Shaun posts about rehersals, ATY added on YBmania~

I’m really excited to get my hands on any information related to YB’s comeback and here’s something Shaun posted this morning regarding the rehearsals for it. Looks like it’s going to be a lot of work for Shaun, but I’m sure the result is going to be fantastic! Thanks Jon for the tip!

Korea. It’s been a while, long time no see. After a good day of reh, Im now at a nice restaurant. Here with the artist and the dancers, I’m having a nice dinner and happy to be in here. For the past days i’ve had a headache and only now is it going away. So I’m glad I can enjoy myself finally. Reh in the new building is great! Everything is designed and decorated. The room where we practice is huge too. I’m definitely jealous an wish I had a place to work like this at home. Excited for what’s to come, but for now I’m going to enjoy dinner.

Also check out ATY on YBmania’s website as an official international fan site =) Thanks YBmania! (It’s on the right, and down)

35 thoughts on “Shaun posts about rehersals, ATY added on YBmania~”

  1. *squeals*
    This just gets better by the minute; seriously cannot wait. Its actually going to happen; YB’s comeback~ woo!!

  2. OMG! I can’t wait!!! This just makes YB’s comeback even more real to me! Can’t wait to see what Shaun has in store for us….iknow it’s gonna be awesome!

  3. woohoo so Youngbae’s comeback is indeed round the corner then!? hmm it has to be him who Shaun’s talking about…
    and congrats Kay! well done for getting officially mentioned as an international fansite,you must be very proud 🙂 also it looks like ATY is the only international fansite mentioned there? awesome! am i wrong? i mean i cant read Korean…lol

    1. Yup it’s the only one~ We are the only international site that deals with any correspondence regarding YB with Korean fan sites~ So any petitions or official letters sent to YGent that requires international support will be represented by ATY 🙂

      1. Awesome! I’m so excited to see ATY recognized like that. Thanks to Kay’s and Tofu’s hard work! You guys are ridiculously amazing!!!

        1. Thank you guys! But really your support is what makes this blog awesome. Thank YOU!

          Yeah..I feel so legit at the moment.

      2. ibigbang posted something from bigbangheaven about the possible tracklist of TY’s album. it sounds good. so glad everything is coming together!! can’t wait for june 25th. hopefully it’s true (-:

        and CONGRATS on being mentioned in YBmania!!


  4. what a beautiful place! I wish we could see more of the building! I would of asked for a tour if I was Shaun , if they didnt give him one XD

  5. I’m getting so excited. I can’t wait to see Shaun’s new choreography. I know it’s going to be off the hook! Congrats Kay on being added to YBmania. You and Tofu do such an amazing job around here keeping us updated so to receive such an honor must feel really good.

  6. OK, this is just awesome, beyond awesome! The anticipation in me is building up at lightning speed…YB, fighting!!!

    Wonder if Shaun can tell us abt YB’s beard…whether it’s indeed a concept for his new album…hehe…i dun mind him with or without it, though…=P

    First Ghana WINS against Serbia
    then Shaun tweets about rehearsals
    and THEN ATY has been deemed an official international fan site
    I’m so hyped right now!

    1. We can’t confirm the tracklist…as Tofu posted before, DCYB likes to make up speculated tracklists because its amusing I guess…anyway, we’ll see what the tracklist is once the album drops~!

      very exciting stuff though =)

      1. hmm yeah true, i saw that too,i was gonna make a comment on it but since its not official i didn’t bother,its always better to wait for the real thing 🙂

        SUPER excited for the album! ahhh! i’ve been spazzing on it and my friends don’t even get why i find YB so amazing -__-

  8. YAY!!!!!! Just a matter of time now.
    Congrats Kay and Tofu, it so cool that ATY is made an official international site from YBmania. I’m so glad to be a part of this family. 🙂

  9. :crosses fingers:

    I prayed that YB will be healthy for his album debut, that he’s safe while touring and doing activities, and that he’ll be IMMENSELY SUCCESSFUL!

    On that note, I really like the pic posted. The new building must be awe!some. lol YGPapa, thankies for taking care of your kids so well. (Side thought: I wonder how his wifey’s pregnancy is going…)

    Also, ATY (Kay) congrats, your hard work and dedication is felt through my humble computer(cellphone and at times ipod) screen. I thank you for the great and prompt updates.

    P.S. I really hope, instead of the 25th he releases the 23rd it’d be a great bday present for me~ lol

  10. you guys are just too awesome.
    ive been so in and out of kpop these past months, just cuz nothing has interested me, but now that news is slowly coming in about bae’s album..omooo i can feel it. im starting to get excited again.
    oh, and welcome back tofu! been so mia.
    and y’all are too cool; seriously, the mere fact that korean fans even know of our existence, let alone acknowledge the int’l fan base……sooo awesome.

  11. Not a prob Kay! I’ll let you know if I can grab anymore info like this one!

    But yeah… so people, what you think about the promotion progress… hows it going happen? Release album then promoting a track? or the other way round… 2 weeks is really short for a MV to be done! D: I’m so confused i really hope it won’t delay any longer than July…

  12. where u at YB, where u at?!?! omg, big thanks to Shaun!

    congrats to ATY too! dang, this will be awesom! 😀

  13. Shaun and YB… this is going to be epic for YB. Good to know that YG definitely is all out for YB’s album. I mean he flew Shaun all the way from the US, right? I like the fact that Shaun is working on and with YB on the choreo for his album because Shaun understands YB’s artistic personality and character. We really need to see YB dancing cool new moves, he’s a mighty fine dancer.

    Gosh, I hate the copiers. Argh!

    Thank you for this share.

  14. Oh~~ YB comeback, I smell…. YB must be the artist Shaun was talking about then!!! >w<

    I am so excited! Can't wait to know what choreography Shaun is coming up for YB, all I know is that it's going to be suave, epic, and awesome…. Because that's YB for you, he'll work his butt off to make a great performance. Gotta love that guy… <

  15. Question: Does YB always wear jewellery on his right hand?
    Lol I’m trying to figure out Shaun’s clue about who he is working with xD

    1. Well, he usually wears rings on both hands. (On the right index finger and left pinky , iirc.) Watch on the left.

    2. LOOOOL !! reading an article on akp, i actually think he’s working with TOP. TOP loves wearing rings and in the picture they provided, all his rings are on his right hand.

        1. This is sorta driving me nuts too…but I get a feeling Shaun isn’t working with TOP though because TOP’s MV has already been made…I’m assuming TOP won’t dance that much since he’s rapping.

          Contrary to what is happening, I do believe Shaun is working with Taeyang…or at least part of his trip is to work with Taeyang….and TOP too. Like Sean said, his album is dropping sometime soon. It only makes sense that TY is working on his MVs and performances right now…unless he’s going with a new choreographer (which i kind of hope so….just to change things up) Shaun is there for Taeyang too.

        2. Well it seems as if TOP is promoting next after the photo teaser. My mind is like so confused. TOP + Shaun = dancing
          TOP dancing??? this is going to be interesting.

          I dunno, maybe just maybe TOP and Taeyang will promote together? Or perhaps TOP will just promote his digital single and then YB will promote his full album after? This is so confusing but I’ll wait patiently and support all of them *sigh*

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