Wedding Dress MV remake by The Union+Interview

I know a bunch of you have seen this, but for those who haven’t…definitely check it out. Dance crew – The Union – remade their own version of ‘Wedding Dress’ being inspired by Taeyang. I love hearing about crews who have used Taeyang as their inspiration and to bring it to you all on ATY so I jumped on the chance to ask Chris Coelho from “The Union” some questions! Check out the video and brief interview 🙂

What is The Union? How did you form and kind of dancing do you exactly do?
The Union is a hip hop dance crew from Kitchener Waterloo Canada ( about 45min west from Toronto) and we were all friends who loved to dance and decided to take our abilities to the next level and start competing and try to make a name for ourselves. We have won (taking 1st place) National competitions in Canada and have been featured in some magazines, newspapers in our local area as well. We even opened for some big bands like Hedley, Stereos and Fefe Dobson. We also have worked with some people from Americas Best Dance Crew like Pat Lam from SoReal Cru (Season 2) and Taeko Carroll from Fysh n Chicks (Season 1).

How did you hear about Taeyang?
I knew about BIGBANG first and liked the music the first time I heard it (a few years ago) and then just from youtube searching BigBang I started hearing songs by TaeYang like “Look at Me” and “Prayer” and watching his music videos totally made me appreciate his dancing. I really appreciate singers who really focus hard on the dancing and give dancers the chance to be respected and have the spotlight.

What inspired you to remake “Wedding Dress”? And how has your response to it been so far?
We absolutely fell in love with Wedding Dress and Where U At just the song was really good and I loved the little story they had in it I thought it was really well filmed though it wasn’t until Where U At was finally released that it totally sparked an interest in my head saying “why dont we do that?” and so I started preparing and doing what was necessary to get it done. The funny part about all this was we already finished the choreography that we planned for the video and then in the same place we are from a man named Jreyez and a singer Tommy C from the US remade the song into english with original lyrics and so once we heard that we knew we had to really go all out on this music video as it seemed it would fit us better to use english lyrics and kind of give it a north american version of wedding dress.

We really wanted to capture those moments in the original that make you know its wedding dress but we also wanted to add our own spin to it because it wasn’t just about myself and the girl it was a crew so i thought us leaving as a crew to the airport having to leave her behind and then coming back to see her with another man was a great way to give it the same feel as the original but give it “The Union touch” as well.

What do you think of, as dancers and choreographers, of Taeyang’s dancing?
The dancing was the first thing I noticed from TaeYang and it’s funny because when I saw him dance I felt like i saw his moves and the way he dances before somewhere, I then realized that his choreographers are 2 people I insanely admire as a choreographer/dancer and they are Shaun Evaristo and Lyle Beniga. So he is definitely in the right hands when learning his dancing skills. Shaun Evaristo also choreographs BigBang and a few other bands from YG Entertainment. I would love to have that opportunity come our way to have a chance to be with an upcoming South Korean artist or here in North America as well.

How did you hear about ATY and is there anything you’d like to say to our bloggers?

When I first heard of TaeYang I found this blog immediately I found it off Google maybe almost a year ago and I was first using it to learn more about him and to find more songs of his so it was a really great source for me and I knew I had to contact you guys immediately when I made this music video.

I definitely would like to say thank you to everyone who checks out our video it really does mean a lot to us we really worked hard on this video and tried to make it to the best of our abilities we made this with no budget what so ever it was just pure passion and determination to get this done. I definitely hope the people viewing this will take the time to also leave comments on our youtube channel and if you like our stuff to even subscribe to keep up to date with everything we are doing. This is definitely only the beginning we have a lot of things planned ^_^ Thank you for everything.


And to end it off, one of my fav videos from the crew 🙂


6 thoughts on “Wedding Dress MV remake by The Union+Interview”

  1. From way back I’ve always been tuned in to dance. It’s one of the first things I notice when I start liking a musical artist. It’s one of the reasons why I enjoyed MJ so much as a kid. To see people being inspired by Tae Yang just gives me a really warm feeling inside because I remember what it felt like for me growing up watching MJ, Paula Abdul, Janet Jackson and Madonna. Now with the internet we’re getting to know more about the dancers and choreographers (Shaun, Lyle, Aimee) that create all these wonderful dances. On The Union’s Youtube page Chris talked about how he wanted the focus to be about the dancers because so often in MV’s they come second to the artist. What we’ve seen with Tae Yang having worked with Shaun and Lyle, dancers and choreographers are finally getting recognized for all the hard work they do. Through the internet we’ve seen (especially lately) the good and the bad of this new recognition. The best part of this vid for me was seeing how Chris’ crew kept the basic premise of the original video while still adding their own flavor with the dance. They did an awesome job. Props to you Kay for this interview. It was really great!

  2. you guys are awesome! ❤ keep up the good work! glad to know yb fanboys are as passionate as fangirls. 🙂 you guys focus more on YB's dancing skills whereas I focus more on his songs. ^^
    lol btw the girl is pretty

  3. I love how they added their own style into it, that’s important for me than anything. Sure you can do your own cover but if you can add your own voice or style, but still stay true to the original IN YOUR OWN WAY, then boom you’ve got the basics.

    The bonus is that you’ve got good singing and dancing. 🙂

    In THE UNION’s case here, they’ve got it. The dancing is awesome, I liked how they made their own choreography for Wedding Dress, plus made their own version of the MV but still keeping to the basic concept of YB’s one.

    And Jeyrez’s version of Wedding Dress really is great, so the whole MV was awesome. *two thumbs up*

    Thanks Kay! The interview was great!

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