duo 🙂

  16. i don’t wanna admit they look cute together. dara looks…. really small and skinny though, smaller than she looked a few months ago…

  17. i’m…. surprisingly getting jealous. LOLS. i love Dara and Youngbae and it hurts me to see that imo, they both look good. i still support them tho 😥 *cries around the corner*

  18. omgahhhhh….. ahhhhhhh i just DIED!!!!
    ohh, so amazinggg. :)))) he looks so sexii,
    i miss him. mannn, one day. i;d b next
    to him.. ;p but sandara looks cute..
    im breathelessssssssss..

  19. Taeyang come back is the most anticipated of all..I mean his first mini album was really worth it. 🙂 The concert and 2 years is long already.

    YG got a free publicist care of Dara and Sean.:)

  20. Is there anyway we can buy the album if we’re in the US?
    if they had TOP’s song on itunes, i would be awesomeee if taeyang’s new album would be sold on itunes but I doubt it.

    1. why not? i think YG upgraded, it’s not like he intended only TOP’s song to be the released in iTunes. plus, he MUST have an idea that Tae Yang is loved worldwide (wink wink). Youtube is swarming of covers of Tae Yang’s songs. But I doubt YG spends a lot of time watching youtube videos. lol XD i suddenly imagined YG watching mychonny’s videos. bwahahahahahhahaha 😀

  21. I have to say, I love YB’s face expression in that picture! *screams with excitement* Dara looks so fierce, love it. I’m so impatient and dying to hear the album ❤

    1. but the thing is honey …can Bom act? …. i like Bom too but Dara will be featured in MV and not do some collab … so between Bom and Dara , Dara seems to be perfect choice …. but if they do some collab Bom and Bae will be perfect….

      Beside I get the feeling on why Dara was chosen … coz she is on the safe side …she is pretty, got some acting experience, friends with our very own YB, and not really a threat to us fangirls of YB since we knew that they are just family/friends so its ok ….got to admit Dara is good marketing ploy with her me2days and giving us some teasers which build up our anticipation more…so that’s why im kinda glad that Dara was featured or else I wont be getting that YB cute smirk face in my desktop background today LOL ….

  22. My exam results are gonna be out in the first week of july. But I’m more excited abt Taeyang’s album than my results! I can’t wait for the 1st July… This picture makes me even more impatient !!

  23. I love this pic with dara & taeyang;)

    they look good together! Too gorgeous and hot!!

    I hope this is a start if something big for taeyang…crossing my fingers for goodluck! Fighting!!!

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