NZ radio station features Taeyang as Japanese singer?

This is exciting and and a little funny. Exciting because Taeyang is featured on a radio show site in New Zealand – yeah! and funny because whoever wrote the article didn’t take the time to google Taeyang properly…apparently he’s Japan’s Korea’sanswer to Usher/Neyo….really? (it’s been fixed!) PLEASE. But hey….world domination baby!


27 thoughts on “NZ radio station features Taeyang as Japanese singer?”

  1. though it’r really funny, let’s look at it positively..
    he’s becoming an international artist!!!!

    way to go YB!!

    thanks for sharing!

  2. How hard is it to fact check? In any case this is wonderful news. YB is definitely on his way. New Zealand radio, huh. This is big. World domination! Congrats, babe.

  3. wow, New Zealand; awesome XD
    Lol they could have done their research properly though; but its a good sign ^^

  4. The good side ….Yay for TaeYang. Well on his way to becoming an international star. The not so good side…..wrong country lol. I’m pretty sure some fans from New Zealand are going to write a complaint to the site managers. lol

    1. Way ahead of you. Thanks for the link, Kay. 🙂

      16 Jun 2010 5:11a.m.
      Tae Yang is a R&B artist from Korea. How hard is it to fact check?

  5. Taeyang is R&B singer from south korea

    but anyway i’m very happy coz… this Taeyang one step closer slowly but sure… to WORLD DOMINATION

  6. this is awesome! haha yeah a couple of people already commented on the article and told em to fact check. i love YB’s international fans, always looking out for him

  7. haha LOL but man Taeyang is getting major attention for Wedding dress! woohoo! watch out world here comes Taeyang!!….*wishful thinking there*

  8. Sucks that they got YB’s nationality wrong….but cheers to him getting more int’l recognition!!!! World domination coming soon for our baby!!!!

  9. lets look at it this way though: YB’s Japanese be so on point, it screws up other countries’ trains of thought, literally! lol, but good job for our boy though! SoL:Making the World Glow with Undeniable Swagger since… 1988? 2006? 2008? 2010?…damn, y’all pick the year….

  10. Kudos to NZ for recognising Tae Yang! Except they should really check their facts, this is a big boo boo….=\

    World domination babeh!

  11. definitely he’s an answer to those international rnb supasta… but ya! they need to google him before claiming him as a japanese…

    what’s important is… WORLD DOMINATION baby!!!

    my YB… our YB… my world… our world… soon to conquer the whole world!

  12. just want to let you guys know that YG just announced that TY’s album will be released on 1/7

    1. yeah,, here it is,,,,

      tried translating it using google and it says,,, prayer and only look at me are listed as bonus tracks in the deluxe edition…

  13. lolxxx i would have gotten mad if he said somethin
    bad after giving out wwrong info but tht not a case
    he had good intention so all forgiven 😀

  14. I got a shock when i saw the article on More FM. K-Pop has finally come to New Zealand and it was Tae Yang.
    Dam, words cant express my happiness that Tae Young has been noticed by the media down here (New Zealand)

  15. Oh my goodness more fm has always been a downgrade station anyway.. If fangirls can find info about our beloved taeyang than how much more can professional workers find stuff?! It’s times like these when I hate living in new Zealand. Gahh.

  16. japanese? ook,i understand he speaks the language and is getting super huge in japan,but c’mon!! i love the image that was used heheh,i know im crazy,but he does look HAWT!

  17. man thats typical fail of NZ radio… but still COME TO NZ!!! see we recognice your awesomeness down here!! =D

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