Wondergirls YuBin chooses Taeyang

Being a big Wonderbang shipper back in the days – I love seeing any Wonder Girl/Big Bang interaction. Although my fellow Wonderbang shippers would agree, these days there isn’t really anything that can link the two together, well Yu Bin has revived our hopes by choosing Taeyang as her ideal man~ WOOT!
Personally, I loved SunTae (Sun Ye and Taeyang) – both vocally strong members of their respective groups as well as skilled in dancing…they were great together…
Here’s the clip

31 thoughts on “Wondergirls YuBin chooses Taeyang”

  1. Man I miss WonderBang action from back in the day. I really like Yubin, been my favourite member since day 1 and I love Taeyang. So i’ll favour this couple lol, but I don’t think she explained why she chose him? or did she.

    1. I don’t think she did.. They just skipped to Yeeun :(..
      Haha funny how all TooBin fans getting crazy in YT.
      I think I’ve read somewhere before, that Yoobin said her ideal type is indeed our Shining Sun, Taeyang.. They do look cute :)!

  2. Actually there has been some Taeyang+Yu Bin interaction in the past, namely in this clip (watch from 1:00):

    People went nuts when Taeyang gave Yu Bin the flowers and she had this big surprised look on her face…and apparently, I read that in a Come to Play episode – the boys were asked who their ideal female was and Taeyang named Yu Bin, but that part was cut from the show

    1. that looked like YB just shoved it into her,lol must have been the dance xD so he named her as his ideal too? ooh i wonder whether we will be seeing more in the future 😉 i’ve never actually seen before Tae name a girl as his ideal type.

      1. no not really if u look he was giving it to her with 2 hands and he was smiling while he was giving it to her, it only looked like he was shoving it to her because she was moving back trying not to accept it to have manners

        1. if im not mistaken, both TY and Daesung give it to Yoobin cos it was her birthday, (or her birthday just passed) so they kinda wish her a happy birthday..but yeah, i was kinda dissapointed on how they didnt asked in detail about why yoobin chose taeyang…i’m a YB2 shipper cos i’m kinda heartbroken with Toobin.TOp-Hyori kiss, TOp Iris Kiss, lol ..and yoobin is not someone who is snobbish, so its quite nice to see them together. =)

    2. haha yeah it looks like he just shoved it to her, cos he couldn’t dance holding them. And then she threw it in the audience after anyway

  3. so yoobin choose youngbae as her ideal man, and youngbae chose yoobin as his ideal woman.
    DOUBLEYB FTW!!!! ❤

  4. Even though I really like SunTae, double YB is one hot couple! My fave members from each group. ❤

  5. Really? YB chose YB (doesn’t that look funny? haha) as his ideal type in CTP? I wish they hadn’t cut that out. I’m surprised he said that b/c you never hear anything about who exactly his ideal type is. I wish they had asked her why she chose him as well….I can never get enough of celebrities fangirling over YB!
    And aren’t we the greatest fans ever? We never get mad or go crazy when there is anything linking YB to other girls, all we do is offer support and congrats to him if the rumors were true. This just goes to show what a great guy YB is that even his fans just want him to be happy.

    1. i know right! exactly wat i was thinking! i just feel so happy when i see anything linking him to girl,only if the girl is worthy of him though, like in this case if YB himself said he likes her too then she must be good so its great! i really hope his first girlfriend is someone who is worthy of such a great guy like him.

  6. i love yubin! shes my fave member of wondergirls .. i’d totally approve of them if they were to go out !! xDD

  7. Omg! YUYANG!
    I freakin LOVE Yubin-she’s my fave from WG XD
    Althout SunTae would be a great couple too ^^
    I hope we get more Big Bang & Wonder Girls interactions in the future…!

  8. This is awesome, I love it when girls (celeb) says that Bae Bae is their ideal man ^__^ and Yubin is really pretty.

  9. .i dont know if i will cry or be happy for them>.<.keke..yb oppa also said that his ideal girl is like yubin..(ouch).h..eeea.rrrtt..aaaa.cc.h..ee..i cannot tell myself that im a wondergirl fan but,i will support them as long as my bae is happy:)kekeke..2yb fighting:))

    1. You should be happy for them cuz YB needs to seriously get a girlfriend. He can’t cure he loneliness with Boss only. Plus Yoobin is one of my favorite girls in kpop. While I love SunTae, I think Yoobin’s funny personality would really bring out YB’s fun side cuz he’s too serious sometimes.

      1. yeah i think i should be now..:D–i’m hearing updates nowadays that he wants a girlfriend”-i hope he will find the girl that can make him happy and will always be there to company him when his lonely^__^…if yb oppa will held an audition(wanted girlfriend),i will definitely audition even the line up is from my country to Korea–kekeke.

  10. Too cute! I’m seriously going crazy with wanting YB to get a girlfriend. I want him to experience love! I hate hearing about him being lonely 😦

    It must be hard to meet people too considering how busy and hardworking. he is. I guess it’ll happen when it happens. I’ll be here to cheer him on!

    1. I feel the same, but like he said in one of his UFO thing “girlfriend have to wait, for a long while” I think that’s what he said, hmmm not sure hehehe ^__^

      1. yeah he did say that but that was some time ago,he recently said he would like to have a girlfriend now.i hope he finds someone he really likes 🙂

  11. Oh yeah~~~~ >////<

    I love love love Yu Bin! She's cool and funny! Hahahah~

    And if YB did say that Yu Bin was his ideal type, and now Yu Bin.. Then… woo!!!!!!!!!


    I agree with what toozdae said, we should be happy if they do get together, since Yu Bin would get YB's funny side out of him, and he'll take things less harshly on himself. =(
    because we all know that doing that to ourselves isn't good, and we all want our dear YB to be happy, no?

  12. I think this is a little too out of breath … Where it is, that for Taeyang Yu Bin the ideal girl? Or I translated something wrong? Or I missed something? :S
    Sure … He must be happy! Be in love! I wish him all the best! But we do not guess … maybe not true … Or I’m wrong again.
    And … what’s with Park Bom? … -.-‘ 😛 (If you understand what I mean.) … … … … … -.-

  13. gahhhh. DOUBLEYB SPAZZ TIME 😀
    sooooo. YB&YB are amazing. cause Bae was training
    to become a rapper but ended up being mostly vocal.
    [either way he’s amazing] &binnie was suppose
    to become a vocal but became a rapper. [though i love her
    crisp and deep singing] &though TooBin adorableeeee;
    i’ve been rooting for DoubleYb ever since WonderBang.
    because they are both my favoriteeee; and our Bae did say
    he picked her as his ideal girl. and we all know Bae. he loves
    girls. but he’s kinda scared of themmm. and he never
    has said anything about girls. and i love it how they both
    choose each otherrrr. WOOT! ;O
    and for the flower shoveling.
    it was her birthday a few days before. and he gave it to her.
    but she threw it to the fans as loveeee ❤

    DOUBLE YB BABY! spread the love <33

  14. Gaaad I miss the Wonderbang days. 2009 was both groups’ promotion break in SKorea. huhu.
    I love SunTae too, they are my fave. But Yoobin is such a sexy hottie I wouldn’t mind if they pair up sometime. Hope they do! =)

    Hoping to see a Wonderbang perf in the near future!

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