[Star diary] Taeyang⑤ “Solo activity, the feeling of backpacking”

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Taeyang (23·real name Dong Young Bae) finally debuted in Big Bang, after his tough trainee days. Doing activities in front of the public, he was able to give pleasure, but he has also had numerous secret conflicts.

“To tell you the truth, I had some worries after my debut. Actually I’ve liked “black music” since my childhood and thought I could become like my favorite artists. I’ve always dreamed of that but after I debuted in an idol group, I had to be “popular” and do activities with songs which I’ve never considered singing. So I was confused for a while.”

He learned, for the first time, that the world couldn’t be as he had hoped. He was sorry to miss the many musical activities he strived for because of his busy schedules.

“I didn’t even have time to shed tears. The expectations of too many people became a burden for me from the beginning of my debut. We continually put out albums and still now, have work to do. Receiving the grand prize is not the end because we always have to think of the next.”

Because they are a popular idol group, there were a lot of activities like filming commercials besides music. These outside parts became stressful to Taeyang. But the missing parts could be fulfilled through his own effort and solo activity.

“There are many things I gained through my solo activity. When I did activities as Big Bang, the members used to fill my lacking areas. In the solo activity there was a feeling of backpacking. I had to do everything by myself but that was very amusing.”

He got to like music more. He tries to convey and give his 100% percent during those moments. He felt, that the more he – through music – gives other people pleasure, the more happier he would be. Seeing that audiences were delighted, Taeyang was the happiest in those  moments while standing in front of his audience.

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Translations by Myokoon
Please credit myokoon@alwaystaeyang when posting elsewhere!

41 thoughts on “[Star diary] Taeyang⑤ “Solo activity, the feeling of backpacking””

  1. Once again thanks for the translations. At times it seems Taeyang puts himself in 2nd place; putting everyone’s happiness before his. Doing what people want him to do even though he doesn’t want to. lol he just gets on with it and doesn’t make a major fuss about it. Must have been frustrating not constantly doing the music you love, but then again when you join a group, you’ve got to sometimes makes sacrifices and do whats best for the group. I’m just glad he’s been given the opportunity to do solo work so he can focus on the music he loves to do. Keep shining Young-Bae ^^

    1. lol I think every child’s been through that stage when you look your baby pics and ask your parents what the hell were they thinking dressing you up like that. lol I bet the same think would run through Taeyang’s mind if he was to see this pic.

  2. Thanks for the translation Myokoon! I’m really loving the Star diary series. They show me what kind of a man YB is, proving all the more that he is the BEST & MOST LOVABLE GUY in the world! ❤

    Poor YB. It must have been hard to feel torn between what he loved and what he needed to do as part of Big Bang. But I do hear some YB influences with some Big Bang songs, so I think he did a pretty good job of showing the world the many different sides to him and balancing everything (solo and group), and I so love the ENTIRETY of him 🙂

  3. I feel the same way too YB, when i see u have to divide your time between BB and yourself. He’s right. he’s in one of the most popular kpop idol group at the moment, he needs the popularity. but in the end, he gains recognition. If he had released a R&B album first, as a solo artists, he probably would have failed but being in BB builds up his fan base and eased his way through the path of his solo career. As a fan, that’s the only reason why i supported his presence in a kpop idol group..oh and of course, the group is a kick-@$$ group XD. He could do better, but i think it’ll be really hard for him because kpop is full of candy floss music, and it’s proven through WD that people are not ready for that yet in Korea.

    Anyway, his mature personality makes him hot… don’t you think so??? XD

    1. definately…I love the maturity in him because when he has those dorky or funny moments where he’s being a goof ball its all the more amusing cause it’s so rare to see him do that~

  4. my Youngbae is such a cutie… he loves making people happy before himself… reading these star diaries and learning what he’s been through and still has to go through… i just don’t love him as the Big Bang-Taeyang,, i do respect him more… the kind of hardships he has to endure to be able to make it… he is such a man!

    @ILOVEMYBAE when i first heard wedding dress last january,, i searched online it’s chart history in korea and if i remember it right,, it didn’t make it… i wonder why coz i’m so inlove with this song and i felt like i’m listening to Usher or Neyo just singing korean… if it was released in english and international,,, it could have made it… many english versions in youtube and the fact that it did enter in a dutch chart is the proof… i hope Youngbae knows how far ‘Wedding Dress’ went outside korea…

    1. Wedding Dress could definitely make it. but it should stay as it is, and not be completely in English.

    2. The “Wedding Dress- English Version Craze” as I like to call it is really proof of its international success….I really truly think YG needs to do an english version just to “test” it’s response…it doesn’t need to be apart of a formal debut but just to see how the international audiences like it because i think it has so much potential…people just don’t go crazy over doing english versions like that…..

      1. well, I just disagree.
        a test for response could just be done using the song as it is now.
        many people internationally like songs done in Korean, so in my opinion it doesn’t need to be done in English.

      2. i’m still in love with the song and until now,,, it’s my ringtone and i listen to it everytime i miss Youngbae…

        the song has potential.. but i hope when YG finally thought of Wedding Dress english version,,, the song wouldn’t lose its original message.. sometimes, putting it in english means losing the original context…

        1. That’s one good reason not to have it all in English. It won’t be exactly the same.

    3. yeah well.. it’s successful outside not within Korea. that’s why i said Korea is not ready for that type of music yet or to take it seriously.
      about the covers, there are so many English covers out in Youtube right now, so i’m afraid that when YB finally releases his own English version, the WD effect has already worn out by then. but it’ll still be great nonetheless.
      I should have mention this(WD in English) in my message for his birthday LOL.

      1. honestly, as long as there are teenage fangirls and viral pop music, Korea will never be ready for serious R&B music..as bad as it sounds, its true….over 50% of the kpop music industry is controlled by its fans…they want pop, they want variety shows, they want virus music and dance moves and the music industry caters too it~ its really very different from the American norm where fans choose an idol based on the “type of music” they consistently do….maybe one day – farrrr in the future – things will change, but I really think what makes kpop so dynamic from the american music scene is the amount of control fangirls yield – i mean they have enough power to kick out people from the industry (or force them to leave) ~…scaryyyy

        1. so so true; everything thats happened in k-pop makes me realise how much power and control the fans have; seriously……….wow

        2. It really is scary. I don’t think it’s right either, that they should have so much control.

        3. ugh.the fact that the fans have more power is just terrible and it just ruins the art of music…..artists are now pretty much only performing their music for the sake of pleasing their fans…and it loses its touch…..music should be what the artist wants and to be able to share it……not the other way round, where the fans tell the artist what to do…..cuz no matter how many fans there are…..the artists should always have their own control in their own music

          oh well..thats life..

        4. i agree, all the awards the artist receive from music shows like M Countdown, Music Core, Music Bank etc. It’s all about how big their fan base is rather then a good song being produced. Since the ‘idol’ groups all have a huge fan base, predominantly fangirls and boys. No matter what type of song they release they are going to be winning awards in my opinion. So essentially its a popularity contest and not really about the music.

          Then again how can you determine a good song or great artist?

  5. I am loving these star diaries! It lets us get a closer peek into YB’s mind and shows us how he really feels. I remember him saying something along the same line as this in another interview, that sometimes he wished that he didn’t have to sing some of the type of stuff that BB has too….but that sacrifices have to be made to get ahead. Like YB, I don’t always love some of the stuff BB makes, especially the super pop stuff but since it’s BB I still manage to like it, if only for the fact that it’s BB. But it’s okay, the fact that BB is so big made it easier for YB to do well solo. And I’m happy that YG trusts him enough to let him do his own stuff when he does his solo work.
    On another note…everyone talking about the WD English version craze now makes me really really really want to hear the version….I’m pretty sure YG sent Sean an English version of the song to choreograph with, just like he did for WUA. Hopefully YG will include the English versions of the songs on YB’s next album!

  6. This might be an unpopular opinion but here goes. I’ve often wondered what type of group Big Bang could have been if they had stuck to their Hip Hop roots, what type of music could they have created if say YB had been chosen as leader and it was he who wrote the material. As lead singer YB is mostly up front and center but he seems to get lost in the stuffle most of the time. It pains me to know that he has felt so conflicted during Big Bang’s many activities. What drew me to Big Bang was YB’s voice and it’s too bad that the style of music he perfers can’t be showcased as often as he likes. That’s why their latest “Tell Me Goodbye” is getting so much positive feedback it speaks to YB’s love of R&B music. When YB is doing his solo activities I feel like I’m getting to the heart of who he is musically. He seems more himself when he can express himself without restrictions. It’s unfortunate that Korea hasn’t caught on to his style of music but that’s why this time is so amazing. The internet is slowly changing the way people view and acquire global music. Internationally YB is a star, that’s why I think he should cut loose from Big Bang and focus on putting out the music that speaks to him as an artist.

    1. I agree with you on some things. I’ve read a lot of comments on BB that express the opinion that BB seems more like 5 solo artists thrown together than an actual group. Sometimes it does seem this way, just because each member has his own musical style. But this is what also makes them so great; they’ve all been influenced by different things musically that ther style of music sets them apart from all of the other kpop. I love it when YB does his solo work b/c it let’s us see his true feelings on music and gives us the type of music he most enjoys and sings best. However. Being in BB made it possible for him to become as big a solo artist as it did, to the extent that he’s so well known internationally. Without the support of BB, both physically and emotionally, I don’t know how he would fare as just a solo artist. I remember he said he was extremely lonely when he was promoting his solo work and that having BB there to support him made his solo activities even better.
      It is unfortunate that the majority of Korean audiences still prefer pop music over other styles but then again, that sets YB apart from others when he does do his solo activities. It’s like a breath of fresh air from all of the other music. Hopefully his next album will shock everyone and make them realize how great YB truly is.

  7. “I didn’t even have time to shed tears” Ok..NOT GOOD,he didn’t and im sure still doesn’t have time to let his emotions out,even if it’s just by crying,a great way to vent…poor BaeBae he works so hard,you gotta LOVE him for that,altough im really hoping for his return and BB’s,i wish he had more time for himself,to relax,rest,and come back whit a fresh new self ^^

    thanks for the translations! 😀

  8. As always, thanks very much for the translations.

    It breaks my heart YB didn’t have time to cry, heck wanting to cry!! Poor baby~~~ ='((

    As some people have said…. Without YB building his foundations (fanbase, versatility in music) in Big Bang, his solo career might not have been that smooth.

    Then again, Big Bang is a unique group where each member have vast differences in their taste for music, and different personalities that they seem like they’re thrown together – that’s I think what draws many people in. Some people would like this particular member, others the other ones. Thus a possibility for a very big fan base.

    I’ve always had the feeling YB puts himself in the background during BB activities and letting other members like Dae Sung, Seungri, and GD get the camera moments… variety show wise. (TOP seem to be as quiet as YB too, but I’ll have to look back on some shows to check)

    And that’s why I always cherish the moments he has on variety shows, because he’d either be goofy, dorky, or both. (or maybe they mean the same thing, I dunno..”XD)

    Aii…WD… It’s a great song and we’ve all seen the English covers and popularity it got…. If only KPOP changed into a more American or Westernised industry… but that will change the whole uniqueness/traits of KPOP wouldn’t it?

    Though WD would probably have gotten more popularity that way, since we all want YB to do his own THANG rather than change his style! Hell no!!!

  9. this is a slight bit off topic but i just saw that bigbang is coming back in august, so does that mean taeyang could be back in june?

    1. i saw that too. The fact that se7en is coming back in June makes me doubt they would release Taeyang in June since they wouldn’t want their artist going against each other right? I don’t mean to be pessimistic, but i have this feeling Taeyang won’t be coming back till after Big Bang comeback or later. Either that or its gonna be some rushed promotions in July and that’s it =/ Not happy!!!

  10. awww:)sniff”i can’t say anything now,,,but taeyang we(vip’z)will forever support you>__<…fighting:)))

  11. I like how Bae is always honest. Like other idols will just suck up to their companies and say yeah YG is the best. But Bae tells it straight. Like what he’s not happy about and stuff. I respect him for that….its totally about the music for him, none of the popularity crap or CF’s and stuff

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