“Wedding Dress” from Malaysia!

I’m having a lot of fun listening to all these covers in different languages! Thanks Maisarah for letting me know about this awesome cover in Malay. I’m thinking of doing a lot of these during the month of June where we look at how far Taeyang’s world domination has progressed and how Wedding Dress and Taeyang has touched different countries..if you have links, videos, tips – ANYTHING – send it to me!

47 thoughts on ““Wedding Dress” from Malaysia!”

  1. every thinks they’re YB hahahaha we fans from ATY should write some lyrics and sing itand make a little mv and then show it to him =D then he will know how popular he is .. worldwide ..

  2. I really love this cover. I remember seeing it posted on ATY’s Twitter during YB’s birthday project. With all this international interest in YB’s music I hope YG will consider having YB tour. As it is I’m willing to travel to Korea to see him perform but I think it would be cooler if he could tour internationally. I’d love to see YB perform in Canada. The positive reaction from iVIPs to “Tell Me Goodbye” is any indication I hope this dream if mine isn’t too far off. Thanks for posting, Kay. Keep these covers coming.

    1. or if anything…YG should just freakin give in and create an official E-VIPz branch (English VIPz) of the fanclub so i can actually be somewhat in the loop (and spend money on their official stuff). and i really really hope that if they do do a somewhat world tour for YGE’s 15th anniversary next year that they 1.) come near me in chicago, not just cali/ny, 2.) give the boy a solo stage and/or 3.) official WD english version…im just sayin.

      1. exactly!totally agree.
        there must be a tour in chicago! we NEED it (x
        they have to do something special for the anniverary, why not that?lol.

  3. I like this cover. Such a good idea, Kay. I say we gather all the best cover and sent it to YG and TaeYang.lol Don’t feel under rated TaeYang.

  4. I knew another international version of WD was hiding somewhere. This just keeps on getting better. I agree, its about timne we gather all the different internatinal versions and remixes of WD and send them to YG. He can’t ignore the fact YB is admired so much internationally. Quit hiding him from his international fans, he’s has to be aware by now.

  5. Thats what am talking about! Talk about making a song ur own -Caprice & co. I am def a fan! TY noona here believes u HAVE gone international so if u have any other dreams u might wanna start on them cuz this particular dream is way past its achieved date ; )

  6. Awesome. I love seeing how far YB’s influence has reached.
    There’s a Vietnamese cover I really liked, although,of course, it wasn’t as good as YB. Now I have to go look for it!

    1. Really, which one is it? All the one I came across are kinda lame to me and I understand Viet lol. Maybe I’m judging it too hard lol.

  7. i know tofu grinning ear to f*cking ear right now going like: “Didn’t I say this whole time, TaeYang was gonna overtake the world? Didn’t I b****?!” (okay, minus the b**** call out, but you know she is). Like I said, official english cover…and adding to that, YGE’s official YouTube might wanna install the moderator thing and hold a contest to have us help in writing it…logically and making since in beginner’s english of course…im just sayin.kthnxbai

  8. holla from Malaysia!!
    taeyang is quite famous here (: i know a lot of preteens who are learning the dance too (:
    and you can get his cd in almost all the shoppin malls too!

    1. Really? You’re kidding right? His CD?? Where??? i haven’t seen any at all! I’ve seen big bang’s but not his 😥 i don’t even know any korean shops in Malaysia. Do you? lol

      1. korean shops are mostly in kl (ampang/damansara/montkiara) but if u want to get cds u have to go to cd shops in sgwang/times square etc….i’m not from kl but i m quite sure other towns ie penang, iph, johor malacca, kuching and kk they do sell korean cds in famous cd shops….hope that helps (:

    2. speedy, popular bookstore, rockcorner and jusco cd place dept…thats the common places…try hk vid shop in sgwang if u’re in kl….which area are u all from?

    3. really…wahhh,i never taught BB cd in m’sia…
      i live 2 hours away fr0m kl…so,i dfinitely will check them up..
      wah,the c0ver r in malay n chinese…no tamil??ngee~
      dak2 tu leh msuk af9….huhuhu!
      c0ver lgu ni blh thn r….
      aishhh,igtkn VIP kat m’sia ni ckit sbb slalu tgk rmai fan gr0up2 baru…huhu~

  9. Kind of OT but I didn’t know where to post it …a rock remix of Where u At.

    Nothing groundbreaking and not better than the original of course, but interesting.

  10. These boys (as in our BB boys) really don’t know how popular they are outside of Asia. There’s something that’s going on in my hometown (Winnipeg, MB, Canada) and they’re having a k-pop not. like one floor of the club is just going to play k-pop music, Big Bang, Tae Yang, GD, 2NE1, SNSD etc. it’s pretty cool I’ve never seen this done for j-pop…I have a feeling i’ll see alot of YB look-a-likes.

  11. Wow… haha… i’m proud to be malaysian then! 😀 That was cool!!!! i wish i could make a cover too! sadly, i’m terrible with the language… :s but that was awesome! 😀

    taeyang oppa! you have to watch this~!!!

  12. i didn’t know TY was famous in Malaysia – dudeeeee. When I asked my relatives and their friends no one knwos him!!!! And where were these boys at?? Gahhh =P. Proud to be Malay/Indonesian (=..

    1. tau x pe…
      the only my relative that kn0w BB is my br0ther…
      n basically he spread the l0ve to his friends…haha~( ^^,)
      sadly,my friends r not int0 k-music 😦
      its a shame to not kn0w BB!!

  13. So I was thinking why just stop at different language covers lets give YG the full picture of YB global dominance.
    I’m talking about remixes, dance covers, instrumentals, and talent show performances.

    1. Yeah, I totally agree.

      Better yet, send it to YG HIMSELF, not Young Bae… Let the boss know just how popular the boy is outside Korea…”XD

  14. This is probably off topic, but I have the urge to see Taeyang in a feature length film. Preferably action/adventure with multiple close ups and matrix style slow-mo views of his rippling biceps. That is all.

  15. wow. I’m impressed that my fellow people from the same race as me create an awesome malay version of wedding dress. I understood it alot. ^ ^

  16. Wedding dress in french !! (and it’s a girl singing ^_^) it’s not the full song but i thought it was pretty well done 😉

  17. We know the kind of power Korean fans have I think it’s time for us international fans to do our part. The visuals of these Youtube vids will speak louder than words. I for one would love to get my hands on YB’s new album. YG has to release it internationally. The interest is there. I would love to go to my local HMV and see YB’s disks displayed.

    1. i’d also like to add to your point that if BB’s albums were to ever see the light of day internationally (like released on itunes or something) that YGE might as well just create an iVIP-E(nglish) branch of the official fanclub!!! COME ON YG, DOOOO IIIIIIIT~~!!!

  18. aww my god, WD in Malay?? Dude, by a Malaysian?? How can i friggin miss this!! And Caprice…!~ That dude!! Seriously, i thought he doesn’t listen to Kpop songs!! Dang!! I mean, i’ve never really liked any of his works but this is really good… XD
    Yo, thanks, Caprice!! Saya suka lagu tu!!

    Imma proud malaysian…. and hello other Malaysians/ Indonesians here… XD I thought i was the only Malaysian here ahahahx!

    1. SAME HERE!!!! hahaha. For some reason, this is like a big shock to me.

      w000000t!! Is Caprice really that big over there? I never heard of him.

      1. ‘over there’?
        just curious, where are you now??

        he’s not that big, like Siti Nurhaliza big, but he’s getting around. those familiar with the club/hip hop scenes in Malaysia, they know him fo’sho… he’s released some stuff and covers, like i said i don’t really like them, but some people do.

        1. i’m in the US – i don’t really know whats big over there. my cousins told me whos pretty popular, but i never really followed up on it. i think i’m really surprised at how good his english is. i’m just surprised cuz my cousins there&&in indo had no idea who taeyang is.. but now they do =P

          over there .. meaning in malaysia (=

          i listened to some of his songs, it’s clubbing music. he reminds me of nick cannon.

    2. i’m a vip m’sian too…
      hahaha…nice to kn0w there’s other m-vip that visit this fansite..

  19. Malaysian VIPs!!! We should seriously get together! Because quite frankly, i’m sick of my cousins rolling their eyes at me when i talk about big bang and taeyang! they have absolutely no idea what good music is!

  20. This WD malay version sooo sweet. I love TaeYang soo much..btw, i’m from malaysia!!.. hehe. Sedap sangat lagu ni dalam B.M..hari ni ja dah berapa kali ulang dengar..

    p.s: YGE should have english version of their YGeShop
    cause i wanna buy their product, but i can’t understand their language. I called them, but the service centre “gurl” also can’t speak english. sooo sad..

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