Thai singer copies ‘Where U At’ steps for new MV?

Omo. Now, we all know this whole plagiarism bug that’s caught Kpop recently and I guess it’s caught the dance scene too. Howard Wang, a Thai singer, recently released his new music video for the song “Anyone” where his steps are VERY similar to Taeyang’s “Where U At” music video. Even the ending, with the piano music is there. Is there absolutely no originality left in the world?

P.S I’m not one to comment on other people’s skills – or lack of – but damn, boy needs major dance lessons before he even ATTEMPTS to dance like Taeyang! *grr* Shaun and Lyle, hope you’re just as mad as I am for jacking (and then messing up) your choreo!

66 thoughts on “Thai singer copies ‘Where U At’ steps for new MV?”

  1. This efin A-whole also needs some singing and rapping lessons. Just to let you know…

    Tht makes me sooo mad i wanted to brea the screen on my macbook. YG should sue them for plagiarism.

  2. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery….but this is a hot mess. If I was Lyle or Shaun I would sue. Tae Yang is an inspiration to so many people but have the balls to come up with your own concept.

  3. This is an epic swagger-jacking fail…but let’s just think of it this way: Taeyang must be creating huge waves for this dude to want to TRY and bite YB’s style.

  4. LOL. This kind cracks me up….i think the song is alright actually…but the choreography is very painful to watch…

    epic-swagga fail indeed.

  5. honestly, i learned the whole choreo for Where U At, and there really is no similarity at all in the steps, maybe like two seconds of the whole choreo was slightly similar. However, the whole feeling of the music video is pretty much identical to Where U At’s mv, like the two back-up dancers, the setting, and the beginning/end piano walking part. So the MV was ripped off, but there was no part of the dancing that was similar to Shaun and lyle’s choreo.. so I don’t think shaun and lyle could sue them for that..

  6. First of all .. dude is stiff as hell in his dancing
    His voice is O_o
    And I sorta agree to disagree on the plagiarism note
    The choreo is similar to WUA but then again its not
    They do similar movements and formations but its still not exactly the same .. maybe its the 1 guy in the middle 2 in the back that is throwing everybody off Idk.

    1. There were definitely some similar moves, here and there, bits off it… if you can catch it. but the biggest difference he made was that he got no swagger and he didn’t dance at all. you get what i mean? all he did was moving to the choreography but he didn’t dance.. It wasn’t smooth and sharp, like it should be. there wasn’t any ‘oommph’ in the choreography at all.. The whole thing just… sucked. (minus the song, which i think isn’t bad). When i see Taeyang, i want to dance. When i see this dude, i just want to watch something else. Sorry if i’m being mean.

      if he wants to perform this live, I think he’d be able to do it because unlike Taeyang, he didn’t have much movement where the choreo takes his breath away.. due to how he dance.

      Sorry to anyone who reads this and got hurt.

  7. THIS DUDE IS THE SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! where did you find him? does he perform at birthday parties? my nephew is 5 and loves clowns. str8 had me rollin all through the vid. there was now flow to the moves or vid and it was just plain awkward

  8. I’m not really concerned about the plagarism, but the biggest question for me is: Does anyone else think those tatoos on Howard Wang are real?

    Why I ask? 1)His name is offense to anyone named Howard…but Howard does not have the swag to be covered in badass tattoos. 2)He looks like a pretty momma’s boy. 3)He WAS in a boyband. 4)His rhymes are “the nicest and flyest” ROFL 5)Lets reiterate the epic swagga fail.

    1. tattoos aren’t badass. It’s who/how the tatoo is rocked. Just like clothes. Look at shinee.. tie-dye shirts were cool back in the 60’s n 70’s they wore it and looked wierd. (too me that is)

  9. I just wanted to be a beacon of goodness.
    I refuse to watch this MV, and will take everyone’s comments in stride.

    But please remember everyone that we should take cue from our dear Youngbae. Just bow and smile it away. Things genuinely done last…

    Lets not become rabid because of this. We should be better than that.

    Regardless, this person took the time to make this vid, that’s his personal energy and (I’m sure, the company’s) money. Not ours, nor YG’s or Youngbae’s.

  10. umm….why would he make a similar mv like Taeyang?? When you already know Taeyang has great music and can dance a lot better. -_- this guy should make his own style of music.

  11. I saw this yesterday and it was embarrassing to watch. Howard Wang’s fail imitation of Where U At is so laughable. Seriously, what he was thinking?!

  12. Wow….seriously? This was just pathetic…at least if you want to copy someone…don’t do it from someone as awesome and talented as YB. Everyone else just pales in comparison. But this sucks…what’s up with everyone stealing Shaun and Lyle’s choreo? Come up with your own stuff people!!!

  13. Gaaad. Imitation is the best form of flattery? Well it didn’t work on this one.

    I read on Bigbangupdates that he “worked” for that choreo for 2-3 months. I guess he only made practice 10 mins per day.
    I know I sound bad but you can all see he doesn’t have the passion and heart in the dance unlike our Baebae.

    And I totally agree with you Kay. wonder what Shaun and Lyle are thinking about. They choreographed WUA.

  14. You know you must be good when people try to copy you. I thought this was funny. Ahh, guys want to be like Taeyang. The guy is cute but It would have been nice if he would have his own style.

  15. TY can do 3 things, he can go absolutely ballistic like most fans here (damn! y’all are out for blood lol) or he can do the smart thing and do a ‘Florida’ with the guy, result? he gets even bigger in Thailand. or (my personal favourite and his as well i’d like to think) he can just chill and concentrate on his new choreo instead…come on drop the album already ; )

    ps: all issues aside the tune is kinda decent innit?

  16. did anyone notice the ‘rapping’ part? I don’t know Thai but the english part seems like the lyrical theme of the song is similar to where u at?
    i think he is disrespecting the ppl (shaun & lyle) who spent so much effort to choreograph the dance…disrespecting taeyang who has been working so so so so so hard to make sure everything is perfect….

    1. The theme is very similar.

      ‘Anyone’ lyrics

      All I need (someone who will love me truly)
      All alone (in this life, all I have is loneliness)
      Anyone (who has something similar to me)
      That person, it’s you right?

      When I look around, I see everyone with someone near by.
      Fall in love (holding each other hands, the world looks bright)
      I wanna know (wanna know)
      I wanna know, where they found love?

      (I want someone who will call me) Sayin’ I miss you
      When I’m lonely, it will feel like a blanket.
      Help me stand, when I’m about to fall.

      Outside I look like I have a lot of people around me
      But Inside, I don’t, do you know?
      I want to meet her, the person I’m waiting for
      In this world, there are millions of people, but just
      One person, will there be anyone?

      All I need (someone who will love me truly)
      All alone (in this life, all I have is loneliness)
      Anyone who is going through the same thing as me
      And that person, is it you?

      (I can only dream) You’ll come into my life
      Be the one (who will have meaning in my life)
      I wanna know (wanna know)
      where that person is

      (I want that day when I receive a message that says) I love you
      When I’m troubled just like the wind
      Or look liked I have change, but I’m secure.

      Outside I look like I have a lot of people around me
      But Inside, I don’t, do you know?
      I want to meet her, the person I’m waiting for
      In this world, there are millions of people, but just
      One person, will there be anyone?

      All I need (someone who will love me truly)
      All alone (in this life, all I have is loneliness)
      Anyone who is going through the same thing as me
      And that person, is it you?

      I know she’s real far, hoping to find her
      I know it’s real hard
      will I ever find my love at first sight
      I’ve bein searchin for her my whole life
      if I find her then we will shine so bright
      I wouldn’t have to be so lonely every night
      my precious, priceless, you’re the nicest and the flyest
      take me to the highest. (You’re cure to my sickness baby…)

      All I need (someone who will love me truly)
      All alone (in this life, all I have is loneliness)
      Anyone who is going through the same thing as me
      Where are you now? My true love where is she now?

      1. great…the dance, the mv, the music and the lyrics?he might as well shave a mohawk out and start singing in korean =.=lll
        sorry i m kinda unhappy because BB has always been battling plagiarism accusation…

  17. OH MY GOSH!!!!!! i saw this video WAY before n now its posted here hehe! i HATE it so much i mean come on! if u want to copy taeyang look at ur dancing skill before u r compare to taeyang!!!

  18. LOL! Where’d they find this guy?? I can’t even find any information about this guy! When I tried to search this guy up in my search bar, I got pictures of this old dude, restaurant menus, and what not… Well… I guess he tried?

  19. This guy sucks, they totally wrecked Lyle and Shaun’s choreo.
    this guy makes me laugh,
    This is the biggest joke on earth.

  20. Ya know, with all these plagiarism accusations in Kpop, I never once thought that someone would try to copy TY. Why? Because, well, it’s kinda impossible to, lol.
    But what I wanna know is, did this guy create the choreography & lyrics? The moves aren’t EXACTLY the same, but the MV is definitely similar, especially the ending.
    We all know that no one can copy TY, no matter how hard they try. That’s one of the best things about TY. If anything, I feel sorry for this guy.

  21. Yeah, this isn’t just a dance copy but the whole song was just a poor imitation of Where U At. The dance steps were altered slightly, so was the music and by the sounds of his English “rapping,” it’s about the same thing as well. Damn. This was unoriginal to the max. Very sad indeed.

  22. I totally agree with everybody comments on here
    I think he need to give alot of credits to taeyang, yg ent and Shaun
    this is just horrible for me to listen and watchin
    it’s more like plagiarism/ripping of taeyang
    wish that all Thai singer create their own song and dance rather than copy it from other singer
    and I guess that we will hear another Thai version of wedding dress

  23. GAH!!!! how dare he 😦 no, the moves are exactly the same but the whole feel of them are, plus the whole mv setting and song were very very similiar… sorry but this guy just sucks in singing, dancing, and swaggerin’ ^^

  24. I think Howard Wang either needs to do any one of these selections: A) look for a new choreographer, because the one he has probably only watches BB youtube videos and copies the dances he finds cool from there instead of being creative B) if he choreographed it, he needs to hire a real one. C) if he wants to dance, he needs to retrain himself D) He might also need to study English before he starts rapping again, because I think he was just looking in Google to find things that rhyme.

    1. Btw, I think he the director of the video or whomever had the idea of having this idea of the video just plainly copied the WUA video idea. like dancing in an alley, having the girl there at the end..having a Teddy look-a-like.

  25. Tis is so unfair to Taeyang…Tis guy is really DAMNED SHIT!!!!!Poor Taeyang…I hope Taeyang will be alright, smhw…Be strong Taeyang..We all will pray 4 u on ur success..

  26. I don’t really want to see the MV, one being that from all the comments… 1) he needs to work on his English, 2) work on his dance, 3) work on his rap. Then two, being that I don’t want to get angry over an artist that was probably inspired by YB’s dance choreo that he worked on this.

    Then again, I want to feel happy that YB is being ‘copied’ by another artist. We can’t deny that the man’s got skills and swagga, it’s just that NO ONE can imitate or do it the way he can, and still ooze epic hotness. 😛

    Just my two cents…

  27. OH’s a big discus in YBfans in Thailand 2 weeks ago but can’t do anything….He’s copied everything…even the meaning …is very close by ~,~
    ….to say sorry but need not to compare cuz we know who RAEL !

  28. Hmm I think they could have used a better setting for the video. Would I say it’s a total Copy of the dance maybe not,inspired, maybe. All in all the musicality was pretty weak the vocals were very bland I think more emotions would have been better.

  29. This dude is a joke. At least dance like you own the song. The rapping and the tattoo, OMG. Is he tryin to be hard or something. Plus the ending ( wedding dress).

  30. I’m sorry to say this (cause I really hate saying mean thing about artist I barely know) but this guy’s got no swagg ><

  31. Howard Wang is so much better than Taeyang. He out class Taeyang in all category.

    Howard Wang’s Voice >> Taeyang’s Voice
    Howard Wang’s Body >> Taeyang’s Body
    Howard Wang’s Dance >> Taeyang’s Dance
    Howard Wang’s Swag >> Taeyang’s Swag

    1. Are you trying to be funny or are you serious about this?

      I don’t mean it in a bad way nor am I being mean, but I laughed when I read this comment…

    2. Don’t you dare put DANCE and Howard Wang in the same sentence….he puts all dancers to shame, even my 80 year old granny doing the chicken dance has got more skills then Mr. Wang and what swag of Howard’s are we talking about here? Oh right, the one that was an EPIC fail.

      You know, I actually felt bad for Wang’s fans because this is really shameful for them and I’d be ashamed if Taeyang did something like this but because of a fan like you, I’ve lost respect for them as well….

      Oh wells.

    3. AHAHAHA, are you joking? most parts of the world has heard of taeyang’s name or music. HOWARD? i didnt know who he was until this and now all i think about is how he failed miserably at even ATTEMTPING to copy taeyang.

      you may have your opinions but you know what Howard did was wrong. If you think he is so much better, why did HE take taeyang’s moves?

      taeyang can out dance, sing and do more squats than this kid. you got to be joking, or you’re blind to true talent.

  32. Who are you trying to fool here, really? You are either blind, or too hurt to accept the truth. Howard is better than Taeyang my bum…I hate you >__<.
    YB fighting ❤

  33. WoooooooW!!! are u effin kidding me rite now!!! first off…homie needs to take some dance classes!!! he can dance for nothin!! he should never take his shirt off!!! and he need credit the dance moves he stole!! how is he gonna steal someones choreo and not do them rite?! lmao!!! and the video is way way similiar to Where U At?!

    YB fighting all day everyday!!!

  34. OH MY. first off, if you’re ever gonna ATTEMPT to copy taeyang, please do it right. its embarrassing.
    that was just pitiful, i feel bad for the kid. he couldn’t dance, sing or even rap like taeyang.

    taeyang has inspired so many people and i think him and shaun should sue. this is ridiculous.
    if you can’t be original, why are you an artist?
    he’s even dancing in an alley WITH 2 GUYS like in taeyang’s WHERE U AT MV.

  35. yeah and put your shirt on kid, you have nothing to show off.
    taeyang would kill you with you just looking at his abs.

  36. he totally copied taeyang. teddy’s part they copied. the ending with wedding dress they copied. they also copied the scenery. this just proved that Howard Wang’s Company has no good idea but to copy other.

  37. i gota agree, the boy is stiff. tae yang is good……… most hip hop music sounds the same nowadays so im not even trippin. just cuz ty can dance, doesn’t mean he is not imitating other peoples dance style. remember, they use to call him the omarion wanna be. but who cares right? to me, hip hop moves are the same too. people will always steal other peoples style, no one is an original nowadays. maybe howard was “inspired” by ty or other hip hop artist.

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