[Star diary] Taeyang⑦ “I certainly want to have a girlfriend this year”

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Taeyang (23, Dong Young Bae) who has a shy personality, actually has never gone out until now.

“I certainly want to meet a girlfriend this year. It seems as I get older, I won’t be able to meet anyone”

There’s a couple Taeyang envies so much. They are Sean and Jung Hye Young of the same company. When he sees Sean living happily, he thinks ‘I should live like that, too’.

“Maybe three months ago, Sean-hyung said he would make dinner for me, so I went to his house. Having dinner, I felt so many things while I saw Hye Young-nuna, Ha Eum, Ha Rang and Ha Yul together.”

It was a result of a happy family that he saw. It was a family that makes you happy just by looking at it.

But Taeyang is a man who is poor at relationships. Even if he gets to like someone, he misses the timing after worrying ‘What if doesn’t goes well?’, ‘Wouldn’t she be uncomfortable?’

“I had a first love in my school. But I didn’t think it would go well, because I couldn’t help her . Looking back on it now, it might have been well…”

He hesitated and hesitated again that he would disturb her, his first love.

“She was preparing to enter a foreign language high school. Shas studied a lot, so I could see that she was debating whether meeting  me was important at the time”

He stepped back, seeing her work hard.  After that, he has never gone out because of hard training and busy activities.

When he focuses on something, he is stuck in it. But, his careful and prudent personality became an obstacle in relationships.

“I could feel free to meet someone. But why can’t I?”

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Translations by myokoon
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52 thoughts on “[Star diary] Taeyang⑦ “I certainly want to have a girlfriend this year””

  1. yb. go get a girl, if ure happy then ill be happy. Im just a fan, im not an insane fan girl who doesnt allow u to not a gf. U deserve to live ur life without worrying bout ur fans will be mad @ u if u have a gf

    we got ur back !

  2. bae–bae:))).i know i should be happy for oppa,bbuuutt..why im felling a heeearttachhhee(ouch)…i hope taeyang finds the girl who is always there to support him and of course love him truly^_^…………..if taeyang oppa only held an audition(wanted girlfriend).i will really audition-even if the line starts from my country to korea,even how many obstacles will come..LOL..saranghae oppa..fighting’:))


    =____= awwh man. i’m happy and sad at the same time.

  4. Wedding Dress is totally his song … No risk, no reward…if you take too long to act, you could forever lose the opportunity. Hope he learns from his own lyrics!

  5. Taeyang, honey there is always someone for everyone; you’ll meet your girl someday. I actually can’t wait till he gets a girlfriend to be honest; it’s really about time he has one.

    How ironic he has so many fans that would be willing to be his girlfriend anytime *cough cough* including me lol. He just needs to find time, he’s always busy, so of course he hasn’t had enough time to find a girlfriend and fall in love. Not forgetting his first experience of love; another reason why he was probably put off dating for quite some time.

    I guess he’s finally letting that go and is ready now. No doubt he deserves to be happy, and his future wifey is one lucky girl indeed. I just hope he doesn’t meet a girl who’s only in for his fame, but truly loves him for who he is. YB deserves nothing but the best. He just needs to relax and be patient, I’m sure she’s out there somewhere; love comes naturally boo. Where is cupid when you need him?:D

  6. I think all this gf talk is his warning to his fans. He either has a girlfriend or has someone in mind. While my heart will be broken, I actually hope all the best 2 him and to finding love. He so deserves it.

  7. YB deserves the best. If he has someone in mind or is ready for one, then I wish him all the best. =)

    His happiness is my happiness, I only want the girl to not be in it for his fame, but just for YB – who he is and him as a person.

    Wedding Dress really is his song, love comes naturally but if one doesn’t grab the chance… Then it’s something one will regret forever… Hopefully, from his experience of first love he is now ready for all that is coming for him. Work or love life wise.

    Will support you through and through YB! Aja aja fighting!

  8. wait two more years YB cuz in two years the WG can start dating n tht means u can go out wit sunye lol

  9. i really want him to get a gf..he deserves love and support from someone different than his friends.but i think it’s hard for him to get one cause he didn’t get a chance to go out, have fun & fall in love.there are beautiful girls in Korea, with good heart, so i can’t wait the moment when i’ll see him happy with someone besides him. that’s a really good thing to happen, even if i’ll be a little hurt *snif *snif*

  10. Reading this article was like going back in time for me. When I was in high school I was the only one of my friends to have never dated. I didn’t have my first real boyfriend until I started Cegep (pre College in Quebec) I was in such a rush to date. Looking back on it now I think I should have waited longer to experience my first relationship. Especially after the heartache I felt it would have made sense to have taken more time to discover what I wanted a boyfriend instead of jumping head first into a relationship with someone. That’s why I can relate to what YB is saying. He wants this so bad because he hasn’t experienced it before. But unlike me he is willing to take his time to find the right girl and I really respect that. In my 20’s I could only dream about finding a guy as wonderful as YB. He has so much to offer a girl. He just has to ease up on himself and realize that he is worthy of such a love. And make time and possibly take the first mini steps to get to know a girl. Unless the woman of his dreams is the type to make the first move (slowly of course, due to YB’s shyness) it’s going to be difficult for him to make this dream reality.

  11. I’m pretty sure all of his fans can agree that nothing would make them happier than if he would find someone to love and share his feelings and ideas with (as long as she’s worthy of course!). He’s at the point in his life where he just wants to settle down and have a family with. The fact that he’s never had a gf before is sure to be bringing YB down and putting a lot of pressure on him. YB needs to open himself up and just put himself out there. He needs to channel the confidence he has on stage and bring it into his personal life. Someone would have to be crazy to pass this perfect man up!
    As much as we all love YB, we all know that his shyness is going to get the best of him. He needs to reach out and take what he wants. To do that, he might have to do something we know he’s not used to….be selfish! He let go of his first love b/c he could see she had a lot of stuff to do. If he really wants to experience true love….he’s going to have to fight for it. YB FIGHTING!!!
    But hopefully he doesn’t let all of this go to his head and worry himself so much. He’s still only 22, he has many years ahead of him. I don’t want this pressure to find the love of his life to interfere with his music, as a solo artist and as a member of Big Bang. He just needs to remember that love will come to him, at it’s own pace.
    A perfect man like him won’t be ignored for long. And if the women of Korea are stupid enough to pass him up, then I’m here for him!!! <333333

  12. i’m really heartbroken if he getting girlfriend.
    but i’m happy too because he has a girlfriend.

    what can make he live in happy life….it would be my happiest too..hope he can found a correct girl. i’ll support him either he has girlfriend or not. no matter what, im still support him….

    YB Hwaiting!!!!

  13. I will be happy for him but I think since he wants a girlfriend so bad that he should take it slow, he has a LOT to offer the girl and I think he shouldn’t RUSH into a relationship.
    I wish nothing but the best for him <33 . The girl will be SUPER SUPER SUPER lucky~!!

  14. it really is about time he got himself a girlfriend,since he keeps saying he wants one, rather than always worry too much about music,but like i always say ,all the time, the girl has to be worthy of him,i mean he’s such a great guy and i don’t want to see him heartborken by some idiot girl!

    Anyway i hope he finds an amazing girl that he can love forever! remember oppa good things happen to those who wait 🙂 so dont worry.

    oh, also i hope he tells us when he is indeed dating even if its impossible to reveal the girls identity but oh well i still want to know! LOL

  15. i would fully support him if i hear him dating someone 🙂 he’s been single for so long, maybe a girl would help him 🙂 esp with all his loneliness, a girl could really help 😀

  16. After reading all the comments i think we can safely conclude YB has the bestest fans ever, well intl fans atleast! Go on YB find ur girl and get stuck in and dont let go till she’s all yours! FIGHTING!

  17. .Like I said @kbites, TaeYang you go out there and find her if she knows a good thing she’ll treasure you. Just let go and go for it. We all we want to see you happy.
    PS. Who doesn’t like Sean’s family? kekeke They are a great family. And seriously, who doesn’t want to be TaeYang girlfriend/wife. Lucky Girl.

  18. I’m heartbroken because he is like the perfect man. He’s everything any girl would want!! Who wouldn’t want to be with someone like him?!?!

    I hope he finds a girlfriend.

    I agree – I think it’s a warning && i also think he does have someone in mind……. Maybe Kim Yuna??

    He’s soo much more outgoing since Shout!


    I’m gonna be soooooo sad, but i’m gonnna be sooo happy for him!!

    He needs to be loved in that way!!!!

  19. I’m praying that he will find someone soon! He should get to experience love in all its glory. I hope she’s someone who appreciates him. But it must be tough to meet people period when you’re such a busy artist but then add on the fact that you never really know if they want you for you or because of who you are…it’s tough. He’ll probably end up with someone who’s also in the business.

  20. Come to the U.S.A I’ll be your girlfriend. j/k. I really want him to be happy with someone, someone he can enjoy being himself with. Someone who can listen to him when he’s stress, a shoulder to lean on. Aww!! how i wish i could be that girl for him, but I just want to see him living his life happy. Taeyang oppa, trust me, you will find your true love, and if not, you’ll always have crazy fan girls around you. lol!

  21. i seriously think he does have someone in mind!!! and I think it’s someone he’s known for a while now too!!! kya!!! It’s ok YB!!! take ur time but don’t take too long! I’m hoping it’s the girl i think it is!!!

  22. Aww that was very sweet of him to let her go and sad at the same time. As a fan, Bae Bae happiness is my happiness, I believe he deserve the best, but I don’t think he should rush into having a gf just because he never had one. He should take it slow and open himself up a little bit, as much as I love his adorable shyness, I think girls like guys that is dominant, go for what they want not iffy about it. I agreed with ygtaeyangbb, Bae Bae should be a little selfish and goes after what he want (in this case, his girl =]).
    Nevertheless, I wish the girl that he choose will make him the best person and bring him happiness ^__^. (I hope I make sense)

  23. So….this doesn’t have anything to do with this article but Usher is holding his concert in Seoul on July 3rd. And there are rumors going around that his opening act might be our very own Dong Youngbae!!!
    Wouldn’t that be awesome if it were true? First Alicia Keys, then Brian McKnight and now maybe Usher? If this was true…then this would just certify TY’s place as the RnB King of Korea!

    1. omo, that would be awesome if it’s true!!!!!
      maybe that’s why YB’s album is coming out in june, so he can promote his new song at usher’s concert?? *wishful thinking*

      1. Yeah…because wasn’t he supposed to come back after Se7en? Maybe they pushed his comeback date up because of this. But yeah that’s just wishful thinking on our part since nothing has been confirmed yet. But how awesome would that be!

  24. ah…. wow. He’s really sweet. and it seems he is really super shy. wow. I hope he does meet someone. It’s very tempting to say come to the U.S. and meet me.

  25. Do you all realize what this means? It means were planning a trip to South Korea! Come on! I mean, he has to be into ONE of us, right?
    Lol, I’m kidding!
    But, he deserves a girl, someone he can relax with and take his mind off work!

    1. lol I can imagine it now…everyone from ATY taking up an entire plane over and just descending on the YG building in search of Taeyang

  26. Uuhm im relieved im not the only one that would be heartbroken yet happy at the same time,how can that be possible right? only whit YB…he’s got soooo much to offer and definetly any girl would win the lotto whit this man!! saranghae yo oppa!! i would SO take you into my life :(..good luck!<3333

  27. wishing you all the best man… though any girl in the right mind would say yes to you, i hope you find the right girl for you… and maybe go through the same steps any guy would in wooing her lol. xo

  28. he’s so worried. LOL

    he just doesn’t know we’re here waiting for him to call. Jeez.

    anyway, i’ll be happy if he finally finds a girl… as long as she’s not someone i don’t like hahah.. imma like a mother…=.=’

    though he’s NOT my possession, nor have i a right to say this.
    i honestly don’t think if i can HANDLE HIM HAVING A GF!!!….
    the moment i saw “i really want to have a gf this year”
    i was like: “ANDEYO!!!..NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” and all that shit. -_______-
    but i also sometimes feel like he kinda need a gf too so he can be comforted by her all the time, coz i feel like he worries ALOT. he needs a girl who has an opposite personality and care-free spirited girl, that would really suit him.
    just saying this things makes me have goosebumps and feel sad. T_______T

  30. i think oppa taeyang , should be seeing other girls now so that he can have a inspiration in his work and would not be stucked in his work .

    for him having a girlfriend , i would be very sad but as long as i see him happy , i will be happy loving him even if he’s taken already .
    let’s support oppa ! saranghe oppa .

  31. I knw wat Taeyang saying about but tis tings cm naturally..Taeyang will find his true love whn the right times come..Love cannot find by force o cannt choose recently.. Hope he can find his mrs.right…

  32. The man deserves nothing less than be happy. Anyone would be beyond lucky to have him… I’m constantly giving myelf reality checks whenever I hear him sing or watch him perform “it’s not going to happen, stop dreaming” :3

    Nya~ all the best oppa!! Hwaiting!!

  33. awww youngbae! you are every girls dream guy, your determination and dedication is something that i think all women love, i know i do. and your shy side makes you absolutely adorable! you will find someone — i do wish it was me, but it’s okay if its not ;P — there is no way that you won’t find someone. just keep doing what you are doing and you will find her, she’ll come into your life and she’ll stick with you no matter what.

    love you youngbae!!! you are the best!!! <333

    fighting! XD

  34. I’m rite hereeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Lol n e day tae yang, I’m coming so waittttttttt for me… Hahahahaha.

  35. AWHHH ! Too cute ! He`s perfection and he deserves to be happy , I hope he finds a girl that makes him smile sooon ! Besides, it`s time now to date around and explore your options don`t want to settle down with the first you date …not always bad but from experiences of seeing ppl around me , not a good look . Mhmm he should call his first love up , let sparks fly again lol ? And if that fails, I can def step in and help cure all those lonely days and nights LOL ….kidding . But yeah , I agree with janelle…I hope he`s doing cause he is ready and knows why he wants instead of just being pressured by everyone cause of his age and stuff .

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