D11: Two more tracks revealed!

Hi everyone, my name is Janelle Marie and I’m a new writer here at Always Taeyang.

If you’re anything like me you’ve been eagerly anticipating Tayang’s new album.  Yesterday YG Entertainment let out of the bag Taeyang’s two new tracks. Well boys and girls they’ve released two more:

Check out the updated site – http://www.ygbigbang.com/taeyang/

Track number three is called “I Need A Girl” featuring G-dragon and track four is called “Just A Feeling” produced by Teddy and Taeyang!

Well, there you have it. I don’t know about you but I’m getting really excited. I can’t wait for Taeyang’s album to drop.


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  1. Welcome Janelle Marie! It’s nice to have you here in ATY!

    OMG. YB’s really stepping up his game now eh? Singer, dancer and now a producer! Dang, this guy never fails to amaze me! And GDYB again! Can’t really wait to get his album. First time to buy and it’s for our shining star~ 😀

  2. GDYB in the house~~~ I just hope it’s nothing like Korean Dream (IMO, really bad).

    A title like “I Need a Girl” has never been more fitting for a man than Taeyang~~

    And Janelle, great 1st post! I hope everyone welcomes our new writer =)

      1. it’s just like,the “hot” track on his 1st mini album.it last only for mins..but it’ss hooooooott..kekek..:)

  3. Welcome Janelle! =D
    ZOMG “I Need A Girl” is the title track?! Featuring GD?! Does that mean he’s gonna perform with Taeyang on stage?!
    LOL I had a hunch YG would release two more tracks today =P
    Guess he’s gonna keep doing this till his teaser comes out!
    God, I can’t freakin’ wait for the album…!

    1. I really, really hope they’re not performing together. I am a GDYB fan no doubt, but something about Taeyang not owning his own stage with his own title track bothers me. I allow one performance, other than that…I want only, and only Taeyang ~LOL


      1. lol i can see you’re still not so confident about YB. when the two are on stage, GD shines because of his popularity, but to me YB shines even brighter because his soulful vibe and unique swagger gets to me. but yeah i do agree with you, i want YB’s title track to be only him.

        1. I’m 100% confident about YB’s abilities. I would just prefer to see him and only him performing his own title track on his comeback stage for his first full fledged album.

          Just personal preference. Nothing about GD, he’s great on his own, had his own stage, did whatever he wanted. I just hope this decision was all YB and nothing else influenced it *cough*YG*cough*

          Taeyang fans don’t care how popular Taeyang becomes but if this a ploy used by YG to garner more attention (and we all know how popular GD is) then it’s just shameful. K-fans don’t seem to happy about this either.

        2. @Kay
          You are right. K-fans are totally not HAPPY about this.
          They left comments like
          “GD featuring title song is a disgrace” “I hate hate TT” . If this is YG marketing strategy, it is such a shame.
          I was so excited initially. Now I don’t know what to say. Now I will wait until the song come out.

      2. I completely agree with you, Kay. It’s not that I don’t want GDYB to perform together, but I’d rather see YB shine on his own. It almost seems as if YG himself doesn’t feel confident with YB, so he has to use GD to garner attention. I really hope YB performs this on his own cause hearing fans shout, “DONG YOUNGBAE!” is really nice to hear (even if YB asked his fans not to shout it).

      3. I love GD, but I kinda agree! Like Mon said, I feel like YG is not confident in YB looking at Where U AT and Wedding dress promotions, he wants to used GD as a promotional tactic to help YB….I mean, I don’t mind, but I feel like YB needs to shine on his own this time around….I wonder if Gd will performed with TY or not, or it’ll just be like SR’s Strong Baby promotion?!

      4. i agree…i hope they wont be performing together like Seung Ri Strong Baby. Also i hope their aint too much rapping cos that just kills the whole YB rnb tune. If half the song contains GD rapping i’m gonna be annoyed.

    2. No no no no no no no no no no no… why in the world would he need GD in his title track. out of the 11 tracks why would he choose to feature GD in his friggin title track???? no!!!!!!!!! I mean, i want Taeyang alone on stage!!! no other people.. WHY???????????


      NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He didn’t even produce it! whaddda heck??? I feel so sorry for two people now. 1.Taeyang because he had to share his stage and song with someone else. 2. me, because i have to bear with this.

      ISH. =.=

      BTW, to janelle:WOO HOO!! congrats!! ( i got too caught up i forgot to congratulate Janelle.)

      1. LOL that was exactly my reaction. Out of 11 tracks, they had to choose one featuring GD and made by GD, when Taeyang has got so much influence in making this album, I just pray it was YB’s decision because if YG had anything to do with….god be with the man….YB fans are hella pissed off already~ (well the Korean ones are, and half of us here)

        One of the reasons I see this getting ugly is because A LOT of Taeyang fans are anti-Big Bang fans. They love Taeyang but hate Big Bang (especially Taeyang’s male fans in Korea – and it’s not even Big Bang, they really dislike GD). This is why I worry. YB’s credibility as an artist accounts for the fact that he’s a calm, R&B artist who isn’t flashy or radical in any sense whilst GD is quite the very opposite of that (I’m not trying to be mean, its just the truth). This is why things will get ugly with YB fans who really dislike BB/GD

        1. “One of the reasons I see this getting ugly is because A LOT of Taeyang fans are anti-Big Bang fans. ”

          okay wow. That bad??? why would they hate BB? well, why can’t YG or Taeyang see this matter seriously?

          I’m getting so annoyed i might cry. Sigh. >.>

        2. this is really true tho. same applies to Tae Yang’s fans here in the US. & i have lots of male friends who are big fans of tae yang like i am. they think BB is some lame boyband. i really think this is some marketing strategy from YG, I just hope Tae Yang’s parts will be super awesome to make up for the fact that a fellow bb-er’s going to be sharing some of this recognition.

        3. Why would that be mean? It’s the truth. And while they both have different styles and way of expressing themselves, I don’t feel one is more “authentic” or “real” than the other. It all comes down to what people prefer. Personally, I enjoy both.

        4. First time am hearing about TY lovers being GD haters. for me am a little disappointed that just as heartbreaker didnt feature TY then WTH should TY’s title track feature GD. but in terms of GD being hyper and what not as in the complete opposite of TY i have to disagree cuz that man knows how to chill when he needs to. just check out their ‘ballady’ songs and see how laid back and calm GD can be when performing them.(am talking ‘stay’ & ‘a good man’ amongst others)
          so my verdict is in terms of the performance i dont see GD messin it up in any way shape or form but in terms of the idea of the two colaborating considering the apparent GD haters then Lord knows how thats gonna turn out

        5. @lise: to me, it’s not about the better dude or whether or not GD can perform well. It’s just i want taeyang to shine alone on that stage, performing his song with only him. What’s wrong wrong with GD featuring? Nothing, except that i only want taeyang. I don’t hate GD, damn he’s my second favorite, but when it comes to Taeyang, leave the man alone, please?just for his title track. That’s all. If it was TOP, Daesung, or Seung ri, i’d be against any of them too. I’m not picking out gd alone here. I don’t care if GD is featured in other tracks, just not the TITLE one. That’s it.


        6. Indeed, using the song which GD produced and features in kinda kills the whole ‘Taeyang Album’ idea. stupid stupid stupid. Like Kay said if this was not YB decision or something he fully wanted, i’m gonna be pissed off.

        7. @vipwong

          gd only wrote the rap part for ‘i need a girl’ someone else composed, wrote and arranged the song

  4. yayyy, a GDYB collab! can’t wait to hear it! who’s jeon goon? have we heard of him before or any songs that he’s composed? hmm

    you’re doing a great job Janelle!!

      1. If you’re talking about GD he didn’t produce it. They usually credit him as G-Dragon on albums, just like Young Bae is credited as Taeyang. Supposedly Jeon Goon may be the producer of Kim Jong Gook’s song with Mighty Mouth ‘Classifieds’ and some other songs. GD only wrote his rap lyrics.

      2. uh…no…as far as I know, Ji Young aka GD didn’t produced this track. He just wrote the rap lyrics, please don’t give people wrong infor>!

  5. Hey Janelle Marie! Hope you’re having fun as part of the ATY staff!
    Another GDYB collabo? These guys will be together forever! I do hop that it’s not the title track though because TY deserves to shine on his own for his title track.
    And another track produced by TY? Great to see that the long wait for his album was put to good use!

      1. Na GD won’t steal the spotlight. Just the overzealous outfits. Dun care bout the rest it’ll most likely be a quick rap in the refrain or somethin

        1. You guys need to have more faith in YB. I’ve seen him and GD perform together and no, GD doesn’t steal all the spotlight. YB more than holds his own.

          And GD isn’t selfish enough to do that to YB. I’m hoping that if GD is featured on the title track it will be like Teddy in Prayer where he wont show up on every performance expect special ones.

        2. GD was featured in Seungri’s solo song and he didn’t wear any “overzealous” outfits when performing with him. He’s only been really elaborate with his clothes when doing his own solo work.

        3. @ Jeniffer THANK YOU! that just summed it all up for me. people GD has been known to wear suits, jeans…on stage not just the outrageous outfits. infact i think he mostly wears those in their MVs but hardly on stage. GD does do ‘laid back’ PROMISE! just CHILLAX and have faith in YB, has he ever disappointed???

        4. I don’t think its about stealing the spotlight. Because I know GD wouldn’t do that. No offence to GD or Big Bang. But this is Taeyangs solo album. Fine GD features in a song. But the whole point of the solo album is so YB can make and perform his own music which he loves. So if GD ends up performing with him, dunno if just kinda over shadows the whole Taeyang solo idea. Especially since fans have been waiting so long now

  6. All power to GDYB collabs. Didn’t really want it on his title track but meh whatever. If he comes out Like strong baby I’ll fly to Korea and whoop his ass though.

    1. like the post above this I said IDC bout the track havin GD its cool. If its the best “promotional value” initial track on the album then all power to the collab. I just Don’t want the crazy outfits.

      Though the track title makes me want to perform at Usher’s concert in Korea even more… a Transition between both they’re I need a Girl tracks. (Usher, Diddy, Loon’s Track was a Smash back in the day)

  7. after thinking about it and reading others’ comments, although i do love gdyb i do want YB to do well on his own hardwork and not do well b/c of GD’s “name”.

    bah, i feel so conflicted now :/

    1. i get what you mean too…
      Well, whatever it is, i hope that whatever songs Taeyang promote will be recognised because of the good music and not because of other reasons..
      I liked Taeyang’s music before I liked him anyway. So yea..

  8. Maybe it will be like Teddy’s featuring on Prayer? I don’t think GD will have the time to promote alongside YB anyways.

    I’m pretty sure there will be more than 1 lead single for the album based on what the YG artists have been doing recently (like Gummy.) And didn’t YB say in his interview series that he will be promoting as many songs as he can rather than just the 1 song?

    1. You’ve got a point there.. 🙂
      Somehow, I do think that “I need a girl” won’t be the first track he’ll promote. As in, he’ll promote other songs on his album first (which he’ll do it solo), then only this song…
      IDK. just a feeling… 🙂

      1. OR. this song might be the song to set the ball rolling too. IT might be the first song to be promoted, if yg is banking on the popularity of GDYB to get his album to be hyped up (which I don’t really…).
        But if the song and performance turns out well, this will help Taeyang in promoting his follow-up tracks, and continue the dominance of kpop charts! Who knows, his follow-up tracks might be the real big hit songs. (and the real hidden gem for that matter). 😀

        okay. i’m just trying to…uhh. see the brighter side. lol.

  9. I have to disagree,i really enjoyed Korean Dream..anyway,this is making me extremely excited,and i can’t wait ’til july 1st!!! woot woot!! YB is back baby! ♥♥ thanks!

  10. Welcome Janelle!
    Soo excited about the album. I’m reallllyyy looking forward to it as well. I’ve been YB deprived for too long!

  11. Hi Janelle, I see you on ibigbang a lot.

    ‘m so excited I could have a brain aneurysm! I think they should change the track, cause it would be weird for TY to perform and a track and the background for GD’s part. If the title track was chosen by TY, then let it be.

    Time for me to connect with my Korean pen-pals 😉

  12. I’m so excited for his comeback ^_^!
    Since I’m a GDYB shipper I’m really happy that they have a song together but I hope that it isn’t really YB’s title track . Since it’s YB’s solo, I dont want him to share his stage with someone else.

  13. I need a girl is Taeyang’s title track?
    I mean i’m happy to know there’s GDYB collab on this album, but I want his title track to be his solo song no featuring, just him.

  14. Hmmm, I see alot of people don’t like GD featuring in the title song.
    For me, no one can ever outshine Taeyang.
    But it’s true that GD is more popular in Korea than Taeyang, so yeah, I can see how GD could steal the spotlight.
    I’m just hoping for like one or two performances of GDYB so the rest can be all YB =D

  15. it feels like yg is:
    1) lacking quite a bit of faith in YB’s popularity
    2) just using GD to garner attention (whoo, way to give the poor boy even more antis…)

    anyway, GD does tend to upstage people a lot, but i think taeyang can hold his own just fine. have a little faith, people! i think it’ll be like when taeyang promoted prayer (feat. teddy) – teddy only showed up for one or two performances.

  16. Wow they really enjoy teasing fans -_-. i think(hope) GD’s part’ll be like Teddy’s in WUA but guess we’ll have to wait and see. ‘I Need a Girl’ lol yes YB you do.

    Hi Janelle! 🙂

  17. I expected YB to do a track with GD, just because they both are such close friends and would understandably want to include one another in each other’s work. Their bond is deep and when they come together, magic really does happen not in spite of but rather because they are so different.

    But this being the title track is disappointing. A second single? Sure, why not. But as his comeback title track? Surely I can’t be blamed for raising my eyebrow at this. I immediately thought that since Wedding Dress didn’t do that well, they’re going with this track because GD’s participation would guarantee massive popularity.

    I’m not blaming GD or hold anything against him because it’s not like this is his fault. I simply hope with all my heart that this was no one’s decision but Youngbae’s.

  18. I too hope that YB have the stage all by himself, the boy (man) deserve it after all the hardship he’d been through. GD featuring in the song is a good thing…maybe (for YB), I’m really excited for Bae Bae’s album, and I believe our Bae can shine on his own, after all he’s the SUN ( hope that make sense =p).

    “I Need A girl”? oh Bae, you absolutely DO need a girl by your side. ^__^

    YB fighting!

    1. By good thing I mean, since they are close friend, Bae probably wanted to include GD in his album. Lets just wait for the album to come out first shall we?

      YB ❤

  19. 03 I need a girl (Feat. g-dragon)
    Composition: 전군(Jeon Seung Hyun)
    Lyrics: 전군(Jeon Seung Hyun)
    Arrangement: 전군(Jeon Seung Hyun)
    Rap lyrics: g-dragon

  20. guys, did you not maybe figure that GD is just doing the “hypeman” stuff on the track like he did with Strong Baby, and maybe GD just wrote the rap and YB’s rapping it??…just sayin’.

  21. Hi Janelle Marie! Congratulations on becoming one of the ATY staff! 🙂

    I see you here and on iBigBang a lot, hehehe.

    As for GD being featured in YB’s title tracks…. I don’t know.

    I was expecting a GDYB collab, simply because they’re BFFs and GD included YB in his album, so YB would of course, include GD in his album in return.

    But having GD in a title track….=\

    Like what many people said, 1) it could be a strategy for YG to garner more attention for YB by getting GD’s fanbase/media attention
    2) It was YB’s decision, 3) GD may not appear that frequently, just like what happened with Prayer, and 4) YB will promote at least one more song or two different songs entirely, and not “I Need a Girl”.

    I’d like to think it’s 3.

    Keep in mind that GD will be busy producing songs for BB’s comeback album.

    I think he’d want July to be a month where he could get some things wrapped up before their comeback in August (if memory serves me well).

    And even if they do have a stage together, I think they each hold their own very well. There were many live performances of Korean Dream.. and base on my viewing experience of those… Have faith in YB guys, the man can hold his own stage with another artist well. =)

  22. congratulations janelle marie for making it,,..and welcome to ATY,i will look forward for ur new post about our beloved youngbae^__^
    omo!just so excited:)))i luv gdyb,and maybe gd just wanna help,and i’m sure it would last only for seconds,,,plus won’t it be great to see bff helping oneanother in living their dreams:))gdyb and bb fifgting’

  23. i think TaeYang can hold his own no matter who’s with him on stage.he’s an amazing performer.
    when i watched any bigbang perf my eyes always glued to him.

  24. “It all comes down to what people prefer.”
    Funny how no one bitching when Teddy is featured in WD and Prayer
    as long as it’s dope,i’m ok!

    1. well that is because Teddy is not as popular as GD
      everything GD do is hot issue while with teddy he’s popular but not that many fangirls would spazzing over him like how they would do with GD

  25. Calm down dude!
    Trust me “I need a girl” is the 2nd title track like Prayer u know
    haiz,fangirl are overly dramatic>>><<<

  26. Thanks for the warm welcome everybody. The media in Korea has done a disservice to both YB and GD. They are both talented artists with very different fan bases. As YB fans I think we should have a little more faith in his ability to shine with or without GD on the track. I for one am really excited to hear what YB has in store for the song. “I Need A Girl” is a very intriguing title and I have feeling YB will be bearing his soul even more on this one than he did on “Where U At”. Seeing as YB and GD have been friends for 10 years I think it was just his way of saying thanks for always being in his corner, not just some ploy by YGE to get more butts in the seats. Just my opinion, though.

  27. So here are my thoughts on the situation:

    I’m gonna have to go with Kay and a few of you on this one. It probably is very selfish of me, but I’ve been waiting for this album for two years (and considering how many times this album as been pushed back) now because I love Youngbae – his voice, dancing, performances – and I’ve been a fan since before his first solo album in 2008, so it is really disappointing for me to see that he has to share his title track to his first full length album with someone else. And that someone else had to be G-Dragon. (You all should know by now that I personally have a distaste for GD) Like Kay mentioned, of all the songs why the title track? I don’t mind a GDYB collab, but not for the title track. For me, ideally the title track shouldn’t feature anyone! lol. Yes, I’m extremely YB-selfish.

    However I am a little hopeful because this is on Youngbae’s terms…it’s on his album so hopefully we won’t have to witness the train wreck that was “Korean Dream.” I know many of you liked the song, but if you let me, I can go on precisely why the song sucked for me. I think we should give GD and the song the benefit of the doubt for Youngbae’s sake.

    And FYI for new Taeyang fans: K-Fans for the most part, to my understanding, are hardcore Taeyang fans and only Taeyang fans. I honestly think one of the many reasons why TY went solo was because of them. They fully support Taeyang the solo artist, but not Big Bang. I think there’s some international fans that would recognize with this too (like me!) since BB’s music and YB’s music are totally different. YB’s stage presence and the mood he creates are much more collected, sophisticated, and dripping with honey swirled in chocolate (lol) while Big Bang’s are full of energy and movement.

    In conclusion: I’m unhappy, but skeptical and putting some faith in that whatever Youngbae puts his voice into will be golden.

    And congrats Janelle on your first post! Well done!

  28. Before we get mad about the GD thing, remember we’re still not sure if this is THE TITLE TRACK or just a title track cuz Taeyang is supposedly going to promote multiple songs – like GD with Heartbreak (The title song), Breathe (a title song) and A Boy (another title song). I’m hoping it’s just a title track because I want the comeback song to be all Taeyang, no GD (or anyone else) necessary.

  29. Wild speculation here…but does anyone find it interesting that all the song titles so far are in English? And YB did say that he MIGHT promote parts of his solo on some of BB visits to Japan. Do you think there might be an english track in there somewhere? 🙂 …wishful thinking…

    1. yeah! yeah! no korean song title so far…. that’s what i was asking in soompi thread..

      i’m thinking *wishful thinking* … this is a preparation for that overseas promotions as well…

  30. I do agree that taeyang fans are anti big bang fans. I have tons of male friends that idolize taeyang and said big bang is nothing . Taeyang do not need GD to get famous. Taeyang is internationally famous whereas GD is not. In fact I was thinking YG is making use of taeyang to bring GD into the european market as Taeyang is very popular in the european market while GD boost taeyang fame in korea. A double win situation.

    1. I love Taeyang but internationally he is more famous then Seungri and Daesung but TOP and GD are more popular then him,not only Korea. GD doesn’t need his help in that area(:

    2. nah GD is famous everywhere
      but he’s not really popular with male fans which is the opposite of TY

      but anyway hope that there will be another main title song apart from this

      because as much as i love GDYB we all know how popular GD is, from small thing to big thing everything he touches is HOT ISSUE therefore this is not really good for YB

    3. I think cuz Taeyang is more normal compared to other korean artists with all that make up and fashion.so the international people relate to him more…

      GD’s too much of a punch in your face thing…so it’s awkward for them to like GD too much.

      And all my buddies hate GD, cuz they think he’s gay…I have no problem with him, cuz im a Gaga fan, and GD really strikes me as normal enough….but lol…yea…they like Taeyang…and just cuz the girls love him, the guys play wedding dress on the piano just to have the girls screaming ROFL…..and the first guy who did that of course, was me 🙂 and the girls went screaming XDXD Although, they do hate my Gaga worship side…cuz they’re like…..Taeyang + Gaga = nuh uh nono XDXD …but hey, I love them both XD

  31. Lets just see what happens and then discuss,Taeyang had the most say in HIS album and he must be okay with it.

    Like what toozdae said,thier could be multiple tracks on the album like Gummy,2NE1, and GD.
    I hate how people are blaming others again when Taeyang could have chosen everything the way he wants. He is not a puppet and fans shouldn’t doubt his ability to shine. His performing skills are undeniable and the best in Big Bang, I can’t wait to preorder this album.

  32. i don’t know what to say with all the things you said. lol i hate to say this but sometimes youngbae fans are really selfish when it comes to him to the point that you forget that he is, first and foremost, a member of big bang. i don’t know. i don’t understand and i can’t understand. and i think, featuring your friend of 10 years in your title track isn’t to be hated. all i know is youngbae has the most say in his album and yg artists are not puppets controlled by yg. yg gives his artists the freedom to do whatever they want. whatever.

    “In the future at the time of death, if I am to choose a person to guard that position for me, I will choose Taeyang without hesitation.” – Jiyong

    GDYB is love. that’s all i know.

    1. A couple things about your comment:
      1)We don’t know if YGE controls his artists like a puppet or not. If you follow Kpop you will hear about contracts that are kind of like prison sentences (ie: 13 year contract for DBSK) Big Bang did sign to a contract like this though not 13 years. Only like last year did YGE get rid of this type of contract.
      2)Interestingly enough, there are lots of fans (ie: YB’s entire Korean fanbase) think he is first and foremost a SOLO artist despite the fact he debuted as a Big Bang member first.
      3)Selfish? Yes I agree, but can’t we be? Why not? lol.

      Not arguing with you. Just FYI.

      1. 1. i follow kpop and sm is very different from yg. big bang’s contract is 6 years, it is mentioned in the bb documentary. the thing they changed last year is about the royalties of the albums.

        2. well there’s something wrong with how lots of yb fans think, because before anything else, yb is a member of big bang. you can take it, or leave it, but it will never change.

        3. you can, but you’re making things hard for yb.

        well i’m not aguing with you too.

      2. it’s useless arguing with someone who from the beginning has a prejudice towards YG&BB&GD
        his/her mind is full of hatred,there is nothing we can do

        1. It’s okay to disagree, but no need to make personal comments about the posters. They just have a different opinion – don’t make assumptions about them based on a few random posts.

    1. I loved your comment, it makes me smile ^__^. I feel sad after reading all the comments (above and below).

    2. Qui….you’re always teasing us with comments like this! Makes me even more anxious for YB’s comeback!!!

  33. gdyb collabo’s are very much welcome. i don’t even care if there are like 2-3 gdyb songs, i’d be psyched if there was a gdyb album, but a gdyb collabo for the ‘title’ track isn’t something i was so much expecting, or something i’m very happy about. it doesn’t even matter to me if it’s gd collabing in this title track, if it were any other person i’d have the same reaction.

    a ‘title’ track in my opinion should consist of only a single artist. if this track was a ‘single’ that was going to be promoted, then by all means gdyb or yb/*insertname* collabo is very much welcome, but since it’s the title track to yb’s full album that’s been delayed for a bit over half a year now, i don’t know … i would of been much happier if it was a solo ‘title’ track for his ‘solo’ album.

    and i hate to be a total biotch, but judging from ‘korean dream’ a gdyb collabo isn’t very far from an ordinary big bang song. and obviously taeyang fans in general will be upset since taeyang’s ‘sound’ is entirely different to big bang’s.

    just my 2 cents. flame me all you want. hohoho.

    1. i just sincerely hope this doesn’t turn into another ‘strong baby’ where gd fangirls shift all the attention towards gd, completely disregarding the fact that it was a ‘seungri single’ … sighs …

      1. OMG! totally agree with this! I am a fan of Big Bang individually or as a group, but it bothers me so much when GD fangirls basically gives GD all the attention during Strong Baby MV…I felt bad for SR cuz he’s the magnae. Both Dae and SR will always be overlooked by his hyungs….

  34. The korean fans a really upset with taeyang, for making gd apart of the title track. They really don’t like BB too much. They wonder why he decided to have gd featured instead of another artists, when countless other artists have stated that they want to work with him. They are also upset that gd will be in the MV too.

    The korean yb- based fans want a young bae album not a big bang album. Many of the fans are questioning taeyang and his integrity as an artist, and if this is really the “youngbae: they know and have supported. Many are also stating that they will have to think twice about purchasing the album.

    I also wish that gd was not featured in his title and that he worked with artists outside of yg. I don’t think their voices go too well together. If anyone form BB would have been featured i would have liked it to be top instead of gd.

    And for those of you who don’t know independent gd korean based fans don’t like yb and yb korean based fans don’t like gd.

    I am just afraid that instead of gaining fans that yb will lose his hardcore fan base, who have supported him up till now like ybmania, dcyb and other fansites. That would be just a shame. and i really hope it is not some marketing ploy.

    1. In the end, the question really is: is the music any good? Both YB and YG are smart enough to know how the fans are reacting. YB knows his fans : they are music lovers first and foremost and they worry too much. He chose what he wants to do and how he wants to do it. He will just have to let results speak for themselves and just bring it…if the music is good, everything will be forgiven.

    2. Then they are not real fans LOL,they doubt him just because of this? He isn’t a real artist now? Wtf then I really question their loyalty to him. His album hasn’t even come out yet. If their hatred for GD goes as far as not purchasing Bae’s album then they are not fans.

      1. Btw i m 3 dots, not the same person as above. My English is poor.
        I agree. You are right. These so-called fans are more like anti BB/YB/GD who are jealous of their success. Most VIPs, including me love and support BB either as solos or group. Why does TY fans want just TY and seprate?

    3. hey,, i think that’s not good… though i don’t like this title track features another artist, it doesn’t make me less excited for YB’s album… they should know and be confident that YB can pull it off no matter who he’s with…

      but then again, i still don’t like GD being in the title track… but no bashing GD… let’s just like the guy coz YB definitely likes him… not the way the haters put it ok…

    4. AWWW DAMN.
      I do appreciate the K-Fans for being honest though, but this is harsh. I’ll still support Taeyang until he consistenly screws up in the music department. lol.

    5. being a YB fan…that just irritates me. some hardcore YB fans always THINK they know what’s best for taeyang…just let him do his own thing, for goodness sake.
      screw it, I’ve been waiting too long for his album, and noone is going to dampen my excitement.
      ppl need to understand that this is HIS album..not theirs..he can do/feature anyone he wants to.
      we are all excited for his album, and they are trying to ruin it by bringing up nonsense that Taeyang would obviously dismiss in a heartbeat.
      lets just enjoy the music for goodness sake.

      1. True, TY is a grown man, he knows what is best for himself. In the end he will do whatever he wants to do(hopefully), and we can decide whether or not to stick with him.

  35. All I have to say is WOW.
    This whole title track thing has caused a storm both in here as well as Big Bang’s soompi thread. I love how opinionated everyone is but it does hurt reading some comments seeing as I am very GDYB biased and I hate reading comments that put either of them down.

    This is like a repeat of GD releasing Look Only At Me part 2 and getting so much crap for it. The Taeyang fan part of me understands why so many people don’t like the fact that GD will be featuring in the title track. GD is a beast on stage, he shines so much that sometimes it detracts from the main attraction. I saw this especially in his collaboration with the J-pop group W-inds. He basically owned the performances coz he’s GD. I also felt my eyes being drawn more to him when GDYB performed Korean Dream at last years SBS Gayo.

    But I have confidence in Taeyang’s ability to shine on stage with his own song. He too must have confidence in himself to make the song his title track. I sometimes feel like some Taeyang fans don’t have enough confidence in Taeyang’s stage presence and performances and become insecure when GD is around. (I’m not specifically talking about the above comments, just a general feeling I’ve been getting since becoming a Taeyang fan)

    And anyway, there’s no guarantee that GD will be performing with Taeyang all the time. Probably for special occasions. I hope that GD writes a good rap lol It sooo better not be like Strong Baby, I really couldn’t take his featuring in that song xD

    PS: I didn’t know how strongly korean YB fans disliked GD. It explains quite a lot though. What a shame. I wonder how it would have been like if they were a duo… xD

  36. why are you bashing on gd nonstop? if you have a problem with gd featuring on ty’s title track, go to yg and ty and complain to them. you call yourself ty fans? ridiculous.

    1. Regardless of whether they are GD fans or not, no one is bashing GD for this. If anything, most of the comments are skeptical about YG/YB’s decision to include GD on the title track but are reserving judgement till the track comes out. Many of the posters are actually GDYB fans but have reservations about them collaborating on YB’s title track.

      1. no bashing? there is a difference in stating opinions and bashing. if the comments here are not considered bashing, i dont know now how worst your bashing will be.

    2. Agree w/u. Wonder how hurt TY is rite now cause of what all his true fans are saying/bashing his best friend of 10yrs.

    3. No one is bashing GD. Read all the comments carefully. Not a single blogger here has said something mean or hurtful ABOUT GD. They’ve only stated their dislike of GD being on a TITLE track.

      This blog is a place for discussion, where fans CAN have civil conversations with each other about how they feel on this issue and any other issue pertaining to Taeyang.

    4. Euuhh nobody is bashing GD here. If u wanna see bashing, go to hardcore YB fansites- they are mad as hell. And it’s understandable cuz it’s YB time to shine but he has to share it with GD.. even if it was someone else, most YB fans would still be mad/dissapointed.

      FYI, u can be a fan of YB w/o being a fan of GD or BB. I don’t get why ppl keep saying ur a fan of YB but not of GD/BB how could u, it’s such a shame, blablabla whatever… I didn’t know being a YB fan comes in a package deal..

      1. in my case, i found out abt Big Bang bcoz of YB so if i had to choose, i’ll choose YB alone all the way… i can live without BB but i couldn’t live without YB’s voice… in the first place. i’m listening to BB bcoz of YB…

        1. Vice Versa.
          I discovered how soulful YB voice can be through BB music. So I would choose BB over YB or GD alone anyday. Though I’m such GD bias.

          I think everyone should chill. Just WAIT and see. It could be like Teddy feat. YB in WUA,,,, Right??? So please respect GDYB as the boys do to each other. They do what they want to. If YB wants to have GD in his title track. Let him be. No matter how tiny or big part it could be in the song. We have to deal with it.

          And if someone not happy with GD/BB…..only love YB alone. well….no one wolld change the fact that YB would be in BB until his military service ? So face it or leave the fandom.

    5. GD gets bashed a lot on this site (you guys can try to deny it, but looking through some of the comments made on this site…), but i’m pleasantly surprised at how civil the comments have been so far on this post.

      1. no one is bashing here…everybody is just unpleased about GD featuring on TY’s title track (if it is the title track) and I honestly don’t blame them….plus, it wouldn’t make sense how much biased we become here anyways cuz YG decision will be based on Korean fans…and they’re continously bashing on GD now…

  37. here’s my thought:


    *read carefully and see G Dragon: What the —-???!!! GD in the title track??? are they serious???

    this means my YB promoting with the guy all over the music shows??? sharing the spotlight with his bff??? WHY??? YG WHY???

    i mean, didn’t my YB get enough during the promotions of Wedding Dress? WE ALL KNOW HOW BAD HE FELT. and now, sharing the stage with someone, i mean his bestfriend…

    yeah! GD is his bestfriend forever and they treat each other more than sworn brothers but THAT DOESN’T MEAN SHARING EVERYTHING WITH GD…

    don’t get me wrong,, i also love GD… i think he’s really a talented guy but we all know how flashy the guy is… whether he likes it or not,, his fans will go there and he couldn’t tell them ‘don’t chant my name’, he don’t hold them in their necks for God’s sake! and whether he means or SURELY he doesn’t mean, he can take away the spotlight from my YB and if this happens, God! GD, I’ll hate you forever!

    I’M CONFIDENT YB CAN PULL IT OFF ALONE OR WITH SOMEONE ELSE OR WITH EVERYBODY ELSE… (bring them all in and he still can shine) but… BUT… I WANT YB TO SHINE ALONE AND ALONE THIS TIME… i want him to enjoy promoting his album ALONE! i don’t want him to share the stage with anybody else no matter if he’s the bestfriend or not!

    YB ALONE! YB ALONE! can’t YG just let it all go for YB??? let YB have his alone time!

    1. oh..you really need to grow up. GD will never take away any spotlight from YB. I’m sure for that. Look at SR Strong Baby perfs. Did GD steal spotlight in Maknae perf at the music shows ? Hell NO.
      Yes…GD was featured in the MV. Only that. And only little part shall I say ? He never joined the stages…Baby shined all alone there…only up until SR goodbye stages in the music programs that he showed up.

      so You should really keep that to yourself..until the final track release ok. Don’t go too far mking such assumption with end up not helping at all.

      1. hey, i said SURELY gd won’t steal the spotlight coz it’s his bff performing… i’m just afraid it might happen if YG lets him join the stage… cmon!


  38. GDYB makes me happy. TAEYANG makes me happy. I will take both. although I am on the side of “i think it should have been a solo song and not a featured” i think this decision was not only made by YG but also by YB himself. It is HIS solo and he makes decisions on his own and probably vetoes others. If he wants to share the stage briefly then so be it. Just be happy about it. cuz i am. Happy that YB gets to own the stage and shine again… regardless of a feature.

    and yay to Janelle… 🙂

    1. i love u JBae! you summed everything up for me. ALL JBAES think alike >.< LOL.

      we should be happy for what is given to us. it was probably also YB's decision to have this song as the title track, not just YG.

  39. Hey! Don’t create chaos at such an early stage. There may be other title tracks in the album, we haven’t even known yet.

    I believe YB personally agreed and satisfied with the arrangements for his comeback album. We can notice he had been acting hyper and bubbly in the previous interviews of Big Bang, isn’t it? Even if GDYB are going to perform on the same stage, GD fans will also pay respect to YB and wont steal YB spotlight~ We can’t just urge YB not to collab with other talented singers becos we may afraid someone will takeover the show! Like, if one day, TY debut internationally, and have chance to have Chris Brown or Ne-yo featured in his title track. Would we have the same reaction? This doesn’t make sense!

    With the person being GD, having over 10-year brotherhood with TY, will he actually think of ruining his bro’s solo path? Could we just give TY more confidence?!

    I love TY and the entire BIG BANG! So let’s just respect his hard work and give him 100% support! We all know it gonna be a blast, right?!

    1. I love your comments. GD fans mostly would end up buy YB album too. I was there,at GD Shine a Light concert, and I knew how very much GD fans were supportive towards Yongbae. They were like shouting Dong Yong Bae name even louder than Kwon Ji Yong during YB solo performances. HAHAH

      And with what happening in the Kfan sites…I would doubt whether some GD fans would feel. They would stop supporting YB album coz of this conflicts made by YB hardcore fans. Sigh.

  40. found this on youtube. apparently it’s a preview to ‘i need a girl’, not sure if it’s real or not, but sounds legit.

    1. hey, if this is real… it’s EPIC! i mean, this is freakin’ hot and i hope the rap part is just perfect with YB’s OH SO SMOOTH VOICE!

      and i’m hearing a Michael Jackson, more western style right here baby! *keep replaying it*

      makes me MORE AND MORE AND MORE AND MORE AND MORE EXCITED! oh YG! released that album now!

    2. I saw this on soompi, but while it sounds great, how did it leak? And it totally doesn’t sound like him on the track.

      1. my thoughts exactly, wen i first listened to it, i couldn’t make out whether that’s yb’s voice or not … shame on me … but at the same time, i don’t know of any other kpop artist who’d release a song like this.

        guess we’ll just have to keep our eyes and ears peeled till yg releases the teasers himself.

        1. HAHAHA…yeah, it does reminds me of GD cuz he and SR luvs to make sounds like that i.e. Fool

    3. Not real. It’s a track called “Sugar” by some other artist. I saw it posted a long time ago before any news for SOLAR was released.

    4. LOL NOT REAL. I’m a little disappointed! You all should recognize YB’s voice from a crowd by now! lol.

      I really like this song though!

  41. i dun mind at all whether gd featured in da title or not as long as there’s Taeyang in lead. So just support Taeyang, therefore support his group and its members as well.^^,

  42. Oh really ? GD is famous everywhere? How come i dont see his videos playing at new york time square mcdonalds ? Or some restaurant ? GD is famous in korea but indefinitely NOT famous internationally. TAEYANG DO NOT NEED GD HELP AT ALL ! Taeyang shines on his own , taeyang have the talent . Even JYP wants to poach him. Does JYP wants to poach GD ? Is GD featured in new zealand or any european radio station ? NO.

    1. As a TY fan I love how much you defend TY, but it is true that GD also has a lot of international fans (especially all over Asia.) They both do, though not necesarilly the same fans since they appeal to different types of people. No need to play down GD’s achievements.

      1. In my country , most are taeyang fans. The reminding big bang members are hardly noticed . Regarding GD fans(international) i’m doubt that, as many people I know from european countries are crazy over taeyang especially the song wedding dress. GD is a great artist, no doubt on that. In popularity wise, Korea GD is more famous but internationally, Taeyang is definitely the man.

        1. I think GD is more popular than TY both Korean and even International. Esp Asian countries. Look at GD HBK MV compared to TY Wedding Dress. Huge difference I must say. You may love TY to death but does it need to bring down GD ? Both are love throughout the world depend on preference prople may have on the two boys though.

    2. JYP wants to produce and write for Taeyang but GD can do that himself. He is famous but I don’t think you go to his videos or fansites to see how famous he is.

  43. some said “YB knows his fans and he said it himself that they are music fans first and knows that they worry too much. Which they are doing right now and are basically proving him right…”

    are we??? really??? worrying too much???

    1. That was from the GQ interview….
      Well definitely worrying prematurely, since we don’t have the entire tracklist yet and haven’t even heard any teasers of the new material. We don’t know the promo plans. And yet there is a lot of discussion on how the collab is a bad idea, fans don’t like it, YG is wrong etc…. but without any real basis except on speculation.

      So yes, we worry too much. And are a bit impatient…

      1. if he knows his fans well then…
        Youngbae, why make us worry to death like this??? there must be something great to come up after this or else…

  44. IMO….

    Majority of his fans wanted his title to be him and only him. Had there been a GDYB track on the album that was NOT the title. I’m sure fans wouldn’t have minded AT ALL, infact I would have been jumping with joy.

    Does this make hardcore YB fans any less than other fans? Does this make us selfish? Does this make us ungrateful? – No, I don’t think so.

    It isn’t a matter of GD being featured on the track – or any other Big Bang member – the reaction would have been exactly the same.

    This happened with “Look Only At Me” – fans were really angry that YB had to share his MV space for his title song with 4 other members when YB could have well handled that on his own – Doesn’t YG trust YB to hold on his own? That is what bothers me. YG’s confidence in YB to bring in the fans and numbers – but again – is that all YG cares for? Is that what – maybe – YB cares for?

    They should have known this would happen. Both YG, and GDYB. Hmmmmmm.

    When you have waited 2 years for an artist to release his album, you have expectations. You have dreams for this artist, you have anticipation. You don’t want to see this album tainted with skepticism, or anyone to say “It was amazing cause (insert famous artist) was on the track” – you want the artist to flourish and fly on their own. That is and was my dream for Taeyang. If Taeyang wanted GD on this track because of popularity reason – then I’m sorry Tae, I’ve misunderstood you this whole time. If this was YG’s decision, then YG, you show me an immense lack of confidence in YB’s ability and only care about raking in the dough.

    We’ll see what happens in the end.

    Much love to all ATY bloggers – we gotta be the most civil discussion blog in kpop town 😎 A healthy debate and opinionated conversations are always good once in a while just as long as people remember to be civil and RESPECT other people’s opinions – and that’s all I’ve seen here so far 🙂 So THANK YOU. Just like we don’t tolerate hate and negativity towards YB, we also don’t promote it towards GD or any other members. No one hates any of the members – people just have a strong liking for one or the other and that is TOTALLY okay. I don’t see why people can’t say what they feel without always feeling like they are anti-fans or misunderstood. We understand you, whether you LOVE this idea or HATE it. The choice is yours, we’ll listen to each side because if you’re a blogger here, you are apart of the ATY family and your opinions are respected.

    1. Totally agree with you. But I do think two things: that YB will be promoting more than 1 lead single and that the collab with GD is for artistic (rather than commercial) reasons. YB has repeatedly said that they both respect each others’ vision as artists and do not interfere with each others’ solos. The only way GD is in this is because YB must have wanted it. YG could not have forced YB to do this otherwise (because both GD and YB would have objected.)

      YB has also said that he wants to promote more than 1 song off the album (much like Gummy has done.) They may start off with 2or 3 and then see which becomes more popular. So I’m not too concerned that the collab will be the centerpiece of the entire album promo.

      By the way, I missed the entire mess about Naman Barabwa but I do remember that YB said that GD actually recorded the song first since Teddy initially gave it to GD. YB just liked it so much he asked if I he could have it. I got the impression that when LOAM took off, they probably just released the GD recording anyway since it was already there.

      1. agree with Kay… i just like how you sum all the comments up into one post… and WE’RE NOT BASHING ON GD HERE OKAY!!! we like him too coz he’s YB’s bff.. put that in your minds… i know some hardcore gd fans didn’t like this case too…

        can’t get the rants in other discussion,,, they say VIPs are now not united bcoz of this…

        BASTA, here in always taeyang, we are always united for Taeyang… *sorry for the filipino word, can’t think of any word to use but that*

        me too…. i missed that NAMAN BARABWA thing but i have read about it somewhere… (just been a YB fan January 31, 2010 to be exact)… thus, making me SOOOO excited for this album… and i was really expecting a Youngbae alone… can’t blame others who were waiting for two LONG years… can’t imagine your feelings…

        now what i hope for is that YB will have a blast during his promotions and not suffer that hell of a promotion he had during WEDDING DRESS…

    2. Kay, in my opinion, u are very rational, a million times more than I can be. Thanks for that comment. 🙂

    1. As I stated before – it’s not, it’s a song called “SUGAR” by some other artist. It was posted somewhere DAYS before news about SOLAR even came out~

  45. Wow, I’m a little disappointed that some YB fans are anti BB. Not saying that all YB fans should support BB, but they shouldn’t hate on a group that YB is heavily involved with and loves dearly. I don’t think he would appreciate love from fans who hate his group or hate one of his closest friends, GD.

    Have a little more faith in YB’s decisions and talents!

  46. as a student majoring in economic management, I would argue that this is the YG strategy to dominate the music market and to further popularize Taeyang …

  47. I will not make any comments until more information about this issue come out.. BUT I still have to say that I have been always a fan of TY only, and I came to like BB just because of him so I can come to hate them because of him also.

    Don’t make me hate you for any reasons, GD. Though your intention may be good, by any chance, please don’t perform with him on stage, or else, I would hate you, Kwon Ji Yong ah~

    I could be really selfish with things related to TY.
    Please don’t go around and lecture TY fans how to be a true fan. We all know exactly what we are doing

    1. Hey Nhi~
      I don’t agree GD should be hated on because he’s collaborating with TY on his title track. We don’t know who made the decision about this so let’s have a little open mind here but I do understand how your not happy with having someone share TY’s title track – whether is GD or TOP or Dae or Seungri. That I can understand

      1. Hi Kay ^^

        Well, just saying.. I don’t think I would ever hate GD cus he’s YB’s BFF. Since once I love TY, I love everything around him, including GD and BB (things that he treasures the most beside family and music)

        Still have to admit that I was quite mad yesterday when I heard that TY’s title track will be a collaboration with GD. “Wth? Not GD again??”, I thought. I’m kinda calm down now.. at least wait until the track comes out ^^

        Anw.. Honestly, everyone is selfish, not only TY fans. When GD went solo, his fans (from DCGD) even sent YG a letter which requires some special treatments for him (including what should he eat, when should he sleep, appropriate time that he should do the promotion.. etc). GD fans always think that since he’s a leader, he has to sacrifices a lot for BB and never get enough time to care for his own solo activities. So, it’s understandable if TY fans do the same, isn’t it? lol

        No offense=;

    2. Agreed, lets just wait for the album to drop first. I’d became Taeyang fan first before I like BB, and I too I can be very selfish when it come to him (don’t get me wrong, I like all the BB boys) but right now I only want Taeyang and Taeyang only on the stage ^__^.

    3. I would have freak out if I was TY and see you comment on his BBF. Wah. This is non sense.

      You have NO idea how very much GD had given to TY since..whenever… GD should have been the first soloist in Bigbang NOT TY.

      Look only at Me was supposed to be for GD. Since GD would portray the lyrics much better with his bad boy image. Not such a sweetheart like TY.

      But since when TY found out and ask if he could have this song for his solo album. Dont you even think that GD must have approved that and give it to TY instead. But look what he got in return ? So much hate by his best friend fans? Huh ?????

      I respect these two boys and love them both. Hope SOMEONE would learn to be less selfish and respect others too.


      1. he didn’t know the song was supposed to be for GD. and he was sorry. not because the song did well, but it was because of how he took the song away from GD, which he found out later on, when teddy told him. You want proof? go watch madame B saloon.

        “So much hate by his best friend fans? Huh ????? ‘”
        well, please don’t put it that way. cuz not all of us are like that.

  48. Wow….there are so many comments on this post now.
    Can’t we just all agree on some important facts?
    1. We can all agree that no one is bashing GD. We’re just mad at the fact that TY has to share his title song with ANYBODY! It wouldn’t have mattered who it was, fans would have been angry anyway b/c we all feel that a title track should focus on the artist and only the artist. Of course a GDYB collabo was expected. YG and TY described this album as a compilation of the 10 years TY has spent in the music industry, so it’s to be expected that his best friend would be a part of the album.
    2. We should all wait for the rest of the album to come out. Who knows? This might be just one of many title tracks. I’m sure TY will want to promote more than one song during his promotion time.
    3. Please let’s not get all mad at Papa YG. TY has said before that although YG suggests ideas, they (YG artists) are basically allowed to do whatever they want musically. Look at TY’s first album….was anyone disappointed? I remember TY said in an interview that YG would suggest ideas for the HOT album but TY wouldn’t and didn’t have to go along with any of them that didn’t suit the style he was going for. SO, I’m sure that with all of the work and personal input TY has put into this album, it will truly reflect him and his musical styles.
    4. Don’t know what to say to all of the TY-anti GD/BB fans out there. If you truly are a TY fan, then please respect the friendships and ties that are between TY and the other members.
    5. And I don’t know about you guys….but I am definitely not worried about the spotlight being taken away from TY. TBH, he is the only one I look at no matter who is on stage with him. We all know TY doesn’t do his music for the recognition or awards….he does it because music is his life. He doesn’t care about the spotlight as long as his fans are still there for him….and I’m pretty sure all of us still are right?

    Sorry for the rants but all of the comments were getting on my nerves! 🙂

  49. im kinder upset people think of GD like that…
    we all want tae yang to shine on his own.. but we cant expect him to be by himself through out.. he will need someone there with him at times..
    i soo agree with you
    tae yang wants us to hear his music and feel his passion and that is his dreams..
    the songs that he makes are sing in are made from his soul so we should appreciate everything he does…
    you cant diss anyone from YG cause i think that will just be an insult to tae yang.. his YG is his family..
    we should repect..

  50. i just wanted to state/clarify a part of the reason why hardcore yb korean fans are mad and protective over yb.

    A part of the reason is because during his solo concert in 2008 a good number of “BB fans” left his concert before it was even finished after BB came out to do a couple of songs. In other words they were not there for Ybs concert, but to see other BB members.

    Yb fans do not want to compete with these type of “fans” again if he has an opportunity to do another concert. As many of Yb’s fans were not able to go to his concert because it was sold out.

    Yb korean based fans don’t have problems with GDYB’s friendship. They just don’t think they musically sound good together.

    I personally think that you don’t have to automatically be a BB fan just because YB is in BB. And to a certain extent i can understand yb korean biased fans’ anger.

    In the end I just hope that the music is good! and that YB’s hard work does not go to waste.

    1. Wait. They seriously left? That makes me really sad. That was so disrespectful. I can see why YB’s fans are so upset.

      1. don’t spread rumor will ya
        and U toozdae,stop believing everything
        i see you name everywhere and the chaos started each time i see your name
        relax will ya

    2. WTF THEY LEFT!!!???
      Argg, I’m so angry, the ones that left have no right to call themselves VIPs, no real VIP would do that.
      Now I understand this situation from the hardcore Korean YB fans viewpoint even more.

    3. Okay lets not start rumors without proof.
      First of all I thought BB couldn’t perform at his concert? They just watched but didn’t perform,it wasn’t on his HOT concert dvd either.

      1. they did make a surprise appearance. I believe they perfomred Lies and Last Farewell. It just wasn’t in the HOT DVD that’s all…

      2. there’s an article at KBites old site, even before the TY’s 1st concert started, fans were already divided some saying BB members shoudl come to performed as a guest, some argue against it saying they shouldn’t and should be solely TY’s so I think this is the time where everything officially starts…

      1. OH..so TY fans are against other 4 BB members in general. WOw…That’s unbelievable.

        IF BB was a surprise guest back then in 2008 HOT concert, How the hell would fans knew that the rest 4 members would come and join the stage and even bother enough to try hard to compete with booking and stuffs ? Din’t Bigbang Global Warning tour Concert happen during almost around the same period as HOT concert ? Weeks different perhaps ? So WHY would so many fans of BB in all would want to pay extra for TY concert to only see such special guest with no one sure that guest would be BB ??

        No sense.

        FYI, BB also did make a special guess appearance on GD Shine A Light concert in final day. No one knew. Fan were shocked cuz that day we already had Se7en as special guest. So I really doubt how much would there be so-called LOTS of fans left during his concert. As I wasn’t there so I couldn’t really tell the truth. Judging by the DVD. I could still see many of the fans till the end of the concert though.

  51. just to say that you did an error 😛
    you wrote taeyang without an E

    If you’re anything like me you’ve been eagerly anticipating Tayang’s new album

  52. here we go again!!!


    sorry but at the end of the day this is TAEYANG’S ALBUM…not your’s not mine not anybody elses but TAEYANG’s album…

    I don’t get why some people are so worry about this…don’t we all have enough confidence in YB by now? is 2008 really repeating itself again? it sure does feel like it doesn’t it? OLAM part 2 anybody?

    you know if some “hardcore fans” are seriously doubting not buying Taeyang’s album then so be it I don’t care cuz they aint real fans of Taeyang…that’s just such a fcken stupid as reason to not buy someone’s album cuz they have their bestfriend feature in it. have more faith man!

    I’m sick of this!

    peace out!

    1. Thanks for posting this… I do hope the discussions cease soon. GDYB love all the way!

      As I have said before, have faith in YB guys!!! Knowing YG’s promoting patterns, and words from YB himself, “I Need a Girl” is not the only title track for this album.

      Heck we’ve only just seen four of the tracks and we’re worrying already. Not that it’s a bad thing, but calm down… There are nine more songs to reveal, and there will be two more today. Who knows? There may be another title track coming along the way.

      Reasons being 1) YG tends to promote two or three songs for solo artists (like with GD and Gummy, plus YB’s HOT)

      and 2) YB did say he wants to promote as many songs on this album as possible.

      I don’t want to repeat myself, but I was expecting a GDYB collab. (though I was surprised that it is going to be a title track).

      GD and YB said that though they have different tastes and styles of music, they respect each other and won’t interfere with the other’s solo activities or music.

      GD isn’t the type to steal the spotlight, never from his best friend Young Bae or from anyone else for that matter.

      And I trust that all of you would have your eyes glued to YB in any perfomances regardless of whether it’s a GDYB or BB performance. 😛

      So peace out everyone! GDYB love all the way! AND YOUNG BAE OPPA FIGHTING!!!!

  53. to be honest……whether people think they are being selfish or not, i think it’s really disrespectful to be acting like this about the title track.
    Even if YB himself wanted to share his title track, there’s nothing wrong in that. It’s not like the title song is wayyyy more important than the other songs. The whole album is still YB’s piece of art, and i don’t really see how the feature will get in the way.
    In fact, i think it really really emphasizes their bond, like they can’t be seperated, and MAYBE the title song is showing that.
    However, if it’s YG’s choice, then that’s kinda more likely moving toward the “for commercial purposes” reason. But still, i don’t see it affecting YB’s spotlight. GD’s just gonna be hovering in the background, and he’d prolly make YB stand out more.

    Either way, I’m not the least bit bothered by the album and the title song itself…….im more worried about the “so called fans” and their comments/reaction interfering with YB.

    Cuz really, when an artist makes music, pleasing people is never the 1st priority. The artist’s opinion should be the first piority, cuz he/she’s making music that HE/SHE like, not what other people’s expecting. And if YB’s doing that, I’m really glad for him.
    On the other hand, yea…….if it’s YG….just tut tut…but it’s okay…no big deal

  54. Surprise appearance means those other bias didn’t know at all , so please dont spread rumors. I believe vips have manners.

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