Taeyang or TOP or both?

I wish that airplanes in the night sky were shooting stars so I could ask YG to release a statement for godsake!

I know a lot of you are probably frustrated (like me) and wondering what is going on with the sudden release of TOP’s single “Turn it UP” tomorrow. A picture of  TOP’s pending single, which is to be dropped tomorrow June 21st, was released today. Now I don’t know whether Taeyang’s comeback is pushed OR they’ll be promoting at the same time. No one knows what goes on in the head of YG except him, but here you…vent all you want!


51 thoughts on “Taeyang or TOP or both?”


  2. “I wish that airplanes in the night sky were shooting stars so I could ask YG to release a statement for godsake!” – LMAO i totally agree to this.

    Please YG at least let us know what’s happening.

  3. My thoughts:
    +YG doesn’t really have to announce anything…since the speculated date of 6/25 is just a rumor. From what Sean said on his twitter TY’s album is coming out…soon….but not necessarily immediately. We only know that Taeyang’s album is coming out this summer…though that answer is quite ambiguious.
    +TOP’s solo…was hella random though. I remember mrYG said that it was coming out before Taeyang then later said that it will be coming out later. As with you I’m confused, but not surprised. This has happend before. This trend of shotgun album releases are not uncommon to YGE.
    +However I’m kind of glad of this development because assuming that YGE won’t make Taeyang promote at the same time as TOP, TY will be promoting a bit later than intended which is great because of the World Cup. Football/soccer is huge….even bigger than idols. lol.
    +Because TOP is one sexy beast and I love him, I hope he gets to promote his song to the fullest. Please don’t repeat what they did with Daesung.. (“Cotton Candy” was pretty atrocious too…lol. Pooor Daesungie…..)
    +So in conclusion, I’m skeptical…not really ready to be pissed off yet…lets just see how things turn out.

    1. Thing is, Taeyang himself said he was going to have his album out in June~ the date was speculation but the month was all him…

      and yes I agree, I like TOP and think he should also be allowed to do his solo stuff to the fullest

  4. “I wish that airplanes in the night sky were shooting stars so I could ask YG to release a statement for godsake!”

    but omg. asdjsd aigoo. I really just want a confirmation about Taeyang’s ablum ._____.

    but maybe since YG is announcing this the day before it’s released, that means he’ll announce Taeyang’s a couple days before it’s released? idk idk idk, I’m probably too hopeful. Taeyang probable got pushed back to July or something D:

    1. lol thanks! pheew no more worrying from us.
      too bad TOP doesn’t get a chance to promote…but i’m sure he has tons of movie premieres and events to be at. lol.

    2. Aw! I feel bad, I would have loved to see TOP promoting this song on stage!

      SO Taeyang’s comeback is back on for this month or next or god knows when…

      again, YG, Sean, shaun…someone..tweet somethinggg

  5. i kinda want them to promote together. i like that song turn it up. plus it’s only single, YB’s dropping an album, am i too mean to get hyped about friendly competition? actually if TOP were to promote his song along YB, that’d give more publicity for the two. so i’m not worried about it at all. because more publicity for YB means more recognition for his music. ah i was confused when i first found out about this, but now i’m not too worried. i just hope YG gives us what he promised. i wanted YB to promote next year so the schedules won’t be a problem, but it’s too late to back out now. I CAN’T WAIT I CAN’T WAIT I CAN’T WAIT I CAN’T WAIT I CAN’T WAIT!! I just know the songs are going to be epic, whether or not they make it popular in Korea. Wedding dress and where u at were just appetizers, think about the rest of the album! >.<


    Either way, YG wins, he has two star pupils people are fussing over. Its either YB or T.O.P. in the midst of this confusion I'm sure that YB and T.O.P are being searched like mad on search engines.

    I smell a quick release…

    Hey, at least YB's "compitition" is within the company, and someone of a different GENRE.

        1. Totally. It’s a win-win for YGE either way.

          I would have LOVED to see TOP perform this song live….

          Dae Sung’s Cotton Candy promotion was terrible, but things like this happen in YGE… Not just to YB either.


      1. ok, thanks! 🙂

        i’m kinda confused so the dvd will be released on Oct 23 which is kinda far, how about the live album?

  7. What in the world? YB better release his album already! the whole thing with TOP’s MV is so friggin random! What is YG playing at? i know he didn’t specify anything for us, but he surely does know that fans are expecting TY to release his album instead of TOP.

    I’m frustrated but more so confused.

  8. With over 10 years of management experience, and even more years of industry experience, you’d think YG would be a little more organized when it comes to promoting his artists. Obviously, all that experience hasn’t taught him much, as he’s constantly delaying or rushing promotions. So, what is this? Another throw away single like Dae’s Cotton Candy? Why release Turn It Up with a music video and no plan for promotions or an album release? And what about YB and Se7en, who are expected to come back like a week apart from each other? Both are highly anticipated comebacks and deserve decent promotions. ~All YG artists deserve decent promotions.~ Sigh, sometimes I really question Mr. YG.

    …I don’t know if I made any sense just now…


    1. I do agree with you….although people will agree, YG pulls his shit together in the end, mostly by fluke, cause I don’t think he does any serious planning…..what is the point of releasing TOP’s song if he’s not going to do anything with it~I guess it’s to create hype but I feel bad for TOP….

      YG’s management has also been the reason why he’s lost so many fantastic singers like Wheesung and May Doni….look at Gummy, lackluster under promotions of one of the finest talented female singers….Big Mama left them as well….all in all, I just wish he was a bit more organized…..it works out in the end, but makes fans almost neurotic!

  9. President YG Entertainment is very strange… seriously

    came on i want Taeyang… i like T.O.P too but give Taeyang time to promote his album Mr. President YG Entertainment

  10. WHAT THE F*** MAN!!!! >oo<

    please, President Yang, spare our agony and just give us a date, one you wont change five days later ;_;

  11. My Guess..
    TOP is just single and TY will be full album. Like last year
    Anyway june is TY month hehe..he promote HOT album in june also rite? I am sure it is going to be HIT..
    Dun worry guys 🙂
    Can’t wait for TY album

  12. soo hot!!oh tabii ur teasing us badlly:)keke..so when is bae’s release album??nobody just can’t guess waht is papa yg’s thinking.keke..and that’s why i luv yg famjly:))and ofcourse i’ll give my full support to all of their album:)))))))))))))))))yg fighting!!:)

  13. ~~Maybe…Taeyang doesn’t agree with the way YG does things, and doesn’t want to follow the way they make/handle music.

    And he suffers the most for not wanting to conform to YG’s ways, instead wants to do what is right. And maybe the other members are willing to do what YG wants in order to get ahead.

    The music industry is shady mann…I could only imagaine what kind of stress YB goes through, battling between what is in his pure little heart vs the minds of YG and the rest of the music biz

  14. As long as YB is happy with the album and the promotions I don’t mind when its released. I just don’t want some rushed promotions or him promoting whilst doing Big Bang promotions in Japan at the same time. Don’t understand why entertainment companies don’t just come out and tell fans what’s happening clearly. The fans who always support their artists no matter what, they deserve to know what’s going on

  15. Another thing I don’t get is TOP’s single and MV was created ages ago and was shown in full at the Big Show concert. So why decide to only release it now when the World Cup has started and Taeyang and 7 are all expected to comeback. All that time when Big Bang was away in Japan, why didn’t they release TOP’s single then. Its not like they are planning to promote it anyway

    1. that’s what I don’t get. everyone’s already seen the video/heard the song so why are they doing it again?

      1. Well it wasn’t an official release, the music video was only intended for fans who attended the concert (like the song “Until Whenever”, it hasn’t been officially released on an album or anything, it was made for fans who came to the concert). We only got to see it cause sneaky fans taped it and uploaded it~

  16. uh huh.TOP will not promote this?orly? i think YG’s testing the water when it comes to TOP.he’ll see if ‘turn it up’ will be a huge success, then he’ll say like,people were demanding for TOP to perform the song blah,blah,blah,then TOP will perform it on stage.if it’s not popular,then no harm done.
    TOP’s visible right now what with the release of his debut movie ITF.so,it’s the perfect opportunity for him to release something.

    although i WANT YB’s album sooo bad i even dreamed about it’s mv.but,if TOP wanted to release TIU then let’s all support him.

    we all know who were YG’s biases are.no other than GDYB.they both release solo albums in the past but the other members have not.

    i’ll wait patiently for YB’s album and YG better promote him real hard like his life depend on it this time or am gonna cut a bish if he’ll fail again.

  17. rumor has it that se7en’s album released is pushed back a bit, so hopefully this is a sign that YB’s will be released soon *crosses fingers*

  18. i don mind at all TOP releasing a single, in fact im excited! and YB will definitely release an album anyway but it better be soon after teasing us for months! but YG is one clever man,it looks like he wants to release YB’s album amongst much hype coz imagine all the K-fans and netizens going crazy about it getting late,postponed and now another member releasing a single suddenly so there’s probably gonna be alot of buzz around by the time the album actually drops,so all the better! 🙂

  19. All this international buzz surrounding YB right now YG would be a fool not to strike while the iron is hot. TOP is in demand with his big screen turn in ITF but fans have been waiting for YB’s release for what…..two years? I’m learning the art of patience where YB is concerned and I’ll continue to wait until his album finally drops. I just want it to be soon….

  20. I love them both, but I love Bae more.
    I was waiting for this mv though since fancams from the Big Show 2010 posted it.
    How about a ToBae collab on stage? I would really love that. =)

  21. Mmmmhh…i guess it’s just wrong to have released TOP’s single so suddenly after NOT hearing a thing about it for 6 months,i mean we’ve been waiting for YB 2 more months than that,so it would be fair if the choosen single for YB was dropped before TOP’s..other than that i just hope that these two don’t get to the point of extreme exhaustment,bc promoting both of their stuff,plus TOP whit into the fire screenings and YB whit his own thing and BB’s…gosh i can’t even imagine the amount of sleep they’ll get..or won’t get…i don’t want YB depressed anymoreeeeeeeeee T.T

  22. They probably have to release at the same time because they only have time to promote their solo material when they all happen to have time off from Big Bang group and Japanese promotions.

  23. wow…seriously…trying to start a fight on with taeyang vs. top
    taeyang himself said he’s stubborn with his album
    some of you guys need to chill..
    im embarassed to be a ty fan …base off this site at times.

    1. Erm…did you read the article? It wasn’t about a comparison between TOP and TY. This was speculation about who would be promoting first. (This post came out BEFORE the official announcement regarding schedules for TOP’s single and YB’s album.)

      Please be a little more careful about your comments.

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