D8: 4 Tracks Unveiled!

Four more tracks are out today, all four we know of and love:

Where U At, Wedding Dress, Pray ft Teddy and Look Only at Me~!

Some of you have been asking about ordering the album and I just to give a heads up – We WILL post more information about how you can order his album. It has not become available for pre-order yet so just sit tight and keep checking ATY for more news about it~

We recently posted up our “ATY Album Giveaway” contest; It begins June 25th, don’t forget! And to make sure you are on top of your ATY news, be sure to subscribe to our blog!

53 thoughts on “D8: 4 Tracks Unveiled!”

  1. One more song left!!! I want to see YB’s name under the credits for it! I can’t wait until it comes out…but then that means I have to wait for the teasers!
    YG is a genius…he definitely knows how to keep fans on the edge of their seats! I don’t know if I can survive from all this excitement πŸ™‚

    1. Actually I’m hoping that the last song is a duet with a female artist…preferably with Minzy because I just love her!!! I feel like she’s the female TY in 2NE1. *major girl crush* hahaha

  2. Definitely Subscribed.
    Definitely have freaked out.

    I’ve been checking google and this website everyday looking and waiting for the pre=order! Ahh!
    And definitely gonna be attending this contest.

  3. 4 tracks?! holy shizznazz! i will have this album soon! my hands are itching already.


  4. Hmm i’m a bit confused…I thought there were gonna be 11 new songs plus Prayer & Look Only At Me, equalling to 13 total tracks.
    Or are WD & WUA part of the new tracks?
    Anyways, I wonder what the last song will be!

    1. Yeah WD and WUA would be on this album because they haven’t been available on an album yet, just digital downloads….

  5. Thanks for the regular updates. Cannot wait for this album to drop. Looking forward to some info on how to order it. Satisfied with the track listing too πŸ™‚

  6. OMG…I just found a new english wedding dress cover..

    <param name="movie" value=

    I actually really like this one…the first one that does YB any justice I think.

      1. oh dang this is really good
        It’s so hard to translate this song, I’ve been trying to translate/sing WD into Twi(my native language) and it’s sooo hard >.<"

      2. THANK YOU! This is such a great cover. My favorite so far. I love how all the covers have kept the original meaning to the song.

      3. Oh… I got goosebumps!!! The chorus was very well done… This cover’s got me feeling all the emotions all over again when I first watched the WD MV.

        Awesome cover!!!

        It’s been past five months since WD’s single/MV release and there’s still WD covers… YB world domination cannot come sooner!!! >w<

        1. It’s like Wedding Dress has become this (not so) underground hit in the international community – and just not among the regular kpop fans. The MV pretty much sold the song on its own.

          What tickles me is that so many of the youtube covers are done by male fans – I mean, how many male kpop idols can do that? The song seems to strike a chord among guys more than girls. Maybe they can identify more? To me it just proves the quality of the music — that it is more than just a catchy hook and the fact that it is sung by a pretty face/hot guy.

    1. This was a pretty awesome cover. I like it so much better than the J. Reyez version, although that was nice too. Man, I can’t believe people are still covering Wedding Dress after all this time…just goes to show how great TY is and how much people look up to him.

  7. It’s a pretty lazy move to add LOAM and Prayer to the album and call it a ~deluxe~. They’re not even remixes or acoustic versions, and they were already released on CD 2 years ago… But being the biased fangirl that I am, I’d most likely buy it if given the chance. xP

    1. The deluxe version has a limited number of copies of 30,000 in select online and offline stores in Korea – whether it becomes available on sites where international fans can purchase is to be seen. The normal version will definitely be a available though.

      1. Thanks for the reply Kay, but….only 30,000?? that’s so not enough!!!!! and I’m sure it’s gonna be hard for all the fans who don’t live in Korean to get the deluxe version…….

  8. even though i loved those four songs, i think they put those in there as kind of a filler. lol and i agree to the poster above that tif they were to put those songs they could have atleast made it a remix or acoustic verion….

    but nevertheless, i still want the album! hehe, i wonder how much would it cost? coz i have never bought any korean C.D before.

    anyways, i just have a question: are they going to release all the song’s snippet????

    and does anyone know when will the MV be released?


    1. Hi rheii,

      The MV’s going to be out July 1st.

      I’m not sure about the song snippets… According to the first ATY post about the album.. It is snippet of one song, one minute of the song per day.

      But there was a comment below that asking if it’s as the above, or if it is each day after June 25, one minute of a different song…

  9. Oohh, these songs are classic!!! I love all four of them!!

    I don’t really mind that two of the songs are already from his mini album HOT.

    I think for new TY fans, and SOLAR being his first full length album it’s a pretty logical decision and great for the new fans. =)

    I would love a Deluxe Edition, but having a think through it I think getting a normal edition doesn’t sound that bad to me either… I have legally acquired my copy of HOT, and I love it to bits… ❀

    1. LOL Legally acquired~

      Yea I legally acquired mine too. I think I played it once, then put it back in its pretty package for oogling purposes on random occasions cause that booklet is just so HOT. But I still listen to the entire album on a daily basis – for 2 years.

        1. @ chanting: that’s cool!! Is the round CD case made up of cloth material? it looks like the jean material.. Anyway, right here, in Malaysia, the only copy of Taeyang’s album we can get is not the original one, as in the casing and stuff that looks like yours.. It’s like there’s this company who re-produce the album and makes it look very very boring, like a normal square CD case with no booklet whatsoever… Hence, a cheaper price than the original. That’s why I didn’t buy, cuz it’s not really the album, you know whadda mean? So in the end, i gotta download the album illegally, and i’m not proud of it. So i’m trying my best to get the new album, legally, like how everyone else is doing it.

        2. not by pre-ordering though… Got no credit card of my own. I’ll find a way. πŸ™‚

        3. @ILOVEMYBAE

          No, it’s not cloth material, but it feels smooth to touch. XD

          If that made any sense. haha

          They actually reproduce the album in Malaysia!? Wow… Could it be a fake/counterfeit/not sure of the right word/pirated version? Because YG hasn’t released their CDs anywhere else but Japan and Korea right now…

          I was able to get mine from a CD store in Taiwan because the music stores were able to order them off Korean music shops (or YGeshop, I never asked..LOL) and that’s why it was physically in the store (the only one there too! LUCKY~).

          Otherwise, the most common way for Taiwan fans to get BB CDs is if the music stores hold pre-orders. Then they can make the orders for you, and you wait for it… (agonizing…Urgh… My BB Remember album was mistaken for Heartbreaker, so had to wait an extra week…)

          Most people prefer to pre-order themselves, either off YGeshop, or with a group of other people then the price for shipping is cheaper.

        4. @ Chanting: Well, I’m not sure if they have the rights to reproduce the album to tell you the truth, but IMO, they probably don’t, i think it’s pirated or illegal(?) … but to be honest, i bought one of the BB concert DVDs and it was subbed, so thank god for that. πŸ™‚

          Seems like the company reproduce albums from other KPOP groups too. The only REAL original BB album widely sold here is their Japanese album, probably due to the fact BB is under Universal Music Japan. but that’s about it. So far, i only know ONE shop in Malaysia that sells everything KPOP originals directly from Korea, that also does some order for u if u want but the shop is miles away, over the South China Sea, so i practically have to jump on the airplane to buy it (which I did for GD’s Heartbreaker on a holiday there). Other normal CD stores sell the ‘pirated’ version like i told u before.

      1. WHOA. My HOT album is still in it’s original plastic case. I gave the CD one listen then carefully put it back, but the album I’ve listened to since it was relased.


        1. I wanted to keep it in the plastic case too, but it was collecting dust….=\

          I only played the CD three times, the first thing I did when I got it was copying all the songs on to my iTunes…LOL

          But I love the booklet… As the mini album says, HOT… HAHAHA~

    2. I have to get my hands on YB’s first mini album, because my copy was also downloaded. I feel so bad too because I mentioned to him in my fan letter (ATY X-Mas message) how much I loved it and listened to it everyday……

  10. I think this question might already been asked…but do we know which 2 songs are not included in the regular version??

  11. oooh yeah,the classics we all love! fab! now there’s only 1 song left and i couldn’t be more excited!!!!<3333

  12. If theres only more song left to reveal then that means we’ll get to see our dear bae again soon. Tears of joyyy! Im anticipating that this album will be greater than hot even though i listen to it every night but im
    expecting like super saiyan number four amazing

  13. Even though I love these 2 songs, I’m disappointed that Look Only At Me and Prayer on on SOLAR. I already have HOT and dislike repackaging (cos it’s basically ripping off the consumer). I’m okay with Where U At and Wedding Dress being on the disc even though I already have the digital singles because they are not technically “repackaged” since they weren’t ever “packaged” in the first place. I’d rather have the OST tracks (Friend or Hallelujah) be the bonus tracks or even one of his live cover songs.

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