D12: First two tracks revealed!

Tons of stuff coming out.  Stay with us and brace yourself for the heat!

First, Taeyang’s website has been updated with the titles of the first two tracks!  “Solar” and “Superstar.”  Superstar is right!  We’re waiting for it.

01: SOLAR (Intro)
Composition: Choice 37 & Taeyang
Lyrics: Choice 37
Arrangement: Choice 37

02: Superstar
Composition, Lyrics & Arrangement: Teddy

Translation: Big Bang Updates

Check it: http://www.ygbigbang.com/taeyang/

Looks like Taeyang took a big part in the production of this album! 

So I guess this is the green light for us to spazz?  Ummm though some of you already started.  Freak out below.


41 thoughts on “D12: First two tracks revealed!”

  1. YAY!!!!!! that’s what i’m talking about!!!!! finally the time has come when our beloved Taeyang is going to set fire to the stage like no other artist on this planet xDDDD I HAVE TO BUY THIS CD <3<3<3<<3<3<3 Youngbae forever and ever and ever ^_^

  2. This news is out since a few hours ago.
    I have been checking ATY when will the news be posted.
    I think you guys need to be more active and fast during this period.
    Anyway the concept looks hot and YB is so fine !!!

    1. Yes yes. Though it may not seem like it, we have real lives too other than Taeyang. We try our best to be fast about things, but sometimes it just can’t be helped.

      1. Sorry if I sound demanding. Btw taeyang soompi got very fast posers. I think you guys can rely there as one source.
        If I’m not wrong the lastest news always reach there fast. Thanks for all the contributions 😛

        1. Thanks for the tips! I personally don’t use soompi because it’s a little cumbersome to navigate. Korean fansites have always been the most reliable and plus we have a good relationship with them.

          No hard feelings. I just wanted to make sure everyone knows that we don’t sit at our computers waiting for things to get released so we can post it. Somedays we will be the first and the next we won’t.

  3. Sweet!! I know Choice37 is known best for his underground/indpendent hiphop compositions yall should check em out so I’m waiting to see how he will produce an R&B song and an intro at that ^^

  4. This is so cool. I’m loving the concept. YB’s pose is very Michael Jackson inspired and he’s sporting stubble. He looks so good. The two tracks SOLAR and SUPERSTAR I love it. I’m so excited. Is it July 1st yet?

  5. At first I thought that the two songs had been released for us to hear and I started spazzing like crazy…..til I read the article. Either way i’m just so excited about his album!
    Glad to see that YB is having a bigger part in the making of his album and that someone besides Teddy is working with him. Not that I don’t love Teddy but working with other producers will definitey make this album rock!
    Also I love how just the friest two song titles describes YB so perfectly already….”Solar” and “Superstar”.

    1. Hmmm I can’t believe I forgot to mention how HOTTTT he looks in that picture. Loving the manly MJ-inspired concept. Looking uber-delicious with the stubble and of course, his infamous side profile.

  6. yeyeyeye! wooohooo. i really can’t wait. like, i can’t even explain myself how happy i am that Taeyang’s album is going to be out soon. his hard work will pay off 🙂

  7. Wow! 2 tracks is out already.
    Just 6 days till the teasing begins. I’m so ready!
    Love how he took part on composing the intro. (prolly some of the tracks too.)

  8. OMG OMG OMG OMG !!!! LOL i cant wait until it comes out, i for one am gonna have this hole album on replay in my car as soon as i can get the CD. And also TAEYANG looks really HOT in that pic!


    I cannot wait! SOLAR as his title track is very interesting..I wonder what the meaning and lyrics of it will be, but whatever it is, definitely DAE BAK!

  10. i had already almost died a couple days ago choking on a peanut at the news of the SOLAR album, period.

    now i almost die today choking on chocolate at the news of the tracklist?

    God, please don’t let me die if it should be by choking UNTIL I HEAR THE ALBUM!!! *somewhat legally if i can get a hook up*

    **hint hint, nudgy nudge to ATY heads, lol**

  11. the picture is….. oh well, i guess he’s gonna be wearing the same clothes since two years ago.. ;p

    1. solar
    2. superstar…

    = YAY!!!

  12. yeayyyyy:))just the name of 2 tracks really excites me in july 1st,,and bae is soo hot in there.^_^keke.. ,i really want to buy his album but if u order it on ygeshop,u need to log in,and fill up forms,the thing is i can’t understand korean,,soo,,will yesasia will be selling d deluxe edition??(i really hope so)..pls can someone tell me where can i buy d deluxe edition?..plzzzz..i really want it:))).thanks in advance:))

    1. Omg, i was thinking the exact same thing. I want the deluxe edition but it’s hard to buy from ygeshop coz everythg is in korean

  13. Omg crazZzy yb looks dope in that pic. D12 and it already started omdays can’t wait for the next 11 days I want the album now!! Anyone know when it’s gonna be available on yes Asia

  14. lol i noticed in the picture, YB’s stubble is still there. So i guess he’s not chaging his hairstyle just growing a beard haha

  15. my dad started giving me a lecture just as i got on ATY and i didn’t hear a word he just said cuz I was just staring @ YB’s pic and grinning like a fool. I’m so excited!!! and he composed the intro 🙂 must buy!

    Thanks for the info as always ATY!

  16. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Finally!!!!! i guess pray every nite finally paid off…Thx God!!!! hope the rest will goin 2 be absolutely fine!!! I cant wait 4 the rest…

  17. Oh…His new concept xD

    With stubble, he’s much more manly and yet romantic :X

    He looks really like a Fairy, don’t you think ? 😀

  18. yey! go Youngbae! i love the picture… he really looks good on side view shots…. did anybody noticed the stubble? man! he looks ULTIMATELY and ALMIGHTY sexy!

  19. OMG!!! It feels like I am still hearing the drum roll sound in my head until his album comes out!! I can’t wait to hear the sample of the first two tracks. The days are just getting slower and slower.*sighs*

  20. do I even need to say anything? we’ve been waiting forever. no words can describe this excitement. I will try to get my hands on the deluxe version but considering the competition amongst fans I’m not sure if I can roll, lol

    yay to our SUN. Shining like the Superstar he is 😀

    and ATY, I love you guys.

  21. whaa!! all these little info and teasers are killing me (in a good way) and getting me so hyped up. july can’t come soon enough.

    can’t wait to hear the songs. i know they’ll be fantastic.


    That MJ pose, that stubble…. DAYUMMMMMMMM~~~

    The name of the tracks already make me so excited!

    I was stupid enough to click on the title and see if a music loading/streaming engine would pop up or something and I can have a listen, LOL

    Only YB can make me do something as stupid as that…

  23. OH MY GAWD!! whiiiiiiiiiiiii!! ^^ cant wait till i have this awsome album in my hands, the titles are making me more excited… ;o whaa

  24. I’m really excited for his album, I smile like crazy when I saw this news at ibigbang ^__^. I’m loving the concept, Bae Bae looks really good in red, and I like his white shirt, it looks cool =]. Solar and Superstar? yes Sol, you’re a Superstar =D…hehhe don’t mind me ^__^

  25. I’m so freakin excited!!! =) I can’t for his album! I hope YG promotes him real good this time.

    Did you notice his stubble chin in the cover??? I’m loving his rugged look. =) He’s getting so manlier. Sexy =)

  26. That pose looks like him doin the ‘lady’ move when performing ‘na man barabwa’… my fav move btw am always replaying that bit lol

  27. Haha its so cute everyone is spazzing out of control at the just release of the name of tracks. It does make me wondering how everything is going to turn out. Me, I’m won’t be on officical SPAZZ MODE until I hear teaser of the songs.

  28. THIS PHOTO OF TAEYANG IS SOO HOT.. but it reallllly reminds me of MICHAEL JACKSON’s black&white music video. i think it’s the pose. but omg!!


    i loveeeee this (=.

    scruffy taeyang is the best.

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