D9: Tracks 7 & 8!

Looks like we’ve got ourselves the titles to two more tracks people~ Breakdown (produced by Teddy) and “After You Fall Asleep” featuring rapper Swings produced by GD and Choice 37. Some background on Swings (real name : Johnathan Moon) – He is a member of an underground hiphop crew called Overclass who delivers his lyrics passionately with a perfected flow. Hmmm interesting.

and to update on the “I Need a Girl” MV – Dara posted up a picture showing signs of filming going on in the background! Click to see the full pic 🙂

Anyone catch YG’s boo-boo on the countdown?? (lol)

55 thoughts on “D9: Tracks 7 & 8!”

  1. It looks like YB’s album is shaping up to be his journey over the last 2 years set to music. I’m intrigued. And Dara looks beautiful in the pic she posted. I can’t wait to see YB’s “I Need A Girl” MV.

  2. i am honestly getting a lil bit impatient waiting. but for Youngbae, i will. this album will be really dope!

    oh and not to mention, Dara looks beautiful there. dangg :O

  3. Someone outside of YG is actually featured on his album? God must’ve heard my prayers! …Or maybe YG just heard my rants lol
    I’m extremely excited to hear track 8 now 😀

    1. I know!!!~
      I am so happy…Swings seems extremely popular underground, he’s worked with the likes of Drunken Tiger and T (Yoo Mi Rae) who are HUGE in the rap/hip hop scene. I’m really excited for this!

    2. My thoughts exactly! And I’m also excited to see what Choice-37 comes up with since we hardly hear about him.

    3. OMG! I’m so excited for this track!
      I can’t find a lot of info about Swings but I’ve seen his album cover on hiphoplaya and rhymther. He’s worked with pretty much every rapper underground.
      It’s cool to see YG artists working with underground hip-hop artists since they get so much crap for being “non-legit” rappers/hip-hop artist.

      From the looks of it, YB’s bringing a lot to the table. R&B and maybe some hip-hop? Stoked!!

      I was hoping for more songs either produced/composed by YB himself…oh well we have a couple more tracks to go.

        1. if you follow underground music,there are some other rappers who have praised G-dragon,lol

  4. so since there’ll be 13 songs in total and they mentioned LOAM and prayer will also be on this CD, that should mean the other two songs are WUA and WD so according to this, there should only be one new song left ? anybody mind shedding some light on this for me ?

      1. it was mentioned that LOAM and Prayer were tracks 12 & 13 (the bonus tracks) for the deluxe album.
        The regular album will only have 11 tracks

        1. on YB’s website background, under TY’s name it says 2010 deluxe edition

  5. Aw man…we’re already so excited just reading the title of the songs on screen…i cant even imagine when the day comes when we can hear the 1-min preview each day…i’m super-duper ecstatic!~

    1. For some reason I don’t wanna hear the previews I’d rather they release the album all at once. If a preview comes out and it ends up being some auto tuned crap it’s gonna annoy me

  6. Really excited that he’s using someone out of YG!
    I hope that the song GD produced doesn’t sound anything like his heartbreaker album.

    1. May be HB is not your cup of tea..
      Just let you know..
      Heartbreaker is the highest selling album of 2009 and all songs are in top 10 lists. And most BB songs are produced by GD also.

      1. yeah i don’t like heartbreaker sound either. i think “She’s Gone” and “Butterfly” were awesome, She’s Gone is my fave from GD’s album. Heartbreaker is too pop for my taste.

        1. that was my favorite too… She’s Gone is epic! i love the story as well…

        2. She’s Gone and The Leaders are two of my most fave in the album ever!. Awesome songs!

    2. I don’t get why u guys are telling me things that I already know n giving me facts about GD’s HB album. I only said what I said because I don’t like the type of songs he produced for his album n I don’t really wanna hear it in YB’s album.

      1. Well, GD also worked on songs for YB’s first mini-album: HOT and Baby I’m Sorry. He obviously knows what works for YB and what YB likes. He’s not going to force his style into YB’s album.

        Anyway, I’m excited that YB is working with a variety of producers and artists …but this is not the first time a YG artist has collaborated with a non-YG artist.

      2. I agree GD is an amazing composer bur I hope the stuff on yb album ain’t pop or something. Having said that I don’t think GD will do that. I want song composed produced written all by taeyang

    1. Ooh! I hope we get a translation soon. I think YG also responded to the furor of GD being on the title track.

    1. It just says that he worked on “After You Fall Asleep” for Taeyang’s SOLAR album and that he wants you all to look forward to it.

  7. I really like how YG is promoting this. With all the teasing and releasing track names 1 by 1, and bits of songs 1 by 1 makes people want to buy the album versus just downloading a song or two.

    Can’t wait for the song teasing.

  8. I. AM. STOKED.

    Super excited!!! Teasers and July 1st have to come sooner!!! Dangg!!!!

    YG really knows how to promote this album… and Dara looks dazzling in that picture!!!

    I can’t wait to see how the MV turns out!

  9. finally a korean title…

    every song sounds awesome already… i love every title…

    one thing i love about this is the fact that Youngbae is working with a whole bunch of other artists outside YG,,, a whole lot of different musical influence… fold into one,, that is YB’s style…

  10. I can’t wait for the album, I can’t wait for the MV (SunDara ^__^), oh and I love all the songs title so far.

    YB fighting!


    Gosh, soon I wanna see Bae writing lyrics as well as composingggg.

    1. YB’s jacket has me shaken – and not in a good way. I’ve always liked his style and am seriously, seriously hoping that those weird, christmas tinsel epaulets are not indications of the style change he is going for. I just might cry.

      1. Haha I agree. Think it was the big show concert or something when he was performing olam and was wering a jacket with lile silver tinsel on it. Kills the whole smooth look

  12. the way she dressed in the picture makes me think that it’s gonna be a sad MV despite the title. Anyway, it seems like Teddy is producing most of the tracks. I wish to see taeyang produce as much in the future for his album. 🙂

  13. omo!!!!!!!!!i’m gonna break down now!!.kekeke…but i shouldn’t coz im’ gonna live for yb oppa
    s album.kekek

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