Big Bang at the MTV music awards in Japan

I’ll begin with this extremely adorable interview of the boys, but what’s surprising is Taeyang~ lol. Taeyang fans are in for a treat, as Taeyang not only flaunts his amazing Japanese, and a little bit of English, but we’re treated to his own version of a coke commercial..Oh Taeyang (ps. this hyperness is welcome after that intense interview about his depression)

More videos under the cut~!!!
Gara Gara Go and Hands up

Big Bang winning Best New Artist Video

Big Bang wins Best Pop Video

Some pics~

More pics here

Some other behind the scenes pictures from MTV Live ~~Click to Enlarge

Thanks Janelle, for helping with this post~!

20 thoughts on “Big Bang at the MTV music awards in Japan”

  1. Oops… VMAJ was on May 29 (BB perf: GGG & Hands up) while MTV live was today (BB perf GGG & Number 1 & TMGB & HU & Howgee…). They r different events, I guess….
    Anyways, they’re gr8!

  2. Best unofficial Coke commercial ever!!! Our YB was so cute in the interview. Loving his increasingly better Japanese and English skills. I love it when he acts this goofy, I just wish he was able to act like this more often.

  3. oo im super happy for them! getting 2 awards in one night is amazing 🙂 haha i love YB in the interview, so much excitement and energy.

    when do they show this VMAJ international?

  4. He’s definitely a pro at Japanese, and I’m glad he’s getting more and more confident with his english even if he’s speaking a little. As for the cola CF, haha so random yet dorky. I don’t know who gets more hyper after drinking a bit of coke, Taeyang or my lil cousins lolz! Once again congrats to Big Bang; totally deserved XD

  5. Haha I love hyper TaeYang and his impromptu commercial for coke. His English is getter hotter. CONGRATS, BIG BANG! ❤

  6. This is the best Big Bang interview ever! YB was so outgoing and talkative. His random bits of english….so sexy. The dancing and the impromptu Coke CF was the bonus. I love it when he’s all happy. Congrats to BB on their two award win. Boo, save some of that Coke for me. 🙂

  7. I love when YB does random stuff!!! I love the his coke commercial thingy. I re-winded that part over and over again just to see him drink!! You know you are a fan if you can spazz over the way someone drinks a soda! Luv him!

  8. I’m so happy that they’ve won =D. Bae Bae is so cute during the interview, he seem happier <3, and the coke CF at the end, priceless ^__^.

    And he looks mighty fine in those pictures ❤

  9. YB is really loving his plaid. Not that I’m complaining because I think he looks HOT! Red is definitely his color,

    1. Wait…so his album is going to be released in June? But what about Se7en and the World Cup? Like you said…either YG is a total genius or crazy! Hopefully a genius though! This kind of makes sense in a messed up way…no one else will be promoting in June due to the World Cup, so this gives YB two months to promote his solo album before the August comeback of Big Bang. However, knowing YG and his scheduling problems, I’m not going to believe anything until it actually happens…although I am dying from YB withdrawal!!!

  10. June….really!?! I thought Se7en was planning his comeback then. When’s YB gonna do his solo concert?With Big Bang planning to comeback at the end of August, what’s the rush. I mean we’ve been waiting this long.

  11. really:)yb oppa is releasing his album this june!!!yeeaaaay’gotta buy it:))looks like bb is soo happy:)congrats to them–3 awards:)bae-bae is soo energetic,hmm bcoz of the award>,<..lov the coca-cola CF….my oppa is soo cutute:)ohh!those eyes^_^

  12. That interview was so cute!!!

    It is a real relief after reading what he was going through last year.

    It really was a tough one for the BB, not just YB.

    I’m glad they’re all back to being carefree and the good ol’ dorky guys they are.

    YB and that coke CF…. TOTAL LOL FACTOR!!!
    He is too cute for words.

    And Seungri with his laugh… He is such a sweetie.

    GD!!!! That CD, just… OMO~~~~ Cuteness overload!? Hahahahah~~

    Dae Sung was half in to lalala land was he, hahahah~

    Good ol’ BB~~~

    And what? YB’s album in June?!

    That’s really…. I dunno, fingers crossed that he’ll get a better promotion! That’s all I’m saying~

    (Too happy with this interview and THEY WON ALL THE AWARDS THEY GOT NOMINATED FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations Big Bang!!!)

  13. HAHAHA!! my oppaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!! this totally made me fall in love whit him EVEN MORE!! total cuteness overload!!!! LOL so funny when he drank it and it spilled all over hahaha! im so glad he’s more outgoing and goofy these days,im loving his attitude! yay! i hope he carries on,best of lucks for him and the guys!! FIGHTING! ❤

  14. LOL. wth. what is GD doing at the back?! he’s distracting me by watching YB. haha. and omg, YB’s English is the smex ❤

  15. wow, taeyang is not so shy anymore. What happened to him, he’s so out there and hyper now. But i love both ways of his personality. i mean everybody changes right? Keep up the good work Big Bang and greatly appreciate the info ATY always post up.

  16. taeyangs english is so good! >.< i love this man. lol
    man i seriously wish he would come to the states, preferably salem oregon 😉

  17. the way TY pronounced 4 years 5 years was cleannnnn. I bet his english is good now – i wanna hear him flaunt it!


    And his commerical – sooo adorable! he’s not shy anymore. I love his personality like this. Goofy & Professional. I think I fell even more for him! How is that possible??!?!!

    I loved his smile/smirk after realizing the coke was pouring. sooo cute ❤

  18. Wow! He seems so comfortable now 😉 And his english gets better and better every time! aww! Congrats big bang!

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