Taeyang’s “Wedding Dress” at Short Shorts FF & Asia 2010

The Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2010 is one of the most up and coming film festivals, with its 12th year running, it features a variety of movies and short films that have been creatively and artistically created. It’s an honor for Taeyang’s video “Wedding Dress” to be feature in the “Korean Music Clip” special event, and he’s there along with other Korean artists like the Wonder Girls “No Body” and Kim Tae Woo “Love Rain”..

I don’t believe Taeyang will be attending the event (although they’re probably going to be in Japan then) but it’s great to hear Wedding Dress exceeding international bounds. I hope YG realizes this!


11 thoughts on “Taeyang’s “Wedding Dress” at Short Shorts FF & Asia 2010”

  1. Once again WD receives so much international praise and love; congrats to Taeyang, very pleased XD YG must be living underneath a rock if he doesn’t know how well WD is doing internationally.

  2. “variety of movies and short films that have been creatively and artistically created”-yup that sounds like everything YG has created so far. Too bad “Tell Me Goodbye” wasn’t able to have been chosen b/c I loved it just as much as “Wedding Dress”! But really, I do hope YG realizes how big YB is internationally…even if the Koreans don’t really love YB’s style and type of music, everyone else in the world does!!! This just makes YB’s dream of becoming a number one international artist so much closer…yay!!!

  3. there are more people in school who knows Taeyang now, from Wedding Dress. That song really makes his fanbase bigger internationally. And the music video was just just perfectly made for the beautiful song.

  4. First well done my Bae Bae! Then i cant believe am saying this but i never really knew what the lyrics to WD meant, i basically just went with the mv concept, but i just watched the mv with translated lyrics…omg how beautifuly depressing r those lyrics? Another awesome job Teddy oppa, and TY well done with the melody! more TT colabs pls!

    1. nvm lolol stupid me checked again and it’s already on bbvipz. MUST CHECK BEFORE OPENING MOUTH.

  5. I am so proud of YB. He is getting some serious international love right now. Wedding Dress is one of my favorite Tae Yang MV’s. So sad but really well done. I’m so eager for YB to bring his music to us international fans. I hope this honor gets YG to consider it. I really want to see him perform live and in the flesh.

  6. The music video that got me hooked on YB..I’m glad YB is getting the praise and recognition he SO deserves. I’m super proud of him! 🙂

  7. Wedding Dress was just a spectacular MV…. It has a sad storyline, no doubt about that but the MV was directed and acted really well.

    The music and lyrics were great, the dancing was dope… Everything…

    I’m glad Wedding Dress gets to be on played on this festival!!!

    YB really is getting a lot of international fans from this MV, and I sincerely hope YG sees this!

    and our lovely YB is that more closer to his global stage dream!!! Woot woot!

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