[Star Diary] Taeyang⑧ “I want to meet someone who makes me thankful to be alive”

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Taeyang’s ideal woman is someone who has a sincere and pure air around them, a person with a warm and considerate personality. Taeyang reveals that if he met such a person, he would want her to be his first and last love.

“I like someone who knows how to be considerate of others,” Taeyang begins. Instead of having a short term relationship, what Taeyang would like is a more deep and meaningful relationship that will last for a long time. Taeyang admits that there has been times in his life when he felt ‘worthless’ because of how awkward he felt around other people. Even still, he would prefer not to get involved in a relationship if it wasn’t going to be a long-term one.

“After meeting someone once, if you like them…you can continue to be friends, but I can’t seem to do that. Instead of a person that I can meet with in my spare time, I want to meet a person that makes me feel thankful to be alive. If I was to meet that someone tomorrow, I would like that person to be my first and last love.”

These days, Taeyang has many thoughts about love. But because of his cautious personality, he lacks a lot of experience for a young man of his age. Without having any former experience of being in love or the pain of that comes with a broken heart, Taeyang uses his imagination when it comes to expressing those kinds of feelings in songs.

“Instead of a relationship where you just fight or hurt one another and then break up, I want to meet someone that I like a lot and cherish her for as long as I can. There’s been many times when I’m singing a song that deals with scars from an old love and I think, ‘This is what it’s going to feel like’. For example, in ‘Only Look At Me’, I sang that with a lot of anguish, but I had no experience to draw from. I just sang it with the feeling of ‘I love this girl so much’.”

At a young age of 23, Taeyang still has many opportunities that lie ahead for his career and personal life. With his distinct calmness and serious personality, he will take his future one step at a time. Even though his stage persona may say ‘I know everything’, his real personality feels much more sincere and down to earth.

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43 thoughts on “[Star Diary] Taeyang⑧ “I want to meet someone who makes me thankful to be alive””

  1. Just reading this article makes me speechless. YB is a dream come true. I didn’t think that it was possible for a guy this wonderful to still exist in the world, but here he is. The woman that captures the heart of this amazing man is truly blessed.

    1. you couldn’t have said it better

      I hope the girl who he falls for KNOWS what a wonderful man she’s got
      You can’t find guys like this anymore

      Every time I read this, it male my heart melt, this guy… is a dream come true, he might be shy but he’s got such a wonderful heart, and you can tell his feelings are true.

      I really do hope he ends up with a girl just as wonderful ^-^

      I’ve always thought that it’s true when they say “good things come to those that wait”. I think he’s waited long enough and there has to be someone absolutely wonderful/marvelous just waiting for the right time to show up in his life

      I know I’m not the only one when I saw that I wish him the best of luck ^-^

    2. DEFINETLY,i didn’t think it could be possible either,to find such perfect man,i swear there’s NO ONE out there whit a heart like YB’s!! gosh i love this man! *sigh*

  2. Awww~~ =’)

    Young Bae you are such a sweetheart! I’ve said it many times, but this man really needs a big hug! ❤

    First and last love… I think he is the first (and probably only) guy, idol or not, that considers this….

    No offence to guy fans here, but it's rare to find a man that wants just one love throughout his life…

    YB's Mrs Right will be a truly blessed woman indeed. This man is pure jewel.

  3. Bae Bae is really one of a kind, he have everything a girl want in a guy ( I mean he probably can get almost any girls that he wants) yet he choose to wait for the one he really like and want her to be his first and last love…awww ^__^. I really hope he’ll meet the girl of his dream and they’ll live happily ever after teehee ^__-.

  4. YB is sucha special person;
    I wish a lot of men were like him 😛
    He’s one of a kind <33.
    I hope we find each other one day. . . HAHA!!!
    but I love his Star Diary the most I must say!

  5. OMG, cute baby pic. Maybe I’m reading too much into this but… am I’m the only one that kinda finds it suspicious lately all he is talking about is dating and finding his true love. lol Whatever…I love you Young Bae. You are a great guy I will probably never have the chance to meet let alone date LMAO!!!!!

  6. man i never get tried of reading taeyang love life! his future wife hehe!! its jux so awesome who ever that girl is im going to be super jealous of her heeh!! taeyang be mine awww ur jux too awesone no wonder i love u!!

  7. I’m going to reiterate/restate some of what i said on Ibigbang about this interview. I think all of these “I’m looking for a girl” and “next year” remarks are kinda of YB’s way of preparing us crazed fangirls about the fact he maybe in or soon will be in a relationship so we don’t freak out (as much) when we finally hear the news. Well, I hope he knows that I and any other true fan would be really happy if he met that girl who will sweep him off his feet – no one deserves love more than YB.

  8. The perfect man looking for his perfect woman….I can’t wait until that happens! YB deserves this so much! I hope it happens quickly, if it hasn’t secretly happened already. It’s time that our man stopped worrying so much and actually have the chance to be happy with someone other than Boss and the BB members. He needs someone to talk to that’s there just for him. Hopefully by this time next year, he’ll be in the type of relationship that provides just that for him.

  9. I hope Taeyang finds the girls of his dreams asap 🙂
    So the both of them can live happily!!!! I agree with most comments that it seems like he is preparing his fans for the gf news 😛

  10. im totally understanding taeyang feeling rite nw.. im been going through a hard time, serious at my first love n i ALWAYS hope tat is oso my LAST love but it didnt work out…. Eventhough our relationship is over but i still wait 4 him 2 cm bk 4 me…I wish n wish n wish again..smday he realize im the only one who belong to HIM….His name is Paul Leong Mung En…

    Taeyang,pls be strong, faith n believe in Love….
    I hv a song 4 u = I Still Believe..

    Smhw I knw i will find a way to a brighter in the sun,
    Smwhr I knw tat he waits 4 me,
    Smday soon he’ll see, im the one,

    I wont give up on tts feeling,
    And nothing could keep me away,

    Cuz i still believe in destiny,
    tat u n i were meant 2 be,
    I still wIsh on a star as they all frm above
    Cause I still believe, believe in love..

    Love can make miracles change everything
    Lift u frm the darkness n make ur heart sing
    Love is a river when u fall it’s the GREATEST POWER of all…

    Oh i still believe, believe in love
    Yes, i Still believe, believe in love
    I still believe..believe in LOVE…

  11. Oh. I also forgot to say how cute is that baby picture. Look at that eye smile. Soooooooooo cute. Baby YB FTW!!!

  12. Taeyang is truly one in a million and every girl’s dream. His girl is going to be the most luckiest girl in the world. I hope he finds the right girl who will love him for who he is and appreciate him. Taeyang, you deserve all the happiness in the world. My dream is that I will be able to find someone like you one day.

  13. “Taeyang’s ideal woman is someone who has a sincere and pure air around them, a person with a warm and considerate personality. Taeyang reveals that if he met such a person, he would want her to be his first and last love.”

    That’s exactly what I want too. I think I and Taeyang have the same personality but I think he is more confident.

  14. This is my first time commenting here and after reading this I just had to. This seriously made me cry a little bit because well it hit really close to home. I’m basically the same way, and though I doubt I could ever be that girl, I seriously hope he finds her. Its very unlikely We’d ever meet, but it never hurts to dream. 🙂

  15. aww:)youngbae oppa:)my idol,myideal man,my everything.^__^,soo sweet,keke-when i grow up and become a matured person,(still 13):)i hope i could meet a person like you:))aww:)i cannot explain how much i cherish u and love u.keke but for now,,i hope u find the girl that u love and can make you happy,who support you all the way,and if u found her,,please be happy–and i shall be happy and support both of u>_<…eveen if,it hurts:(,but i know u will be happy with her–sniff''..keke..taeyang oppa fighting!!i'll support u always:))

  16. i can’t help but to feel kinda sad though,reading it,firstly because he dared to say that at some point he felt “worthless” i mean! WHAT!!??? he’s so amazing and perfect,i can’t believe someone like him can even have those thoughts,and secondly because anyone who gets his heart willbe the LUCKIEST woman alive,i swear,and i can’t help but have that selfish thought inside me,of wanting to be that girl…*sigh* i know im crazy keke..thanks!

    OMO at that baby pic *swoon* kawaii!!<333

  17. i think he is preparing us.

    he might be thinking about someone and he’s preparing us. plus, he might not know how to approach the girl yet.

    i’m glad he is like this though – gives me hope that men like this dooo exist.

    but i bet it’s Kim Yuna. He’s been more open ever since Shouting started. If not her, she impacted him a lot i bet.

    I love him and I wish him the best! (=

  18. i hope Bebe will find that lady soon…

    it hurts to know that one time in his life he felt as if he is useless…reading this one makes me wish that he can find his happiness and experience a great love life that he truly wanted…

    you go bebe…kaya mo yan!

    GOd bless him! ☺

  19. my heart is smiling now. i truly hope that he’ll find her.
    he really makes me think, should i wait for my really true one? hmm.. but in my heart in know he will end up in good hands =)

  20. Oh my. I hope he finds her, he deserves nothing but the best :); And I hope the girl he gets is just nothing less of amazing; and GRATEFUL because she’s the luckiest girl in the world to have landed a man like him 🙂

    1. ehhehe I think he probably want someone that can be there for him, physically and mentally….I’m thinking ^__^

  21. I really hope that he does find that woman who makes him feel happy to be alive. I have a feeling that Taeyang might want to explore his options on the choices of women. Meaning different cultures. He is usually happy when he has those opportunities. Young Bae is very open-minded who lives in a world where you have to conform. BigBang in general are very open-minded. Then there is the social pressure of being married by a certain age. I just have this feeling that when Young Bae gets to a certain point in his career to where he feels he is satisfied and have a little more pull in the business, He is really going to go fishing for his wifey. The girl that he chooses might shock some people but like Young Bae in his song prayer I cant remember word from word but he says ” I don’t give up that easily.”My heart won’t regret a thing.”LOL! Wow! Talk about some serious picking apart on my behalf! Kekeke!

    1. i totally agree whit you on the different cultures,i don’t know how radical he might turn out to be.,meaning where in the world he’d find his girl,but im sure he feels he HAS to go look for her and not just stick to where he is at right now,i don’t know if that makes sense,but i definetly agree whit you on that!! I just wish i could meet him to show what i’ve got to offer,im sort of in the same situation he is right now :(..don’t take me wrong i know there’s lots of girls who feel the same and wish that could end up whit him *sigh*

      1. I know, I am killing my self with wishful thinking.LOL!! Even though Taeyang is very shy or has had no experience with women, I remember KM Idol world where BigBang had to try to charm this woman who they thought was the actual girl. They had to wear buzzers around their necks. If they did not do well, they were sent back to the trailer. The last members were TOP and Taeyang to try a shot at winning the girls affection. TOP won of course and got to finish the meeting. Taeyang didn’t even try. It seemed that soon as he arrived on the scene he was already leaving.LOL! Just imagine if you had a international for taste for a particular kind of dress,music,culture and your living it 24/7, it just might be you might have a taste for a particular woman as well. That’s just a theory though. It might not be but hold on to that thought. I think i’d be embarrassed if I was so wrong.LOL! Just more of my wishful thinking!!…..LIke I have some the Science of Taeyang book lying around somewhere.Hehehe!!

  22. i wonder how idols will get into relationships. Apart from with other idols, it would be very hard to meet other people right?

  23. Picture when he does have a girl, and all those emotions an whatnot he puts into a song.. I mean.. That gonna be so freakin epic! Ain’t no one stoping him.You keep going YB!
    We support you!

  24. i like his baby picture! yeah, he is a sweetheart. I hope he finds that special girl and the special girl recognizes him as the one for her.

  25. Sweet Young Bae! Love is not easy… Often gives pleasure … but often it hurts … But … Do not be afraid to open your heart!
    I am an eternal dreamer … 🙂 Because sometimes the truth hurts. But I think that once everyone can find happiness.
    The following quote says it all:

    “Love is passion. Obsession. Someone you can’t live without. Someone you fall head over heels for. Find someone you can love like crazy, and will love you the same way back. Listen to your heart. No sense in life without this. To make the journey without falling deeply in love, you haven’t lived a life at all. You have to try, because if you haven’t tried, then you haven’t lived.” (Meet Joe Black)

    My wish for you to find the girl beside who you may feel this!
    Always be very happy! 🙂

  26. if i didn’t know taeyang.
    and IF i were to meet him somewhere randomly…

    i would feel intimidated by his physical appearance…his “aura” screams “tough” and “intimidating” like, all the Bulkness in his body…whew! i would probably ignore him, coz i know i don’t have a chance…i would think he already has a gf.

    that’s probably what most girl’s “first impression” of him too..maybe girls are afraid to approach him? well, i know i would be! if i didn’t know him…

    and i would also think that he likes sexy, pretty girls….that would be my first impression of him, when i see him for the first time and i didn’t know him….i wouldn’t think he’s so down-to-earth, simple guy. who only likes girls that are nice and considerate to other people.

    hopefully he’ll meet a girl that would complete his world! 🙂
    and i know that will come in the right time and place…he’s still young, no worries!

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