[Star diary] Taeyang⑩ “I wish to be a meaningful singer rather than the best”

This is the final star diary interview! Please everyone give a big thanks to Myokoon for diligently working on these translations!

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Soft charisma and a single minded devotion to his stages. What dream does the reliable singer, Taeyang (23·real name Dong Young Bae) have? “I don’t know whether this dream is big or small, but I wish to stand on stages for a long time and always do the best that I can”

It’s a simple dream, but the pride as a singer could be seen in his eyes. All the while, he has run ahead and reached here, now he has gained the composure needed to look around.

“Before, I wanted to be the person that everyone knew and recognized, and hear “That person is the best” whilst being on the best stage. I still want to be like that. But after a long time, I think I just want to do my best. Then, I’ll become the best for someone else”

He said that he hopes his stages have a good influence on many people, and he thinks he wants to do performances that have purpose and meaning.

“I hope to do performances that give a good message. That will be work, and when I become better and more influential…but I just hope to do meaningful performances, for children who are having a hard time, and so on”

Just like his name, Taeyang wants to shine his light on the world as a singer. Rather than being a shining star, he takes it one step at a time to be an artist that is brilliant and warm like the sunshine that makes everything grow ”

“I want to abandon thoughts of obsession and greed, instead just do activities steadily. I believe I will be able to showcase not only one song but different songs on my album”

Taeyang, who never forgets his passion for music and affection for others, and works with worry and relentless efforts, makes everyone who watches him smile.

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Translations by Myokoon


21 thoughts on “[Star diary] Taeyang⑩ “I wish to be a meaningful singer rather than the best””

  1. Good mentality. Either way us fans will be greedy enough for him to focus only on his best work and quality. Hope Him n the boys put out great albums this year, sweep up the year end awards. Bust down great collabs (JYP seems like he’s dying to work with Taeyang I assume the mentions aren’t just love calls from Yoobin). Also give a bit of fanfare and fangirl heart attacks with stuff with female groups +/- 2ne1. (though I totally want him to rock a song with Ji Eun again) Hopefully his vocals are back to being steady again too. Shaun/Hightech/Crazy choreo be on point and promote on every show till you’re satisfied. then another summer concert! lets go YG meet my demands!

  2. A million million thanks to Myokoon for translating all of YB’s star diary entries! 🙂 Getting to know YB at this level reassures me that I chose the right guy to obsess over! He’s just so sincere and humble despite how hugely talented he is. Definitely a rare kind of artist. YB, stay true to who you are. You’ll always have my love and support no matter what! 🙂

  3. Taeyang, you’re the man! That’s why I like you because your passion for music stems from your deep desire to be more than just a superstar. You want your music to be a good influence on other people, to be a hope and life changer. May your light shine evermore. God bless you, Teayang… may God’s face shine upon you.

  4. Myokoon! You’re so awesome for doing these translations!!!
    I’m so happy that I can call myself a fan of Taeyang. He is a true artist, working hard to give his all into his music. Rather than wanting to become the best, he just wants to make a difference in someone’s life. He is truly like the sunshine that brightens everyone’s days and lives. Never a day goes by that his work doesn’t put a smile on my face. I just hope he realizes just how much he affects his fans and knows that his hard work has been worth everything he has sacrificed.
    I am practically dying to hear his new album and see the results of his hard efforts. I want to hear his beautiful voice once again and I can’t wait to see what Shaun has created for him to show off his godly dancing abilities.

  5. Tahnks Myokoon! Ur amazing translate all the way through..I hope smday I can be a translator juz like you..Hope Taeyang do the best watever it takes but still hv 2 stay healthy n enjoy all through his performances even practices… May God bless him…

  6. Tae Yang is truly a musician. He wants to make a difference in someone’s life through his music. That’s not an idol I see but a humble and hardworking artist that will become something big.

    We will be rooting for you Tae Yang! All of us fans, Korean and international, until the day you reach a global stage where we’d all come as one to cheer for you as you perform!

    That seems to be exaggerating, but I can see it happening.

    Tae Yang has a lot of potential and with how popular Big Bang and himself are right now around the world, there’s only YG left to know that Bae Bae and the boys deserve a world tour! =D

    Then I’ll be happy! >w<

    I can't wait to hear Tae Yang's album… I know it's going to be awesome if not better than HOT… ❤

    Tae Yang oppa fighting!!!

  7. Thank you Myokoon 😀
    Taeyang hunnie, you are already a shining light in this world. He is definitely making a difference already, and no doubt an inspiration and role model to many across the world. One day I can’t wait to see him perform live in person. He truly deserves to perform on the world’s greater stage, in fact be on top of his game. I too can’t wait to hear the rest of the world chant ‘Taeyang, one of the greatest performers ever’.

  8. Oh well BaeBae i think you’re definetly close to being one of the best singers/performer out there,so your dream is definetly unlikely to stay as just that,a dream! i think it’ll become true,eventually and we’ll be there to support you troughout the way! thanks so much to Myokoon for translating,i’ll sure miss coming here and read the next part of Star Diary! Hugs xoxo!

  9. aww^__^..u are already great oppa:))cant wait for d album:)gotta buy it-!!baebae is just an ideal man.>_<.that why i'm proud to be VIP:)bigbang & taeyang fighting!!!

  10. “but I just hope to do a meaningful performance for those who are having a hard time”
    Young Bae hyung you are already doing that =]

  11. Thanks, Myokoon.

    i love this last entry, it’s the best I’ve read. His so amazing, and i hope the same thing could be said for his new album. 🙂

  12. It’s the first time i’ve really looked up to a performer. He’s worked hard for it, he deserves it. The way he thinks of being on stage is very different. Most of the time, performers would have the intention of “sharing” their talent then turn into fame-hungry people, I’m glad he’s not one of them. I hope he continues to inspire other people, coz’ he’s already inspired me.

  13. Myokoon! Thank you very much for translation!!:)

    Taeyang! You are now already the brightest star on the sky! There is not a singer like you, not even in my country, who man can love so much, as you! 🙂 You are a rare good man! You are a role model! I really like your songs, listen to them every day! :):):)
    Only like this keep moving! Perseverance! I wish that all of your dreams should come true!
    Young Bae! SHINE! 🙂 (K)

  14. finally the finale! thanks myokoon for the translation!!!

    i’m actually feeling down this time but whenever i hear Taeyang’s voice,,, he’s like a sunshine brighting up my day! Youngbae, you’re already living up to your name… Just continue reaching for your dreams and with perseverance and determination, you’re sure to achieve it!

    Good luck!!!

    Youngbae fighting!

  15. Thank you a lot Myokoon!

    I’m translating into portuguese and i am putting your credits, ok?
    I liked the texts!!

    Thanks once again

  16. It’s safe to say that YB’s greatest wish has already been granted. His passion and dedication has inspired so many people. He’s an incredible artist and a wonderful young man. Thank you so much Myokoon for translating all these articles.

  17. Thank you Myokoon for the wonderful interview ^__^

    Bae Bae, you’re the sun that’s brighten up everyone’s life, you’re an inspiration for most people. These interview really make me like him even more. Awww, all I can say is, I’m so proud to be his fan, an amazing artist and the best man.

    YB fighting!

  18. ugh. i’m so tired of waiting for his album. it better be released tomorrow or not this year at all. time is running out. promotions are going to be short again. grrr…

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