D10: “MOVE” because there’s only 10 days left!

D10! Only 10 more days and we’ll get to hear the album that Taeyang spent two years working on.  Excited much?  I am!

And you all should be too!  Taeyang fans have experienced many setbacks with this album (how many times has this album been pushed back?) so it’s understandable that expectations and the hype are high.  It’s understandable that some are upset with the situation with the title track and it’s also understandable that some are upset that people are upset.  Discussion and debate are healthy and that’s what we’re all about here at ATY.  It’s the reason the blog was created– so we can talk, spazz, rant.  It’s noted that opinions can be misunderstood.  At the same time note that you may not like what someone says and likewise some else might not fancy what you said so lets all give each other the right to have an opinion.  Which brings me to my main point: Thank you everyone for honestly sharing but also being respectful.  ATY appreciates you maturity and composure. Now lets put everything we said and want to say into box and close it. 

All this talk deters our attention away from the album.  Did we forget that all the waiting will end in 10 days?  Lets talk about how DOPE this album is going to and how DOPE Taeyang’s comeback is going to be.  I’m doing my happy dance because in only 5 days we’ll get to hear snippets of the album while waiting (im)patiently to preorder my copy.  I know you all are too so join my happy dance with me!

Now on to the new tracks!

So far I’m digging the variety of composers and producers for the album.  Hopefully this equates to an album everyone can appreciate.  Any speculations on why all the titles so far have been English?  Translation will be  up soon.

Happy Dance below!


64 thoughts on “D10: “MOVE” because there’s only 10 days left!”

  1. =)

    Taeyang….YOUR MY….everything.

    Tofu’s message was on behalf of Tofu, Janelle and myself. Hope ya’ll weren’t too disgruntled by the chaos. Aren’t we all feeling a little refreshed now!

  2. joining the happy dance! 🙂

    love the fact that the titles for now are in english!

    i’m super excited for his album!

  3. yesss, a kush song! ha ha, love to see all the different composers/producers working on this album. gets me curious and impatient to hear the tracks.

    hmm, so far WUA and WD aren’t listed.. i remember a past interview that YB said that WUA was the first song in his album and yet we’re halfway through the tracklist and so far they aren’t on there yet. Do you think the 2 songs will on the album or will we get 11 totally new songs?

    1. I think he is just going to add them at the end cuz everyone already knows they’re on the album. By the first teasing day all the song titles will be revealed and then I think you can just click on the song title and hear the preview.

  4. I’m excited I’m excited I’m excited! 🙂 I have a question though about the album. Will the mini-booklet in the album (what do you call that again?) all be in Korean characters? 😦

  5. Excited!!! Joins in happy dance!!!

    Every song title so far has been in English… I like it!

    Since WUA and WD are English.. Maybe YB’s just staying consistent?

    and @Amanda – you mean the booklet with the lyrics?

    He’ll be singing the songs in Korean, so I’d expect the booklet to be in Korean….

    Unless there happens to be a WD or WUA English version of course! LOL!

    1. Hi Chanting! Yes the booklet with the lyrics and the pictures and the artist’s notes/dedication. Haha! Yeah I guess you’re right it’s probably gonna be in Korean with no English translations 😦

      Oh well, will count on ATY for the translations! 🙂 Happy Dance time!

    2. You have no idea how much I want an English version WUA to be included on this disk. I’m crossing and fingers and toes hoping my prayers have been answered. As far as all the song titles being in English….I’m hoping YB is pushing for a huge international presence. YB please sing in English, your voice sounds so dreamy in English.

  6. YB and Teddy collaboration yes i think YG is doing a good job promoting YB this time i can feel the hype not like his last album with Sandara, GD helping him i can see great thing happening for YB.

    1. ATY staff….just wanna say that the new banner is beautiful! Now it makes me way YB’s album even more when I see it!

  7. i’d like to join your happy dance but i already have my own, remember the cabbage patch? LOL~
    How am obsessed am I?
    Tsquared ❤
    & aren't you psyched about Dara featuring in the mv? It's a BFF feud! haha (would be interesting coz dara and GD have a lot of chemistry).

  8. soooooo freakin exciteddd…holyyyy I cant even contain myself.
    and LOLLL Tofu!!! I love you! and you’re happy dance. 😛
    too bad I probably wont be able to get my hands on the deluxe album. oh well, as long as I get some YB action, im good 🙂

  9. The wait is getting shorter!!! Woohoo!
    I still need to figure out how to get the deluxe album though..
    And the music better be good, yb! if not… >:) hehehe..

  10. ~I’m so excited and i just can’t help it! i know i know i know i know i want chu!!! haahaha

    i wonder if it’s going to be all RnB?

  11. So I’m hella stoked for “You’re My” because it features a Rhodes Piano. If my guess is right, the song will have a sultry neo-soul jazzy feel. If this is true, I’m loving the direction YB is talking his album so far. aiiiigoo. STOKED. STOKED.

    (I’m probably the few that will appreciate this.)
    For those who don’t know what a Rhodes piano is:

    1. I like it! How did you know it features a Rhodes Piano?

      Even just listening to this was great, really got a jazzy RnB feel – very Young Bae!

      Can’t wait to hear teasers!!!! Only 4 more days!!!! TEASERS!!! >w<

      1. it says on the track list “Rhodes Piano by:…” (ellipsis because it uses 3 characters, can’t tell the name but i don’t think it’s TY (Dong Young Bae), but i would be so fucking happy if it was cuz he never fails to surprise me!)

  12. All the titles are English cuz all the songs are english this isn’t a Korean comeback but a World debut!!!@!@!? maybe. or just cuz those titles fit/are what they wanted.

  13. OMG! Can you please tell me how your gonna pre-order it. I wanted to pre-order since i heard the news. And im waiting impatiently as well. 10 days is killing. But i cant wait for the previews of the songs<333

    1. same here! i think that ATY should put up how everyone who adores taeyang can per-order his CD and future CDs. pretty please!!

  14. all his song titles are in english because he sings those words in english most likely

    i have a account at yge shop and would really like to get his deluxe album. however, i’ve never bought anything from yge shop so if there’s anyone who has bought something from there could you put up a tutorial of buying an item?

    thanks in advance.

    I get a feeling Youngbae’s album will be on iTunes because TOP’s single and Gummy’s album are on iTunes. One step closer to world domination!

  16. no offense to Tofumon and Kay
    i appreciate your dedication to yb and this fansite
    but sometimes i wish that when you guys giving comment ,please let it is based on true fact
    I saw many of you comments in the “I need a girl” articles are based on assumptions.I’m saying this because the new yb fans will believe these rumors and you guys as the mod here should be more careful,but that’s just my opinion
    some of yb fans are bb fans as well
    i know that it’s my choice whether to come here or not
    but if it’s going to be like this,i don’t think i will ever come here again,sigh

    1. i don’t represent this site just interested bout what you have said but it’s not really tofu and kay’s fault that people clash here. it’s your choice if you don’t want to visit this site again tho. i’m just saying that people can say whatever they want to say & people can believe what they want to believe, don’t blame it on someone else. this is not the first time something like this got ugly, tofu and kay were always there to tell all of us to calm down, we have the right to say what’s on our minds, and that we all love YB and his music. this is a tae yang site, not a bb site or a kpop site. a lot of people here are music lovers & usually have carefree minds so it’s impossible to judge them. e’re gonna say what’s in our hearts regardless of how someone else might disagree about it, there might ugly debates but hey, that’s human nature. from what i’ve seen since the first time i’ve visited this site (which was like more than a year ago), tofu and kay have tried to make things civilized here. so dont blame the mess on them.

      1. @bochin – thank you for speaking on our behalf. Your comment is true, we don’t promote ugly debates, but people have opinions and they have a right to be respected

        @nalia – I’m sorry you feel that way but I don’t quite get your comment. You want our comments to be based on true fact? We do. If something is true, we post it up. Giving credit to the original source. If something is a rumor, we explicitly say “It’s a rumor” and even name the source. Now if you are talking about “opinions” that is a different story. People have difference perceptions of different things. If I think the sky is a light blue and you thinks its just blue. It doesn’t mean we’re both wrong – it means we see things differently. No one here is out to get anybody or bash on anybody, but you gotta remember, just like some YB fans are BB fans, some YB fan’s aren’t. You have to accept both sides of the coin. I hope you don’t find things so hard, that you can’t visit ATY. Yes, we’re a happy crazy fangirling site, but we are also a mature and serious fandom who respects and allows opinions to be shared. We’re like YB 🙂

        1. I think what she mean by assumptions is about the title track. Like nobody know how many title songs in the album, how many minute GD will take up for the song and so on.. You know as a GD/YB fan, I dont want GD to sing in his title track either. YB fans worried that GD will take the spotlight. I am worried that if this song is not success, people will bash GD again(saying coz GD feature this song or coz of GD gay raps etc..). Afterall, most of TY fans never enjoy GD music. As you guys have to torture seeing and hearing GD, I have to torture seeing “bashing comments”.
          Just wait and see it will happen.

        2. Love the site! Keep doing what you guys are doing.

          Its ok to have different opinions and discussions. I find it very refreshing! I really enjoy reading all of the comments. Lets all just be open minded! And not forget that we are all here to support TY, whether you are a BB fan or just a TY fan.

          There is no doubt that GDYB love each other no matter what happens and what people say. Have Faith

          Can’t wait for the album! REALLY EXCITED!!

    2. Sorry, couldn’t help myself… Here’s my two cents…

      I understand where you’re coming from, because the discussion about Gd’s participation in “I Need a Girl” really got to me as well.

      But you can’t expect every YB fan to be a BB fan, people just don’t work that way.

      I’m both a YB and BB fan, but it doesn’t stop me from visiting ATY because of this one issue. I understand where everyone was coming from in that post, and I respected that. Though I didn’t choose to comment during the heat of it. (Not like I had a choice, it was bed time for me when the debate was hot…:P)

      And I don’t see where Kay or Tofu, or anyone’s comments here, that wasn’t based on true facts?

      If you meant opinions.. Well, that’s harder to say… Any opinion is basically based on facts, it’s just people interpret facts differently. Can’t really help that.

      Compared to sites I have been to, ATY is the most civilised when it comes to heated debates or discussions like this.

      But at the end of the day, my opinion doesn’t really matter does it… It’s your choice whether you want to continue to be here or go. =)

      Peace out!

      1. and I love all the people in ATY too much to leave anyway… It’s a great blog! ❤

        Everything and everyone here are wonderful. YB is a wonderful artist and person.

        Whether he personally appreciates/likes everything the fans comment/do we'll never know, but I do know that whatever choices he makes his fans will stick with him through and through. The man deserves that much – he's worth it. =)

  17. prob cuz taeyang’s previous songs were popular among in a lot of different places and thats why they are all in english 😛 thats what i think haha

  18. i’m sooo excited!!! i absolutely love this fansite!! it is so easy to get information about the man that we all love and adore!! and i cant wait for his new album to come out!! i absolutlely love taeyang!!

    oh and how can we pre-order it?

  19. I’m kinda interested in why they decide to release a all English track list. I really doubt its for an international debut. Hey I’m still happy to hear sing in English for a couple of second. *such a desperate fan girl* Teddy, Kush, and TY, his album is going to be great, I know that for a fact. I hope his album is on iTunes just like TOP single. You hear me YG/YGE!!!!!!

    1. Thanks you for sharing. People will say GD is arrogrant or whatsoever, but he is only one who bow at the end. In every show and stage he will never fail to bow, (multiple times). He is so polite and well-manner. GD<333

      1. Agreed ! GD is such a leader. He’s always polite and make sure to bow at everyone as low as possible. : ) What he truly is…only his dedicated fan could know…..perhaps ^^ Those who say GD is arrogant …huhhuu…better check their brain.

        YB is hella funny in the clip. Lately I can feel that he could finally found his piece of mind. He’s more dorky and adorable in many clip found this year. 2010 will be YB year to shine even more and more !!! Can’t wait to see his comeback on stage.

    2. Thanks so much for sharing! YB is so dorky in this video.. and I agree, GD always manages to bow, and always the lowest.

      A good leader for the other members! *thumbs up*

      YB’s love for MJ would never cease, he is too adorkable in this!! I just had to say it again! XD

  20. maybe YG and Taeyang finally visited this secretly hor hor hor XD and realized that there is a lot of international fans. So, to make things easier and more friendly to the international fans, they use english titles?

    Just my wish. XD

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