Fancams & Pics from Hyundai Park opening~

A bit behind on this one, but wanted to update on Taeyang’s performance at the opening of Hyundai Park last week with some fancams and pictures =)
So is he going for stumble in his comeback or not? Hmmm.


Images: Ybeffect

11 thoughts on “Fancams & Pics from Hyundai Park opening~”

  1. I haven’t seen any of these fan cams. This is so cool. Yesterday I downloaded 23 pics of YB from this event…and he’s sporting stubble. 🙂

  2. Omg I was there for this!!! The girl in front of me got to hug Taeyang!
    She told me that she ran up to him when he came down and told him that she liked him. He was like, “Really?” and pulled her in for a hug. LUCKY LUCKY GIRL.

  3. i hope, with all these news about TOP’s MV coming out, and that we are uncertatain about YB’s album promotions, he’ll use any time left to grow out his hair.

  4. He’s smiling a lot more, and also during performances, I like it a lot~

    And the stubble me like! Plus his schedule’s probably too tight for him to shave it off anyway… Poor guy =v=”

  5. he’s so energetic here!! love it! i’m thinking the person who said “i love you” close to the end of “Lies” is the person fancamming, haha awesome!!

  6. aiii boy taeyang baby is back with his awsome smooth moves! and omg… those girls are not singing any more 0.0 just screaming the lyrics not very pretty i bet they couldnt talk after it XD haha crazy fans, i wish i could be there too!

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