[Fan Encounter] An ATY blogger meets Taeyang~

Well it isn’t everyday you hear a fan encounter like this…our dear ATY blogger Francis emailed me her encounter with the one and only Mr. Sunshine. Here’s her story – get ready to be jealous!

Knowing I had a few days left before I returned to the States I bothered my friend again to see if he could get his friend to let me meet Taeyang. He called his friend asked him if it was possible if we could meet him today. His friend told him he’ll call him back after what seem like forever he finally called. He said to come now that Taeyang said it was okay for 10 mins.

I didn’t think it was possible for a moment there I started to freak out and told my friend to forget it. Well to be short, I was in front of YG building freaking out inside. We walked to a choreography room and there sitting down on a chair was Taeyang!

He got up and bowed while smiling. I was literally freaking out more than before.  After the introduction, we sat down and awkwardness hit us. I couldn’t remember what I wanted to ask him all I did was look at him. I did asked him questions but they were questions he already had been asked. I was so mad at myself. He asked how I knew about him and what I thought about his music. I told him he was an inspiration to not just me but to a lot of international fan. I told him if he gets a chance to search for alwaystaeyang that it was a blog about him that brought different fans around the world. He said he would try when he gets a chance to use the computer.

All this was said with my friend translating what I was saying. I know taeyang understood what I said because he would smile and nod. I guess he’s not comfortable speaking english yet he did said some stuff in english and it was so cute! Another thing I noticed that’s always a topic- his height. I’m 165 cm(5’4 ft) and well sad to say this but his not that tall maybe (5’6 ft) I don’t know what’s that in cm.

Okay so you might wonder what about the pictures. Here’s the deal I was only able to take one and its not flattering. Apparently, meeting him was too much for me to handle that I fainted…like seriously who the heck faints now a days, only me I guess. When my friend said take a picture with him I was so happy I got near him already posing only to feel lightheaded and all I remember is falling forward and that’s when the camera had flashed. When I woke up I was already back at the hotel. My friend of course didn’t help and just kept on laughing at me. All I can say is Taeyang really is a sweetheart and a shy guy just as we see on all those videos on youtube.

I was star struck. Our meeting was pretty short because he had to go back to work on a dance routine apparently they have a concert coming up maybe for the world cup thing that’s going on and also because I fainted from seeing him and the lack of food. I really wanted to ask him for his email but I was so nervous I couldn’t think straight, it was worse than a job interview! [Did you meet Big Bang?] Yes, I did before I went to the room, they were leaving and bowed which I thought was nice. They were so respectful GD of course was bothering Seungri. Daesung and Top were just quiet. I think they found it interesting that a non korean girl was standing in front of them.

-Francis, ATY blogger

Francis, I think you made us all proud and I’m sure every one of us would have fainted being in front of Taeyang, so no worries. I’m sure you guys might have questions, so Francis can answer them while I go sulk with my ice cream and the fact that I’ll probably never meet Taeyang in person ~lol.


117 thoughts on “[Fan Encounter] An ATY blogger meets Taeyang~”

  1. Dam that sucks fainting like that ;D I could already hear the interaction…. *chirp, chirp, chirp* lmao. When meeting the BB boys lol i could only envision the site of a million bows before they left lol.

  2. o my.. im jalous! one day in my life, i hope i’ll meet him. or i just move to seoul stick around there for years waiting till i bump into him ahaha (ugh..pathetic heh? XD)

  3. OMG!!! haha! well that was embarrassing but i mean cmon! thats understandable. its taeyang! who wouldn’t faint at the sight of him… just too bad francis wasn’t able to say goodbye properly. haha!

    oh my gosh, so was there.. like a picture of you fainting than?
    LOL, oh my gosh, I’m so sorry for laughing,
    you are SO FREAKIN’ LUCKY! did you at least get a sig?
    who cares, meeting him is more than amazing LMFAO!!

  5. omfg. I’m so freaking jeeeeeeealous!!!! I’m SO jealous. like WTF. how the hell did you even have friend tha knew taeyang himself?!? I mean… OMFG.

    I need to breathe.

    and you are freaking adorable.

    and yes, I had to edit this post bc of obsene language.

    I am so goddamn jealous.

    Francis, we need to talk. email me! ask Kay my address, lol.

    *running around flabbergasted*




  6. Congrats Francis; sooooooooooooooooooo lucky !!!
    wow, how awkward was your encounter with him, aw I can imagine how you were feeling. I would feel weak at the knees. Hope you’re ok. Still can’t believe you might Taeyang !!!! Amazing!!!!! Your reaction was only natural, I bet most of us would have acted the same way. Sucks you couldn’t have asked the questions you wanted, but thanks for telling him about ATY!!!! I hope he’ll visit here once he’s gotten round a computer. gahhh now all I can do is just dream of how my encounter with Taeyang would be like *_*

  7. OMG 0.0
    I am soooooo freakin jealous here!!
    You are sooo damn lucky!
    Lol I would have totally fainted too XD
    Just thinking about seeing him in real gets me woozy…
    I just hope he visits ATY one day!!

  8. AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Lucky, Francis!!! You go to be in the presence of the almighty Sun lol. Smart girl, you plug ATY for us hahahaha. Now I’m going in the corner and sulk cause I know I will never be lucky enough to meet Him. *boo* Unless, I make some connection. Now how the heck, do you have a friend that has connection to TaeYang.

  9. OMGEEEE!! I AM SOOOO JEALOUS!! I almost spit out my drink when I started reading this. You are so lucky, I kinda hate you riqht now j.k lol. But uqh it’s understandable faintinq, I mean I don’t know if I would have but yeah it is. I mean all the exciment qettinq to meet someone soo famous and *siqh* SEXYY!! Anyone would have this reaction. I love Taeyang and wish more than anythinq in the world if I could meet him JUST ONCE 😐 !!! And I do hope too that he visits the website :).

  10. Francis, you are adorable!! haha, you’ve got everyone freaking out. Don’t worry about the fainting because 1) a lot of us would have done the same thing, and 2) he will definitely remember you now!! Thanks for sharing your story. 😀

  11. OMG ur sooo freakin lucky!!!!!! i would have spazzed out and then died!! so u said u took one picture with him right? could we see it so we can see u fainting lol and our beautiful taeyang

  12. Omfg!!! I, like everyone else, am so jealous of you Francis! You’re so lucky! I need friends like you have 🙂
    Don’t feel bad about what happened…I’m sure we all would have forgotten what we wanted to say to him. I’m pretty sure I would have fainted! YB’s so awesome I probably would have knocked out once I set eyes on him.
    The good thing is that you brought up ATY so we now know that he has heard of it. Did you meet him before or after his bday? I was just wondering if he got his bday present from ATY after you met him…if it was after…hopefully he recognized ATY’s name with the present. Wouldn’t it be awesome if YB came on here and commented? Hahaha I’m pretty sure that would make all of our days!!!

  13. Francis, Thanks for sharing this story with us. You are much braver than me, I would have fainted just knowing that I was going to meet him.

    So who is the friend of yours who knows YB’s friend? Maybe some of us could get the hook-up? Lol.

    1. ^I second this! Haha 🙂 That would be awesome though….imagine if all of us getting the opportunity to meet YB….*sigh* HEAVEN!!!!

      1. haha one down, many more fans to go. Hook us up, pretty please ^.^ I swear meeting Taeyang would be like winning the lottery !!!!!

  14. wow, congrats to meeting him! you’re soooo lucky!!!!
    maybe taeyang caught you when you were fainting?
    so you went in YG building right? how was the place?

    *sigh* well since your friend’s friend is friends w/ TY, i’m sure you’ll get another opportunity to see him /get a picture with him. 🙂

  15. Aaaawww!! im so jealous!! how did your friend knew BaeBAe? it’s great you got to meet our oppa,i would’ve been so star struck too,don’t worry,i even got nervous for you reading it hahaha,i would say go ahead and post the pic,it doesn’t matter if it’s non flattering,it’s a REAL encounter and that’s what matters,OMO you’re so lucky!!!!!!♥♥

    And im glad you told him about AlwaysTaeyang! hopefully he’ll remember,look for us,and even leave us a comment!! yay!! wishful thinking,thanks again 😀

  16. OMG!! That is such a amazing story. While I was reading it, was freaking out too just by the thought that someone from the states got a chance to meet him face to face.

  17. omfg!!!!! I still can’t get over that you fainted! lmao!!! I want to see the pic! at least he’ll remember you! OMG so jealous!


  18. Look on the bright side, he’ll remember you! An impression lasts a lifetime (and I mean this is the best, least embarrassing way as possible!). Maybe while you were passed out he helped in some way, right? I mean, come on, Youngbae, not help a girl, passed out on the floor? Seriously, that would be shocking and so un-him. LOL

    Great job and thanks for relaying the story. I want to get to know your friend with connections! 😛

    1. So true, he probably did help her up and mot definitely will remember her. I swear a touch from him would have sprung me back to life. He’ll probably be freaked out to meet more fans if they kept on fainting before him lol. btw Francis, any chance of us seeing the pic *_*

  19. Francis! First of all, you lucky lucky lucky girl you!!! I’m super jealous you got to see/meet/talk to/touch (?)/hear his stunning voice in person!!!!!!! Haha! Don’t worry about the fainting, that just goes to show him how you’re such a HUUUGE FAN of him. I’m sure this was a memorable fan encounter and he will always remember meeting you.. 🙂 GOOD JOB for plugging ATY!

  20. Francis, you are a superstar. Thank you so much for sharing your story. And the fainting, don’t worry about it girl. Be happy that you got to meet YB and share a little bit about us with him. You’ve done an incredible thing.

  21. PICTURE, MUST SEE NOW!!! dude, like im literally screaming and fangirling like im freaking 12 again and i was a hardcore Backstreet Boys fan. YOU MET OUR HUSBAND! you lucky duck!!! i don’t know what else to say…damn i can’t wait for the day he actually does a full-on english interview…um…damn i…*faint*

  22. oh god, I’m soso jealous, luuuucky you. this is the dream that we all dream of, that you just experienced. it’s really great! : D

  23. I bet my bottom pound (xcuse me we dont do dollars in England!) next time TY/ BB are on a variety show or sth TY is gonna bring that story up or even better one of the others is gonna start making fun of him(probably seungri) and tell the story… Sth along the lines of TY being a rare find… And b4 u know it girl u gonna be a legend…..aarrrgghhh i hate u even more ; )

  24. ummm…..sorry to say this, but this doesn’t sound real to me.
    u could have atleast got ur friend to take a picture of u lying on the floor and taeyang too….sounds fishy. and why would taeyang meet u personally? when there’s like thousands of fans wanting to meet with him personally too….don’t u think it sounds kinda fake?
    i had fun reading ur story though…got me excited…hope it’s true.

    1. maybe i’m being mean but i don’t find it believable as well. especially because the picture is not released..
      as much as i want to believe it, i find the story odd

  25. acckkkk soo luckyy! i would probably faint too x] i knew he would be that sweet and shy guy like the youtube videos show. i only dream of meeting Taeyang in person hahah :DD

  26. OMG am soooo jealous but in a good way lol i have so many question to ask you Francis like : did he smelled good lol, did you touch him, aaaahhhh so jealous 🙂 that sucks that you fainted at least you should of given him a hug from all of us lol 🙂

  27. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!

    one lucky person ah!!!

    meeting Taeyang in person and talk to him…. you’re awesomely brave…. i also have a friend who knows Taeyang and Big Bang but i don’t think i can ask my friend to let me meet him… i would probably have a heart attack in front of him…

    i remember myself seeing my long time basketball player crush in a game.. he was in front of me… smiling and asking for my name… and i just opened my mouth without saying a word..

    i definitely understand your reaction, francis… that’s normal… especially meeting Taeyang who just seemed impossible to meet after all…

    and uh.. he’s busy ah… and the other guys bowed…. can’t imagine how many bows they did ah…

    lucky, lucky, lucky!!!!

  28. wow, you’re so lucky! i wish i can have that chance, too.

    i would have done the same thing if i were you. i might not be able to speak even! 🙂

    did he smell nice? HAHA 😀

  29. THAT WAS SOOO COOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i like could imagine everything!!!
    or atleast my dream

  30. You r really lucky girl!!!!
    makes me really really jealousy!!!
    i can imagine the cute sunshine smiling at you~~~
    i believe taeyang is really nice in person
    i think i’ll never have this chance to meet him in person even have an eye contact~~
    this should be one of the most unforgetable memory in you beautiful life!!!

  31. Hello! Please don’t get mad at me but I did exaggerated the fainting part the reason was because in the pictures my friend friend is in and he’s someone famous as well in south korea as I mention to kay but then she made an excellent point on blurring their faces so that’s what ima do this weekend when I get back to the states.

    1. That would be so awesome! You are so lucky…meeting two famous Koreans? Definitely wishing I was you right now!!!

    2. LOL i knew it! i had a feeling it sounded a bit fishy, i mean fainting and i was surprised there was no mention of him helping you up…cant imagine him not doing so lol,so does that mean u didnt faint at all then? xD

    3. LOLLL Was it a girl or something? I’m not quite sure why you would need to block the other persons face as well?

      but I can’t wait to see the photo 🙂

  32. oh my god! that sounds so exciting. that’s great that you were able to have a connection. i wish something like this could happen to me too, minus the fainting. lol. but i would probably be speechless in front of him too. soooo lucky!

  33. THis story is so inspiring. Knowing a fan can meet Taeyang gives me soooo much hope. hahaha! TY is so amazing that there are times I think I will never meet him, but you gave me so much inspiration. AND one more thing, thank god he is still that sweet shy guy we all know and love!!!

  34. U fainted the way I see it that’s no biggy if it was me I would have started crying uncontrolabe . That would have been worse than fainting ^^ and he’s 5`4 to 5’6 hey I’m 5’1 so I’m fine with his height lol … Ur so lucky all I can do is daydream about him everynight and day . Dreaming of being his gf and wife lmao but ohhh meeting him would be amazing g ^^ again ur soooooooooooooooooooooo lucky

  35. omg! i totally feel for this girl, if it was me i would probably be blushing like crazy, stuttering and laughing randomly. hahaa

    so lucky! haha

  36. Gzzz…Just reading this got me nervous!! You are a very very lucky fan! I’m about his height…if anything an inch shorter lol! oh boy. Many of his fans would most likely faint not only by the touch but by the presence of him haha. I’d probably faint or…not have the guts to say anything haha!! I wish I could meet him somehow..

  37. SHUT UP!! hahaha
    awesome !
    I was screaming when she said that she saw taeyang sit on the chair and so on..
    I can imagine how she felt..
    You know how lucky you are!!!

  38. OMG! I just die when I read this let me tell you guys jeje I’m so jelouse OMo I wish I could have that oportunity. lucky girl !

        1. huh! you little devil. keeping us dying for news.. lol! but hopefully when you meet yb, you can also tell a story about it. if it’s not too much, keep a time track, will you? lol!

        2. When you hopefully meet him; don’t forget to tell him about us over here on ATY ^^

        3. Darn You. lol We all are dying in anticipation.
          PS. Ask him about ATY’s present to him, if you can remember. lol I’m pretty sure when you do meet him, you’ll be so star-struck to remember anything, unless you one of those super calm people.

        4. YAAYEEEE so his album is finally coming out, can’t wait, and Shaun is gonna produce some dope choreography as usual….so excited xD

        5. @cindy I don’t think i would be starstruck ahahaha. I’m just gonna be friends with him =D and freestyle with him ahaha since he likes to dance so much

          @vipwong is it coming out!?!?

        6. ohhhh snap!! what is it?!?!?! QUI why did you have to get me all exited now i wont be able to stop thinking about it.

  39. OMG u r really really really Lucky girl….n ur friend is very kind “””wanna know her keke ””” ………Gosh!!! u can talk with him…not only look OMG ……how have u done ??? but u did it already >>>WOW

  40. Wow! You’re so lucky! I wish I could get a chance to meet him too..I’m happy for you! hehe What a cute and memorable story! =]

  41. OMFG !! you are one lucky girl !!
    w8 so if ur not korean ? what nationality r u 🙂 ?

    and i wish i had connections through YG 😦 haha
    who is this lucky friend of urs 😛
    cos they are damn lucky aswell

  42. oh wow~! O_O I envy you so much.
    I think I will be like you. Fainting when he’s right beside me and stuff. But I would keep in mind that he’s there and I need his email. lol kekeke~! I envy you so much. Dx and hey, thanks for sharing 🙂

  43. Francis didn’t u ask him whether he got the birthday present ATY sent him? surely he must know about ATY since it got mentioned in the YB magazine? although depending on whether he had time to go through it or not o_o

    btw upload ur pic with him soon!! xD and whoa ur so lucky…and ahem is that fainting story real? it sounds a bit fishy…lol

  44. OMG!!!! Francis you are so lucky!!!!!!!

    He’s so cute nodding and everything while your friend is translating for you. (Note to self: it really helps if you’ve got a Korean friend! XD)

    Damn… I wish I could see YB in person… It has yet to happen…=(

  45. Waaahhh!! You’re so lucky Francis. Hopefully I can meet him (well, big bang in general) one day too!! I’m anxious to see the picture lol

  46. are you feeling better now? gosh, that was great of you to meet him face to face. I wonder how he reacted when you fainted? and you also got to meet the rest of the boys… waaaaahhhhhhh

  47. Wow! You are really lucky! meeting Taeyang and having a friend who can introduce him to you…oh my gosh this is a dream!

  48. Oh my GAWDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would have done anything to be in your place right then!!! I think you did okay LOL cuz i know i’d be freaking out and stuttering away when i see him… !!! So lucky of you (i’m so jealous right now hahahah) You get to go inside.. how cool is that?? and taeyang actually let you in.. ! he’s so friggin nice!

    He asked how you knew about him? i bet he wasn’t aware that he has international fans. Maybe his lack of popularity makes him think he’s just some small artist in Korea.. hahah bet he was like… ‘dude, i got international fans!!’ in his heart.. XD

    on another note though, thanks lots for mentioning alwaystaeyang… i hope he will really check this site out.

    Thanks for sharing, Francis.

  49. I’m like so jealous right now. LOL But you are definitely so lucky to have met him…that’s something I’m always wishing for to happen to me. Not only that, you saw the other Big Bang boys, too. *sighs* Even though you faint, it was worth it all. LOL You are so lucky, he’s such a cute guy. (:

    Thanks for sharing you encounter with this wonderful man, Francis. (:

  50. OH GOD THAT’S SO SURREAL! i wouldn’t believe it if he were to stand in front of me like that. i would’ve faint too i guessssssss. XD aw gawsh you even met Big Bang! GOSHHHHH.

    i’m hyperventilating too much right nowwwwww. Francis you’re SO LUCKY! (:

  51. whheewww”‘i was just smiling and getting nervous-by just reading this article-oh how i wish i could meet taeyang oneday-….and u meeet bigbang tooo!!ahhh..so jealous of u \..kekeke..can i see d pic..PLZZZZZZZZZ^__^

  52. Wow!!! I’m both happy and sad for you. Happy because you finally met Baebae, but sad because you fainted. I wish you didn’t, so that you can cherish your last moments with your meeting. It’s hard to faint you know. Hehehe.

    So next time we should at least try breathing slowly before meeting him, if we get our chance. =)

  53. next thing you know .. TY was carrying you back to your hotel!!!!! cuz your friend just kept laughing at you. gahh. i’m sooo jealous you met him!! but ‘m so sorry you fainted!! i hope you didnt get hurt!

  54. Ah, I hope you’re okay, Francis, but I’m so happy you got to meet him. Who’s jealous? I am! =D ;

    I’m sorry you fainted, but at least you got to meet him! How awesome!

  55. omg..
    im beyond jealous.. im glad u mentioned bout this site thoo..
    i really hope he checks it out..
    i think it would of ben cool if u got his number.. lol autographss?
    mann… im so jealous, u r so vippppppp

  56. Wow. Meeting Tae Yang is something. I guess I would have freaked out too. xD I always joked about fainting but never thought hard about it really happening lol. What’s the chances of meeting Tae Yang? One in a million. I guess I need to work hard to get famous and learn more korean and japanese first before I can actually meet him >.< TAE YANG.

  57. heyyyy .. wel I`ve following your blog for a long time and i think that its one of the most complete and always up to date…. I am from BOLIVIA and i really like him TAE YANG i really love his music and of course him … uuuff I hope some day i can meet him… u know its a dream 0 )
    …. keep going … ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
    and .. ALWAYS TAEYANG FOREVER¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  58. so still no picture of you with him eh? didn’t you say you’ll do it during the weekend Francis? anyway i’ll be waiting to see it soon!

  59. WoooooWWWW!!!
    Francis, you are so lucky meeting TY in person! If I were you I probably fainted before making any conversation with him *LOL*
    Aww…TY was so cute smiling and nod like that. Altough I’m jealous, your story just made my day. I hope you are getting recover now and thanks so much for sharing this wonderful story.
    Looking forward to your photo 😉

    Thanks ATY too for spreading TY love worldwide. Really love you guys!

  60. awwww! i wish i could have met him!!! francis you are so lucky!!! i’m so envious!! i hope that if i ever got to meet him i wouldn’t faint, but i probably would 😛 but omg you got to meet him!!! i’m still spazing about that!! God blessed you with an amazing gift!!

  61. OMG I actually sat there covering my mouth with my hand and just couldn’t breathe 😛
    your so lucky >.<
    now im really jealous x3
    i would've fainted too 😉

  62. wow! Francis! your so lucky..I really wanna meet him too.. I’m so jealous. If i was infront of taeyang i don’t think i’ll be able talk..I’ll just smile and stare at him!

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