[Star diary] Taeyang⑨ “Pain Finished..Now Time To Give A Present”

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Is pain needed for new things to be born?  The product of pain which Taeyang (23·real name Dong Young Bae) went through last year is coming soon as
a full album. “I’m doing almost last-minute works. It seems like a little over
10 songs will be included.

He actually suffered untold pain last year because of preparing for this album. Managing both, work for his album and other schedules, he was tired mentally and physically.

He has gone through a long painful time to put out a satisfying album.

“My album is likely about to come out soon. It’s my first full album that I released with my name,
so I feel different from the mini album or the single album.”

With earnest, he could use his own “colors”, those of which he couldn’t show this whole time.

“It’s hard to say what style songs they are. You will see as you listen to it, rather than my words.
It may sound new. It was filled up with songs that can contain my style well rather than songs which are “too trendy”. It’s basically R&B”

At the height of working for his album, he became sensitive enough that his members couldn’t easily come near him . But that time has passed.

“It’s an official full album that I released with my name. That’s why I was very stressful and sensitive.
I kept trying to think of the reason of why I liked music. It’s right that I do music because I’m happy, I sing and I’m happy when I do music, so I thought it (music) shouldn’t be painful either”

At the time, he made efforts to hold his own musical energy by breaking up his busy time and
gathering up his scattered mind.

He grew up some more with the hard times.

“Now I feel much more free. Actually on my birthday I even wanted to say to my fans don’t give me any presents’. Because I was sorry to give them nothing… But I think I’ll be able to give a
present now, too. Excited.”

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Translations by Myokoon

Is pain needed for new things to be born? The product of pain which Taeyang(23·real name Dong Young Bae) went through last year is coming soon as a full album.

“I’m doing almost last-minute works. It seems like a little over 10 songs would be included.”

He actually suffered untold pain last year because of preparing this album. Managing both working for his album and other schedules, he was tired mentally and physically. He has gone through a long painful time to put out a satisfying album.

“My album is likely about to come up soon. It’s my first full album that I release as my name, so I feel different from the mini album or the single album.”

He could in earnest color his own color that he couldn’t show all the while.

“It’s hard to say what style songs they are. You could see as you listen to it rather than my words. It may sound new. It was filled up with songs that can contain my color well rather than too trendy songs. R&B is basic.”

At the height of working for his album, he became sensitive enought that his members couldn’t easily come near. But the time has all gone by.

“It’s an official full album that I release as my name. That’s whay I was very stressful and sensitive. I got to try thinking the reason I like mucsic. It’s right that I do music because I’m happy I sing and I’m happy when I do music, so I thought it(music) should not become pain rather.”

The time, that he made efforts to hold his own musical energy breaking up his busy time and gathering up his scattered mind.

He grew up some more as the hard time.

“Now I feel much freer. Actually on my birthday I even wanted to say to my fans ‘don’t give me any presents’. Because I was sorry to give nothing… But I think I’ll be able to give a present for now, too. Excited.”

56 thoughts on “[Star diary] Taeyang⑨ “Pain Finished..Now Time To Give A Present””


    YB ; YOU are the best present anyone could ever have <3.

  2. OOOMMMMGGGGG, I’m so excited for his album :DDD
    a little more then 10 songs? so that means AT LEAST 10 songs on his album.
    that’s 10 songs of pure Taeyang-goodness ❤

    and awww, I can't believe he was actually thinking of telling his fans to not give him anything 😦 aww, bby ❤

  3. yipie!
    sometimes I really wish people will stop blaming YG or GD/BB for why his album is delayed because sometimes it’s YB who’s not ready yet and he’s not satisfied yet.
    People also should stop comparing GDYB because they have been through the same hardship
    I said this because I love GDYB
    this is my first comment here
    sorry for my poor English

    1. i somewhat agree with you…

      stop comparing the bffs… i think they’re far different from each other.. their style is different from each other’s taste…

      and the hardships they endured together made them even more closer to each other…

      GD is a talented songwriter… YB is a talented performer…

      1. True..we shouldn’t blame YG or BB for the delays. Like YB said he wasn’t in the right peace of mind back then. I think he would not be the type of person to just release an album which wasn’t high quality. Anyways as long as he is happy with the songs I know I will be because there is not a single taeyang song I don’t like

      2. GD’s a talented performer too in my opinion, and taeyang will be a good songwriter…hopefully, hahaha, with his new album and all

  4. Last year was really tough for YB but I’m so glad that the cloud has lifted. I am eagerly anticipating his full album release. I know it’s going to be fantastic. Being a new fan I have never experienced a comeback before so I’m really looking forward to this. It sounds like YB is really excited too. I can’t wait!!!!

  5. GIVE OUT THE ALBUM FOR FREE!!!!! jk jk. i’ll pre-order that joint now 10+ new (non trendy=no autotune hopefully) R&B songs. Summers gonna have the korean girls swoonin when i blast his tracks in korea town.

    Btw been a while since I’ve spoken to most of yall. Hopefully your lives are good.

    Get more Eng subbers/translators for promotion times if you can. I’ll donate some taco’s if ya want


  7. no wonder in his message to his fans on his B-day he was saying sorry…poor baby was stressed out
    can’t wait to buy the album!!!!!
    im excited too Taeyang!!!!

  8. Finally! YB’s album is done…and with that come his long-awaited comeback! I love that YB isn’t going for that “trendy” music but wants to put out music with his own colors. That’s a true musician right there. I can’t wait to see what his album holds in store for us. Although I’m sure I won’t be disappointed because all of these songs came straight from his heart. I am already waiting to be able to order this album.

    On another note, do you guys know if this is his last part? Or are there still sections left?

  9. yay, can’t wait for his album to come out!
    we don’t ‘need’ any gifts from you yb! your smile is enough ^_^

    @ygtaeyangbb, i believe there’s one more part to the interview. i wish it was longer though. i love it when they talk about their thoughts and feelings on many different subjects. makes me feel closer to them

  10. Al last news about his album from the man himself, and boy isn’t it great news. Wow a full album with 10 tracks. Glad that he’s satisifed with the songs on his album, and doing the type of music he loves best. Super excited!! Can’t wait to get my hands on the album. Thank you so much Taeyang! Plus YOU ARE the gift to us 🙂

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  12. yeah! finally he’s feeling better… he’s optimistic now… he’s happy, he’s smiling and i love it…

    taeyang fans may have waited too long for his album but knowing how dead perfectionist he is, that makes a reason why it’s worth the wait…

    i’ll love it if this album contains songs and tunes that he really like. c’mon, aren’t we getting enough kpop candies from other artists… need some change a bit and his music is it….

    Youngbae fighting!!!

  13. Weee I’m excited for his album! =) And I’m glad he went through those tough times and came out a better man. I think because of his perfectionist personality that made it a bit slower to finish, but I know he’s doing this not only for himself, but also for his fans.

    But Baebae you don’t have to release an album for us to give you presents, that’s just how we love you. =)

    Can’t wait for the presents!!!

        1. pg! pg! rememeber! but I definitely love the physical present idea…kekeke…

  14. Hahaha @Kenley!!

    Well like i said somewhere else,oppa you don’t have to stress out,release the album whenever you’re ready,we’ll support it no matter what AND don’t apologize!! you don’t have to give us any presents,because you alone is more than enough,you’re the present!! saranghae yo mani mani!<33

    now i love the album even more.. cuz he did so much to bring this.
    I Will Do Everything To Get This Album!

  16. Omdays I’m so excites, at long last it’s finally being released. I heard Shahn recently flew out to Korea too. This album is gonna be so dope. What YB said about not wanting any presents he truly cares for his fans and wants to give them the best. Can’t frikken wait YB hwaiting!!!

  17. Oh YB~~~~ He really doesn’t need to feel sorry to the fans! And He’s right – his album, full one too – will be the BEST PRESENT HE’D EVER GIVE TO US FANS!!! <) together and it's great seeing the love they have through radio shows and variety shows =')

    That photo at the end just yells "teenage boy" to me, but it is so YB and adorkable that I just got to go "awwww~~~~~~~" at it! ❤

    Dong Young Bae fighting! Sarangheo~ <3<3<3

    1. Got cut by wordpress…=^= Missing parts:

      I so want to pre-order the album when it’s out~~~~~ =(

      Hopefully there’ll be some copies left when I go back to Taiwan this December….


      He is really a great man, an inspiration and motivation for me, as well as a wonderful musician.

      And with this interview, the delays for the release is cleared up. YB just wasn’t ready for it yet, and that’s why it’s pushed back. So the hating and blaming YG should really stop.

      Though I’m a hypocrite myself just saying that, because I remember complaining and blaming YG…:P

      But I think what has got to stop is comparing GD and YB…. I used to do that, but I’ve come to appreciate them both as musicians in separate fields and the greatest example of BFFs in the world.

      They’ve endured and experienced so much happiness, sadness, and tears (LOL, me using “MY HEAVEN” lyrics for a bit, sorry my dearest BBs! ><) together and it's great seeing the love they have through radio shows and variety shows =')

  18. And while we’re on lighter, happier YB here’s evidence! >w<

    I loved both videos (credits to iBigBang on the post, and suzan0728 for the upload of the vids~)

    Enjoy ATY bloggers!!! YB outgoing and happy is a wonderful sight~ sighs~

    1. theres another video on iBB where TY kept getting in everyone’s camera time. it was soooo adorable. i love him ❤ hahaha. he's soo cute!

  19. Hey Just wanted to say from the Fans in Australia that Taeyang is Dope mad dancing skills and singing talent, i call him the asian Usher also the asian version of justin timberlake (because of the boy band thing)

    but yeh keep up the good work ATY i come and check whats going on every day and iam a DUDE =) taeyang fanboy for sho

    fingers cross his new album comes out soon and spreads over the world just like Wedding Dress

    lots of my friends know Taeyang and love him thats boys and girls piece out

    1. Yay!!! Fellow fan from Australia!! Me and my friends love him too! We’re constantly thinking about ways to make him more well known… Any suggestions??

  20. yEEE!!!!!!! i’M HAPPY..!! not because the album is coming out soon(i’m so tired of waiting already, if it delays again, i’m no more surprised) but because Taeyang really worked his @$$ off for this album so it’s much more meaningful to me personally as his fan since 3 years ago. Sounds like he participated in most of his album’s production, I’m so eager to listen to his works! And he mentioned that his songs may sound new! hahaz 😉 excited excited….

    Good luck, YB. xD

    1. one more thing: what does he mean by his new album will be under his name? compared to his first mini album? he’ll be using his real name? or it’s a self title album? or he earns rights to his album??

      can anyone please explain? xD

      1. I think he means that he had a lot more input in this album versus his first one. If I’m not mistaken, this album took longer because YB was more directy involved with the album-making process. As in he actually composed/wrote/produced a lot of the album.

      2. I think he just means that it is his first full album as a solo singer (since HOT was a mini-album.)

  21. RnB =D! I think shaun is gonna murder the choreography, because his best work comes from RnB music in my opinion but to bad he doesn’t understand korean ahaha

    1. Ah looking forward to see what Shaun comes up. I know whatever he comes up its going to be just awesome. Keep us posted Qui. 🙂

  22. I’m so excited for his first album ^__^
    I’m really happy that he feels better, and I love that he’s more outgoing now….<3
    I agree with Kenley ,” you don’t have to release an album for us to give you present”…..that’s just how much we love you. =D
    YB fighting!

  23. I’m so happy! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! New album! I can not wait to hear the songs! 🙂
    The hard work rewarded! Heartily congratulations! Pusszancs!!! (K)

  24. yay! he’s happy now! can’t wait for the album!

    maybe that’s why he’s so hyper, happy and dorky these past few days based on their interviews, performances and tv appearances, he’s now almost done with his album and he’s happy with the final result! good job!

  25. i’m happy now when he said, he feel much more free. i know, he working hard to produce a perfect album by his own style, his own music and his own ‘color’. this album is a present to his fans and me. i love u YB ^^

  26. Taeyang’s “Where U At” MV in New York [VIDEO]

    Playing at Mc Donald’s in Times Square, New York. Comment from the uploader: I got so excited when I saw this playing, I jumped out my chair and yelled ‘That’s Taeyang! OMG!’ and right downstairs, my best friend said that Wedding dress was playing, while Where U at was playing up stairs.

    1. Haha, that’s so awesome!!!

      I can hear a bit of Wedding Dress in that video, couldn’t really hear Where U At… Or maybe it’s just me… LOL

  27. YB’s music is taking over the world. I predict an international tour this year….mark my words.

  28. omg have you guys seen this? Bae had me in TEARS! It warms my heart seeing him so happy and goofy

    1. lol,,bb are really craving for d food especially gd,,(oppa can’t really help himself!:D)kekeke..maknae is checking out his mouth if it is open or not”lol”,,and top is like eh?..and omg cant help myself to smile!,yb oppa is really happy, he keeps playing around with other members,soo overwhelmed seeing him being like this^_^.

    2. wow. i just posted a comment about this a few seconds ago. this is, by far, my favorite video of him LOL (=

  29. aww^_^baebae is really working hard,thanks to yg they didn’t force taeyang to release his album wwn his not ready:)oppa is soo sweet,he didn’t want his fans to give him gifts cuz he has nothing to give]],oppa just letting us know u received it and ur happy on ur b-day is soo much for us:))so excited for his album-gotta buy it!!(no matter how much the shipping cost!)lol–taeyang oppa fighting:))

  30. OMG! Taeyang is so sweet! Telling his fans not to give him presents for his birthday because he doesn’t give us anything. That is so untrue. Taeyang gives us so much with his music and his sweet voice. We are his supporting fans that’ll always be there for him even when he’s on break. It doesn’t even matter, just as long as he’s doing something that he loves doing. I ❤ Taeyang and keep up the good work. By the way that pic of him is so sexy!!! Damn!!!

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