Sandara Park in Taeyang’s “I Need a Girl” MV

For those of you who are SunDara shippers, good news…

It has been revealed that 2NE1 Sandara Park will appear in Big Bang TaeYang’s solo song MV.
According to YG Entertainment on 21st June through a phone conversation, “Sandara Park will appear for the MV to TaeYang’s first full length album.” Before her singer debut, Sandara Park has received acting lessons, and also appeared in 1 episode of MBC ‘IlJiMae’.
Meanwhile, TaeYang’s 1st full length album ‘Solar’ is set for release on 1st July.

Source: Kbites
Articles: Osen

63 thoughts on “Sandara Park in Taeyang’s “I Need a Girl” MV”

  1. Too excited, can’t wait. Isn’t the filming start on the 21st? I like any girls with Bae Bae ^__^.

    YB fighting!

  2. I’m not a huge fan of Sandara (I’m familiar with her from her Star Circle Teen Quest days in the Philippines), but I’ll keep an open mind about this.. I sincerely hope there won’t be any kissing scenes anymore in this MV! haha 🙂 Can they play brother and sister or platonic best friends in the MV?? Haha! jealous much? Go YB!

      1. SAME here. you girls!…i respectfully say i don’t like Dara…and definetly HOPE there isn’t any kissing scenes…T.T…jealous much? mmmmh,still im excited to see everything that YB has in store for us,just 10 days left ppl!!! <33

        Hwaiting oppa!

  3. OMG!

    i still can’t STOP spazzing over this!!!
    dara is such on demand! haha i looove it!
    i feel so happy for her 🙂

    and this just made me anticipate for this movie even more!!!

    this is the BEST news i’ve heard this year! LOL

  4. dang, love triangle plot?! Dara is such a lucky gal! oh well, i love her so i’ll be alright for her to be with GDYB. i’m actually friggen excited~ ;D

  5. not a SUNDARA fan, i prefer myself to get paired up with YB .(we’ll call ourselves, SaNSuN ) but a Blackjack , but for sure they wouldn’t put a kissing scene there! they saw what happened to sandara after I’m sorry vid with TOP.. for sure hell will break loose if our dear YB and Dara gets to kiss. and how awkward they are to each other now… they don’t need another awkward people inside the family, don’t they?

    and please don’t hate on dara, ive seen a lot of YB fans hating this news (and her)…. this is just a job. let us all put our jealousies aside… (although i’m pulling my hair right now, good thing i am a Blackjack or else haha!) even if it hurts too much. . .


    1. yea that would just be awkward if yb kissed dara after top has kissed her already. idk wouldn’t that just make things weird right? don’t do it yb!! haha i’m fine with dara being in the mv. its just part of the job plus they’re already comfortable around each other. just dont kiss alright? haha
      ugghhh so excitedd. ><

  6. I would prefer it if it had been someone else (Dara is a bit too over exposed) but i’m still very excited about this!

    1. I agree… and couldn’t they find one less commercial or probably less exposed? Obviously I am not a SunDara fan altho I like Dara being part of 2ne1. hehehehe

    2. exactly she is…O_O
      i’d rather seeing her doin’ something else,like working on her vocals instead of taking acting lessons.. don’t take me wrong here,just giving my personal opinion

  7. I’m happy his two good friends are in the mv. Sandara and YB are actually pretty close, according to Sandara. There are pics of her and him (and others) hanging out when they were younger. In fact she said she was closet to YB and GD in Big Bang. And now she’s going to be in a mv with them. Epic.

  8. on a positive note:
    dara will be in the video. that means higher possibility of the mv will be shown here in the Phils., in MYX Phils, GMA7 and ABSCBN2 coz Dara is recognize here. then YB gets recognize too and all his fans will come out…

    on a not so positive note:
    wish there’s no love angle… no kissing, no holding hands coz i’m gonna be dead jealous…

  9. don’t know what to think … not much of a sundara shipper, so i’m hoping for multiple girls for yb to choose from in this mv (hence ‘i need a girl’) and hopefully dara is just one of say a few girls to choose from … lol …

  10. hmm, i think dara and gd are going to be a couple in the mv and that’s why yb’s singing about needing a girl after looking at the happy ‘couple’

    1. I think that’s too similar to “Look Only at Me” and way to tragic for our man….please let him finally get the girl! LOL

      LOAM – watches his girl with other men
      WUA – searches for his girl
      WD – finds his girl, is too late and has to watch and sing at her wedding!

      YB’s screen love life has been way too sad~ lol.

      I think it may be kinda like “Eeeni Meeni” by JB and Sean Kingston. Where the girl is deceiving them both and Taeyang is singing about a girl he needs that isn’t like the one he has.


  12. wooo so excited!! can’t wait.. The only girl that I approved and very safe to be YB’s partner would definitely be Dara. Coz they are good friends.. weeee

    GD + DARA + YB = EPIC!

  13. Dara, I like her. but wouldn’t it be awkward for her and Taeyang after the filming if she’s gonna be heroine? XD

  14. Awww Im gna b sooo jealous if they kiss hahaha. I barely could handle watching him be flirty LOL. I know it’s barely flirting cuz he’s shy … But still. (:

    So glad it’s less than 10 days!!!! Young bae needs to come to California when the US will be able to accept asians (:

    1. he’s a singer,his etnicity wouldn’t have anything to do whit accepting him or not,would it? only his talent.

      1. Ugly? hahahahahahahaha get your eyes checked… and I agree with Jenn, what does looks got to do with acting skills? I see beautiful people who can’t act.

        1. Then I guess You are uglier than CL lol…
          I agree CL is talented and good at rapping but look? Hell no. Tell me do you know any actress with no look? If you are saying out of korea, it is different story..

      2. Please comment nicely.

        If it was up to me, out of 2ne1 i would’ve picked Minzy mainly because I have a girl crush on her. lol but she’s still a baby! lol.

    1. CL and YB would have been epic 🙂 they surely ,atch well and hve chemistry as people can see from Lollipop.

  15. all i can say is that YG is saving some money! haha. having dara in the mv is very thrifty. 🙂

    no kissing scenes please!! ❤

  16. maybe it’s a very flirty MV… maybe he’s asking GD for tips on how to get a girl, a prelude to Hello. hehe.
    aish, i hope they’re sweet together – YB and Dara. i love them both! im sure it helps that theyre not awkward with each other being friends

  17. i don’t mind who YB will be paired up with as long as the music is good.that’s all that matters to me.

  18. one more thing,i hope TY gets the girl this time.
    i’d be freakin’ mad if the girl in his mv will be stolen again.

  19. Not a Sandara fan but whatever is just a mv. I will admit if there’s any kind of kissing scene, I will be so jealous of her not even going to lie. lol

  20. Sandara just released a pic on her me2day and it looks like its on the set of the mv. She looks really pretty. YB better get the girl in this mv or I’m going to throw a fit.

    1. Waw. I wanna see that. =)

      I just can’t wait for the album. And I also wish Taeyang gets the girl in the MV.

      Don’t forget My Girl = he only dreams about the girl and draws her.

      Weeeee….just a few days left!!!

  21. If there’s anything…Well, they are both in one company. I believe YG can save up on the costs/fees if he uses artists within his stable. Secondly, in real life…I know they are good friends.:)
    So, I just hope everyone has an open mind about this…we haven’t seen the video yet and all we get sometimes are negativity.

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