Taeyang’s album to be out this June!?

Astonishing and surprising as it is, seems it may be true. Taeyang had a recent interview with the boys at MTV Live where he revealed his album is coming out this June.
Here is the portion:

The MC asked them about the solo activity

TaeYang: My solo album is expected this June in Korea after I get back from Japan.
T.O.P: My film 「Into The Fire」 will be on screen on 06/17. (He said the film title in English^^ That’s K K KOOL!!)
DaeSung: Yes, the drama is about to filming very soon. (『What’s up』 is planned to air this July^^)
G-Dragon via SeungRi: BIGBANG is busy making the Korea’s album (SeungRi helped translated this^^) がんばりまぁ~す^^
SeungRi: I’m sure you know everyone’s solo activities through this interview. Mine is the release of 「19」 ,though it has been on screen since the 29th.

From teamBigBang

Most people are halting all promotion period because of the World Cup – is YG taking a risk with having YB promote in June or is this just another false hype that may disappoint our expectations? Honestly, I won’t believe it till I’ve got the album in my hands ~lol 🙂

46 thoughts on “Taeyang’s album to be out this June!?”

    1. I think this is just confusion over the use of the word “comeback” (which has its own unique meaning in Kpop.) It can either mean when they come back to Korea (from Japan), or after their Korean “comeback” which is when their album drops. I’m inclined to believe that he really meant in June when Big Bang gets back to Korea (since the original first person fan account mentioned the date and all.)

      1. ahh..i see. yeah i hope it’s in June cuz it’s sooner LOL..but then again i hope Taeyang gets to promote longer if it really is release in June..Se7en’s comeback is on July 1st.

        1. I think YB and Se7en have their own separate fanbases and their own sound even if they are both into R&B. (Unless Teddy is also producing for Se7en, then…zoicks!) I think fans of both would shell out the cash to get both albums regardless.

          Since they are so close, I think that they might actually like promoting together and the possibility of a joint stage would be awesome (since they are both great singers and dancers…) And it would be interesting to see how they relate to each other now since YB has come so far since his trainee days…

  1. idk it would be wise to release his album in june but if he still does thn we hve to fully support him no wht 😀

  2. .. isn’t big bang’s album coming out at the end of the summer?? will he have time to promote?!?!?!!

  3. Hmm I don’t know how I feel about this… I do really want his album to come out asap, but I don’t like how YG is handling it. First, the 2 singles last year with barely any promotion. Now, he wants YB to juggle Japan promotions with his solo promotions again…during World Cup?? Se7en’s album is supposed to come out July 1 too. It’s like he’s not taking YB’s second album seriously… =/

    1. i don’t really like how his solo has been promoted since the begining. Never had the general full promotion time. but i think yg’s only doing this because of the high demand for YB’s work.
      You can see alot of places people are waiting for his album to come out and pissy fangirls/netizens are dangerous. So he’s trying to give them what they want even if its not in the best time frame. that and maybe world cup time will be less burdensome than regular promotions, or maybe it will bring about more hype with the world if done right/korea goes far in the tourney.

  4. Omg! Finally!
    We’ve been waiting for this like ages!
    I just hope they didn’t postpone it again!

  5. Hummmm…. I’m excited but i’m going to wait a bit before I get my hopes up. I just don’t see the time. Just going to wait and see how this turns out. I just hope YG knows what he’s doing, for YB’s sake.

  6. Hmmmm, I don’t know… I think I’d rather see a bit of the promotion happening before I believe anything. And YB deserves the best promo after all the crap he’s been through. Being a full album, I don’t think YG can afford not to take it seriously. I’d personally rather the album cone out later with the full support of a good promotional process.

  7. Seven delayed his release because of the World Cup. But what about Taeyang…? The World Cup is a big event in Korea and a lot of music programs may be canceled. Besides, there was an article on Big Bang’s comback few days ago. Why does only Taeyang always have to have time-limited activities? I really hate YG.

    1. Yea, I didn’t consider music shows being canceled, but it’s PROBABLE most won’t do shows till the World Cup is finished.

      Where will we see YB perform then?

      Ugh. YG makes no sense.

  8. I said it before, it would be a good thing for the healthy competition. If YB had been slated when Hyori and Bi came out, and if he stayed afloat in the charts then that would have been great. But that was too much of a gamble.

    It’ll be nice if we can actually “compare” the seasoned Se7en’s album with the relatively young blood YB. 🙂

    Should prove interesting. If promotions land on my birthday I’ll be super psyched!

  9. Well BaeBae said it,but then again it’s been posponed for so long…..i just hope it’s true!!! I NEED SOME FRESH YB FLOW!♥♥ thanks!

  10. Well….at least we know that he won’t have any other idols to compete with then! This way he’ll have two months to promote his solo album before he has to start promoting BB’s comeback album. If all works out, then we know YG is a bonafide genius! But knowing YG’s scheduling problems, I won’t believe it until I see it! I just can’t wait until his album comes out…we’ve been waiting on it forever!!!

    @Kay-on another note….are you going to put up a post about Part 7 of YB’s Star Diaries? It came out already FYI.

    1. OMO yeah that’s true,part 7 is already out,and i think it’s even more revealing than the last parts…O_o

      made me kinda sad and a bit jealous! >.<

  11. no matter is world cup or olympic
    taeyang’s album is the most thing got me hanging!!
    i hope YB can get back to Korea from Japan at once then turn out the album!!!!!!
    BTW, where can i see this interview clip???

  12. A month is totally not enough to promote TY’s album well, less than that since tomorrow is June.

    Gah. YG please release some specific info!

  13. I totally agree with you Kay, I won’t believe it ’til his album is released officially.

    I wanna watch TOP’s and Seungri’s movies though.

  14. I won’t get my hopes too high, but nevertheless,


    I would be only EXCITED if i wasn’t going to Korea in June but because i am going there for 3 weeks, my possibilities to see Taeyang perform would be, let’s saaay… good!

    June would be a good month to release the album because we know that BB will come back in August – it will take a month or two until YB could start promotions for his solo album; the problem is that MANY artists (were they in YG or not) would promote their albums at the same time, since the 4th quarter of the year is the most popular one when it comes to releasing albums.

    Of course there’s the world cup – but if the promotion is done well (like they did with his minialbum, HOT?), i’m sure he would gain attention nevertheless. Besides – no other artist would be in the limelight to share it with him? What an advantage!

    Plus, maybe his album has a song that would suit the world cup atmosphere? Who knows!

    I hope YG plans things the way it is best for Taeyang but i am also being selfish and hoping that his album would be released in June!

    Sigh, but i’ll try to stay realistic – after all, YG promised YB’s album to be released in january 2010 – well, nothing happened then; i’m sure everyone remembers the bitter feeling when january shifted to february.

  15. My birthday is when into the fire comes out YAY! can’t wait for taeyang’s 2nd album hopefully it will be more successful than GD”s:D

    1. It’s not the matter of attention (although it is something to consider) but many of the music shows and events will be canceled during this period because everyone will want to broadcast the games…50% of you promotional activities are with the live stages and a lot new fans and sales come from it. It is something fans look forward to every week, so I don’t think it’s fair to him to promote during a period where he can’t even perform…..and its definitely not fair for his fans who have been patiently waiting since his album has been announced.

  16. OMO my heart is beating so fast right now…
    Even though I told myself I won’t get excited until I know the exact date of his album release, just hearing Taeyang himself say THIS JUNE I just can’t help being effin excited!
    *runs around in circles*
    (ahem, I apologize for my spazzing, I swear, i’m not usually like this…)

  17. I want to hear YB’s new music as much as the next fan but I also do not want him to be rushed with his promotions. Plus it’s on the heels of Big Bang’s end of August comeback. Sounds like another heavy performing schedule. In all honesty I’m not against waiting a little while longer. I don’t want him to be disappointed like he was last year. I want his full album to do well.



  19. I wish I could understand YG’s ideas…lol! It’s great that his album (possibly) will be out in June but like what others have said…I hope YG can juggle both YB and Se7en’s promotions. And with BB’s come back YB, will need alot of rest and he must take care of his body with all this work I hope he doesn’t slim down or get too sick =( I’d rather have a healthy YB and a later (fuller) promotion than a sickly YB with a rushed album.

  20. Now that I think about it, June is probably the only time he can promote this year without pushing back to 2011 (which also means Dae and TOP’s solos will be pushed back as well.) If Big bang does come out in August, they will need all the time till the end of the year to promote, plus they will probably have to fly back to Japan for year end shows too. (Not to mention preparing for Big Show January 2011 – they’ll be really busy.)

    It sucks though that he’ll have to be preparing for the Big Bang album (recording, learning choreography and shooting MVs) while doing his own solo promo. (Dae and TOP will have their projects too so I don’t even know how they’ll manage to see each other.) I have no idea how this is all going to work out without someone ending up in the hospital.

    Sigh! Maybe YB’s album will be so good he can just cherry pick the events he wants to do and the album will sell itself.

  21. I’ve been waiting forever for the album to come out. But they all seem so busy. I guess I’ll have to wait until they get more rest so they can perform better. >.< Tae Yang hwaiting!

  22. did anyone else get that when you put his two album names together it became REAL HOT? 😀

  23. yeaay bae-bae is releasing his album,(gotta buy it!!!)-i hope there are goodies included on it:)))..i hope it’s not just a false update)but why taeyang oppa has only a month to promote his album,cuz bigbang is releasing their album on august ryt?i hope yg extended more time for youngbae^__^…oooh’can’t wait for his album and also bigbang”s…i’m sure it is great:)BB fighting!!vip’s are always here to support u>,<

  24. aww.. poor youngbae..

    my evil mind says this:
    Taeyang is not the main moneymaker in YG.. so he’s like a …side project that will be launched when nothing’s on….when most people’s attention are not concentrated.. like a soft music playing in the background at some association’s dinner… just there to entertain in case everyone feels bored when they have no one to talk too… just to pass the time. Plus, he would never sell as much as GD and he’s cheap.. considering he choses to be simple.. or that is just how he is. So why spend money for this type of artist anyway? Pssh!

    So yeah,… that’s my evil thought about YG…

    my good thought will be: Maybe YG is doing this because of the fans!! Yay!!!

    No offense intended.

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