SOLAR title track music video filming starts soon!

Inside news and a juicy tidbit related to SOLAR just for ATY bloggers!
We posted some time ago that Taeyang’s music video “Wedding Dress” was going to be featured at the ‘Short Shorts Film Festival & ASIA 2010‘ in Japan (see here) – well it was featured! At the special event, Director of ‘Wedding Dress’ – Jang Jae Hyeok – spoke about filming the music video, saying that he was the one who wanted the infamous “kissing scene” in the video because he thought fans would enjoy it~ Anyway, he also told fans that he will be directing SOLAR title track, and that filming will begin June 21st, 2010.  I really enjoyed how Wedding Dress was made; the video made the song even better and I’m excited to see how this new music video will be. And again, super excited to share some news – even if its small – related to Taeyang’s comeback 🙂

Keep visiting ATY for more updates and inside news related to his comeback. Thanks to my dear friend from Japanese Yb fanbase – Yuko!

15 thoughts on “SOLAR title track music video filming starts soon!”

  1. I can’t tell you how much I love YB’s MV for “Wedding Dress” I know alot of fans took issue with the kiss but I thought it fit the tone of the song perfectly. Now I’m really excited. I can’t wait to see YB’s new video. Thanks for the heads up, Kay!

  2. Eeekkk!! Can’t wait! Wedding Dress was an amazing video…very tastefully done, so I can’t wait to see what comes next!

  3. I loved the mv for wedding dress as well!
    ooh mannn the anticipation is killing me!! i’ve been preparing for YB’s album to drop til forever, and im so glad that it’s finnallyyy almost here 🙂
    thanks yuko!

  4. Wow, so cool. The director did a really good job with Wedding Dress so I’m definitely excited for this next MV. Hopefully he’ll try something different and new.

    I wonder if WD was well received at the film festival?

  5. OMO! this is just more good news! besides having to wait for his musical comeback,i was reaaally starting to miss YB’s solo MVs!!! it’ll be a very pleasant surprise this video!! gosh,seeing more of his new,manly,fresh sexyness on this MV is making me ubber excited! ♥_♥….. i wonder if he’s still keeping the stubble? *thinks*

    thanks 😉

  6. Does that mean he’ll make the MV for “I Need a Girl”? Since it says on the website that it’s the title track…

    I loved the WD MV and am so excited as to how he’ll make the MV for YB’s album!! ❤

  7. omo!this is worthy than a word!!.soo excited of bae’s album!!it’s just the tittle of d tracks but then i just can’t handle it anymore how much if d album is on realease.??!!spaaaazzzzzz”’

  8. w8! did i just read “kissing scene” ?!!!!

    seriously, when i read this article, my eyes jsut landed on that word!!!

    and he though fans would love it?!!!!


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