“Wedding Dress” in German by JayBee

Okay whoa~ I get english covers but now we’re going into other languages…this is uber cool!!  Now I know we’ve got people from Germany in here (where my German ATY’ers at!?) – anyone know if he made his own lyrics or it’s the original lyrics?

29 thoughts on ““Wedding Dress” in German by JayBee”

  1. this is sofa king f*cking fantastic!!! if YB/YGE can’t see how much we internationals (literal, not just outside of Korea or any asian populace clusters in the US or wherever) love this dude and this song and i mean, damn it…INCLUDE A DAMN OFFICIAL ENGLISH VERSION ON THIS ALBUM!!! PLEASE?! a one-time live performance of it, SOMETHING!

  2. Wow….that was just wow. A little odd, I’m not used to hearing German I guess. It is great to see how much international recognition this song is getting though. YG definitely needs to realize this and utilize it to the maximum extent. He definitely needs to include an English version on YB’s album. An English version by the original artist would blow all of the other versions out the water! And think of how many more people it would reach since more people would understand what the lyrics actually meant. So many people love the song already, even if they don’t understand the language so an English version would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Dunno about an english version — have you heard the Big Bang remakes of their korean hits? Lulzy at best. I’d rather have YB stick to the Korean than with engrish lyrics that miss the poignancy and flow of the original. After all, why mess with perfection?

    I’ve said it before – what YG needs to do is make the digital version available online to international buyers.

  4. wedding dress cover craze reached Germany already!!!

    this is cool! the song is popular over the world and so is the singer!!! nice! nice! nice!

  5. Wow Germany, interesting. The dude’s got a decent voice. Got to admit, I’m impressed that he was able to translate WD all into German. Once again, glad to know that WD is so popular internationally. Lol I wonder what language we’ll get to hear WD in next.

  6. German! Sounds rough in a few areas but I love it! The guy’s voice is amazing…

    Wedding Dress is just a great song… YG really needs to realise this and use this to his advantage not just for the company but for Young Bae too. The man has potential and it’ll be so sad to see him miss his chance! =(

  7. I can understand German and he didn’t really made his own lyrics.

    Nice to see how Taeyang is taking over the world hahahah

  8. hey hey
    i´m german so i understand it and i gotta say i don´t like it.
    sounds kinda weird in geman. and he just translated the english translation again and used it. maybe that´s why it kinda sounds rough in a few areas. i still like the original the best.
    YG really needs to see that Taeyang has the potential to entertain a international audience. plus that´s what he wants: his music noticed internationally.

  9. someone please mail all this covers to YG’s main page or something.. they gotta know how big is this song’s potential!!

  10. IM HERE…GERMANY !!!! xD

    it has the same meaning like the english..its really similar even to the korean (im learning it^^)

    his voice is good but it sounds a bit weird…the mix of the german and the english part is not good….that need a need a wedding dress x’D

    here are many k-pop fans and more j-pop/rock fans…u have to visit the leipziger buchmesse…so much cosplayer there…some told me u can buy there merchandise of SuJu

    the music gets every day more fans^^

    maybe u visit sujulove.com a german suju fansite with a lot of tae yang and big bang fans 😀

  11. I’m german , and in my opinion : I don’t like it…sorry 😉 he just translated the lyrics

  12. Kay, there’s also a Malay version of wedding dress cover. check this guy out on youtube. search for capricetv.

  13. I’m german too 😀 and…taeyang is the better one =) (i don’t really like this mix of german and english…) but it’s nice to hear and see that i am not the only one who likes big bang in germany xD

  14. Smiley du bist nicht die einzige ^^

    yeah it’s weird to mix gemran and english, lyrics are original i think ^^

  15. Haha I have a new found hate for the German language! lol Not becuase he has a shitty voice or I think he butchered the song it’s just… Wow. I guess I’ve never really heard German. Sounds horrible. xD
    Totaly ignorant or whatever but that’s how I feel. I apologize if I offend anyone xD

  16. Oh cool I’m from Germany
    and I think this version ist not bad
    but of course I prefer the orginal version

  17. i’m german, too. wedding dress best song ever !!!!!! he should release the song in germany. it would be very successful

  18. the cover is a good translation but this guy didn’t write anywhere that’s a cover of TaeYang he wrote it like it’s his own song ._.
    by the way…yas I’m from germany 😀

  19. Oh I really like this version!
    Yes it’s not word by word translation but the meaning…
    That’s so cool haven’t heard german Versions of Korean songs…
    😀 Btw I’m german as well so… 😀 😀

  20. I’m from Germany too, it’s not that bad, but yea it sounds weird sometimes xD
    I wish Taeyang would become super popular in Germany ❤
    So to all the fans in Germany, let's support him and make him famous over here!!

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