Taeyang’s album “SOLAR” to be out July 1st!


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Finally, an announcement from YG himself! Mr. YG just posted an announcement on on their website regarding Taeyang’s new album! The album, titled “SOLAR” is going to drop on July 1st. In his statement, YG talked about the hardship and delays that Taeyang faced in releasing this album after the huge success of his mini album “HOT”. He prepared and struggled for a long time and this is his gift to his fans. The album is a deluxe edition with 11 new songs and “Prayer” and “Look Only at Me” as bonuses, making it a 13 song album! The normal version of the album will be released on July 7th with just the 11 songs. From June 25th to 30th, for six days, 1 minute of a song will be released on his main homepage…each day a minute more till the drop of the album.
In another article, YG released the statement that Se7en will be releasing on July 21st, a couple weeks after Taeyang. This means they will be promoting at the same time.

C: YG entertainment
Translations: Kay@AlwaysTaeyang.



YG 엔터테인먼트 입니다.

여러분들이 오랫동안 기다려오신 태양의 정규 1집 앨범에 관한 소식을 전할까 합니다.

완성도 높은 무대와 짙은 R&B 감성의 노래실력으로 대중과 평단으로부터 이례적인 극찬을 받고

있는 태양에게 본인의 첫 정규 앨범에 대한 의미는 처음 가수가 되기로 마음먹었던 13살부터

지금까지 지난 10년간 자신이 추구하고 싶었던 음악을 모두 담아 내기 위해 최선의 노력을

기울인 앨범입니다.

덕분에 2008년 5월 첫 솔로 미니앨범 [HOT] 발표 이후, 정규 앨범 발표가 예상보다

많이 늦어진 것이 사실입니다만, 태양이 오랜 시간 고민하고 열심히 준비한 앨범이니만큼

팬 여러분들에게 좋은 선물이 되기를 기대합니다.

앨범 발표 일정과 간략한 프로모션 관해 아래의 사항들을 참고 해주시길 바랍니다.


▶ 2010년 7월 1일 – 태양 정규 1집 앨범 [SOLAR] Deluxe Edition 발매

오는 7월 1일 발표하는 [SOLAR] Deluxe Edition은 보다 적극적인 마니아들을 위한

스페셜 패키지 앨범으로써 말 그대로 패키지의 모든 구성이 스페셜하게 제작된 앨범입니다.

Deluxe Edition은 정규앨범에 수록되는 11곡과 더불어 지난 미니앨범에 실렸던 ” 기도” 와

“나만 바라봐” 가 보너스 트랙으로 수록되어 총 13곡으로 구성되어 있습니다.

또한 Deluxe Edition은 3만장으로 한정된 리미티드 앨범으로써 각각의 앨범마다 고유번호가

새겨져 있어 추후 고유번호 추첨을 통해 태양과 함께 하는 특별한 형식의 이벤트를 진행 할 예정

입니다. (예약 판매 없이 7월1일 당일판매 예정.)

▶ 2010년 7월 9일 – 태양 정규 1집 앨범 [SOLAR] 일반판 발매

Deluxe Edition과는 또 다른 매력을 지닌 태양의 정규 1집 앨범 일반판은 총 11곡이

수록되며 세련된 디자인으로 보다 많은 팬 여러분들을 찾아갈 것입니다.

▶ 일반판 예약 진행: 2010년 7월 1일(목) ~ 7월 8일(목)

▶ 예약처: YG E-shop 및 각종 온라인 음반 판매 사이트

– 앨범 사양 및 가격은 6월 25일 음원 선공개와 동시에 상세 공지될 예정입니다.

★ 태양 정규 1집 앨범 [SOLAR] 음원 선 공개 프로모션 ★

태양의 정규 1집 앨범 프로모션 일환으로 앨범 발표 이전인 오는 6월 25일부터 30일까지

하루에 한 곡씩 태양의 1집 수록 곡을 온라인을 통해 선 공개할 예정입니다.

6일 동안 진행될 이번 선 공개 프로모션은 하루에 한 곡씩 약 1분 가량 공개될 예정이며

공개되는 해당 음원은 당일에만 청취가 가능합니다. (하루에 한 곡 청취 가능)

대부분 음반이 발표되기 이전에 사전 유출이나 불법 유출을 막기 위해 단속을 철저히 하는 것이

일반적인 예입니다만 열심히 준비한 태양의 신곡들을 보다 많은 분에게 들려 드리고 싶은

욕심에서 비롯된 계획이오니 팬 여러분들의 많은 응원과 성원 부탁 드립니다.

▶ 온라인 음원 공개일정: 6월 25일(금) ~ 6월 30일(수) 0시 6일간

▶ 앨범 수록 11곡 중, 6곡 1분씩 공개

▶ 태양 공식 홈페이지 (www.ygbigbang.com/taeyang/) 목요일밤 12시(금요일 0시) 공개!

태양은 현재 미국 안무가인 션과 함께 안무연습에 매진하고 있으며 앨범 자켓 촬영 및

뮤직비디오 촬영을 병행하며 바쁜 일정을 소화하고 있습니다.

음반 발매일인 오는 7월1일 전 온라인 음원사이트를 통해 태양의 타이틀곡 뮤직비디오 및

음원이 모두 공개될 예정이며 태양은 해당 주말부터 본격적인 방송 활동에 돌입할 예정입니다.

예상보다 너무 많이 늦어진 태양의 정규 1집 앨범 발표 소식..

오랜 시간 고민하며 열심히 준비해온 태양의 숨은 노력들이 팬 여러분들의 오랜 기다림과

기대에 못지 않은 좋은 선물이 되기를 바랍니다.



162 thoughts on “Taeyang’s album “SOLAR” to be out July 1st!”

  1. To quote Kay, WOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

    I absolutely cannot wait for this! I’ll be counting the days until July 1! So excited for YB! Finally, this is becoming a reality! YB, thanks for the wonderful amazing gift! Your fans thank you! 🙂

  2. omgomgomg!! *spazzes*
    so happyyy. we get to hear 6 new songs before the album drops ;DDDDD
    when does preordering start?

    1. i just realized that the announcement didn’t say anything about his title song nor his mv. hopefully in the next few days, yg will mention it

  3. Yay I’m so happy…I can’t wait until July 1st, although it’s only 16 more days =D
    YB fighting ❤

    1. the 7th is the album with only the new (11) songs, and the deluxe album is released on july 1ST which inculdes the new songs AND two of his old songs Prayer and Only Look At Me which is in total 13 songs

      July 1st: Deluxe Album, 13songs
      July 7th: Original Album, 11 songs


  4. You beat me to it Kay LOL!
    but YES! i’m gonna be purchasing both albums of SOLAR. He has my support 100% but as me having abit of financial problems I might be late in buying… i’d hate to download >_<! kinda hurts that i'm not support the man!

      1. i just checked myself out in front the mirror doing it. then i imagined bae doing it. i’m pretty sure he did one of those silly dances once he had completed his album. i can imagine him doing the chicken dance. ^^

  5. Oh. My. God.
    Excuse me while I go run around like a crazy person.


  6. i’m spazing so much right now. yesterday i just mentioned about YG’s statement about YB’s album, didn’t think we will actually get the statement today. waaaaaaaaa! i’m definitely going to preorder this. any info about preordering please let us know.

  7. “im kinda surprised no one figured that maybe the new single would be out the 25th and the album be out the following tuesday (29th), which in turn would mean promo pics and teasers and tracklist would be out around the 22nd…i mean, im just sayin. then probably do a double-A side single but promo one of them heavily (since WUA wasn’t really meant to promote as it was a teaser to WD…)…again, just sayin”

    <— me quoting self from the sean tweeting article….

    so was wrong about the actual album date…but everything else…i'll just leave it at that… *omg omg omg omg omg*

    hahah shotgun album releases.
    Ahhh the 1minute teasers are gonna kill me….i don’t like this because I traditionally want to listen to his album all at once…..when i get the actual CD.
    decisions decisions.

    1. just dl the album when its released but still buy from yesasia/wherever to help sales (and clear your conscious from illegally dl’ing while waiting for the real thing)


  10. My heart is bursting right now. So excited for YB. He’s worked so long and hard on this, His labor of love. I’m counting the days until July 1st.

  11. Yes !!! But how about me here in indonesia ??
    Is it the same date ?? Soo in indonesia the album will be released on 1st july also ??
    Hope it’s true .. I can’t wait for it !! I’m so excited

  12. Haha And 13 songs? Not really a deluxe but whatever. Maybe there will be more to the packaging?! =O

  13. So can anyone help us non-Koreans and non-resident of Korea to get his album? I want to support YB… I want to be able to buys his first full length album… 🙂

      1. awesome! So you guys got someone! I was gonna wait til I go to Korea but its limited so ahh, Ill buy it now!

  14. Hallelujah!

    only one thing though, July is my exam month and he’s gonna be promoting throughout July. If YG had released this album earlier, i could have enjoy myself with pure YB hotness more. Oh well, as long as it’s out, i’m happy. 🙂

    1. okay, one thing, though… SOLAR is a really funny name. it got me thinking “what’s up with the universe and YG entertainment?” . I think 2nd sunrise is a cooler name… hahahah but whatever.. as long as the album is out..muaahahah

  15. OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!! IM LIKE SPAZZING RIGHT NOW!!!!!!! can’t wait for his album!!!!! solar nice album name for it becuz his other one his HOT and taeyang means sun……. its MUCH better than real becuz big bangs first concert was called real

  16. This just made my day! FINALLY, after all thes months of waiting! 2 more long weeks.. sighh whats a few weeks compared to months. anyways, everyone watch out, taeyangs coming to rule!

  17. ((O_O))!!! 1-minute previews are more than enough for me, as long as I have something that counts down the days for his full album I’m grateful. I want to hear some new songs from him so that’s awesome.

  18. OMG OMG OMG!!! This is what we’ve all been waiting for!!! I already know those teasers are going to be killing me! Can’t wait for July 1st!!!
    Hmmmm….don’t know how I feel about the album name, I like ‘Real’ better but i’m just glad we have news about his album!

  19. It’s right before my birthday. My birthday wish came true. We all finally get to see what he spent last year working on… His dedication is paying off!

  20. Reading all the excited comments at allkpop I started crying. I’m so happy for YB. I don’t think I’m going to be able to sleep tonight.

  21. Im so excited for the album definatly buying the deluxe edition…i dont get why the title is called solar it just sounds like a weird name for a album but who cares right lol as long as i get more taeyang , im so excited/happy that his album is coming out soon it would be my first korean album does anybody know how much it would cost

    1. I think it’s because:
      1) it goes with his Japanese name “SOL”
      2) it’s related to the space/universe like BIG BANG (you know, the Big Bang theory)
      3) The sun is the center of the SOLAR system! (and in my case, he’s the center of my universe)

      Sunrise is still my top pick but SOLAR sounds….as Tyra would say…FIERCE!

  22. “Ahhh’. I can finally stop holding my breath. I CAN SCREAM NOW!! Aaagghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!….That felt good.

  23. Shaking and crying right now aaaaaaah Just got back home from a biology exam which I probably failed and this has totally made my day. Who cares about Bio when YB is finally releasing his album!!!!!! Se7en too..damn im gonna be broke next month and i still have to buy gummy’s album. damn you yge for having so many awesome artists >.<


    :fingers crossed:


  25. Finally!!!!!!!!! Give me a ‘T’, give me a ‘A’, give me a ‘E’, give me a ‘Y’, give me a ‘A’, give me a ‘N’, give me a ‘G’..
    GO TAEYANG!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Ohhhhh,finally xD
    But the release day is very close to my entrance to university exam :(( OMG, I guess I can’t feel the whole happiness on that wonderful day.Poor me ~! 😦
    Anyway, all rumors have been around seemed to be wrong.
    And I can’t wait to hold his album in my hand xD

  27. OMG OMG OMG!!!!! JULY 1ST OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    July is my birthday month, hearing that YB is going to release an album, A FUCKING DELUXE ONE AT THAT, is TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!

    Se7en is coming back on my birthday! OMG!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!

    I am so really excited!!!! >w<

    Same as Kay, WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  28. sad for overseas fans who have so little chance of getting a copy of the deluxe edition album.. but YAY! finally, something concrete from YG

  29. Trying to think up diff ways of getting the duluxe version…
    Ahhhh!!!! I’m so excited and I can’t stop smiling. 😀 je suis très contente.

  30. Waah, I’m so excited for yb!
    Anyways, out of the topic, but I wonder if he’s going to have a duet with park bom of 2ne1! Those 2 are awesome!

  31. can’t wait his new album. does anyone know where should i buy it? cheer with bebe, everyone.

  32. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

    July 1st is the day I leave for Malawi for a MONTH!!! I’m not gonna have Internet access for a month cos we’re trekking up a mountain and then building a school in some remote village!
    I miss the album release by a few hours!! T_T I’m actually devastated! This is the worst thing to happen! *sobs*

    well anyways I hope the rest of you enjoy it, I’ll have to spaz over it on august 2nd 😥

        1. U.K. So it wouldn’t get here in time 😥

          oh well at least I’ll have an amazing coming home present ^o^ lol but after hearing the previews I think I might actually die if I don’t get to hear the full album! Haha!

          Thanks for the suggestion though 🙂 x

  33. OMG this made my day. So excited!!!!! Something I don’t get though, it talks about the deluxe album, and then it says the normal album drops on the 7th. So when does the deluxe album come out?

    1. July 1st is the release of SOLAR (deluxe edition with the two HOT promo’d songs Prayer and LOaM = 13 tracks)

      July 7th is the release of SOLAR (standard version with just the 11 tracks)

      now what I don’t get is why the hell did they bother to include Prayer and LOaM when we can just pop in the HOT EP…that’s not deluxe to me. deluxe would be like me spending $50 for actual behind the scenes shit either via enhanced CD or DVD-inclusion, autograph picture, [s]him in the flesh, alive and in front of me, picture of him nude[/s]

      i swear YGE should really stop pussy-footing around and open a VIP-ER branch of the fanclub. (VIP-ER btw= VIP-English Registered, but VIP-ERz just sound so badass don’t it)

      1. uhmm i officially nominate you president of YB’s promotions from now on esp if you can deliver that deluxe edition you mentioned lol

      2. The Deluxe edition comes out on the 1st. The Normal version comes out on the 8th, but in the same press release it says 9th. but if YG is planning to release the album on a Thursday it’s the 8th.

        Seriously YG should consider opening an international version of their site. It would make getting some of their official merchandise so much easier.

  34. yeayyyyyyy!!!!sooo exciiteddd i gotta get d deluxe edition.lol..i hope there are goodies on it..(can i order it from yesasia?)geez im really excited for it,my heart is beating fast.lol…just soo happy!!can’t wait for d 1 min,teaser everyday…gooosh i’m reallyy hyperventilating..kekeke…can pls someone tell me where can i order itt??cuz i’m from philippines…thanks \in advance:))


    a littlebit late but what ever. yes TaeYang fly high to the sky !!
    he will reach the top.

  36. Finally!!! After waiting for god knows how many months and so many white hair later, it’s finally coming out!!

    Yay…I could smell a great album coming my way~~~~~

  37. i feel like july 1st is so far.
    i want that album in my hands like,right now.i can’t wait.i so essited!crying and shaking omg,omg

  38. my day just got infinitely better! gonna be a really long 2 weeks.

    what are the chances of International Fans getting the deluxe copy?


    sorry. too excited! i just….really really REALLY REALLY REALLY love the songs he has put out so far. That album is gonna be so worth my money! and it’s gonna be the first korean album ever that i’ll purchase. hehe.. 😀

      1. same here! i want both too,i hope they make HOT available too, i mean this album’s bound to attract new fans so all the better,not to mention its gonna bring in some extra money 🙂

      2. actually I just got into him a month ago. xD can you believe it, I’ve been into kpop for a few years already, but my first time hearing Wedding Dress and Look Only At Me was A MONTH ago. I thought that Big Bang and Taeyang was just yet another kpop idol group when they debuted so I didn’t think he’d be able to carry and put out songs like WD and LOAM. But my friend who was not in kpop, actually got crazy about Wedding Dress a month ago, and thought, I, who was so into kpop should have heard it. I brushed her off, saying, like nah, can’t be good, but went straight home and youtubed it immediately. xD Boy, i was so wrong and that’s how i ended up here. Now I eat my words.

        He’s amazing, his songs are amazing, and I’m buying that new album! and maybe the HOT album too… I want SUNshine! 🙂

        1. and to add, haha, it’s been a few years since i’ve been in kpop, but this is the first time i’ve actually wanted to buy a kpop album. xD i know i’m terrible, horrible, and all sorts of evil, but yea, this time, i know it’s gonna be so worth it to purchase it.
          I like buying albums when I know the the songs are real good stuff and not just because of hype, promo or being “repetitive”..

        2. I’m a new fan too. I only discovered kpop 7 months ago. I started with Big Bang and then I discovered YB by chance when YouTube recommended to me his ‘My Girl’ performance from his first solo concert HOT. YB is amazing I wish I could come up with another word to describe this man’s talent, but he’s just incredible. I haven’t liked a musician this much since I discovered MJ when I was a kid. He’s got me hooked.

        3. Same here, I’ve been into Kpop since 2oo5 (I believe). Although I was obsessed with Andy (Shinhwa) and Jeajoong ( DBSK), I’d never once thought about buying their CD’s (weird). But with Bae Bae is difference, I’d participate in his birthday project (first time ever) and I’m definitely will buy his album (also first time). Oh boy, if my hubby know this he’ll be so mad, but I blame him for showing me “Wedding Dress” ^__^

        4. @babyan LOL my story is very similar to yours and i too only got into him recently (at the start of this year) and yeah i feel like and idiot for ignoring Big Bang and Taeyang for months after getting into kpop,ah my loss! its actually the first time i’m so into a kpop artist,i got into kpop last summer through dbsk and super junior but i soon got bored of them like there was nothing that struck me about them,if u know wat i mean,but its different with Young Bae 🙂

          @Kay yeah i thought so too but i checked in yesasia but i couldnt find HOT 😦

    1. it’s gonna be the first time i’ll buy a korean album as well!!
      I really wanna support him this time around, seeing as I didnt buy the HOT album before either >.<

  40. Hey, it’s the first time I’m buying a kpop album as well. For all the other albums out there by idol groups, I always thought it wasn’t worth my money to listen to half-“butted” no-effort mediocre albums with crappy songs, but Taeyang is definitely an exception because he always works SO HARD! I know it’s going to be the best. I’m excited to actually support him!

  41. Why are people saying it’s gonna be hard for people overseas to get the deluxe version? Can’t we just get it from YesAsia.com? Well, if worst comes to worst, i’ll head over to Koreatown and get mine! Muahahaha!!!

    1. I think they’re selling the deluxe version only from the YG e-shop starting on July 1st, with no advance orders, and limited copies of 30,000. So lots of competition with both Korean fans and international fans. I think I will just have to suffice with the regular version. =(

      1. Nooo 😦 I really wanted the deluxe version, although the regular version would be amazing as well. we can hope can’t we?

      2. i just thought of something…IF it does end up as you say and they’ll only sell the deluxe edition through the e-shop…

        WHAT IF including in that edition is an OFFICIAL INTERNATIONAL (english) version for WD? cuz you know YG ain’t saying nothing about it. and I really don’t count two songs that were previously promoted from an EP 2yrs ago to be considered a “deluxe” edition.

        so again WHAT IF there is an OFFICIAL INTERNATIONAL (english) VERSION for WD and it’s gonna appear as a “ghost” (hidden track within the album) and thats the real reason why for the “deluxe edition”?

        …im just sayin…think about it…

        1. OMG :O your speculation is mind-numbing.

          Do you know how awesome that would be if YG does add an english version of WD??? Seriously that you would be great

        2. Isn’t there supposed to be an English version of ‘Where U At’ floating around? Shaun mentioned that when he and Lyle were coming up with the choreography that YG sent them a demo of ‘Where U At’ in English. I want to hear this song in English. YB’s English is so dreamy.

  42. there’s suppossedly a limited number of Deluxe cds (30,000?) so i’m not sure if they’re only sold in Korean stores and/or online as well? i wonder if the deluxe album will be for pre-order as well.

  43. Hi, I’m really excited for YB’s New Album!!!! I’ve been looking forward to hear this amazing news for quite a while now, and the day finally came!!!!
    I have a question about pre-ordering…… I live in Mexico and I was wondering, What site I could go to, to pre-order his album????
    Thanks in advance!! : D

    1. Please hold on, once it becomes available for order (pre-order or otherwise) we will provide a through explanation of how to order

      1. Well that’s lame! Why do they do these things to us? ~_~ I was planning on buying buying both versions. That’s really lame, I mean, so we miss out on 2 or 3 songs? Lame. When is YG gonna open an internation shopping site?! I needs me some YG! =O

  44. im the100 response..
    but omgeeeeeeee!!!!!
    im more than happy becuz this is the biggest gift to me personally becuz its my bday on july 3rd…so im veryyy excited ;p ahhh. thank u TAEYANG! THIS MEANS LOT, TO MY HEART :))))))))))). im the happiest grl rite now.

  45. kayyyyyyyyyy XD
    i have never used money to listen to music
    but only for him, i m gona buy his album 😀
    i alredy started savin up, hoplly it ll be enough :]
    this time around i really wish he would get wht he deservs
    soo far he hasnt got any major awrds or anything,
    he really should get them this time :]
    taeyang oppa n YG family fighting !!!!
    ps i dont knw wht ll happen to me after
    watchin/listenin to his music, i remember
    the first time i hear/watched prayer i found it
    soo hrad to breath it was too hooot,
    hoplly i dont die or anything lol 😀

  46. Super excited!

    Not that it really matters, but I’ve read a different translation of the AsiaE article that says he will be revealing 1 song a day starting from June 25 (rather than 1 minute of a song.) Anyone have news regarding this? Maybe a translation error?

    1. Nope. They will be releasing a minute of one song each day. In YG’s announcement, he first says that they’ll reveal one song each day. Then the next line says 1 minute of one song each day. So maybe the other translator was confused.

  47. Wow I went back to look at the “My Girl” MV and it struck me how much he has changed. He has changed not just physically but musically, and I’m so eager to see what else he has in store for us. Tae Yang is no longer the boy from “My Girl”…

    1. I love this MV. I had to go to Wikipedia to find out when it was released. It’s been 4 years. So much musical growth for our YB since then. I’m really eager to see what he’s going to bring to the musical table this time around. He’s finally going to be showcasing the music that interests him. I can’t wait to hear it!!!

      1. i on the other hand, couldn’t stand it.. except the last part where TOP and GD were rapping. but like u, since then there was a lot of musical growth for YB so I rejoiced!


    1. @Qui ok this is kinda out of topic:didn’t you say there was some good news regarding you and Youngbae’s album some time ago? anyway i hope u get the signed copy!

      btw i think your covers are awesome! *thumbs up* 🙂

  49. it makes me so happy to hear the news.though i don’t know why YG puts so many things together which may be no good to yb,finally yb’S first album comes out with no doubt.thanks god!

  50. omg qui!! hahah. big fan of qui and shaun right here. okok, focussing on taeyang now xD

    this album is gonna be the bom. can’t waittt! and 13 songs! seriously, june, move on a lil faster pleaseee? taeyang woooooot! I’ve been seeing his face lots on tumblr lately, all posted by tumblr famous people. damn taeyang, you’re REALLY international. come to australia please? haha im so excited.

  51. His debut is a few weeks ago. Is there any concept photos and news? I remember last time I saw a lot of photos and stuffs before GD solo, since weeks ago.

    1. mhm yeah but YG is so unpredictable, it’ll probably be with the 1 minute teasers starting from the 25th.

  52. ahhh omg!!! i am so excited!!! but does that mean that the deluxe addition coming out the 1st or the 7th? i cant wait!!!

    1. The Deluxe edition will be released on July 1st. Limited copies but with the type of demand coming down the pipe from international fans YG should really reconsider this….
      The normal version will be released on July 8th, according to YG’s official press release.

    2. According to the announcement the regular album will be out July 9th which means the evening of July 8th for those in the western half ot the Earth.

  53. i’m gonna buy EVERYTHING. i hope, i honestly hope, it comes with a poster. (=.

    I want a big picture of him in my room. so i can just look at him.


  54. ^0^ i`m so excited ! it`s about time this album is being dropped !!! ;o where will i be able to purchase it !? :[ anyone know anywhere i can preorder it or something!?

  55. The reason the DELUXE edition is limited to 30,000 copies only is because there will be a number inscribed on the album & YGE are gonna do a lottery which they’re gonna have special events w/ Taeyang.

    but then again….it shouldn’t be limited since mostly everyone is going to get the deluxe. YG should have made more copies…

    1. are you serious!!!
      a special event, that is freakin’ awesome XD
      hey, I would’ve been happy with just an autograph XP

  56. I’m so happy I could cry ;_;
    hahah ^o^
    I’m just glad that the damn album is coming out, we waited about 8 months or so for it DX

  57. im as excited as i can be!!!!! yayyyy!!! gosh only 5 more days and the release would’ve been on my BDAY!!! but damn i couldn’t wait any longer,im so excitedddddd!!!! i want you back bae bae!!! weeeeee!! SOLAR RULES! FIGHTING YB!!


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