[COD] Wedding Dress covers, Kids version

Fan girls, fan boys (sorry, fan MEN) and FAN CHILDREN. They may not be amazing yet, but I am so happy that Taeyang is their source of inspiration to sing and dance, I couldn’t think of a better artist for them to look up to~

This kid is my fav, he’s so adorable~ haha so much emotion and expression in his face 🙂 More under the cut!

^haha he cracks me up


21 thoughts on “[COD] Wedding Dress covers, Kids version”

  1. Hahaah these kids are too adorable! I do that with my baby nephews too. I cut their hair into Mohawks and gel them up like YB’s then I make them dance to his songs hahah. They love it! They say their hairstyles make them into beasts 🙂

  2. Oh my cuteness overload! I’m telling you WD is an addiction for everyone! Glad Taeyang is receiving a whole lot from all ages lol XD

  3. those kids can dance men.. they dont even practice and they know a lot of the dance 🙂 yaah they’re cute and good!
    mm YB want’s to be a rolemodel like his YG hyungs were for him. he want’s that juniors look up to him and say i wanna be just like him! but, he has to realize he is already a rolemodel for many kids,boys,men. and of course for me is he a rolemodel too.. he makes me wanna practice dance,vocal and piano.
    girls, do we have a new kind MJ here?

  4. even the kids are in this wedding dress craze ah,,, cute kids!!! Youngbae must be very proud he has such influence…

  5. YB is to these kids like Michael Jackson was to me. I discovered MJ when I was four years old and I’ve been dancing ever since. YB really is an inspiration.

  6. I really wish Taeyang could see all those videos and this website so that he could understand how many fans he has …not only in Korea

  7. LMFAO I cant sop laughing 🙂 He sooo CUTE the facial expression that he does lol I just want to give him a Big hug 🙂 WATCH OUT PPL THIS IS THE NXT TAEYANH LOL 🙂

  8. Taeyang is too under rated in Korea in my opinion…….like you see in international places..everyone loves him…..i was eating in the cafeteria one day at my school…..they were advertising the school dance….and they were playing korean music…(which isnt exactly a good way to get people to come to the dance..since there’s quite a bit of white people)……anyways…then they were saying “Okay people, this song, I’m sure everyone knows” and they played wedding dress….and you see people start turning their heads and they’re like..oooooh i know this song! lol……..It’s funny how people love him more internationally rather than on home soil

    1. dude, seriously!! it still gets me how POPULAR wedding dress is internationally and how he’s soo underrated in korea!!

  9. ^ i totally agree with the above. i have a pic of jaebeom on my fb as my profile pic, and my indian guy friend was like i like the song wedding dress, its by that guy right? n iwas lk no its not him but OMG U KNOW WEDDING DRESS!! props!! haha like, wow?

    n as for the above vids omg they were soo adorable!
    – i loved the first vid kid’s expression so agonizing totally brings out the mood of wedding dress LOL

    – the jaebeom kid picked up on a lot of the choreo details

    – the korean kid who was dancing in a dance studio (?) was actually my fave. he picked up on the main choreo stuff but what was the best was that, heput his own STYLE into it. so altho the moves arent exactly right, i stil really liked it! n i definitely see potential in him. lol i sound like a scouting agent xD

    – the last vid interesting cuz it was by a girl! =O i was wondering if she was korean, but it didnt look like it. neway, i noticed that she was dancing to the music video hahaha cuz i heard taeyangs fingers/rings against the piano in the beginning LOL yes, random ..

  10. aww:)they are sooo cuteee..especillyy when they imitate yb pulling his pants up,and making signiture looks..^__^

  11. I actually quite like the kid from the second video… He picked up on a lot of the hand gestures… and he did the sliding on the floor thing that YB always does in the “No~o~o~” part, so cute!

    I loved the kid from the dance studio one… He’s got the main parts of the choreography down, and also added his own style. Very nice!

    The kid from the first vid. is amazing.. the angst facial expressions… Very good. *thumbs up*

    But I love the main theme behind this is that YB is becoming an inspiration, if not role model/person they admire/person they look up to, for these kids….

    It is a wonderful thing, and I do hope YB sees these videos and feel better about himself and his influences….

    Looking only at Korea is not good Young Bae-sshi~ You must look beyond!!!!

    The international fanbase for YB, the international popularity of Wedding Dress, now these kids…


  12. the kid is totally adorable.. tae yang song very magical tat make all his fans love his song even a kid.. very impressive..taeyang giving a life of music… keeping up the good work.. Gambateh!!!!!

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