Taeyang 2nd album speculated release date! (Update:Sean tweets about Album cover)

Update: Sean tweets about Taeyang’s album cover, see under cut

Alright folks, you’ll have to trust me on this one because I can’t name names BUT the word going around is that Taeyang’s 2nd full album, the album we’ve all been dying to hear, is speculated to drop on JUNE 25th, 2010. Yes, that is in a little more than 2 weeks!
The information is 90% certain, because the source has been reliable on previous occasions (I am sorry, I can’t say who, however they have been right before) but the consensus of Korean YB-fans is that it’ll release around the 25th, if not right on June 25th.
This information is insane, 2 weeks left and we’ve got no promotional pictures or a statement by YG. I don’t know if he’s going for the “sudden attack” approach or YG will release something soon. Last time, YG announced the release of “HOT a week before it dropped, so I really don’t know what to expect this time around. Please don’t kill me if this isn’t entirely true, as I said, it’s speculated however knowing YG, he can change plans and dates in an instant! 🙂

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Sean just tweeted about Taeyang’s album cover!

With the speculated release date being 2 weeks away, and they’ve only just shot the album cover, it makes me wonder how YG is handling the pre-promotions and whether this is being rushed, or is typical of an album release. My only fear is that his album is being rushed in its release because of the pending World Cup games but then again, we could be wrong about the date! Keep checking ATY for more updates =)

103 thoughts on “Taeyang 2nd album speculated release date! (Update:Sean tweets about Album cover)”

  1. knew it … had a feeling it would be soon wen i read on either shaun or aimee’s twitter that shaun was making his way to korea. just didn’t know whether or not it was for yb’s comeback or se7en’s.

  2. oooo well first of all, that picture of Bae is BANGing hot. XD
    If this news is true…SLKDFGJHDSFLKJGHSDFL~~~ 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  3. Two weeks!! Really? OMG! That’s insane. I don’t know what to feel right now. I’m happy but I’m also thinking…..two weeks!!

  4. i jsut hope his title track gets the attention it deserves…cause was very dissapointed at how korean fans was like not tat high for wedding dress when it’s such a great song

  5. First thought-I love that picture of YB! I’ve never seen it before but he’s looks smoking hot!!!
    Second thought-OMG!!! June 25th? Two weeks from now and no promotions? Is YG planning on using the same approach as his first mini-album? I hope everything works out okay then. I wish YB was able to promote his album normally like everyone else. And that’s right after the World Cup starts! Hopefully that just adds extra attention to YB’s album b/c he’ll most likely be the only one promoting at that time.
    Third thought-OMG!!! Two weeks!!! I’m so freaking ready and excited…can’t wait to see what YB has in store for us. I know it’s going to be amazing just b/c of all the hard work he put into it.

  6. still holding out that it happens on the 23rd.
    It’d be an awesome bday present 😛
    I’ll be working on that day too, so I’ll have spazz worthy reactions from my boss. haha

  7. oeff that pictues of him (L) i like it..;$

    omg two weeks! i hope its really true!
    cant wait for his new album cuz that means new photoshoots new musicvids yaaaaay!

  8. Can someone ship his album to me when it gets released on the 25th? hehehehe I am excited for YB and the rest of the YB-fans… wohoo!

  9. WHAT 2 WEEKS!! Oh my *.*
    *fingers crossed* I hope it does come out on the 25th because by then my exams would have been over and there will be a lot of time for me to spazz! Please let it to true. Haha SUPER EXCITED NOW !!!

    1. now Sean tweets about the album cover !!!!
      omg this is happening way to quickly, hopefully we’ll get to see pics real soon & the track listing *spazzing*

  10. oh. my. god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can’t waitt *crosses fingers* I hope it’s trueeeeeeee

    Papa YG start leaking some infoo and confirm!.
    Haha, i’m wayyy too excited :DDDDD

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  12. OMG! Excited isn’t even the right word. I am beyond excited!!! Thanks Kay & ATY for the wonderful news~~~ xD

  13. Had the biggest smile on my face. I bet this news is the reason for YB’s uber excited hyperness mood, lol!! I hope this is all true because getting shot down by empty promises isn’t worth my time =(

  14. I trust you’re info cuz its better than none but don’t album releases usually come out on tuesdays? or is that just US?

    maybe 22 release 25 debut? i dunno

        1. either way – clean or stubble – i want him. haha. ❤

          i can't wait for the album pictures! maybe he'll be shirtless in all of them (=. hehe.

          i can't wait for the CD!! i really hope it's not rushed.

          cuz there hasn't been any promotions yet, right?? i hope everything goes alright cuz it seems that something always goes wrong for him.

          ohh, i'm so nervous and anxious.

          but im so happy too.

          taeyang baby!! (=

  15. yg should really make some real affort to promte taeyang oppas album, i ll be soo mad if they dont do anything n just release it….the more they lt ppl knw the more chance he has to win something 😀
    i m thinking to buyin his album, i havve to save from now if it releases in only 2 weeks :]

  16. i just realized that June 25th is the day Michael Jackson died.. so maybe that’s why YB wants to release his album that day? i hope it is, cause that means there would for sure be no postpones/delays…

    but either way.. i am so excited!!!!!!! ahhh!!! i am definitely gonna try to buy the album!! : D

    1. Really? We all know how much regard YB held for Michael Jackson so maybe this is his way of showing tribute to him.

  17. To me I don’t care if it doesn’t make mainstream success and if it does I find that as a bonus but as long as I hear good ish i’m all for it. Promotion may be short but hey maybe thats all he needs to exert just the right amount of awesomeness. Haha looking forward to the new songs. YEEEEE~~~

  18. So excited xD
    Hmmm….i wonder why YG still haven’t said anything about it. They spoke about Gummy and Se7ens album coming way in advance. If this is a tatic….its kinda stupid….how is it marketing if no one knows anything about it.
    I just hope he promotes for a while, like at least a month and then some =]
    In fact he should promote all 10 songs on his album hahahaa

    1. Thing is he did speak about TY’s album same time as gummy/se7ens. Even with Gummy’s comeback they opened the site bout a week before she came back. and YGtv would be good but there was too much drama cuz YG artists are too raw with their talk for broadcast like that. trust me if they could just drop Tell Me Goodbye MV out of nowhere and fans find out within minutes they could drop TY’s album yesturday and we would have all heard it back in forth 953 times.

      Promote as you want. But get some YG Celeb Bball/Soccer games going hopefully ill fly over and cross you up YG!

  19. I’m so excited, we’ve been waiting for so long.
    We better be getting a full promotion here, or YG shall feel the wrath of the fans! 🙂

  20. im kinda surprised no one figured that maybe the new single would be out the 25th and the album be out the following tuesday (29th), which in turn would mean promo pics and teasers and tracklist would be out around the 22nd…i mean, im just sayin. then probably do a double-A side single but promo one of them heavily (since WUA wasn’t really meant to promote as it was a teaser to WD…)…again, just sayin

  21. I’m excited and nervous. I mean there’s a reason all the singers are avoiding June/July promotions: the World Cup.
    I’m still excited, nonetheless. Taeyang never gives his fans anything less than his best. Best of luck to him<3

  22. OMG! I literally freaked out when i saw the title of the article.
    I didn’t expect that it’s going to come out that soon. I thought it will be out some time in July, but if it really is going to be out this month then that’s awesome.
    We’ve been waiting for this since last year. I just hope he gets the attention and the recognition that he deserves.

  23. In two weeks, really? I hope it’s true though. I’m excited and nervous just like everyone else with the World Cup thing going on…sigh. I really want to buy his album and I must ^__^, normally how much does it cost (including shipping)?
    YB fighting ❤

    1. You are looking at approx. $20…it depends on the album cost (because this is a full, it’ll be around $13-$16 and then there is shipping). If you buy from yesasia over a certain dollar amount, shipping is free.

      I will provide more information about it once we can do pre-orders and online orders. If shipping is too much for one person, ATY bloggers can group together depending on their country/region and see if its better with the free shipping option….

      1. maybe we can do a headcount and have someone in korea get cds for us? that way we can help YB on the charts this time… i normally buy from yesasia but they don’t really count in the overall sales/music charts : / Since his singles didn’t fare too well in korea, i really want him to due well w/ his album.

        Anyways, it was just a suggestion. what do you guys think?

        1. its a good idea, however there is a lot of stuff involved, such as how money would be accounted for, shipping would be considerably more as well as, depending on how many albums there are, it may take much longer to be shipped….

          again, we’ll look into it and provide more details once we find out when and where it’ll be out~

        2. Just to clarify, Yesasia sales are now counted towards the GAON charts. But not Hanteo unfortuantely.

        3. yup vulgarchic, you are correct….Yesasia sales only count towards the Japanese Oricon charts but have no value when it comes to rankings on Hanteo charts (the charts than make it possible to win awards on tv shows) ….

          I am working with K-fans in making it possible for our purchases to contribute to Taeyang’s sales….we’ll try every way possible to ensure international fans are counted in the efforts~

      2. Thank you Kay….I’ll be waiting for the good news, hope we can help him with the charts thingy ^__^

  24. yee!!! it’s becoming real!!! like a real news about the album!! not just some talk!!!! more info, Sean..! xD

  25. Wow….All fans was so active for searching YB~ Even the people around him, and his schedule~Where is “Taeyang TV”, I’d like to see all the making of?
    Haha…I guest Sean will get a job for BB’s spy, BB fans will ask him every day, what’s going on today? When is the MV shooting? Dance preparing?….Sean will get so busy of following them~
    Youngbae fighting, fighting~100% support!

  26. OMG!!!

    If it DOES drop on June 25th, it will be such a great way to celebrate the end of my exams~ Hearts ❤

    I wish I could buy his album online and get them shipped to here… Hopefully I'll be able to convince my mum this time…

    (already thinking of pre-ordering)

    If ATY is having something on here with buying his CDs, that's cool too! 🙂

    I love the picture at the top, it's hot and awesome….<3

  27. it’s happening! I want to know who featured in his album, if any… and please, someone help me get a copy of his album…. please!!!!!

  28. Hopefully it comes out in itunes!! if not probably in YGEshop theres a way to get if from there XD

  29. OHMYGOODNESS!!!!!!! i can’t wait xDDDDDD i’m so going to buy this album ‘cos i know that he’s going to bring some amazing stuff for us fans ^^ Taeyang hwaiting ^_^

  30. weeeeeeeeeee..yeaaaayy-LOL,no expression can even describe how i am soo happy excited right now!!can’t wait for d promotions:))..d exmination week is starting at 22 and ending on 25..:& i will really study hard to get high grades on d exam so that i can ask my parents to buy me taeyang oppa’s album..kekeke..oppa fighting!!^__^

  31. i really hope this is true and that the real date is set for june,i really can’t wait to see those photos!! im sure he looks super sexy and hot! just like that picture up there..ma gawd! thank you <333

    1. I doubt that… only got a 2 week wait and he shaves most of his head real low for the fauxhawk n stuff plus he don’t have the full type of hair for that style

      1. ow. that’s true. his hair is too short to have new styles, gotta have more time for that 🙂

  32. wow. this is great! i just love this site 🙂 wee. so excited for YB’s 2nd album. it will be a sure hit here in the Philippines.

  33. I saw spam tracklist of ” REAL ” album form dcyb
    but it’s have 2 list ..let’s see

    【태양 Vol. 1 – REAL tracklist 】

    01 Free (Intro) 02 Where U at
    …03 Believer
    04 Swimmin’ In the Stars
    05 내일까지
    06 I’ll Be
    07 웨딩드레스
    08 Our Love
    09 Can’t We
    10 새벽 4시
    11 Sideshow
    12 마라톤
    13 Empty
    ———————– OR———————–
    【TAEYANG – ‘ REAL ‘ album track list 】

    1.the real rise
    …2.where u at?
    5.day by day
    7.jammin’ wit me
    8.wedding dress
    9.fatal 4 way
    all produced by teddy, kush, tae-yang

    even 1st or 2nd list !!! it’s make me very Crazy n faint now haha !!! *OMG*…..Taeyang is BACK

    1. WOW!!!

      2nd list: track no.5- Day by day? as in haru haru? as in BB’s haru haru..? i really hope there isn’t anything from BB in his album…

      im BROKE. too bad i spent all my money buying heartbreaker two months ago; it was pricey!!!! and i was just interested in getting a korean album with such pretty cover. i really regret it… shoulda have listened to my heart and waited a lil bit longer to buy this album instead.

      1. may be la ILOVEMYBAE
        2nd list is recently post on dcyb bord but
        1list older one have more YBfans comment on it
        so hard to know which one ….only wait ….625 !! *-*

    2. 2nd list seems more believable since it has wedding dress in it.

      ahh, can’t wait! now YG needs to drop some concept pictures of the album!

    3. Either way…I can’t wait til the 25th!!! But the second list does seems more believable just because it has Wedding Dress on it. And the Day by Day song…I think it would be a totally new track because we know YB worked really long and hard to produce/compose the songs himself so I don’t think he would put an old song on there.

  34. Awww come on! I want 12 BRAND new tracks. as much as I love Wedding dress and Where u at , I want NEW BRAND new tracks, that would be SWWEEEETT! how bout YB just release 1 cd with 10 extra songs 😛 That would make my life. I hope they don’t try the ‘repackage’ deal cause I’d go freakin’ crazy but I would still buy it 😛 HAAHHAHA

  35. i was looking at the hyundai wc event photos and yb still has his chin scruff…. so i’m going to guess that he took his album photos w/ it! hmm, a manly concept?

  36. I can’t wait until the 25th I love wedding dress and where u at but i want the music, cause i know its going to be awesome cause well hello its YB!!!

  37. is it considered early to want to start trending #YBreal625 on twitter…that is if any of the k-fanclubs don’t have anything different yet? *spazzy spazzy*

    **and in case no one gets what the hash is, it’s:
    YB (YB, obvi)
    +625 (June 25th)

    *im still skeptic as YB never officially confirmed it, nor has YGe, so for all I know…what he said in that GQ article could’ve been an observation to what the interview thought of YB as he kept commenting “YB’s so real, so down-to-earth, etc.” And I’m still hung up on the “2nd Sunrise” scripting on the water tower in the WUA vid, what was the meaning there…you know?

      1. ha.. and i thought 625 was some kind of anniversary i had no idea of…. =.=’

        i have no idea about the meaning but I’ve always liked 2nd Sunrise more.

        1. you know, as i look at it, i think peeps would be confused with 625 since that’s rain’s clothing line (six-to-five), but…yeah…random…

  38. Hey guys get me a plane ticket TO SEOUL!!!!!!!!!

    Shaun is willing to let me go with him to dance rehearsal and stuff!!! granted the tickets are like 3 grand ahahahaha

    1. GTFO!
      You should totally do it!!!!!
      LOL…maybe all the readers can pitch in and fly you to Korea…as long as you get exclusive videos of Tae Yang…for us! LOL.

      1. This sounds like a good idea! Of course Qui better be able to hook us up with exclusive BTS info of TY!

    2. DUDE!!! GET A FUCKING LOAN AND GO ALREADY! and then spazz out to us what the rehearsal is like…how soon you need the money?

      1. blahhh I don’t know how long Shaun is staying…. thats too bad…. I think when he comes back and go backs again for taeyang, is when i tag along ahahah. He said he’ll try to make it happen! I wonder if I am even allowed to film youngbae and upload stuff ahaha probably not…..

        1. i can deal without pics and filming…just a well-detailed fan account will do…and i hope it does happen for you…

        2. I highly doubt they will let you release like stuff with YB in it ; if they do, make sure you make Lyle upload YB doing Mic Check XD .

          Start saving up Qui!! like RIGHT NOW!! 😀

    3. Lucky Qui!!!!! You are the envy of a million fan girls and a couple fan boy hehehehe. I mean find a way to get to SEOUL!!! I swear if i had extra money, I would loan you some with the condition that you get ATY a shout out from him lol.

      1. rofl..i would get him to give a shout out to ATY ahaha.
        But iono I think i’ll go back soon with Richard also..maybe when Shaun comes back to the states and they need shaun again… we can document some stuff i hope ahaha.

  39. *FLATLINES!*

    Wooot! This is why I love K-fans…how do they get their hands on this type of information??
    I’m glad to return to the blog and see this! Finally….EFFING FINALLY. World cup is a shame…I don’t understand this strategy…but lets have so faith.

    As for the two tracklist….ahaha please be careful. DCYB likes to make up these fake tracklists…of possible songs and themes they want to see on the album. I remember for his first album someone posted that Taeyang was going to have a duet with Tablo…and I nearly died. But of course that never happend. So don’t get your hopes up…and “intoxication” does not sound like a song Taeyang would sing….lol.

    So excited with all of you….*dances*

  40. Weeeee~ Just read Shaun’s latest Tumblr post and he was rehearsing at the new YG building.
    I am seriously getting more and more excited as the days go by coz im pretty sure they’re working on choreo for YB. I am looking forward to this album so freakin much I think I’m about to burst >.<
    I'm so excited hahahaha I'm sure the long wait will be worth it 😀

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